My Sister Karen (mf-teens, nc, inc-sorta)
by AB-2010

This is a true story as told to me by Marc K. back in 2001.

Even though I'm 50 years old now, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 15 then and it was just my mother, my sister Karen and me. My dad had been a trucker and had died two years before in an accident during a winter storm on the east coast.

Anyway, I was a super horny teenager and I was always thinking about sex. I'd walk the streets thinking about forcing myself on some girl who was smaller than me and couldn't fight me off. Luckily I met a girl at my school several months later who was happy to let me do things to her, and that changed my obsession fantasy into a kind of reality.

But before I had a girlfriend I almost got into big trouble. It all started one evening just at dusk after a hot summer's day. Mom was gone shopping and my sister Karen was taking a shower to cool off because we didn't have air-conditioning. (Many people didn't back then.)

As always I'd been thinking about screwing all day and had even been at the school playground watching the little girls and fantasizing about forcing one them to have sex with me. And as I was thinking about a particularly sexy little girl I'd seen, my sister stepped out of the bathroom.

I watched as she walked down the hall to her room. She was wrapped in a big towel and nothing else. My eyes were glued to her smooth tanned legs and her bare back. The sight of Karen walking by me almost nude was just too much to take. I'd had many a masturbatory fantasy about her already and for some reason all those fantasies made what I did next much easier than you would think.

I followed Karen to her room and opened her door just a crack. What I saw made what happened next almost automatic. She was sitting on the edge of her bed totally nude, drying her hair with the towel. I watched, mesmerized as her pert teenage breasts wiggled with every move she made, and her stomach muscles rippled in such an appealing way. Her legs looked so good to me and I wanted to be between them so bad that I opened the door and stepped in.

Karen looked up at me with a shocked expression on her face and began to get up, grabbing the towel to cover herself. But I was having none of that and I took hold of her arms and pushed her back to the bed.

I can still remember vividly the confused look in her eyes as I held her down and feasted on the lovely vision of her naked body. I can still remember her yelling at me as I shoved my hand between her lovely thighs. Her protests as I fell on top of her and started humping her fully clothed.

My body slipped comfortably between her legs almost as if I were tailor made for her body. The feeling of my dick rubbing her crotch and the fantasy of me screwing her brought me instantly over the top. I was so worked up that I came in my pants.

Even though I didn't penetrate Karen I felt like I'd just fucked her. She was lying under me panting from her efforts to fight me off and I was, heaving on top of her with my exquisite release, trying to catch my breath.

After a few moments I got up and stood back, still looking at her naked body, her legs still spread before me. Karen stopped yelling at me and looked at my crotch. I looked down and saw the wet big stain on my jeans. My face must have turned red, because I was instantly embarrassed and shocked by what I had done. But Karen just looked at the stain spreading as I stood there. She didn't even try to cover herself.

Finally after what seemed like an hour of just standing there - but was certainly only a minute or two - I was able to turn and walk out of her room to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I was certain that Karen would tell our mom what I had done. But she didn't. And the really funny thing was that she treated me differently after that, and not in a bad way. We started to have kind of a flirting relationship between us. She treated me sort of like a boyfriend and would smile at me sometimes during the most inopportune times, getting me into an erect state with nothing to do but be frustrated.

Even though I often thought about trying something with Karen again, I never did. I guess I felt lucky that she hadn't turn me in to mom as some sort of pervert.


Author's note: If this story sounds familiar it is because I wrote it in 2001 under a different author handle. I have revisited the story, fleshed it out and republished it here. AB


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