Growing Up
An Exhibitionist

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Growing up an exhibitionist: A true story as related to me by Andrew of El Toro CA. This story was developed through a series of emails. The experiences are purported to be true and I have tried not to make any significant changes to his story.


Hi everyone! I would like to relate a true story to give back to the erotic community that has given me so much pleasure over the years. This story is true.

I'm now 52 years old and even though I love my wife dearly, her sex drive is almost nonexistent where mine is still roaring along unchanged.

20 years ago the only alternatives to miss-matched sex drives would have been cheating or living in quiet desperation. Luckily I can get by from reading the erotic stories and watching sex videos on the internet.

That is the main reason I'm contributing a story. There is another reason though; one day I read story written by a guy by the name of Mike talked about his exhibitionist life style. It hit a core deep down in me, because I too was an exhibitionist in my younger years. But unlike Mike my exhibitionism wasn't because I was a shy a virgin until thirty-three.

My case was just the opposite. My first sexual encounter was at fourteen when I was working on a construction crew, building a sewage system for a private summer camp. Camp was in session and although I wasn't really part of the camp staff we did tent with them. It was a wilderness style camp and everyone was spread around throughout the 1150 acres of land, two to a tent.

I don't know why, but for some reason I attracted this older woman whose name was Heidi. She was beautiful and so much more sophisticated than me. Her blonde hair and her great body made me daydream just being around her.

Heidi was from Switzerland and all the older male staffers were trying to jump her. She was very popular with everyone and was extremely nice. I hadn't had any real experience with women at that point, having led a pretty sheltered life. But when she started coming over to my tent to "talk" and began to lie next to me on my cot while we all "talked" - well I didn't really know what to do. (Nothing beyond talking happened because my tent mate was always there and usually several other hopeful guys too.)

Things came to a head when one weekend between camp sessions when the place was pretty much closed down, Heidi asked me if I wanted to go on an overnight hike with her. Of course I said yes and we took our sleeping bags and enough supplies for the weekend. I left camp as a virgin but when we got back the next evening I'd fucked a woman ten times and felt like a million dollars.

I relate that little story only to make the point that I started having sex fairly young for those times. And I should also admit that it was the first time I experienced exhibitionism. As I've already mentioned Heidi had a great body and from the point we set up camp to the moment that we began to pack up and get ready to return to the main camp area, she was totally naked, and so was I.

We had walked for maybe three hours, climbing over the valley ridge where our main was position and by the time we'd climbed to the top of the other side of the next valley Heidi was wearing only her hiking boots and her khaki shorts.

I was shocked but totally excided when we climbed that second ridge and she jut pulled her t-shirt off over her had, saying that she was hot and that this would make her more comfortable.

When she suggested that I do the same thing, I did, willingly. My only problem at that time was keeping my boner disguised.

When she finally picked a lakeside campsite and suggested that we go for a skinny dip, I was ready. By that point I didn't care if she saw my boner, in fact I wanted her to see it.

I actually lost my virginity in the lake, standing up facing her. Heidi was an adept at positioning herself to take dick. I was amazed that first time when I actually slipped into her warmness without seemingly any effort.

One minute we were in the water stomach deep, facing each other, then I felt her fingers gripping my cool stiff flesh and the next moment there was this heavenly warm slick sensation as my teenage virgin cock slipped into her willing slit. I stopped breathing and my mind went numb.

After Heidi let me cum in her standing in the lake, we went back to the campsite and she made us a wonderful soup and scones for dinner. Then when it was dark we zipped our sleeping bags together and fucked like rabbits all night until dawn.

We'd walk around the forest naked and cooked our food naked and even hiked for miles from our campsite naked. I think that's why we had so much sex. I wasn't all that much to look at, back then I was pretty skinny - At 6-ft tall and 130 pounds I was a real beanpole. But Heidi seemed to like the way I looked and my time with her gave me two things. One was a new confidence around women, and the other was an urge to be naked around others.

After that weekend with Heidi I began to think about exposing myself and would walk around without underwear, wearing sweatpants just to have the feeling of freedom. I didn't actually do anything about those feelings until I met Imber. She was a big pretty Polish girl that I started seeing in the 8th grade.

As I look back to that time I think that she was the most exciting female I've ever known. I only wish that I had known what I had with her, because I would have enjoyed it much more than I did, if I'd known how special she really was.

Imber was an honest to goodness slut. You hear stories about bad girls when you're growing up, but you seldom actually meet one. Well, Imber was truly the slut boys dream about. She was as tall as I was and probably 15 pounds heavier than me. She was pretty and absolutely the sexiest female I had ever met.

