Compiled by Dr. Andy

An important part of romance is the sex act. The more fun a couple has in bed the more romantic their relationship becomes. Over time all couples become comfortable and trusting lovers. FUN AND GAMES was created as a fun thing for loving couples to enjoy.

The following sex positions are listed in no particular order but they are split out into categories.

Try the "GAME".

THE GAME: The adventurous couple will perform every one of the sexual situation described below. To successfully complete THE GAME and become a winning couple one or both of you must orgasm while engaged using each particular situation.

Most couples won't complete every position, so if you do you'll be something special. But even for those couples that don't wish to play the game, they may still enjoy the fun.


The following are a myriad of positions to make love with nothing more than just two willing bodies. With a good imagination the sky's the limit.

Missionary Sex - Standard

The woman lies on her back with her legs spread apart. The man climbs on top of her with his arms supporting his weight. From this position the man has the freedom to thrust or make circular movements with his hips. If he lowers himself closer to the woman's body and rests some of his weight on top of her mons, his pubic bone may provide gentle clitoral stimulation. The woman can also thrust her mid-body upwards toward the man using the support of her legs, or grasp his fanny from behind somewhat controlling his thrusting movements.

Missionary Sex - Tight-Legged

The same basic position as the Missionary Position - Standard, only once the man has penetrated the woman's vagina with his erect penis the woman should bring her legs closed raising the man up to rest up on her body and closed thighs. This will not allow deep penetration but will give the man extra stimulation and the woman will also feel some extra clitoric stimulation from the extra rubbing of the man's penetration angle.

Bent Knees Sex

The woman lifts and bend her knees, lifting her legs slightly with her feet flat on the mattress. Many women find this position more comfortable than the traditional missionary position. Men also enjoy the greater access to the depths of her vagina, which means that both partners will enjoy more intense stimulation. This position can be further enhanced if the woman can put her feet on her partner's buttocks. Adding a particularly delightful feel for the woman as the man's pubic bone gently rubs against her clitoris.

Locking Legs Sex

The woman raises her legs and wraps them around the waist of the man, locking her feet together. The higher she can raise her legs, the deeper the penetration because access to the vagina is easier for the man. By locking her legs around her partner the woman can contribute to his leverage by squeezing him close to her or just hold him with her thighs. Many men find that the feel of their partner's legs around them to be a real turn on. One significant drawback of this position is that some men find it results in hurried orgasms. For this reason we might suggest that you leave this position to be used at end of your lovemaking.

Over the Shoulder Sex

The woman places her legs on her partner's shoulders, on both sides of his head while he penetrates her. From this position lovers can attain the deepest possible penetration. Be aware that this position can allow too deep a penetration, causing irritation for the woman. The man should always take his cues from his partner and move slowly. The further back her legs are the deeper the possible penetration.

Rising Man Sex

This is not a position designed for speedy movements or rapid lovemaking, but rather a slow and intimate encounter. The woman lies on her back on the bed with the man kneeling and sitting on his ankles between her thighs. From this position he grabs her thighs and brings her to him. Her fanny and lower back are elevated while her ankles or shins rest on his shoulders.

To add to her comfort a pillow can be placed under her lower back and a couple under her head. There can still be some muscle strain experienced by the woman so this position cannot be held for a prolonged period. The woman can massage her clitoris manually in this position, or her partner can apply pressure with his thumb, since her partner and the bed support her weight. The man can view the penetration easily, which for many is an exciting sight. It also allows the man to deliver a sensual massage of his partner's stomach, breasts and arms.

Draped Woman Sex

The woman lies on the bed with her legs draped over the edge with her feet resting on the floor. The man then kneels or crouched on the floor between her thighs. The success of this position depends heavily on the elevation of the bed, which for some is not quite at the height required.

One of the beautiful things about this position is the range of movement possible for both partners. A woman has more control over movement as she can press herself against him to add to the penetration or rotate her hips for interesting stimulation. The man also has an unparalleled amount of leverage and freedom of movement.

Tantric Essences Sex

This is an enjoyable and very special position often found in Tantric literature. In this position the woman lies on her back on the bed. Her partner kneels sitting on his ankles close to her buttocks. From here he hoists both of her legs onto one of his shoulders. A little bit of guidance from his partner and you are both in a deliciously unique position.

This position is not for those who have problems with flexibility. You will both be surprised at the unique angle of penetration, which many women find delightful. The penis massages the sidewall of the vagina, which does not get the same attention with other positions. If the woman wants to try massaging the opposite wall of the vagina then all you must do move her legs to the other shoulder. The movement in this position is mostly up to the man.

