Penis Psychology for Women

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This article will cover the little known and even less admitted thoughts, urges and motivations of the human male. Even though the descriptions are a bit stereotypical, the underlying truth still prevails.

Written by Doctor Andy - In an ongoing informational about the human sexual condition. These articles are written especially for the Kristen Archives and their readers and may be reproduced in other forums as long as the information is not edited and the author information and email address remains in tact.

A Truth: Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.

You've probably heard this statement connected to a prominent self-help author and in discussions about gender relationships.

The reason you have heard this statement is that it is absolutely true and describes a human condition that has been glossed over since the beginning of time.

Ninety-nine percent of women have no idea what goes through a man's mind on a regular basis. Women think they know, but if they could crawl inside the average male's mind and read their thoughts un-hindered, they'd be shocked beyond belief.

You've heard woman say, "He's such a pig." Usually related by an ex-girlfriend or wife about their relationship with an ex-boyfriend for ex-husband. What has happened here is that she's actually gotten a glimpse of the "private" man, the man that we all are, but that most of us can conceal, or subdue.

A Truth: Every heterosexual male looks at a woman as a sex object.

This truth applies to men from the priesthood all the way down the social ladder to rapists and thieves. There is not one heterosexual male on the face of the earth, that when they see a woman that appeals to their senses, doesn't imagine that woman as a sex partner.

When a male is gazing dreamily at a female while sitting on a plane, train, or at a stoplight, he isn't just looking into space. What he's doing is fantasizing about pumping his seed into her while she's screaming for him to "do it harder!"

Of course this condition is part of nature. The urge to reproduce is a basic part of our human condition and the normal male is programmed by nature to "need" to reproduce. So when he sees a likely female his mind automatically turns to thoughts of reproduction.

Women have been programmed by nature to be the nurturer of life, to have maternal instincts if you will. They enjoy sex, but they aren't programmed with the "need" to reproduce like men are. When a woman gazes dreamily at a man, she isn't usually thinking about him humping away at her, she's gauging his physical appearance, as to it's relation to what a child might look like if he were the father.

She might be more interested in the man's stability and ability to provide than how long his penis is or how long he can last in bed.

Don't misunderstand me; any healthy young woman is concerned about the ability of a lover to please her, it's just that although that is a priority, it isn't the only one. Where, for young man, the sex act is the driving force.

A Truth: Even ugly women can be goddesses.

I don't mean to offend anyone by using the description "ugly" as it's related to females, but lets be honest, in our society as in all past societies, looks are important in social settings. Forms of beauty have changed through the ages, but one thing has remained constant; there have always been the beautiful and the ugly.

But what hasn't always been apparent is that physical appearance isn't really the most important thing to excite a man's libido. A plain woman can be considered sexier than the most physically beautiful woman just by having the right attitude toward sex.

Yes, that's entirely true. How a woman responds to a man's sex drive is much more important than mere physical attractiveness. A woman who understands "penis psychology" is sought after as a rare prize, as something special.

The problem is that ninety-nine percent of woman don't understand men and their "needs" and without that understanding their relationship will be superficial and based upon other factors such as physical appearance, wealth, or popularity.

A Truth: Penis worship will get the willing woman anything she wants.

This is the most important thing for any woman to understand. Men think through their penis. Yes I know that sounds like an old cliché, and that any self-respecting person would just dismiss that statement. But if you really do dismiss this one fact, then you've blown it completely.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, men from priests to rapists envision women, in their mind's eye, as sexual objects. There is nothing truer than this one fact.

The fact that a priest fantasizes about a nubile young female as a sex partner doesn't make him evil, it is the natural predisposition of the human male to look at women as sex partners. But in most cases the priest can over ride his instincts and not act out on his procreative urges.

The point I make here is that if women will accept this one truth, that ALL men see women as sex objects, and that this is a natural state of affairs, then they can control men, and their own lives as well.

In our society today, women have an inferior position to men, both in the workplace and in society. If anyone ever really gave it serious thought they would come to the conclusion that male dominance is the reason for this situation. Since the beginning of time the man has been in control, the aggressor, the dominant partner.

In today's society, muscle and aggression is less gender specific than they have ever been before. In the bedroom a woman can control her man completely just by understanding what drives him, and how his mind works.

I'm not trying to imply that the bedroom is the woman's domain and that it is the only way to get ahead in life. All I'm saying is that if the young woman of today understands, truly understands, what makes men tick, she will have a great advantage in her relationships with men in bed and in the workplace.

