SAFE SEX (mmteens/g, ped, inc, 1st, alcohol)
by AB-2010

As told to me by Gilbert from Kingman AZ.

* * * *

This story is true, but if Richard hadn't written his story about sharing sisters with his best friend first, I probably wouldn't be sharing this story with your now. Until I read his story I thought that my experience was unique, I didn't realize that other older brothers had used their little sisters for safe sex.

We live in Kingman Arizona and our folks were taking a weekend vacation to Vegas and since I had turned 15 they thought I was old enough to care for my little sister Leslie and myself. Looking back I guess I wasn't.

Anyway, the folks took off early Saturday morning and planned on being back Sunday evening late. Once they were gone my best buddy Carl came over and we immediately broke into the folk's alcohol stash.

Within an hour we were feeling no pain. I'd started us out with screwdrivers and then we moved on to whisky and coke. The subject of girls came up as it usually did and we started talking about getting laid by the hot girls at school.

All the girls we knew back then wouldn't put out for guys. They were afraid of getting either pregnant for some disease. All we could do back then was talk about sex.

Carl and I continued to drink and talk about sex for another hour or so, then my little sister came into the house and started away at me like usual, "Gilbert, what are you doing? I'm going to tell momma on you. You're not supposed to drink their liquor; you're not even supposed to invite your friends into the house when Mom and Dad are away. Boy are you in big trouble."

Of course I didn't really care what she said, I usually didn't even recognize her as a life form. Leslie was 8-years-old with fine white-blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes and a Nagy little high-pitched voice.

But Carl was apparently more interested in her because he coaxed Leslie over to him and then when she was standing next to him he grabbed her and pulled her down onto his lap.

I watched as he force-fed her some whisky from the bottle next to him. She fought to get away and sputtered as she was forced to swallow more of the whisky. I was enjoying the sight of my bothersome little sister getting hers and even helped Carl by holding her arms as he forced more booze down her throat.

After a few minutes Carl let her go and Leslie flew out of his lap swearing like a Marine; she even swung at Carl's face with her little fist causing us to both laugh at her.

We went back to drinking and talking about girls and Leslie went to her bedroom. After a few minutes she came back out and climbed up next to Carl on the couch. I could tell that she was a bit drunk and when Carl absently threw his arm over Leslie's shoulder and continued to talk to me, I noticed that Leslie didn't seem to be mad at him anymore.

Then as we talked I noticed Carl's fingers begin to move on Leslies shirt at her chest. He was making a swirling motion with his fingers around where her nipple would be. I also noticed that Leslie didn't seem to mind that he was touching her. Actually she seemed half a sleep all nuzzled up next to him.

After a bit Carl stopped talking and I watched as he slipped his hand up under Leslie's shirt. That sort of shocked me. I thought about telling him to stop, but then I saw Leslie squirm into a more comfortable position against Carl and she smiled sleepily as he massaged her from under her shirt, I just continued to watch them.

Then Carl became more aggressive feeling Leslie up. I'd never thought of my sister and sex together before in my life. But as I watched Carl's hand moving under Leslie's shirt and over her nipples, for the first time I noticed that she was indeed a girl. She wasn't ugly; in fact she had a nice looking little body really. As I watched her smile and nuzzle up to Carl as he felt her up I realized that I had an erection. That was a revelation, to be watching my friend feeling up my sister was making me horny. Who'd a thought!

Then Carl reached down with his other hand and pulled the snap open on Leslie's cut-offs. That got her attention. Her blue eyes shot open and she tried to move away from Carl, but he held her tight and started talking to her.

"Leslie, you're beautiful, did you know that?"

Leslie stopped struggling and looked at Carl who had pulled his hand away from her shorts. I just sat there and kept quiet.

"I've always thought you were a little fox, I've even told Gilbert that, haven't I Gilbert?"

I looked at him and nodded, not trusting myself to speak. Leslie looked at me to make sure I was confirming the nice things Carl was saying about her and then she looked back at him as he continued.

"You know Leslie, all the guys at school think you're really cool, so grown up for your age, such a kick-ass body too. I wouldn't mind having you for a girlfriend. Have you ever thought about having a boyfriend before?"

Leslie said, "I'd like to be your girlfriend Carl."

Carl, hugged her close and said, "Me too. Only I'm 15 and you're 8, so I guess you're too young for me, that's really a shame, because I think you're really hot."

Leslie wasn't going to be put off by that argument, "I'm mature for my age, and I look older when I dress up."

Carl looked at my sister for a moment as if thinking then he said, "Well, it's not just what you look like you know. Girls my age know more about things like kissing and sex. You're kind of young for that kind of relationship don't you think?"

"What would I have to do? I mean I'm as tall as some of the girls in your class, Gilbert is always calling me the 100-foot woman and stuff."

"Yeah, you're tall for your age, but you don't know anything about sex."

