A Friendly

(MF, rom, affair)

By AB2006

I first met Linda at a PTA meeting. I'm a teacher at a Montessori Middle School and she was a single mom with a bright little kid that all the teachers liked. I don't know why it happened, but I do remember that I was really shocked and excited by our first encounter.

We were talking about her child's grades, Sandy was 11 then and she was doing A+ work in school, so it was a pleasure to discuss her future with her mother. Then our talk was interrupted by another teacher who wanted to put her two cents in about her kid's abilities.

I was sitting across from Linda and the new teacher had perched in a chair beside her and was talking enthusiastically about her young Sandy. That's when I felt something under the table between my legs suddenly resting against my crotch.

I have to admit that I was startled; I had been listing to the other teacher with nothing particular on my mind when this happened and I jumped a little in surprise. Looking down below the edge of the table I could see toes wiggling against the material of my trousers, pressing against me.

I looked up and into Linda's eyes. Her hooded unfocused look made my heart beat faster, I could tell that her breathing was shallow and that she was excited. Then all of a sudden her eyes focused and became normal looking again and she pulled her foot away and just smiled at me like nothing had happened.

I couldn't believe that this pretty blonde with the peaches and cream complexion had done something like that to a complete stranger.

That's all that happened at our first meeting, she'd just massaged me into a hard-on and then she had stopped. A minute later another teacher came over and pulled her away to meet the principal and that was the end of it - except that Linda looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as she was led away. That was the last I saw of her that evening.

It wasn't the last that I thought of her though. After that one encounter Linda became part of my night time dreams. Being single and a teacher without a lot of tenure, I don't get all that much dating action. Linda's foot massage had affected me more than I wanted to admit; it wasn't everyday that a pretty woman did something like that to a guy in a public place.

Soon Linda became my exclusive masturbation nymph, I'd think about those cute little toes and those hooded eyes and I'd cum almost too fast. Intellectually I knew that she had just been teasing me and she probably hadn't given me another thought. But that didn't matter, all that did, was that she'd excited me more than any woman had ever done before.

So before the month was out, I made up an excuse to request a parent/teacher meeting about Linda's daughter Sandy. Outwardly it was a meeting about an opportunity for her daughter to attend classes for gifted students, but in reality it was for no other reason than to see Linda again. I needed to be near her again and I wanted to see if anything else might happen between us.

I finessed a meeting at their home. Linda had called to say that her daughter had a cold and that she didn't want to leave her child home alone. I quickly agreed to come to them rather than wait until a convenient time for her to make the trip to school. Actually, it couldn't have worked out better.

That evening she opened the door to my knock and smiled that smile at me. As I looked into her eyes my mind was numb, I remembered our last meeting and the sensations I'd experiences when she'd smiled before like that.

She invited me into the living room and offered me an Ice Tea, then she sat down beside me on the couch. I was told that Sandy was asleep and that we would have to discuss the school program between ourselves and that she would fill her daughter in on things later.

Looking into Linda's eyes was making me dizzy; I was having a hard time marshalling my thoughts. All I wanted to do was lean over and kiss her. At that moment I could care less about her daughter, I just wanted to take Linda on the rug at our feet and make her scream in ecstasy.

I was brought back to reality when Linda asked if I was okay. I must have looked startled because she reached out and touched my arm in a gesture of concern, but to me it was only one more provocation to declare my feelings for her.

As Linda looked into my eyes just then, I saw the same look that had been there when we were at the school meeting. I sat there unable to move as she leaned into me, placing her hand on my thigh. Then she was kissing me softly, fully on the lips. She held herself there, waiting for... something.

I reached out and grasped her upper arms and pulled her into my urgent kiss. I wanted her so much it almost hurt. As I smashed my lips against hers I moaned urgently, my need so overpowering that I could barely stand it.

I must have been in some kind of daze, because suddenly Linda was leading me into her bed room. As we passed down the hallway I looked through a slightly open door and saw her daughter sleeping peacefully in the bed room next to her mother's.

I was momentarily uncomfortable knowing that her daughter might wake up at any moment and see what we were doing, I even tried to say something about it, but Linda placed a slender finger to my lips and shushed me. She didn't seem to care and all I could think of at that moment was that I was about to get very, very lucky.

Linda sat on the bed and pulled me close to her. I stood looking down at her as her nimble fingers went to work on the zipper of my pants. I watched in mounting excitement as she opened the fly and tugged at my pants. It was hard for her to pull them down over my erection, the material kept hanging up on me. I finally had to help her and I pushed everything down in one motion, letting clothing fall down below my knees.

My throbbing erection popped out into the open and Linda's eyes widened and she immediately grabbed it and began stroking and pulling me closer to her. Soon I felt my hot flesh touching her cheek as she cradled me and began to slowly but firmly jack me off, while rubbing me against her face and lips.

With this kind of attention, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to take much more without making quite a mess of her pretty face. So before I lost complete control I pulled away from her and reached down to bring her to her feet.

I began to boldly kiss her, holding her close. We both fumbled with her buttons and it wasn't more than a moment or two before I felt the heat of her naked body against mine. Then I was pushing her down toward the mattress and climbing on top of her, all the while our mouths were locked together in a passionate kiss.

I gasped and pulled my mouth away as I slipped into her wet wonderful place all the way to the hilt. I'd never had anything like that happen before. There was no effort, no fumbling just a smooth sinking into a warm wet tight heaven.

Yes, I was in blissful heaven as Linda began to move her hips under me, building an exciting friction between us that quickly made my heart pound in my throat. Then I was the one doing the trusting, I hugged her perfect body to me and madly thrust - deeply in and out - grunting in perfect pleasure as I ploughed her with only one thing in mind now.

During that whole time I never even thought about Linda's daughter sleeping just on the other side of the wall, nor did I give a thought about whether or not we needed any birth control. The moment was the moment and we had totally surrendered ourselves to the wonderful natural sensations brought on by our perfect union.

I'd only had sex occasionally before, but never anything so perfect as this. Our bodies seemed to meet in all the right places and we moved as if we were one person. I don't know how I did it but I held out for the longest moment in my life, I glided in and out of her and she held me, we were perfect beings like nothing else on earth, until...

There was a moment when I knew that I had reached the point of no return. Looking back I'd like to imagine that I thought about pulling out of her before I came, but I know the thought never even cross my mind, and I'm sure it hadn't hers either.

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Then it was too late, I was gasping for breath as I came in bucket loads, my body bucked uncontrollably on top of hers as I thrust deeply emptying myself totally into Linda's wonder pleasure center. She weakly held on to me as her orgasm flashed like lightning through her body and she groaned loudly and our bodies were on fire - and we were one.

And then there were the most blissful few moments when we both reached our inevitable peak and began to freefall downward. We breathed through each other's mouths gasping for breath, hugging each other for dear life. Finally, totally spent, I slumped in exhaustion, my dead weight pushing her body into the mattress.

I lay atop Linda for the longest time. We were still connected as lovers are: the only noise was our harsh breathing as we tried to regain our senses. I remember thinking at that moment how wonderful this had been, how wonderful Linda had been, I raised up on my elbows and said, "God Linda, I love you."

She didn't say anything then, she just rolled me over on my back and began to fuck me all over again.



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