Male Masturbation
Techniques for
to Octogenarians

Written by Dr. Andy (c) 2003

Written especially for the "Kristen Archives: Sexual Learning Center." This is a 2003-update to the 1998 article written for the Sex-Addict's Journal - Cactus State.


Any male reading the above title would initially think, "What a stupid subject, it doesn't take a manual to know how to masturbate." They would be correct in that assumption of course. But it does take time and life experience to receive the full joys of self-manipulation.

As an example, the average boy when first discovering this new-found past time, will masturbate many times each day. Just the feeling of orgasmic release is enough to satisfy his needs. This state goes on for many years. But as the boy grows into a man and begins to have sexual relations with women, the tendency is to search for technique and quality of experience rather than just to achieve orgasm.

The following article will outline some of the more popular ways to masturbate that will enhance the experience and increase the pleasure derived from masturbation. Review these techniques carefully; they can be used in combination.

But first...


A male orgasm involves involuntary spasms of the prostate gland, vas deferens and seminal vesicles, which will cause the ejaculation of semen. Throughout the whole body there will be an increase in muscle tension and relaxation at the moment of orgasm, especially around the pelvis area.

Having an orgasm can feel a bit like being a balloon: your body fills up with pressure and then releases that pressure (through the groin area) when it achieves an orgasmic response, much like a balloon does when it expels air.

There are many different orgasmic responses, from a feeling of bodily hiccupping, to a trickling feeling, all the way up the scale to a body rush centered in the groin area and the a racing out to the extremities.

In most cases a male orgasm is a rushing feeling that involves the cardiovascular system and gives a huge feeling of release that causes euphoria. The average orgasmic spasms last no more than 5 - 8 seconds and produce approximately 1/10 of a dram of milky white sperm.

As a point of interest the average amount of pre-orgasmic seminal fluids excreted during masturbation can be as much as final ejaculation.

After ejaculation, (Called the resolution stage) a relaxation of the muscles as well as a psychological relaxation and sense of well-being will follow. All the blood that has been pooling in the genitals and other sensitive body parts will drain out slowly, causing men to lose their erections and return to their normal state.


It is suggested as a preparation for increased satisfaction during masturbation, for the practitioner to follow these simple tips:

TIP 1: Obtain external stimuli. The most popular forms of external stimuli are pornography in either written or visual-audio formats. Watching or reading about other people's sexual situations during masturbation greatly heightens sexual tension, thus creating an orgasm ten-fold more intense than non-stimulated masturbation.

A young man may feel that external stimuli is unnecessary, but if used properly it will greatly increase the satisfaction of even the young practitioner's orgasmic responce.

TIP 2: Take your time. To receive the full enjoyment from your experience find a time and place where you can masturbate without fear of interruption. Also have the materials easily at hand for clean up afterward. This may sound obvious to everyone, but I mention it, only because you need to remove any outside concerns.

An orgasm is as much a mental experience as it is a physical one, and to fully enjoy your coming orgasm, it is best to turn your thoughts inward, with as little external distraction as possible. (As an example, if you have to worry about obtaining clean up materials at the moment of orgasm, your pleasure will suffer because of the lack of preparation.)

TIP 3: Lay completely unclothed on your bed. Begin to read or watch your choice of pornography, if available. To heighten the experience, do not touch yourself until you feel the first drops of "pre-cum" drip onto your skin. At that time you are fully prepared (both mentally and physically) to begin manual manipulation and experience a very satisfying orgasm.

NOTE: Obviously there are many different ways to enjoy the masturbatory experience, and the afore-mentioned tips are just a few, but my suggestion is to try these out. In my experience with patients, these tips have been the most effective steps to achieve the best results.


TECHNIQUE ONE: (Slip N' Slide) Once the male's pre-cum has begun to flow, (Without manual manipulation if possible) the male should slowly spread his seminal fluids all over the head of his erect penis with thumb and fingers. Relax and enjoy the sensations this causes.

Then taking the erect penis loosely between fingers and thumb as if writing a letter. Let the penis head gently nestle in the valley between thumb and forefinger. Then slowly begin to move your hand up and down, allowing your erect penis to slide in and out of the valley formed by thumb and fingers.

The combination of the slickness of the distributed pre-seminal fluids and the external stimuli of reading or watching pornography will give the practitioner an experience that closely simulates making love to a woman's vagina.

It is important not to hurry. Concentrate on the external visual stimuli and not on the physical act at hand. If the male performs the Slip N' Slide technique correctly, his orgasm should 'sneak up' on him. There should be the thought in the back of the man's mind; something like, "Wow, I'm going to cum at any second, and I couldn't stop myself from doing so, no matter how hard I tried."

As his sensations begin, the practitioner should slow his manipulation and let the sensations build slowly. He should have a very slick erection by this time with fingers rubbing penis shaft effortlessly, like gliding on an oiled surface.