It was just a matter of timing. Imber's family moved into our neighborhood (right next door to us.) in mid-school year and since she was the same age as me she attended the same school. We became friends and saw a lot of each other and one thing led to another and within several months we were having sex.

I can still remember the first time. I was sitting in our carport taking a break from cleaning it up. (Back then we had to perform chores to get an allowance from our parents.)

Imber came over while I was on break and seemed in a pouting mood. I asked her what the matter was and she told me that she was just board and that she wanted to do something new.

I had no idea what she meant, but when she said that she wanted to make out with a boy, I was instantly willing and hard. I suggested her place since she had already mentioned that her folks and little sister had gone for the day to her grandparents.

I remember her pretty face lighting up with a naughty "let's be bad" look and she took my hand in hers and led me over to her house. I'd just planned on kissing her and maybe slipping a hand somewhere that it didn't belong. But when Imber pulled me into her bedroom and pushed me down on her bed, and then climbed on top of me and started to suck my brains out through my mouth I was suddenly ready for anything.

That first experience with Imber is still a little hazy for me. All I can say is that one moment we were glued together at the mouth and then miraculously we were glued together at the crotch. I was banging away at her and she was urging me on with her shapely legs reaching for the ceiling and I was hearing some of the dirtiest talk I'd ever heard from a girl. I was amazed that she would say things like that and at the same time hugely aroused by it.

Looking back over the three years that we went together, the sex was the best I've ever had, and our relationship was truly perverted. It was fantastically wonderful. Imber would turn out to be the most sexually inventive female I was ever to know, even to this day.

One day Imber showed up with a new camera. It was one of the very first Polaroid Instant cameras that looked like a bellows. One of the first things she wanted to do was take pictures of my hard-on.

Then she wanted to pose for me, and I think if they had something like a timer back then she'd have been taking pictures of us screwing. But they didn't so she had to be satisfied with individual shots. Or so I thought.

One Saturday afternoon when her parents were gone again she called me on the phone to come over and make love to her. I loved it when she did that out of the blue, so I rushed over.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that her little sister Karen was sitting on Imber's bed with the camera in her hands and a big smile on her face. Karen was a bit plain compared to Imber and I had never even given her a thought before.

Anyway, I screeched to a halt with my shirt half pulled off, sporting a boner that was as obvious as hell poking out against my Levis. I looked at Imber and she looked back at me with that naughty smile of hers and she began to strip down.

I just stood rooted watching her undress. Then she was naked and had crawled on the sheets with her knees up and legs open, waiting for me. Karen had moved over to the other side of the bed with eyes the size of saucers. I'm sure she'd ever seen a totally naked girl ready for sex before and I was pretty sure she hadn't seen a naked guy either.

That day she got to see both, and she also got to see both a guy and girl fucking each other's brains out. It was fantastic to know that another girl was watching me plug my girlfriend that she was Imber's sister and was taking pictures while I did it, just added to my excitement and I think to Imber's too.

As it turned out Karen was a pretty good photographer. You could tell what we were doing, and I had to admit we both looked sexy as hell. I still have some of those pictures. They're a bit faded and yellowed now, but every time I dig them out I end up masturbating to them, remembering how intense those times were.

And yes, after a few sessions of picture taking, I ended up poking Karen too. Looking back I think that if Imber had thought of it, we would have brought someone else in to take pictures of us doing a threesome. As it was I did get some "girl on girl" shots of her and Karen messing around. All of this was way a head of its time, but that was Imber for you.

Then it happened. Imber started showing pictures of me to her girlfriends. I first found out about it when Mary, one of our classmates walked up to me at school and said, "I wish I could see the real thing." She giggled and looked down at my crotch.

Of course I didn't have a clue, but I could tell that she was flirting with me, I just didn't know why. Then she told me that Imber had shown her a bunch of pictures of me nude, and that she thought I looked nice. She said that she hadn't realized how big boys could get down there when they were hard and that if I ever wanted to show her she'd like to see it.

After that I noticed that a lot of the girls were giving me knowing looks and giggling at me as I walked by. I was suddenly the talk of the school. I didn't mind that Imber had shown her girlfriends pictures of me. As a mater-of-fact I was happy about it. It was strangely pleasing to know that most of the girls in school had seen me naked. And that most of them seemed to like it.

That's when Imber got me into real exhibitionism. The first time was at school and it involved Mary. Apparently she wasn't kidding about wanting to see me hard for real. I guess Imber and Mary had talked about it and Imber told her that she could get me to expose myself.

