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Deserted Island (M+/F, fantasy)
by AB-2003

I awoke to the strangest feeling, that first day on the island. My boat had capsized about a half mile off shore and I'd exhausted myself swimming to the deserted beach. When I finally came too I felt little crawling things all over me.

Looking down I saw tiny little men playing with my nipples, and spreading my naked pussy lips wide and inspecting my interior. Almost scared out of my witts I jumped up and screamed, little people falling to the ground all around me.

Needless to say the whole experience was foreign to me, I'd never even imagined that there were people so tiny, and to have them crawling all over me was even stranger.

Over the many months that I've been here I've learned to appreciate my little friends. They do so many things for me like find me food and drink. They even keep me sexually satisfied. You'd be amazed what a tiny man can do when he jumps inside you and wiggles about.

Now a days I let them have their way with me whenever they want and I've never enjoyed myself more. I wonder what it will be like when I finally am rescued from this deserted island. Will I be able to take my little men with me? Will the world accept our relationship?

I sure hope so because I've really gown to need my little men.


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