Wendy Hates Me
(mf-teens, nc, rp, v, sn)
by AB-2009

My heart was pounding in my chest as I fumbled and tugged at her skirt. Our rasping breath and struggling grunts were the only noise we were making now. She had stopped trying to scream, because each time she did I'd covered her mouth and pinch her nose so she couldn't breathe, making her light-headed from lack of oxygen.

Finally I was able to pull her panties down and I quickly shoved my jeans down also, using my foot to frantically shove them to my ankles as I climbed up her vulnerable body intent of shoving my dick home as quickly as I could.

Wendy was one of those sexy but snooty cheerleaders at school, one of those girls who it would never occur to even recognize someone like me, not even as a life form, much less as a guy who might have needs. But she knew who I was now. She would soon know that I had the same equipment as her handsome jock boyfriends had, and it would be lodged were theirs had been before me.

As I pulled my body up over hers I looked into her wide eyes and whispered, "Make a sound slut, and I'll kill you." I pressed the knife I was gripping in my sweaty white-knuckled hand against her neck until I saw a bead of bright read blood ooze out where the point met her flesh.

Wendy didn't make a sound, she just looked back into my eyes pleadingly. I grinned and whispered harshly, "Guide me in." She knew what I meant, but she just lay there. I repeated myself a bit louder this time, "Guide me in bitch!" and I pressed the knife point a little harder against her neck. I noticed that the blade tip was now beneath the skin about a quarter of an inch and the blood was flowing more now.

She quickly reached down between us and I felt her fingers grip my throbbing cock and push it against her shaved twat. Then she began to move my dick up and down her slit, trying to find some lubrication between us so I would slip in without hurting her.

Finally, either my pre-cum or hers lubricated the object of my lust and I groaned in intense pleasure as my stiff dick slid into her warm moist hole. Wendy gasped as I shoved myself into her as deeply as I could. It was heaven, she felt exactly like I thought she would. I was no longer a virgin and Wendy was the one who had made me a man.

I pulled my hips pack and then shoved into her again, holding myself deeply in her and groaning as I felt her tightness grip me. I pulled my face away and looked down into hers. I don't know what I expected to see, I guess I was feeling so wonderful I thought I'd see her as excited as I was, but to my shock I saw hatred in her eyes.

True, I was raping her, but there was really no other way I'd ever have a chance at a prime piece of ass like Wendy, and hell, couldn't she just go along with it? It's not like she was a virgin or anything. I shoved my cock into her again, and then I wasn't looking at her face anymore I was just going with the wonderful sensations that the use of her body was giving me.

I began to thrust faster and faster in and out of her, marveling at the sensations that I had only imaged about before as I'd beat off dreaming about doing this to someone like Wendy. I knew I wasn't far away from cumming but the thought of Wendy's angry face kept flashing through my mind, taking the pleasure from the experience.

As my body began to tense I closed my eyes and hugged her to me. The hand holding the knife to her neck began to apply pressure as if it had a mind of its own. As my cum began to rise up within my body I knew that Wendy would tell what I'd done and that I would be in terrible trouble. I guess that's why I kept pressing the blade harder and harder against her neck.

I didn't want her to ruin the feelings that were raging through me, I didn't want to have to worry about going to prison for what I was doing, so I kept pressing the blade into her neck. The closer I came to cumming the harder I pushed the knife.

Wendy struggled, her fists were beating at my back as the knife slipped through the tendons in her neck and my dick shoved deeply in and out of her cunt and my cum boiled up from the depths of my body.

Then lights flashed behind my eyes and my cum erupted and shot into my lover's body, my body jerked and the knife hit something vital within Wendy and her fists stopped pummeling my back. I sobbed for breath as my hips jerked again and again. My body was so taut that I thought my heart would stop at any moment, then slowly, almost imperceptibly my body began to wind down.

All too soon, my orgasm was washed away into an afterglow as the intense pleasure Wendy's cunt had caused in me began to dissipate. I was breathing like a locomotive as I finally raised myself up on my elbows and looked down at Wendy's lifeless face. Even dead she looked beautiful.

I guess in my sexual frenzy I had shoved the knife into her neck to the hilt because only the handle was showing now. I almost vomited as I pulled the thing out of Wendy's shapely neck and plunged it into the grass beside her. I had killed her, the enormity of what I'd done struck me like a ton of bricks.

Then I stood, and looked around the yard. Wendy had been walking down the alley behind my house on her way home from school like she did every day. Only today, I'd been waiting for her. I'd forced her into my back yard, where I'd raped and killed her.

I nervously looked around to see if anyone had seen what I'd done, then I quickly - grabbing her by the wrists - pulled Wendy's still warm body around to the side door of my house and lifting her over one shoulder and carried her down into the basement.

Being 16, my folks thought I was mature enough to take care of myself for the week they would be gone to Aruba. That's why I came up with the plan to force Wendy to have sex with me -- since they wouldn't be home to stop me -- the only thing is I hadn't planned on killing her.

Oh well. At least I could afford myself of Wendy's body for the next week before my folks got home. Wendy wouldn't mind, I thought to myself as I undressed her limp body and began to sponge off the blood from her neck and the cum from around her shaved pussy lips.



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