I had the impression that money changed hands, but I would have done it for free. Keep in mind that this was in 1967 or so and people didn't do things like this. But Imber told Mary meet us in a vacant field after school one day. There were some big trees to hide us from passersby and I remember that I stood there while Imber unsnapped my Levis and pulled my pants down.

In those days I could just will myself hard. All I had to do was just imagine myself hard and up I'd go. And that's what I did then. I stood in front of Mary, only a couple of feet away from her and willed myself hard.

You should have seen her eyes. I watched her face and her eyes widened as I went from a soft little dangling thing to a big throbbing shiny shaft pointing up toward her shocked face.

I got a nice bonus that afternoon; Imber talked Mary into jacking me off. It was really something to stand there in that vacant lot while my girlfriend gave another girl instructions on how to masturbate a boy. Feeling her hand on my dick made me cum within a minute or so. That surprised Mary too. She'd never imagined what actually happened when a boy came.

It was a short step from being masturbated in an empty field to getting off at the movies. We'd go to the evening movies and sit at the back. First Imber would either give me a hand job - usually so someone near us would notice. If that someone seemed to be into watching us, she'd lean over and give me a sloppy sounding blowjob. I was in heaven during those evenings. I was getting both things I loved, sex and exposing myself.

Then it was my turn, especially if we had gathered a willing audience. I didn't mess around; I would just scrunch down between her legs kneeling in the isle and eat her pussy. Imber always made quite a bit of noise while I ate her and would usually pop open her blouse and pinch and massage her nipples to add to both her and the audience's pleasure.

There was the time when we went up to the reservoir and hiked around to the far side where few people went. Imber talked me into going out onto the shoreline and we quickly stripped and Imber lay down on a blanked we'd brought and pulled me down on top of her. We fucked like bunnies in front of maybe a hundred people. (They were across the lake from us) I didn't last more than a minute, and as it turned out that was just as well because the park rangers were hurrying around the shore intent on grabbing the exhibitionists. We got away without being identified, thank god.

Imber became bolder about her sexual encounters. Soon I wasn't enough for her and she started screwing around with other guys. At first I was hurt by this but soon she had built quite a nucleus of guys and there were so many jealous and hurt males around the school that I overcame my feelings in time.

I preface the next little adventure by saying that I've been happily married for almost 30 years and have two wonderful children, but back then I was always horny, and with Imber fucking all these different guys I wasn't getting as much sex as I would have liked. I had become used to a good satisfying fuck just about every day. But in my "post Imber" days I was pretty much celibate and not happy about it.

Then one night Imber called me on the phone and asked me to come over to her place. I was over there in record time. As I walked across the lawn I noticed a strange car parked in her drive. Then I saw that Imber was in the passenger seat, and Carl, one of the seniors from school was behind the wheel.

It turned out that Imber wanted to do a threesome with two boys and she'd picked us. I remember that we both kept glancing at each other the whole way out to lookout point; I think Carl was as worried as I was.

Imber wanted to be fucked by two guys at once and we were going to do it in the back of Carl's big Pontiac. I wasn't sure that I liked being naked around another guy, especially with a hard-on. I'd never seen another guy hard at that point and no guy had seen me that way either and I'd have been perfectly happy to keep it that way. But, and it was a big but, I did want sex with Imber and if I had to share her with another naked guy, well, I was going to have to go along with it.

Thankfully Carl ended up on the bottom and had Imber's backdoor. The only down side to that was that I had to KY his dick and help shove him in. But I soon forgot about that once I thrust into Imber's hot moist cunt. I'd been pining away for the feel of Imber's hot moist hole and that was what I concentrated on.

Although, it was strangely arousing to feel another man's dick rubbing against mine through the thin membrane between Imber's cunt-hole and ass-hole. We both fucked her like crazy and I remember her screaming when she came.

Afterwards when we'd cum in our respective holes and had pulled out, and while we were lying side by side getting our breaths back, Imber made a ludicrous suggestion. She suggested that Carl and I clean each other off with our mouths.

I knew that there was no way I was going to suck Carl, especially since he'd just come in Imber's ass. But as I lay there sputtering in protest I watched Carl crawl over to me and take my dick in his hand and lowered his mouth to my cum slimed semi-hard cock.

I continued to lay there as Carl began to bob his head over my instantly rejuvenated erection. Actually - remembering back to that moment - I didn't cum but it was a strange and erotic experience just the same. I'd never have thought that Carl would suck another guy's cock. But it did feel okay to have him do it, and he did a pretty good job of it too.