I was fascinated by the conversation. I never thought that I'd live to hear my little sister discussing sex, and with a guy who was almost twice her age, and in front of me. I couldn't take my eyes off them as they went around and around. Carl would bring up another reason why they probably shouldn't be girlfriend and boyfriend and then Leslie would come up with a reason that showed that they could.

Carl was enjoying himself. You could see that he was playing with my sister, but even he finally came to the point. And what a point it was!

"Okay, let's say you're old enough to be my girlfriend, can I expect sex from you like I would from a regular girlfriend?"

Leslie only hesitated for a moment, I think she just wanted to win the argument and didn't really understand what she was saying. "Yes, I'm as good as any of those other girls of yours."

If she only knew that neither Carl nor me had any other girls. We were just as virginal as Leslie, other than we jacked off a lot.

Carl said, "Okay then prove it."

Leslie looked at Carl, and then at me, then back to Carl, then she said, "So what do you want to do?"

"I want to fuck you Leslie, just like I would a 15-year-old girl. What do you say?" He said looking intently into her blue eyes.

She looked back at him then finally said, "Okay, but not in front of my brother, let's go into my bedroom."

I still didn't say anything but I knew that there was no way I was going to be left out. I'd never really thought about fucking a girl for real before. They all had seemed to untouchable. But here was one telling my buddy that she'd let him fuck her. It just about blew my mind.

The fact that "the girl" willing to fuck my buddy was my sister made me cringe a little, but I was just as horny as Carl by this time and had to see where this would lead.

Carl led my sister to her room and shut the door. I waited outside the door and listened. After a few minutes I could hear their muffled voices through the door. I cracked it open just enough so I could hear better.

Then I heard Leslies bed begin to creak in a rhythm that I knew was Carl fucking her. The thought of Carl sticking his dick into a wet pussy, even if it was my sister's wet pussy, made me want to come so badly. As I listened to that rythmic creaking sound I felt my heart begin to pound in my chest, and the blood in my body began to rush past my ears making it hard to hear. I pushed open my sister's door and watched.

Carl had his pants down to his ankles and I could see his naked butt rise and fall as he pumped between my sister's wide spread legs. It was a sight I can't describe, it made me so hot that I couldn't help myself. I yanked my pants open and discarded them and stood there waiting, touching myself.

Finally I saw Carl's body stiffen and I knew he was cumming in Leslie. I was careful not to touch myself then, because I knew that I would cum right then and there if I did.

When Carl slumped down on top of Leslie momentarily spent, by then I was standing beside them. I pulled at his arm and even though he protested I rolled him off my sister. She looked up at me with big round eyes as if she thought I was going to punish her for being bad.

But that's not what I had in mind. What I did next changed our relationship forever. I climbed on top of her and shoved my dick into her cum-slick little hole. The feeling of sliding into her was something that I still vividly remember even to this day. Carl had slimed her up inside with his warm cum and I slid in like she was made for me. God it felt good!

It didn't take long before I was empting myself into my little sister. I remember that after I slid in she stopped struggling and eventually hugged me tight as I set up a fucking rhythm.

I probably didn't last even a minute that first time. But that didn't matter because Carl and I kept Leslie naked and on her back all weekend. Carl even called his Mom and got permission to "sleep" over.

We finally had to stop fucking Leslie around 9 o'clock that evening because she was too sore to take our dicks any longer.

After that day Leslie would let either Carl or me have sex with her almost anytime we asked. We'd do it in her room after school until our parents came home from work, on the weekends we'd do it in the garage standing up, or in the swimming pool in the backyard. We even did it in vacant lots when we couldn't get privacy at home.

The beauty of the whole thing was that Leslie was too young to get pregnant, and by the time she started having her period Carl and I were old enough, and "experienced" enough to get girls pretty easily.

If there was a problem with our arrangement it was that Leslie was hurt when we started seeing other girls. She became depressed because she wasn't getting the attention from Carl and I that she was used to.

I would put on a condom and fuck her every once in a while to keep her from real depression, but my attentions were with girls closer to my age by then so we didn't do it nearly as much as she wanted.

Unfortunately Leslie turned to other guys to fill the void and before she was 13-years-old she was pregnant. She was a very popular girl, but the pregnancy got in her way, big time. At least I wasn't the one who got her pregnant.

It's been 13-years since that first time with my sister. I'm 28-years-old now and married with two kids of my own, a boy and a girl. Carl is still a bachelor and Leslie, although she's now 21, is still single.

Looking back on what I did, I make sure that I properly oversee my kids, no weekends away to Vegas for my wife and I. Not unless we bring the kids along.


Attention: I write these stories for entertainment and do not in any way condone these actions in real life settings. It's fun to read these stories but anyone acting out any of them in real life can expect to spend the greater portion of their remaining life behind bars.

If this story sounds familiar it is because I wrote it sometime ago under a different author handle. I have revisited the story, fleshed it out and republished it here. AB


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