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Phoebe's Guide to
Sex With The
Uncircumcised Penis

First, let me thank John, Carl and Bobby Jay for their most valuable input. All three men are uncircumcised and have been most helpful to me in writing this article. Although I've experienced my share of uncircumcised penises, it's always good to have the viewpoint from those who actually have one attached.

Second, I'm not a professional writer, so I apologize in advance for any typos or grammatical errors in this article.


From a woman's point of view, I don't care which a man has, cut or intact, they're both beautiful in their own way. But I have received many inquiries from women asking for information so with the help of my gang of three here goes.


The "intact" penis has a structure called the prepuce, commonly referred to as the foreskin. It is a double-layered, skin-like organ that covers the head of the penis when the penis is flaccid. All males are born with a foreskin. Some males are circumcised, which means that this covering hood of skin has been surgically removed.

The decision to circumcise a baby boy may depend on many factors, including the parent's preference, religion, and where the child is born. In the US most male children are circumcised within the first 48 hours. Many hospitals perform circumcision as a routine, some don't even ask, but list circumcision as one step of the birthing process and automatically perform the surgery unless the parents make their wishes known.


The uncircumcised boy's foreskin at first remains firmly attached to the glans, or penis head, but will gradually, over time will break away (mostly by the stretching resulting from repeated normal erections).

In 90% of male children the foreskin is loose and mobile by age 2, but the process can take five or even longer to complete. When the foreskin has separated from the head, it can easily be retracted, or pulled back, to leave the head exposed.

Retraction of the foreskin, or pulling the foreskin back from the head of the penis before natural separation should not be forced. If the foreskin is forced to retract before it is ready, it may result in bleeding and discomfort.

When the intact penis becomes erect, the foreskin pulls off of the head and onto the shaft where it provides the additional skin needed to accommodate the increased length of the erect penis. The erect, intact penis looks very much like the erect, circumcised penis at this time.

The foreskin is very sensitive and is loaded with nerve endings, even having more than does the penis head. The foreskin is highly erogenous, and during sexual intercourse, this very sensitive organ pulls onto and off of the sensitive penis causing extreme pleasure for the man. The foreskin of the adult male is an organ dedicated to the sole production of sexual pleasure.


The advantages of non-circumcision are that the man's organ will be more sensitive, more responsive to touch and he will receive a higher level of pleasure. The folds of skin that cover the flaccid penis and head, shield it against much daily stimulation so when it peeks its head out from between the folds of flesh protecting it, it is super pre-conditioned for the pleasure experience.

Generally uncircumcised men will not last as long as circumcised men, during the first sexual encounter of the night. But my experience has been that they will ultimately have just as much stamina over the long run.

There are several things that you need to know about uncircumcised men that are pretty irrelevant with circumcised men. One is that masturbating an uncircumcised man is easier. You don't have to worry about skin burn because the foreskin is a great protector of the extended portion of the penis shaft.

I especially enjoy playing with the foreskin, and men with one like it when you lick it and pull gently at it with your lips or teeth. The foreskin is so sensitive that it is almost like an extension of the penis head.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created the male sex organ, but uncircumcised men should always be meticulous about cleanliness. Where a circumcised man can get away with being a little ripe, and uncircumcised man can't.


With the added pleasure of a foreskin comes an added chore or responsibility. Throughout life, a cheesy white material called smegma, consisting primarily of dead skin cells and secretions from the sebaceous glands, will accumulate under the foreskin.

I insist that my men be clean when I make love to them, so an intact man is no problem for me. Women, I suggest that you get that straight right at the beginning and you'll have nothing to worry about. It's the old adage; "If you don't say anything, then don't complain."

THE CLEANING PROCESS: The uncircumcised male should pull back the foreskin and clean underneath it daily. It should be a part of his daily hygiene routine. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the foreskin should be cleansed by following the steps:

1. Gently, not forcefully, pull the foreskin away from the tip of the penis.

2. Rinse the tip of the penis and the inside part of the foreskin with soap and water. (While in the shower, cleaning the rest of his manly body.)

3. Return the foreskin back over the tip of the penis. Viola!!

Note of Caution: Care of the uncircumcised male child is quite different. External washing and rinsing on a daily basis is all that is required. Do not retract the foreskin of an infant or small boy, as it is almost always attached to the penis head. Forcing the foreskin back may harm the penis, causing pain, bleeding, and possibly adhesions.

One last thing about cleanliness: The uncircumcised penis if not properly cleansed may cause a yeast infection to their partner. The intact male can also in extreme cases experience infections and rashes underneath the prepuce.


My suggestion to women with men who have intact penises is to enjoy them. Make it understood that they shower before sex and clean their foreskin. It might even be fun to wash him yourself.

Oral sex on a clean intact penis is like a walk in heaven for both him and her. His pleasure will be so intense that he'll be putty in her hands and she'll always know when he's truly aroused. I especially like performing oral sex on an intact penis because there is more to play with.


Someone once asked me which type of penis I liked the best, circumcised or intact. My answer was, "I like the type that can stay hard long enough to give me an orgasm!"

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