Imber ended up mad at me because I wouldn't reciprocate Carl's blowjob. That was almost the last time we had sex. (Actually I think we might have done it a few more times over the next couple of months.) But Imber never invited me to another one of her threesomes. I think she found a more pliant partner to go along with Carl.

Within six months or so from our last sexual encounter Imber was pregnant and after dropping out of school she and her family moved away. I never saw her again.

But Imber had firmly put me on the path of true exhibitionism. From those days till only a few years ago I would do things - that looking back - could have easily landed me in jail.

During my college years I had somewhere around 30 sex partners and all but two of them I was able to catch our act on film. I was an early enthusiast of the video recorder and later the camcorder. I had a set up that would always crank out the most explicit scenes. I always talked the girl I was with into doing it with the light on.

I would say something like, "With a great body like yours, why do it in the dark?" or "Gee baby I really want to experience the whole package. I don't mind seeing the body I'm making love to." I was telling the truth, because I've always wanted the lights on even if I wasn't recording.

But the real thrill for me was showing the films to my buddies afterwards. The feeling of them watching me naked and fucking a girl really crazed me out. Knowing that they were turned-on watching us fuck, well, that feeling was as good as the sex act to me.

Some years later I actually sold a few tapes to an amateur porno distributor. The knowledge that my nude butt could be humping the air as I plugged one of my old college girlfriends - even as I write this - makes me feel good somehow.

After college and once I got married and had to settle down I tried a new angle or two. One was to take a few close-up pictures of just my hard-on and watch for a likely victim. Usually I'd stake out the local mall parking lots. I'd look for a car full of teenage girls and once they went into the mall I'd walk by their car and slip a picture into the weather stripping of the passenger window. Then I'd set up in the back of my van with binoculars and wait for them to come out.

You know, its funny, but I always got the same reaction. They'd come out not thinking about anything in particular, they'd stand around waiting for the girl who was driving to unlock the doors and then the girl on the passenger side would see the back of the picture and pull it loose.

She'd go ballistic, jumping around in fits of giggles and all excited and then she'd show it to her friends and they'd all do the same thing. It was a real turn-on to see these pretty teens all excited because of a picture of my hard cock. Teenage girls never disappointed me.

But even watching pretty young women oohing and ahhing a picture of my dick got old after a while. I mean after a while when they always acted out the same way, well, I could pretty much predict what would happen so I stopped doing it.

Later on - when I was around about 40 - I owned a Toyota Celica and was married with two kids by then. I was horny all the time and even though I was getting plentiful sex it was still pretty vanilla. My pretty wife wasn't anything like Imber and although I loved to make love to her I still craved an excitement that we never would share with each other.

Anyway, I found myself sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store waiting for my wife to buy the week's food and the urge to jack off came over me. I didn't have anything to cum in except my hand, not a Kleenex to be seen. But I had an overpowering urge to get off so I unbuttoned anyway.

I reclined the driver's seat a little bit and opened my pants and began to jack off. I beat my meat slowly as I watched the families and couples walk by unaware what I was doing. I had a good cum and cleaned up well enough not to have my wife notice.

After that I started doing that each week while waiting for my wife to do her shopping. Then one afternoon I got caught. I was jacking away when I head a voice at my side. "Hey mister does that feel reeeaaall good?"

I knew that there was a teenage girl sticking fliers in the windshield wipers of the cars around the parking lot but I had lost track of her.

I started in surprise when she made her remark standing just behind me to the side, looking in through the window. Then I took the risk, I looked up into her eyes.

Although she just giggled at me and made a remark about how big I was and how much fun it looked like I was having, afterwards I began to worry what might happen if she told someone. Luckily she kept the experience to herself.

Nowadays, I have a thing worked out that works well for me. We live in a neighborhood that is mixed between apartments and houses. Our house in built about thirty feet away from two story apartments. I walk around the back yard naked while I clean the pool and while I'm floating around in my lounge chair.

All of the people in those apartments next to us are young couples just starting out. Even though I'm 52 now, I think they get a perverse enjoyment at seeing the old guy floating in his pool sporting an erection. I know that I've caught at least one young wife with a set of binoculars staring out the kitchen window at me.

The upside of my exhibitionism is that I've always exercised and kept fit, so even now that I'm older my body doesn't offend, at least not enough to get me arrested. Yet.


Author's note: If this story sounds familiar it is because I wrote it in 2001 under a different author handle. I have revisited the story, fleshed it out and republished it here. AB


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