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Bi-sex with Byron (MMF, intr)
by AB-2003

When Jane first mentioned bringing Byron into our sex life I was pretty negative about it. But over a couple of months her sexy talk made me think about it more and more.

Jane and I have been married for just about 4 years and being a successful white middle class couple we haven't met all that many blacks in our social circle. But Byron was our new neighbor and it was inevitable that we would meet him sooner or later.

Apparently Jane had met him and was taken with him because she kept bringing up how lonely he seemed living in a white neighborhood and being the only black around. I even began to suspect that something might be going on between them.

This state of affairs went on for several weeks until I finally met the guy while mowing the lawn one Saturday afternoon. He introduced himself and told me that he worked for an investment bank and that he'd moved out from the east coast only 3 months before.

I liked him, he seemed like a pretty regular guy. So when that night while my wife and I were having sex, and as usual she brought up taking Byron into our bed I finally agreed. I think I only did so because I was nearing my orgasm and at that moment it all sounded so fucking sexy to me.

Any way, to make a long story short, my wife invited Byron over for dinner the next Friday and during drinks she mentioned to Byron how hard it must be not to know anyone. She went on to ask him if he had a girlfriend back east.

When Byron said that he had, and that they'd broken up because of his move out west my wife seized on that and said, "Byron, you must really miss not having a girlfriend, a big handsome stud like you."

Both Byron and I looked at Jane with open mouths. But it didn't seem to phase her, she kept talking sexy and making all kinds of innuendos and before the hour had passed we were all naked and doing it.

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The first moment that I realized that this was going to work out was when Byron got down in front of me on the couch and began to suck my cock. At that first moment I wanted to push him away, to say some kind of negative thing like, "You fucking queer, keep away from me." But Jane rose up and kissed me, then began to massage my nuts while Byron went to town on my cock.

The whole thing was unbelievable; here I had a black man sucking my cock and my pretty wife urging him on. It was just too much for me and I groaned and arched my back as I let my load loose.

Jane jumped down by Byron and took my second spurt on her face. Byron had taken my first load in his mouth and now was kissing Jane on the mouth, exchanging sperm with her.

Spent I looked down at the lewd scene of my pretty white wife frenching this big black man with my cum all over their faces. It made my cock twitch with the pervertedness of it all.

Now we invite Byron over as often as possible. He's such a willing sex partner. I've even found out what it feels like to butt fuck someone. Actually I haven't stopped with Byron, I've fucked my wife in the ass too, something we'd never even thought of before Byron.

I'm secretly thinking about letting Byron fuck me, but I haven't worked up the nerve yet.

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