Some men may find it difficult to thrust with both legs on their shoulders but with time it becomes easier. Allow yourself some time to become accustomed to this position because it is a tricky one to master.

T Position Sex

The woman lies on her back. The man, laying perpendicular, (making a 'T' with their bodies) straddles the woman's leg farthest from him. For example, if the man lays on the left side of the woman, he straddles her right leg. The other leg lays atop the man. This position exposes the clitoris for easy stimulation by the man. The man will enjoy the extra stimulation of watching his lovemaking.

Rodeo Sex

The man lies on his back while his partner straddles his torso. She controls the rhythm and depth of penetration. He lies flat with movement restricted somewhat by her weight and his lack of leverage. Some women prefer to lay forward so she may kiss her mate, while others choose to sit up straight and ride her man like a cowgirl at a rodeo.

Regardless of which you prefer, an interesting idea is to just rock back and forth or in a circular motion while resting on your partner's body. There is more clitoral stimulation this way, and it also has the advantage of the feeling of deep penetration, which some women and all men enjoy. Another great advantage to this position is the motion is less stimulating for a man, and he can often last longer this way.

Open and Closed Sex

The man lies on his back with his legs spread apart. She straddles his torso and allows him to enter her normally. She then lies on top of him closing her thighs. Because her thighs are closed, more pressure is placed on the penis, which can be pleasurable to both men and women. The sensations are intense and this position will normally bring most men to orgasm fairly quickly. Of course he is not the only one being pleased.

About Face or the Internet Position

This position requires that the woman sit with her back to her man. The man lies on the bed and the woman straddles his torso facing away, kneeling on either side of him. From this position she can put her hands on his knees, giving her the leverage to lift off. This position forces the man's penis into an uncommon angle, which many women find extremely exciting. If she wants to give him additional stimulation while in this position she can reach down with one hand and massage his balls. Gentle pulling or massaging is often very desirable for men.

Ultimate Embrace

This position is not simple sex; it's true lovemaking in the complete sense of the word. Begin with the woman on the top position. The woman should sit up straight and get him comfortably inserted into her vagina. Then the man sits up with her, holding her in his arms and she is holding him. Now the important part: do nothing. Don't move, just look into each other's eyes, hold each other or talk lovingly to one another. Kiss, laugh, and close your eyes. For the next while, just enjoy the feeling of ultimate closeness and tenderness. Those deeply in love will relish this one the most, and behold, if done long enough someone will orgasm.

Doggy Style Sex - Standard

The woman gets either on her hands and knees with her lover behind her. He is on his knees, and develops leverage by grasping her hips. Depending on preference the man's legs can be inside of the women's legs or outside of them. Couples may wish to have the woman's legs closer together because it creates more friction between the penis and vagina. In this position a man has a great deal of freedom for thrusting. Her movement is somewhat restricted but this can be easy modified with an ottoman or low bed. (A variation on the style is performed when the woman closes her legs tightly while the man is thrusting. Some of this will enhance his experience.)

Doggy Style Sex - Draped

Basically the same as Doggy Style - Standard, only the woman lays over her bed or a couch back while the man penetrates her from behind. This position is less strain for the woman who would be somewhat massed into the floor in the standard position. (A variation on the style is performed when the woman closes her legs tightly while the man is thrusting. Some of this will enhance his experience.)

Recliner Sex - 1

That wonderful recliner can be used for another very satisfying, very relaxing sexual position. This one is particularly great for those men who have limited mobility due to accident or illness. The man just sits comfortably upright in a chair while the woman sits down on his lap as if she was using the chair as well. Her back is pressed to his chest. The onus is on the woman to provide all the movement in this position but this movement is extremely easy. With the support of her arms the woman can use her legs to move rapidly or slowly.

Recliner Sex - 2

If a chair is not convenient for you then you may wish to try a similar position on your bed where the man kneels down with his buttocks on his ankles. The woman is directly in front of him allowing them both to be elegantly joined. There is not a great deal of movement available to the couple but this position is very sensual and is recommended for after play.

When the couple is sitting joined in this was, the man can fondle her breasts or even massage her back. Often it is very satisfying just to sit and hold her with soft music in the background. From this position you both can move in unison and lay down on your sides allowing greater comfort for both partners. Lovemaking does not have to revolve around thrusting; it can be slow, intimate and tender. (A mirror might be a great enhancement to this experience.)

Face Down Sex

The woman lies face down on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. The man then straddles the woman's thighs from behind. To enter easily it is useful to place a pillow underneath her abdomen to shift the angle of her hips. Also she can place a pillow beneath her head for added comfort.

Most men will find that establishing a rhythm with this position is quite difficult. The problem is that the penis has a tendency to slip out of the vagina forcing the couple to restart their lovemaking. Take your time and start with slow shallow thrusts until you get your rhythm.