The following are some basic truths to know about heterosexual males that should be understood:

1. As a rule, young males begin to think about sex at around nine and first begin to masturbate to ejaculation at around ten to eleven years old.

2. Just about every young male who masturbates is doing it EVERY DAY and is fantasizing ALL THE TIME about any and all females who happen to be within his environment. This would include females as diverse as Sunday School teachers, the next-door neighbor's daughters and wife, even his mother and own sisters.

3. Even though most men don't act out on their fantasies, young males of masturbating age will fantasize about forcing other children, as well as adult females. Whole scenarios will be built up; how to place their "victim" in a position where they can take advance of their sexuality without their knowing who is doing it, and in a way that can't be stopped, or punished later.

4. Most boys of masturbation age would faint from fright if a female actually approached them for their sexual favors.

5. As they grow up, most men are willing to do anything for an accommodating woman who showed they were attracted sexually to them.

As with anything, even masturbation becomes a "habit" over time. Although the physical pleasure is still intense, the mind becomes used to the pleasure and the act itself becomes routine.

It is those formative years before routine sets in, that shape a man's penis psychology. What kind of fantasies gave the most satisfaction. What kinds of external stimuli was experienced during his formative years and what kinds of sexual contact he might have had, that will shape his "needs" in the future.

Many children will experience some kind of sexual contact before becoming fully sexually aware. This is all part of the growing-up process, most children are curious and they'll be curious about things sexual as well.

My most vivid memory of pre-masturbatory sexual contact was when a couple of buddies of mine in the fourth grade, talked a pretty little blonde girl (I've forgotten her name) into letting them finger her behind the curtains of the class room at school.

It amazed me at the time that any girl would agree to something like that, and to do it in a classroom where other people were, was even more amazing to me.

That was the first time I saw a girls vagina and the memory was burned into my memory and became the "ideal" for all future vaginas. That one episode "colored" my sexuality for the rest of my life. It showed me my first female sexual organ and at the same time it made me realize that females would let you do things to them if you asked the right one the right question.

As I grew up I had other sexual encounters with both boys and girls. At that age I suppose curiosity is a powerful thing, and the pleasure of sexual contact without the realization of the consequences is both an exhilarating and dangerous time in all children's lives.

These episodes have nothing to do with parental upbringing either. My experiences took place because of the children I knew from school. My parents tried very hard to instill in me the right values, but when you are a child and other children do and show you things that are exciting, you're not thinking about what is morally right and wrong, because as a child you don't have the understanding of guilt that you will later as an adult.

Looking back I realize that I was more sexually active than many children, and the reason for this was the school friends that I had. I realized that I was more sexual than other boys when the boy next door and I began to "feel" each other up out in his back yard after school.

They had a big old refrigerator box with a couple of holes in it that was sort of a playhouse/fort. I don't remember how it started or who made the first move, but I do remember that we ended up out there in his backyard together.

One of us would stick his head out of the hole in the top of the big box and keep an eye open for anyone approaching, while the other would unbuckle and unzip him and fondle his penis and balls.

Keep in mind that this was before either of us had begun to masturbate, we didn't know the full extend of the sex act, all we knew was that it felt good to have someone else touch us and make us hard.

The realization came to me that he and I were different when one day we invited to other buddies from school into that backyard and somehow talked them into baring their penises. We had all decided that we'd stand in a circle and touch "dick heads", you know, one for all and all for one.

We'll you can imagine my surprise when my buddy and I whipped ours out and then looked at our new friends. Both my buddy and I had fully hard erections and our two friends were holding small, limp little penises out on display.

At that moment I realized that they weren't turned on at all. That they were just doing this because we'd asked them to and they couldn't see any reason not to do it. That experience taught me an important lesson; don't assume that everyone thinks the same way as you. They have been "colored" by their experiences just like you have by yours.

Eventually my buddy and I stopped our sexual contact. Not that either of us had a girlfriend, but we just lost interest in each other and then he moved away and the whole incident became one more experience from the past.

The whole point of the story is to illustrate that what is normal to one person isn't necessarily to another, but that all sexual contact shapes ones outlook for the future.

I would wager that you have a few sexual contact stories from your childhood, even if it is nothing more than walking in on your mom and dad making love or opening the door to your brother's room and catching him masturbating on his bed. All of these things will "color" your future sexual outlook as well as your fantasies and turn-ons.

A Truth: To a male, his penis is his most prized position.

