Real Life Wife Sharing
(MMF, intr/asian, wife, cuck, alcohol)
Written by AB-2010

As told to me by Larry from Henderson NV

Reading stories on the Internet about sharing your wife is one thing, but actually doing it is quite another. This is a true story about Marla and myself in just such a scenario.

I'd been feeling somewhat neglected over that past year. Marla and I had been married for almost 10 years and although we loved each other, our sex life was boring as hell. I'd always have to be the instigator and even then she would try to turn me down most of the time. The only way I got sex was to make a fuss about it.

I was pretty sure the reason Marla was so conventional and uninspired when it came to sex was that she'd come to me a virgin at twenty. I was the only man who'd ever seen her naked much less made love to her.

My only excuse for what happened to us is that I was sexually frustrated and had started to surf the Internet; reading porno stories to sate my sexual needs. I started to read about wives and all the things that other couples did. I knew that most of the stories were the writer's imagination but they still made me long for it to happen to us.

I'd fantasize about some other guy making my wife his cum slurping slut, making her beg for his big stiff cock and I would be their to see her do it, and maybe even help them along. For some reason the idea of seeing my wife act like a wanton slut with a strange man made me so hot that it became an obsession.

I even steeled my nerves and once, while Marla and I were actually have a rare "good sex" session, I brought it up to her. She was on top of me riding me for all she was worth, quickly reaching her point of no return when I said, "God, Marla you look so beautiful, I wish I could see you being fucked by another man."

She just looked down at me and smiled and quickened her pace, soon cumming with a groaned and I could feel her body tense and shiver as her orgasm overtook her. I wondered if my suggestion about another guy had brought her off. But I was afraid to follow it up once she'd finished cumming. I liked the feeling of her body laying on top of me as she panted for breath, and didn't want to get her mad at me.

Then one day, something happened that I guess was the catalyst for what took place next.

Our longtime neighbors had moved away several months before and their house had been on the market ever since. I was wondering how long it would stay empty when one Saturday a moving van pulled up outside. A twenty-something Asian looking guy and his friends spent the morning moving his belongings in. (Apparently the owners had decided to rent out their house until the market got better.)

I went over to introduce myself and later that day so did Marla. When she came home after her visit she inadvertently said something that got me thinking. She made the comment that Alvin, (That's the guy's name.) was really built.

I struck up a friendship with Alvin and his friends over the next few months. I think he liked both of us and I know that Marla seemed to like him. I kept scoping him out, trying to find out what he liked and how he might react to an offer to fuck my wife.

After several late night beer sessions with Alvin I finally got the nerve up to ask him pointblank. We'd been drinking all afternoon, watching football on his cable TV and we'd been talking about or college days and the women we'd had. (His stories were a lot more detailed than mine since he'd just graduated before moving into our neighborhood.)

I swallowed hard when Alvin complemented me on Marla, he said that she was pretty hot and that I was a lucky S.O.B. and went on to say that he hoped I took care of her needs properly. This was a good sign I thought.

Actually Marla isn't what you'd call a classic beauty or anything. She's a little plain, but she has a nice slim body and her breasts are really nice looking, just the perfect size for her body. And although her face is rather plain she does have a clean wholesome "Girl Next Door" appeal and an attractive smile. And all I could do was picture Alvin on top of her shoving his Asian cock into her and fucking her brains out while she moaned for more.

Anyway I said, "So you think Marla's attractive do you?"

He looked at me questioningly and answered, "Yeah I do; she's a real fox."

The moment had arrived. I said, "You know Alvin, I've always had this fantasy about seeing Marla with another man." I paused and looked at him meaningfully then continued, "And I think you'd be the prefect guy to fulfill my fantasy, what do you think?"

Alvin looked shocked and that worried me until a briliant smile broke out on his tan face and he nodded, then said, "Yeah, I think you're right Larry, but what would Marla think about it?"

I had it all planned. I knew that Marla would never go for something this perverted, but I knew a way to make it happen. "Alvin, if she thought you were me, well, she'd take it in stride so to speak." I smiled, hoping that I looked more confident than I felt.

Then I heard Alvin say, "It's not like I could pass for you, nut tell me more." And I knew then and there, that I had him in on the plot.

My plan was simple. Get Marla snot flying drunk and let Alvin be the one to end up in our bed. One of the ways I can always count on some good sex is to get Marla drunk. It seems to release all of her inhibitions and she really lets go. If the lights were low and she was really fucked up I thought that it might just work.

We talked about the possibilities over and over during the next two wweeks. Finally I decided that it just had to happen and I told Alvin that we'd do the deed that Saturday night.

