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The Thai Sisters
(MFF, inc, bi, asian)
by AB2006

My name is Mai and I'm a Thai girl who lived in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. I was lucky enough to have an American man fall in love with me. He told me that I was pretty and he treated me like a jewel.

After several months of courting he brought me back to America and married me. The only problem we've had is no children have come. We've been married for more than 3 years now and John has become impatient with me to conceive. I want to have his babies and I try to excite him into making a baby with me whenever I can, but still no child has come.

The doctor says that my body is okay, but that maybe when I was growing up I was subjected to some toxin that made me sterile. The doctor is a very smart man, but I still try to make a baby with John whenever I can.

I am an unusual Thai girl. Or maybe I should say my family is unusual, because I have a twin sister. Her name is Manu and she was jealous of me when I met John. She tried to take him for herself but he stayed faithful to me.

Manu has gotten over her jealousy now, but then we live thousands of miles away in America and so she doesn't have to see my happiness with John, so it is easier for her not to be unhappy.

I never thought would consider sharing my husband with me sister, but after the doctor said I couldn't have John's child, I thought of Manu. At first I tried to put it out of my mind and tried harder with John. I would excite John in the mornings and when he came home after work in the evening. And if he would let me I would ride him before we went to sleep at night. But by then I would have to do all the work because he was just too tired.

But months went by with still no child. Finally I wrote Manu and asked her if I decided it to be so, would she come to America and give my husband a child. She wrote back telling me that she would be happy to do as I asked. I felt unsure about this, but I love my husband and wanted to give him a child and Manu was my identical twin.

So one evening after we'd had particularly good sex I broached the subject with my husband. I went right to the heart of the matter and told him that I wanted to bring my sister to America and that I wanted him to make her pregnant.

I don't know what I thought he would say, but I was surprised when he didn't object. Maybe he was used to me now and wanted what all men want, variety. Although I smiled to myself when I thought that thought because my sister was my identical twin. I'm not sure what kind of variety my husband would be getting.

Anyway, as it turned out Manu flew to the US within the month. My husband is an important man and he was able to get my sister a visa for one year. I liked that, because it would give her time to bear my husband and I a child, and then she would have to leave.

Even though I write this almost two years later, I still remember Manu's first night in our home. She was eager to please both of us even though she was tired from the 24 hour plane flight. She made it obvious that she would be willing to start her sexual responsibilities that very evening but I made her sleep in the guest bedroom and took John to my bed alone, one last time.

The next morning I awoke to a thumping sound against the wall of our room. I sat up and realized that John was not beside me. I threw on a silk robe and hurried to the next room and flung the door open.

I gasped in shock. There was John, his beautiful butt rising and falling as he ploughed my sister with great deep thrusts. Manu's feet were pointing toward the ceiling as she strained to take John as deep as possible.

During that first moment I felt many emotions, everything from jealousy to hatred for my sister, even fear that I would lose John if Manu became pregnant with his child and wanted me to go instead of her.

But as I watched my beautiful husband pumping his long smooth dong in and out of my beautiful sister, stirrings began to throb deep in me. I realized that I was excited watching these two making a baby. I admired my sister's body as she took my strong husband's needs as deeply as possible.

Before I knew what I was doing I was beside them, my fingers wrapped around my husband's bobbing balls and I was gently massaging them as he sank in and pulled out of my sister's dripping hole. Then my mouth was there and my tongue was darting against his thrusting shaft and he began to groan loudly.

A moment later John's body tensed and he gasped as his entire body jerked once then twice and then a third time as he pumped his baby making seed deep into my sister. I was still holding his balls in my hands and I could swear that they deflated a little bit as he emptied himself into Manu.

So there we were, three human beings, two women and a man, all gasping for breath, curled up together, arms and legs wrapped around and through each other. I could feel my sister's breath against my neck and John's heart pounding against my chest. At that moment I thought to myself that this new arrangement might end up being fun.

As it turned out Manu was unable to give John a child either. After six months of sex almost every night, always Manu first and them me afterward. I didn't mind that, because John always let me ride him because by then he was exhausted and as all girls know, riding a man puts the orgasm in her control. So I got to have a nice orgasm every night and Manu only had one occasionally unless I took pity on her and gave her one during the day while John was at work.

It has been two years now and Manu received a three year extension on her visa. John plans on getting her a green card so she can stay in America permanently. I don't think any of us would want to go back to the way it was before Manu came. The sex is just so satisfying with three people. I don't think I would trust any other woman with my husband.

If you can't trust your sister, who can you trust.



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