My Sister's Lesbian Lover (F/m-teen, 1st time)
by AB-2010

As told to me by Kevin from Wisconsin

I know that the title of this story promises that it's going to be about girl on girl sex, but it's not. Actually it's about my sister's lover and me.

My sister Adrienne was 23-years-old, the oldest of us 5 kids. She was also the only one who had left home at that point in our lives. I was 14-years-old at the time this startling event took place.

My sister knew that she was different at a fairly early age. She always liked girls better than boys. Our folks thought at first that she was just a tomboy and that she would out grow it. But not Adrienne, she kept making friends with the most feminine girls at school. She sort of dominated them and was always their protector.

Adrienne doesn't look like a dike or anything; as a matter of fact she looks quite a lot like a young Terri Hatcher, if you know who she is. She has a pleasant olive complexion and lustrous brunette hair and a mysterious smile that I like to look at.

Anyway, her attachment to other girls in school was the original clue to my sister's lesbian lifestyle. All the boys in school wanted to date her, to take her to the prom and all the other events that go on in typical high schools. But Adrienne was having nothing to do with them. If she went to the prom it was with one of her "friends" and that person was usually an attractive femme fatale.

Being the only boy in the family I was always being hit on to ask Adrienne for a date for some guy or other who wanted to get in her pants. They thought they could talk to me because we were guys, but I soon learned that their hopes where futile. And after a while I just had to tell them that my sister, no matter how hot she looked, just didn't like guys.

Just before graduating from high school Adrienne came out of the closet and exposed her alternative lifestyle to the world. Our dad took it pretty hard, but I think Mom already knew all about Adrienne, at least she didn't seem all that surprised.

Adrienne went right off to college that next fall and soon fell into a relationship with another woman who was also a student at the university. Adrienne called home once a month, usually on a Sunday afternoon and through those calls we found out that she'd "married" this other woman.

At the time I didn't know that women could marry each other, but apparently there is a civil ceremony in our state that is the same thing as marriage. Wow, was that a shock to our dad's nervous system.

Once our folks got used to this new situation they started urging Adrienne to bring her "partner" home during the next holiday, which was Christmas vacation. They got 3-weeks off from school during the Christmas and New Years holidays and Mom wanted to have the family all together again, even if some of them would be Lesbians.

Being 14 I thought my sister being a lesbian was cool and being 14 the thought of 2 girls doing IT was the source of many masturbatory fantasies. I could envision Adrienne's tight athletic body and smooth olive skin naked with some other woman, mounting her with a big old dildo strapped on or something. I wasn't quite sure how Lesbians had sex, but my imagination was vivid, giving me hours of enjoyment.

When Adrienne and her "partner" Wendy, finally showed up, I wasn't disappointed. Wendy was a real hotty. Just like Adrienne had always done before, she'd picked a soft, feminine girl to be her lover. Only this time her lover could have been a rock star. She had an olive complexion too, with skin that glowed with health. And her body was obviously perfect, even fully clothed for cold weather a guy can tell.

The only problem, and a source for much consternation with us younger kids, was that we only had 4-bedrooms in the house. My mother and father had the master bedroom. I had a room to myself because I was the only boy in the family. Jeannine and Margaret had one and Louise used to share a room with Adrienne. Where was the lesbian couple going to sleep?

It was worked out that Louise was to sleep on the pull out couch in the living room while the happy couple were visiting. She was pretty gracious once she stopped whining about how unfair life can be.

I only tell you all the sleeping arrangements so that you'll know that that Adrienne and Wendy ended up staying right next to my bedroom, and you can be assured that I had my ear glued to the wall that night when we went to bed. I wanted to hear them if they were going to do IT their first night at home.

I was somewhat awe struck by Wendy. She was really nice to me from the beginning. She'd zoned right in on me when they first arrived and had been so nice to me all night. I was totally infatuated with her. It doesn't take a lot to flatter a 14-year-old boy, just a few, "Boy aren't you a handsome stud?" or "My, what nice muscles you have Kevin." And I was hers to do with what she would.

If I'd only known.

After everyone had gone to bed that first night, I did get an ear full. I wished I could have been a fly on their bedroom wall. The sounds coming from their room were tantalizing. I could hear the bed creaking rhythmically and even hear a muffed scream of lust that I could have sworn sounded like it came from Wendy. Then I heard 2 female voices giggling and talking excitedly. But I couldn't really make out what they were saying.

Needless to say I blew my load that night. Once during and once after their lovemaking.

The next morning arrived and I guess I did sleep finally. I could barely stop from smiling that morning at breakfast. Just the thought of Wendy's naked writhing body, sexually aroused, waiting, wanting. Fuck, I was hard again!