Saturday rolled around and Marla, Alvin and I went out to a bar across town. Marla likes to dance and when I dance with her she'll drink to "cool off" and usually ends quite drunk. At first she was holding back on the alcohol because Alvin was there, I guess she felt self-conscious, but after several dances with me and then a couple with Alvin she loosened up and the alcohol started to flow.

Alvin and I "looked" like we were keeping up with her; except our drinks were just plain Coke and hers were Crown Royal and Coke.

So by 11 o'clock Marla was ready to go home and hit the hay. We left the bar with Marla sitting beside me in the back seat while Alvin drove. I tested the water by sliding my hand between her legs. She was wearing a short mid thigh dress and my hand snaked up under the material and I could feel that her underwear was moist at the crotch.

She halfheartedly tried to push my hand away, but when I wouldn't let her, she just scrunched down in the seat and even opened her legs a little bit so I could get better access. We were pretty much like that all the way home.

I know that Marla must have known that Alvin could tell what I was doing to her, yet she let me keep doing it. That one act of willingness sealed my fait. I decided "not" to trick her into fucking Alvin, but to try and get her to do it with her consent.

After arriving home and while getting out of the car I quickly went around to Alvin's side and explained what I had in mind. He looked doubtful, but said, "In for a penny in for a pound," and shrugged. I guess if I was willing to let him do my wife, he was willing to do what I asked.

Alvin and I held Marla up as we entered our house. We were laughing and stumbling as we entered the living room and let Marla down onto the couch. Then I sat beside her while Alvin sat in the easy chair a few feet away.

It was now or never. I reached my hand out and snaked it up under her dress again while at the same time covering her mouth with mine, giving her a hot wet French-kiss just the way she likes it when she's feeling naughty.

Marla was drunk but not so drunk that she'd forgotten Alvin was still there. She started to shove at my hand and struggled to pull away from my kiss. I hurriedly waved with me free hand for Alvin to come over. I heard him rise from the chair and then I felt him next to me.

Then he was in between us, pushing me back while holding Marla down against the couch. She sputtered and began to struggle against his hold, but Alvin only held her firmer. Then he pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her, all the while kissing her passionately, forcing her mouth open and planting his tongue deeply inside.

I watched as Alvin squirmed on top of Marla's struggling body. It was a sight to see, it almost looked like Alvin was raping my wife. He wouldn't let her up and kept holding her arms over her head with one hand, kissing her on the mouth and unbuttoning her dress with his other hand.

Suddenly Marla stopped struggling and lay back. Alvin sped his efforts up and got all the buttons to her dress undone. Then without stopping even for a moment he pulled her black lace bra away and down and began to ravage Marla's tits. Alvin was feasting on her nipples, first one, then the other and then back again.

I was getting my wish. Another man was ravaging my wife and I was there to see it. I was experiencing mixed emotions to be sure. No one but me had ever made love to Marsha. I felt a little bad that I was forcing this on her and as I watched Alvin fumbling with his pants I even felt a pang of jealousy. I knew what it felt like to fuck Marla and he was about to get that experience too.

As I watched the scene unfold in front of me I imagined what Alvin would look like as he pound my wife with his big cock. I pictured Marla wrapping her legs around his thrusting body urging him on, and then the moment when he came in her. I imagined his strong tan body stiffening as he gushed deep inside my wife's body. I was rock hard with anticipation.

Then reality hit home. As Alvin thrust into my wife I realized at that very moment that they'd done this before. She took him in like she'd done it a hundred times before. I stood there watching Alvin having his way with my wife and I knew I'd been had.

Marla began to thrust up against his down-thrust eagerly accepting him, almost joyfully I thought. Then they both groaned and I knew that they were cumming together in perfect harmony. My fantasy became reality as I watched Alvin's tan body stiffen on top of Marla, her legs wrapped around Alvin's ass as she tried to pull him in deeper.

I'd seen what I wanted, right? Even though I still had an erection I also had a sick feeling inside that I'd made a mistake. Even though it had been so fucking hot to watch another man plowing my wife I knew then and there that our relationship was in serious trouble.

* * *

It turns out that Alvin was more forthcoming with Marla than I would ever have imagined. Apparently he'd told her several weeks before, right when I first suggested the idea of sharing her with him. At first she was so mad that she just sent him away and fumed for a couple of days. (I guess I missed the signs.)

Then she came to him and they became lovers. As she said at our divorce, "Why not go a head and enjoy herself, since that was what my husband wanted." She said, "Since my husband was willing to betray me there was no reason for me to be faithful to him anymore."

As it turns out she got the house and the Porsche, I got the Chevy van and my clothes. Alvin ended up moving in with Marla after the settlement was complete. Now I get to imagine him fucking her every night, and according to Marla they do it every night because he's so very good.



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