Face Down Sex - Sitting Position

Same as "Face Down" only the man slips his legs down each side of the woman's body and penetrates her vagina. This position is even more difficult but can be eased by the use of more pillows under the woman's body. She will have to do most of the work, but both of you will get a real fizzy out of this one if performed right.

Face Up Sex

The man lies on his back on the bed while the woman lays on him with her back pressed against his chest. For the men who can support her weight comfortably this position is a delight. It allows the man easy access to the clitoris which can be massaged during the sex act. This position is also excellent for pregnant couples because it puts no stress on the front part of a woman's body. Spicing up this position is quite easy.

Massage oils can be applied by the man to the woman's breasts, shoulders and stomach. Some oils will heat up when they are applied which can add extra stimulation to the experience. If you are using condoms make sure that no oil comes into contact with the condom that is in use.

Another interesting idea to add to this position may be a vibrator. She can hold a powerful vibrator near her clitoris, which vibrates the vagina as well. Both man and woman will experience the stimulation.

Spoon Sex

Both partners face the same direction and lay on their sides, man behind woman. The man may have to slightly angle his body so that entry is easier. Although thrusting and movement is inhibited in this position, it is very close and intimate and may be a perfect way to begin lovemaking. Also it gives the man's hands great access to his lover's nipples and front.


The following positions are for more adventurous couples. They require a few basic toys, props or locations, but will enhance your excitement a hundred-fold.

Oral Dildo Fem-Luvin'

The woman lays on her back on the bed while her lover performs Cunnilingus on her while at the same time gently penetrating her vagina with a dildo purchased from a specialty store.

Oral Dildo Mono-Luvin'

The man lies on his side while his lover greases up a dildo and slowly works it into his anis. Once this is accomplished she continues to gently thrust it in and out of his anis while performing Fellatio on his straining manhood.

69 Sex

Head to foot facing each other, let your imagination sore! Most common use of this position is to perform oral sex on each other, but there are always dildos, fingers and tongues that can imitate the act of love.

Restraint Sex

This can be performed on either the man or woman. Generally one partner had their wrists and ankles secured to bedposts our with rope pulled under the bed and tied on either side. To make this work there must be basic trust between the couple. But to make it interesting the one in charge should use their imagination. Push the envelope a little.

Rough - Restrained Sex

This is also called "raping the virgin" and is more of a role-playing thing than anything else. What is required in this scenario is a fully clothed partner "tied" to the bed face up. (Clothing should be throwaway)

Then the free partner blindfolds the restrained partner and turns the music up. While the music plays the free partner "rapes" the restrained partner. Tearing the clothing away, forcing legs apart, mounting the "helpless" restrained partner.

This role-play can be performed either way, with the man in control, or the woman. It is also a great turn on for threesomes and even foursomes, although sexually transmitted diseases should be taken into account whenever restraints are employed.

Bath Tub Sex

Nothing like a hot bubble bath, you can figure this one out can't you? The larger the tub the better, hut tubs are great too. Just be sure that the hot tub hasn't had a crowd in it because the woman is vulnerable to vaginal infections when exposed to foreign bacteria.

Wet Sex

There's nothing quite as exotic as making love while standing in a cool pool of water. This can be altered to be performed in a lake or river too. The only thing you need to have is some kind of lubricant because the water tends to make the man's penis "catch" while trying to initially penetrate the woman's vagina. But don't worry, once thing get going the feeling is fantastic.

Nature Boy Sex

Every man wants to "do it" outside. Succumb to his urge and do it in the back yard in the grass. Or even try a park where you are unlikely to be interrupted. You'll be amazed how fast he'll orgasm. But if you both stick it out for a second round she'll get hers too, most likely.

Wesson Oil Sex

Yes Wesson oil by name. If you're really rich you can buy exotic oils, but either way what you need is a rectangle kids swimming pool and a gallon of oil. Pour the oil in the pool and climb in. It is suggested that the man try to keep his erect penis clear of the oil. If he gets too slick to fast no one will get off. But baring that, the feeling of two oily bodies rubbing each other is almost better than anything you could imagine.

Shower Sex

Sex in the shower can be either oral, vaginal or anal, whatever the couple prefers. There's almost nothing more enjoyable than making it while under a warm jet of water. And the soaping up is a real treat too. Clean is sexy. A threesome could be fun too.

Thunder Storm Sex

Obviously any couple trying this out will need to wait for the proper moment. Not a lot of people have tried this, but it is something that you will remember for the rest of your life once completed. When the next heavy rain comes along try making love outside in it. A pounding rain and even thunder and lightning only add to the overall experience. This is best performed in the southwest, but hardy soles will find a way elsewhere.

