Written by
Peter Handler

If you want to double the intensity of your orgasms, you might want to try anal beads. When used properly, a string of beads can make you ejaculate like a stallion.

I had my first bead job in a whorehouse. I was exceptionally horny, so I picked two girls to fuck. When I told them that I wanted to try something different, they suggested a bead job. I had to pay extra for it, but it was worth every penny.

The girls brought out a string of beads the size of large marbles and greased them with Vaseline. They bent me forward and worked all twelve marbles through my virgin ass-hole. I was only nineteen at the time so my ass must have been very tight.

The girls took turns blowing me. While one sucked, the other one kept a tight grip on the cord dangling from my ass. I didn't last long in those days and probably shot my load after ten or fifteen minutes of head. The whore who was sucking me off signaled the other one to pull the beads out of my ass.

The beads raking across my prostate gave me the strongest orgasm of my young life. My knees buckled and I struggled to stay on my feet. The whore kept her lip-lock on my cock and drained every precious drop. I didn't stop cumming until the last bead was yanked out of my ass.

Those whores gave me the best orgasm of my life, but there was a downside. The orgasm had drained me so thoroughly that I couldn't get my cock hard enough to fuck with. Even the lesbian show they put on to make me hot didn't work. I had paid to fuck them both, but whores don't give refunds and I was out the money.

After I got married, my wife and I told each other about many of our prior sexual experiences, especially those that were on the kinky side. When I told her about the bead job, she offered to give me one. I went to a department store and looked through the junk jewelry until I found beads that resembled the ones that the whores had used on me. I re-strung them so there was about a one-inch space between them. Spacing is critical. One inch works very nicely for me.

That evening, my wife worked the greasy beads up my ass, then she sucked me off and pulled them out as I came. Even though she did a rather clumsy job, I came so hard that I thought my nuts were going to pop out. She ran to the bathroom to spit my load into the sink. She said it was the biggest load that I had ever shot into her mouth.

I experimented to find techniques that would make the beads even more effective for both masturbation and fucking. One of the simplest ways to use them was to tie the cord to something and then simply walk or crawl away during orgasm. I tied the cord to a doorknob, jacked off, and then staggered away with cum spraying everywhere while beads popped out of my ass.

I had the most success with weights. I simply attached a weight to the cord, dropped it at the instant of orgasm, and let gravity do the rest. I experimented until I found the proper weight. If there wasn't enough weight, the beads would come out too slowly or not at all. If there was too much weight, they would come out too quickly.

When I found the perfect weight, I discovered that the beads worked better than the other methods because they came out in sync with the spurts. The anus tightens with each spurt. When it relaxes, a bead pops out and drags the next bead in line across the prostate just as a fresh spurt is released. The result is sheer ecstasy.

As soon as I had perfected the weighted beads for masturbation, I tried them for fucking. I had my wife bend forward and I fucked her in the ass. When I came, I dropped the weight and the beads came sliding out. My orgasm was so powerful that I nearly collapsed.

We got into swinging and introduced the beads to many of our friends, male and female. Women don't get as much pleasure from them as men do because they don't have a prostate gland. I became bisexual and acquired a taste for taking cocks up my ass. Over the years, the anal sex stretched my ass-hole until my old beads no longer did the job and I had to design a new string.

My new string of beads consists of fourteen beads of different sizes. The smallest is the size of a large marble while the largest is nearly the size of a golf ball. The largest one goes in first and comes out last.

Getting the proper weight was more difficult than it had been with beads of equal size, but I finally found one that worked reasonably well. The beauty of using beads of unequal sizes is that the orgasm gets progressively stronger as the prostate receives more pressure.

I highly recommend anal beads, not only for enhancing the pleasure of orgasm, but also to massage the prostate. I can spend an entire afternoon in my easy chair watching a football game while stuffing the beads up my ass and letting the weight pull them out. Better yet, I have my wife stuff the beads up my ass and pull them out again and again.

When I finally get around to blowing my load, I shoot enough cum to fill a shot glass.

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