Pussy Fucking (MF, rapture)
by AB-2010

I can't speak for the female half of the species, but I can for us guys. There is nothing - absolutely nothing - to compare with the sensations of fucking a woman's pussy.

Before you even start there's the anticipation. Maybe a shower where you're washing your body, massaging your nuts and pole with hot soapy water, knowing that in a very short time you'll be fucking your woman, humping her for all she's worth.

The anticipation is almost as good as the sex... though not quite.

Then there's the feeling that you get as you climb on to the bed, naked, the feeling of your hard-on swaying as you creep closer to her. And the knowledge that she wants it as badly as you do. Knowing that her body is just as sensitive to the moment as yours is.

That first sensation of skin against skin as you nestle next to her and maybe kiss her, or take a nipple into your mouth. Yes, swirling your tongue around a nipple is good for both of you. I know it always makes me start to manufacturer organic lube.

Foreplay is always a joy, the feel of her skin as I move my hands over her body. The knowledge that she is going to submit her body to me, let me fuck her, use her, make love to her. That feeling is supreme, that feeling of taking her, making her mine.

Don't get me wrong, it's not always me on top, or me taking her, that would get old, no matter how much a guy might like to dominate his woman. I like it just fine when she's the aggressor, when she's feeling me up and her need is hot between her legs as she climbs on top of me.

But this little ditty is about a guy's sensations when fucking a woman's pussy, so I'll stay true to the intent. And the bottom line is - that heavenly feeling as you sink your dick into her slick warm sexy place.

That feeling as your dick slides in. The feeling of her wet warmness engulfing your intense hard need - nothing like it in the world, nothing even close.

For those of you reading this who are virgins, I'm telling you the best thing you can ever do is when that very first time comes; take your time, do everything as slowly as you possibly can, savor the moment, it'll never be more intense than that first time.

Although sex is one of those things that gets better with practice. First times are usually the best, especially when it isn't THE first time, but a first time with someone new. That's hot stuff and it's probably the reason for all the cheating going on in relationships.

What I like the most about fucking a woman's pussy is the feeling of absolute freedom when I do her without a condom, without anything between us. The feeling of thrusting deeply into her slick hot pussy with my slick hard cock. That is always good no matter how many time I've done it.

At those times there is only us - and we are one. We're both totally into the moment and the sensations that we are experiencing as we "use" each other's bodies to ascend into a place I picture as absolute heaven. When you're grooving together like that the whole world shrinks down to just the two of you and nothing else matters except the feeling and sensations you're giving each other.

Then when you think nothing could get better you feel that wonderful rushing feeling between your legs as your cum begins to boil up from your balls. It rises, in surges and seems to scratch that indefinable itch deep inside your cock; it could almost be described as a tickle, only it feels SO much better than that.

Then as your hot cum shoots out - stars and lights flash in your head - behind your eyes - your body tenses, jerks and thrashes no longer completely under your control, you're experiencing a perfect ecstasy as your cum gushes out of your throbbing cock, filling her, and you can't help but groan with pleasure.

The only thing that can make it better is her cumming with you. To cum at the same moment is perfection - and the feeling afterwards is nothing short of indescribable. If you could describe it in one word you might say velvety. But it would be like a golden velvety feeling of complete satisfaction, totally sated.

There are many other forms of sexual contact, masturbation, oral, even anal, but pussy fucking is supreme. It was the way nature intended and nature gives you everything you need to perform it to perfection.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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