Seventh Grade Lovers (FF, 1st)
by AB-2010

A story told to me in 2001 by Allison from Breckenridge Colorado.

Caroline moved into my neighborhood when I was 6 years old. She was a year older than me and a generation more sophisticated. Even at 6 I knew she was special, and so did everyone else.

For some reason I'll never quite understand she took to me and we became best friends. Living only 5 houses away from each other allowed us to play together just about every day.

As we grew older I realized that she was superior to me in just about every way. Even today I'm no beauty, but I've always had a good body and my best features are my behind and legs, they're just about perfect. Caroline on the other hand looked like a young version of Stephanie Powers and she had the body to go along with her beautiful face.

The summer before entering 7th grade we were just hanging out having fun. We'd discovered boys a couple of years before and our interest in them was climbing along with our hormones. All the boys at school were after Caroline and I was their concession prize. If they couldn't get Caroline at least if they dated me they could hang out in her crowd.

Anyway, that summer we'd stay over at each other's house pretty much on a rotating basis. And on one of those nights while we were over at Caroline's something happened that I still vividly remember even to this day.

We were sleeping in Caroline's bed like we'd done a zillion times before (because unlike my house she had a queen sized bed and two teenage girls could fit into it comfortably), when the subject invariably came around to boys.

Caroline told me that she'd had a hot and heavy make out session with her then boyfriend Mark and that she'd been tempted to go all the way with him. I couldn't believe that she would even consider something like that with a boy. We weren't on the pill or anything and something like that could be really dangerous.

I remember lying there beside Caroline as she described what had happened. Apparently they'd gone farther than ever before. She had even dipped her hand into his pants and felt him up and he'd done the same to her, even getting her blouse open and kissing a nipples before she stopped him.

I could imagine what that would be like and it made me hot just thinking about it. But what surprised me more, was that I was thinking about what it would be like to kiss Caroline's breasts, not what it would be like to be felt up by a boy.

For some reason I'll never completely understand, as Caroline continued with her hot description of the petting they'd done I snuggled up next to her. I don't think I realized the implication of my act but Caroline certainly did.

I was hugging her listening intently when I stiffened in surprise as I felt her fingers brushing against my breasts. Caroline continued to tell me what Mark and her had done to each other in great detail, while at the same time slowly circling a fingertip around my left nipple.

I remember that I enjoyed the added stimulation to her hot story and subconsciously snuggled even closer. Then Caroline stopped talking and scrunched down, while at the same time pulling my pajama top open and I watched in disbelief as my best friend, the girl I worshiped, moved her lips to my nipple and began to suck on it.

I couldn't help myself; I arched my back pushing my breast harder against her soft lips. I could feel her tongue darting moistly over my nipple and I realized in that instant that I was wet and dripping between my legs. I could feel myself dripping between my thighs and onto the sheets of her bed.

At the time I don't think either of us thought about what we were doing, we were just enjoying the sensations that we were giving and receiving. When I pushed Caroline back onto the bed and opened her top all I could do for a full minute was to stare at her perfect breasts, taking in their soft perfect hungrily.

Then my hormones drove me on and I dived in and started sucking and licking her all over excitedly. Things quickly escalated beyond my control and soon I found myself with my face firmly buried between her legs. I was surprised at how quickly Caroline got off. After only a minute or so, she moaned loudly gripping my head from behind, pushing me into herself. Then her body shuddered and I soon felt her moisture gushing across my tongue.

Finally I looked up at her. My lips and chin must have been all slick with her juices. She giggled and commented on what a mess she'd made. I remember giving her a really naughty smile, proudly displaying the effect that I'd had on her.

As you might have guessed, that wasn't the last time we pleasured each other. To see Caroline enthusiastically eating me out, watching her face buried between my thighs was an experience that any one of our friends would have cut off an arm to witness. But it was just our little secret and all through high school we remained lovers.

Looking back at it today, I think it was a good response to all the social and hormonal pressures of our age group. We knew each other, we were friends and we couldn't make each other pregnant. Our special relationship got us through some tough times and until Caroline got married, satisfied our sexual and emotional needs wonderfully.

The last time we were together as lovers was the night before Caroline's wedding. I was her maid of honor and she was staying at my apartment the night before the ceremony. She was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, and it only seemed natural that we do it one more time. It was a beautiful night for both of us, sort of a goodbye, even though we would see each other regularly even after her marriage.

I only hope that Caroline's wedding night was as good as our night had been. I've never asked, and since then we've just been very good friends. Almost like sisters, only closer.



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