Night Vision Sex

Ever done it in a grassy field, out in the open after dark? The excitement of being caught, and of making love out in the open will bring both participants to orgasm quicker than you would imagine. Impromptu, impulsive sex on the grass at night makes it even more exciting.

Mile High Club

Most of you will know what this is, but for those of you who don't, and even those of you who do and haven't tried it, you should try it out. The term refers to sexual intercourse in an airplane's lavatory. Although the lavatory is small, it is doable, but you need a willing partner to make it happen.

Phone Sex

When he's away, try talking dirty to each other for a while. Women can really get their men going if they have a good imagination and aren't too shy. A variation of this might be to she the experience with another couple. Think what it would be like to hear another couple making love, while you and your partner enjoyed each other. Might be exciting.

Video Love

Videotape your lovemaking, and then watch it afterwards. If done correctly it will get things going again. Sometime it takes a while to get the positions and sex acts just right, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't come out right the first time. Worst case scenario, you'll be turned on to all get-out, while you're being filmed, and if you ever break up, what a wonderful memory you'll have to look back on. Threesome's work well with video cameras.

Enema Sex

Not for everyone, but a nice warm enema just before or during sexual contact can be very intense. Enemas are especially nice when anal sex is involved. Nothing quite like a squeaky clean "tight" tailpipe to get him blowing his load.

Piercing Sex

Ever had your Labia pierced? How about a nice little ring in the loose flesh by the penis head. There are even men who like to place a ring IN their glan, they say it makes their erection more pleasurable. You've heard of clit rings. There's a reason that you have; it'll make her cum that much faster.

Feet Sex

Believe it or not there are many men out there who just like to fuck their partner's feet! It pretty easy, she just sit opposite her man and places his erect penis between her insteps and he goes to town. A variation on this theme for her is when the male placed his heel and outside edge of his foot nestled between her parted pussy lips. In this position she can "hump" his foot and if done right obtaining an orgasm is a breeze.

Pantie Sex

This one takes a really adventurous guy because he will have to wear his girl's "silk" panties. If she likes seeing him dressed like a sissy, she might even do fun things to him. Either way the silk will feel nice, and access to what is under it is only a thin silky layer away.

Dress up Sex

Have you ever fantasized about "taking" a sexy woman, all dressed up in a business suit, short dress, tailored jacket, silk shirt, high heels, you know the type, a yuppie exec fem.

It's lots of fun to push her down and pull her skirt up, popping buttons and bunching clothing. When the final penetration takes place the feeling of her clothing in disarray while he pumps into her is pretty cool.

To make it even more perverted, he can pull up and cum all over her skirt or jacket, or whatever. At any rate, it is an interesting feeling to "force" your partner like this, both for him and her. Clothing makes it different.

The clothing described can be purchased at most thrift stores these days so it's not all that expensive to let your imagination rage.

Drive In Sex

This has an element of exhibitionism to it. Roll up the windows and lock the doors and then climb up onto your partner's lap. You'll smile at all the looks you'll get when she's riding him like a wild woman. You'll have a more appreciative audience than the movie will. (Keep in mind that you may have to leave shortly afterward if management hears about the incident.)

Motel Hot Tub Sex

This has an element of exhibitionism to it. After the pool are is officially closed, quietly go down to the "outside" hot tub and slip into the water together. (Usually motels will leave the submerged light on all night as a safety factor.)

Make a little noise, but not much. Take off your swimwear bottoms, (his trunks her bikini bottoms) and make a show of dumping them on the decking beside you. She climbs on his lap facing him to begin intercourse. You'll be amazed at how many people will be watching while you make love to each other. Just about guaranteed that no one will call the office, and the show you give will be exciting for both you and your voyeur neighbors.

Because you've only removed your swimwear bottoms, no one can actually "see" anything, but their imagination will fill in the blanks nicely. Guaranteed orgasm, from the nervous energy if from nothing else.

Workplace Sex

Why not? She can visit him or visa versa. If he has an office, the door will close, if not, there is always a way, even if the deed has to be accomplished standing up in a lavatory stall. Nothing says, "I love you," better than a "nooner" at lunch, and at work to boot!

45: Party Sex

Have you ever done it to each other at someone else's house during a party? Think about having all these people around enjoying their little flirting games. She could be standing by the pool in the backyard after dark and he could be doing the "nasty" from behind.

Or you could both occupy the bathroom or the spare bedroom at the same moment in time. To actually do it in the kitchen shows a really bold couple that has no fear. A variation might be to bring someone else into the game to make a threesome. It's easier than you might think.