As the orgasm begins to overtake his senses -- at the moment of ejaculation -- he should raise his legs from the hips, while continuing to lie flat on his back. His legs should be just a few inches off the bed, or pointing toward the ceiling. (Each male will find his preferred position) The added strain on the stomach muscles will greatly intensify his orgasmic spasms causing a more satisfying orgasm.


TECHNIQUE TWO: (The Dual Orgasm) When a man stands while masturbating his cardiovascular system is at a heightened level. This position will change the overall dynamics of his experience.

External stimuli as outlined above can still be used for the Dual Orgasm technique, but since the bathroom is usually the place of choice for the this technique, (The advantages are obvious, privacy, mirrors, and easy clean up.) it isn't as important.

The male should begin the Dual Orgasm technique by viewing himself in the mirror and watching his body react to his manipulation. Fantasizing about a female partner will raise the pressure and if he has followed the initial steps on technique one and has a good flow of pre-seminal fluids, holding the erect penis in a similar fashion, his sensations will be equally as pleasurable.

As the male reaches his orgasmic state, he will begin to feel tightness in his legs, most markedly in the thighs. Just as his orgasm is almost upon him, he should stop manual manipulation altogether, but continue to hold his erect penis in the valley formed by thumb and fingers. (The right moment for this pause is just as he feels the spasms being forced from the prostate gland.)

If the he has done everything correctly, he should, at the final moment before ejaculation, see crystal clear seminal fluid spurt out several times. The feeling at this moment should be extremely pleasurable. This is called 'Pre-orgasmic' and feels as good as a full blown orgasm.

After several spurts of clear semen fluids the full orgasm should begin. At this stage he will begin to spurt milky-white sperm, bringing on another even more powerful set of orgasmic spasms. The Dual Orgasm technique, if performed correctly will give him for all intents and purposes a double orgasm, lasting almost twice as long with much more intense spasms than normal manipulation would allow.


TECHNIQUE THREE: (Chinese Position) Called "Chinese" only because in the 19th century when this position first became popular in the opium dens of China, English sailors would say, "Giving a little life to China," when they orgasmed this way. This all may sound rather obscure, but let me explain.

The Chinese Position is basically where the man lays on his stomach while masturbating. This position takes a little imagination on the man's part, because he must find the props to allow him to lay face down and still reach his erect penis to masturbate.

In the nineteenth century English sailors who visited the opium dens of China had a choice, they could have a private pallet to enjoy a pipe of opium, or they could pay a little more and have "the Chinese Position" which was the option of having a Chinese woman under their specially constructed pallet, who would masturbate them as they lay there in an opium induced stupor, or even receive oral stimulation for an extra charge.

The best way to situate ones self in this position is to use a couple of chairs, or if twin beds are available (such as in a motel room) to move them close enough together to allow the male to lay over the 'crack'. The hand should act as a vagina, held steady while performing humping motions.

The advantage to this position is that the male can 'hump' and more closely imitate the actual sex act with a woman. His cardiovascular system will respond differently when laying face down and as in real sex he will experience a more satisfying release. Also, (after placing a towel on the floor) the male can reach orgasm and release, without having to worry about aim or clean up.

This position gives the male a sense of freedom and release very similar to that of the orgasmic release that a woman's vagina would offer.



There are many different manners in which to masturbate. A few such examples are; 'phone masturbating' while talking on the phone to a friend. Or what is generally known as 'exhibitionist masturbating', which is not really exhibitionism which would be illegal, but where a man masturbates while looking over a fence or out a window at people or activities while his upper body is fully clothed and his lower body isn't. In this manner he looks 'normal' but all the while he's masturbating and fantasizing.

Both of the above manners of masturbation add substantial excitement to the act, which will increase the ultimate orgasmic sensations.

Mutual masturbation with either an opposite or same sex partner is another variation that has its obvious advantages and will increase the pleasure of the experience.

Public masturbation will add a quick charge, but discretion is a must or problems will insue. The best way to perform this act is with friends who know what to expect.

Video masturbation - Filming oneself can add spice to the process of self manipulation and might even be a catalyst for a future orgasm when watched by the performer or if presented to a friend for use.

In the late 80's there was distribution in alternative theaters of a film showing a pretty young co-ed masturbating to orgasm. That film was for its time one of the most erotic films ever. I believe that it sold over a million copies and that young lady probably never had a problem getting dates.

The point of describing the above situations is simply to point out that there are many variations to masturbation that one can try. Imagination is unending if applied to the process with vigor and will guarantee increased pleasure even for celibates.

Here are some more techniques contributed by readers. I suggest trying them out if you haven't already, simply for variety and to enhance your pleasure if for no other reason: (Listed Alphabetically)

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