I swore to myself that I'd wait until nighttime to succumb to my urges. If I really tried I could get through the day without jacking off. I wanted to save myself for the girl's lovemaking session that night.

After dinner we all sat on the porch to eat ice cream. It had been an unusually warm day for that time of year, and that evening was warm by winter standards too. Wendy had actually taken off her sweater before dinner and I was there to see her do it.

I was enjoying the vision of her arms raised over her head tugging away at the sweater. I could see her breasts contoured against her white shirt, and could clearly see the white bra straps highlighted against her tanned skin through the material of her shirt. I had the urge to kiss her, or maybe touch her inappropriately.

Anyway, finally the evening's gathering was over and we all wandered our separate ways to our separate beds. Only shortly after I'd climbed into my bed with a full box of Kleenex and a mission on my mind, there was a knock on my door.

I quickly shoved the Kleenex under my pillow and asked who it was. It was Adrienne.

When she came into the room I could smell her perfume. She'd changed for bed and had on a terry robe. I tried to imagine what she looked like without clothes on, but when she crossed the room and sat on the bed next to me I was distracted from that thought by her being so close to my perverted self.

The thought kept flashing through my mind that there were only 2 layers of cloth between her body and mine. I can't really tell you why I was thinking of my Lesbian sister as a sex object other than to say that at that point in my life I was thinking about most females as sex objects. And the memory of the night before was still vivid in my imagination.

Adrienne leaned over me and said, "Kevin, would you do me a really big favor?" I was squirming around under her scrutiny, trying to hide the fact that I had a hard-on. But what she said next made me numb with excitement, a feeling I probably will never feel again quite so intensely.

"Wendy and I really want to have a baby. She likes you Kevin, and I can't think of any guy I'd rather have father our child."

I lay there looking up at my big sister, breathless with a feeling of fear and excitement raging through my body and she continued, "We don't have the money for all that artificial insemination stuff and doctor's fees. I was... well, um, would you mind sleeping with Wendy? I know it's a strange thing to ask, but it would be a really big favor to us both."

I couldn't talk, but I didn't want her or Wendy to change their minds so I nodded my head vigorously 'yes' making it plain that I wanted to fuck Wendy. Adrienne looked at me with a strange expression and then her eyes traveled down my prone body to the throbbing tent that my hard dick was making against the sheet at crotch level. She looked back into my eyes and smiled at me.

When Adrienne reached out and squeezed me through the sheet and said, "Well, little brother, I guess Wendy and I didn't have to worry after all, huh?" and she smiled again, getting up and walking to the door.

My head was spinning as Adrienne left the room only to be immediately replaced by the vision of Wendy walking in to stand next to my bed. She sloughed off her robe to stand naked before me, looking down at me. Then she bent over and pulled the sheet away and looked at my naked teenage body sprawled out on the rumpled sheets.

I had the urge to cover my erection with me hands, but I fought it and just lay there letting Wendy inspect the merchandise. I'd never seen a woman completely naked before. I sure as hell had never been stared at by a naked female before, while being naked, it was a real trip.

I knew that if this went on much longer I'd blow my load without doing anything. I was so horny I knew that if she touched me I'd cum. I mumbled, "Wendy, I think I'm gonna cum pretty soon, I'm sorry but you're too much for me to take." (How lame, I know.)

I gasped in surprise when Wendy hurriedly climbed on top of me. She barely got my slime covered dick into her pussy before I groaned and felt that wonderfully satisfying feeling surge through me as I pumped my cum deep into her. She just rode me until I was done.

Then when it was obvious that I'd done my business she slowing disengaged herself and got off the bed to stand next to me. "Thank you Kevin. How about we do this again tomorrow night?"

I nodded, and she bent down to me and kissed me on the lips. I was still hard when she left the room. I ended up jacking off again before I could get to sleep. And rest assured that I beat the meat prior to our encounter the next night so that our sex would last longer.

I ended up fucking Wendy just about every night during their vacation home. I learned a lot about making love to a woman and out of that experience with Wendy grew a new confidence with women that stood me well throughout my life.

Wendy was a beautiful woman, and I think she enjoyed having sex with me. I suspect that she was more BI than Lesbian, but my sister is such a dominant personality that she kept Wendy sort of under her thumb.

Needless to say after having sex with Wendy more than a dozen times, she did become pregnant and it was really kind of strange to know that I was a father at 15-years-old. But then only Adrienne, Wendy and I knew who the father was. Well, I guess you do too... now.


Author's note: If this story sounds familiar it is because I wrote it in 2001 under a different author handle. I have revisited the story, fleshed it out and republished it here. AB


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