No matter what a man says, his penis defines him. If it's short and crooked he'll be hung up about it. If he can't last more than a few seconds or if he has a hard time staying erect, he'll be very concerned about it to the exclusion of all else.

In the U.S. more that 7 billion dollars a year is spent on MALE sexual problems of one sort or another, whether it be mental or physical.

That's a lot of greenbacks, just concentrated on one part of the male body. But the penis is such a defining organ, one that hangs out in the open and cannot tell a lie.

A woman can if necessary, lie on her back and scream in passion and fool a man into thinking she is enjoying herself, but a man has to "prove" his excitement by sporting a stiff penis. And since the male libido is a sensitive and delicate thing, it can become a problem even for the fully sexual male. The more stressful situations that he places himself in, the more chance that he will experience performance problems.

My research shows that in monogamous relationships where a couple has had no other sex partners, the incident of erectile failure is less than 1%, while for those males who have had 10 or more sexual encounters erectile failure has occurred at least once, or 100% of subjects admitted to some sort of performance problem under certain circumstances.

A woman who knows how important her male partner's penis is to him will be way ahead of the game. And a woman who will take the time to worship his penis, will be the sexiest woman in the world to him.

A Truth: Penis Worship makes every woman a goddess.

If women would keep one sexual thought in their minds when approaching her lover in bed, she will always have the upper hand and will be his own personal goddess.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, any woman, even a "plain-jane" can be a goddess in her man's eyes, all it takes is understanding "penis psychology" and using that knowledge on her lover.

A man knows when his lover thinks he's sexy. He can tell by the attention she gives his penis. Whether you're trying to rekindle your sex life with a long time lover or just starting out in a relationship, I guarantee you grand success if you treat his penis like a god.

It's not that hard to treat a man's penis like a god. When fully erect it resembles the fertility phallus, which has been a sign of godliness since the dawn of time. It is smooth and hard all at once and if properly maintained, it feels wonderful wrapped within the fingers of your hand, or between your lips, or sunk deeply between the folds of your vagina.

The penis is a mighty sign of your man's lust and that lust is yours for the taking over and over again if you're willing to praise the symbol of that lust in word and deed.

The simplest way to show you care is to seek out his penis when he's otherwise occupied. Even though men think about sex all the time, sometimes those thoughts are submerged beneath day-to-day tasks. But the sexiest thing he'll ever experience is the moment when his lover walks up to him while he's preoccupied and she slips her hands in his pocket and massages his balls.

Don't you think he will remember the event for the rest of his life, when, while he's talking to someone from work on the phone you kneel down in front of him and loosen his belt and open his fly and give him a silent blowjob while he has to continue his conversation. Take my word as a male, that performing an act like that becomes a defining moment in his life, something he'll never forget.

You didn't do anything you wouldn't have done later that night in bed, but it was the timing of the event, and the playfulness, the "penis worship" that he will never forget.

There is no reason to ever have to do anything outside the home that might get either of you in trouble, but if you want to make one of those defining moments; a little playfulness in the dark at a movie or concert will take his attention immediately.

Even something as simple as laying in bed and caressing his penis, and talking to it as if it had a life of its own. Let him see you adoring his penis and you have won him over.

Continue penis worship from time to time and you'll have a satisfied lover, one who is less likely to have roving eyes. As an example, my wife always gives me great sex and a blowjob the night before I go out of town to attend an event related to my work.

We've never actually talked about it, but I have always known why she does that, and I look forward to it. I know that she is putting her "mark" on me, sending me off "satisfied" so if some other woman eyes me while I'm on the road, I'll be less likely to be tempted.

It's wonderful to know that she values me enough to go out of her way to leave me sated prior to my trips. It's something that keeps the cockles of my heart warm while I'm out there negotiating the cold cruel world.

I could go into techniques, and how-toos, but if you can't figure out what to do with your man's penis on your own, then all the instruction in the world won't help.

The only real advice I can give you is that you should take the time to really get to know your man's sexual organ. It will be time well spent. And if you will take enough time at least once a week from now until hell freezes over to adore his penis, to actually worship it during sex play, then you will truly be his goddess and he will worship you in return.

One last note: Penis worship still works even after menopause, even if sexual intercourse becomes impossible due to physical related female problems which so often happen after the change in life.

Just because you can't have intercourse any longer doesn't mean that he's stopped wanting it. A little "Penis Worship" can go a long way toward satisfying your man's sex drive under conditions like this. If he's still with you it means he wants to be. If you want him to stay faithful, then worship his penis once a week.

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