(M-solo, oral, MF)
by AB-2006

I've always been really flexible, even when I was a youngster. I was very athletic growing up and have stayed in shape all my life. When I hit 13 and my hormones started to kick in, all I could think about was fucking girls, and masturbation was a two or three times a day thing for me.

It's funny how sexually volatile teenage boys can be; it's almost a painful thing since they find themselves horny all the time with no one willing to satisfy their desperate urges.

Anyway, after a year or so of constant jerking off and fantasizing about just about any female that crossed my path, I finally realized that without really straining, I could lick the end of my stiff prick. That was a revelation.

I'd always been especially fascinated by my erect dick and liked to watch how the skin moved under my fingers and the seeping crystal clear pre-cum peeking out of the slit in the end of my prick. Needless to say, watching my cum erupting out into the open was the ultimate for me.

Because I liked to watch my dick in its varied levels or readiness and because I was so flexible, I would sometimes get cum in the face when I blasted off. At first it just surprised me when that happened, but when it happened a few more times I started to try and shoot my cum at my mouth. I got pretty good at that.

Then one afternoon, after school when I'd stripped down and was jacking off in the bathroom, I took the obvious nest step. I was so scrunched over that I could almost touch my prick with my nose, when suddenly it occurred to me that if I wanted to I could probably touch my prick to my lips.

One thing lead to another and I soon had my lips wrapped around the head of my dick and inserted in my mouth by a couple of inches. The sensations were wild and it was less than a minute before I was jetting cum into the back of my mouth.

Well, you can imagine how that affected me. After all, I don't think there are any guys out there who haven't at least tasted their own cum a few times. It was such a wild thing to convulse and shoot my cum into my own mouth like that, I swallowed it too, just because I could.

After that afternoon, I pretty much sucked myself all the time. I'd do it in bed at night and in the bathroom. When I got older and could drive, I'd park in a supermarket parking lot and suck myself off while people were walking around out there. I never got caught doing that.

Then one day, I was on a camping trip with some friends when I got the urge to go out into the forest and suck myself off. There was this pretty girl I had the hots for and she was making me horny just looking at her all the time. So that's what I did, I just drifted away and found a secluded spot and stripped my pants off and went to town on my prick.

Just as I came in my mouth I heard a gasp! I couldn't stop, I was too far along and was orgasming, and totally helpless to stop for a moment or two.

Then with my own cum still dripping from my lips I looked up into the pretty blue eyes of that pretty girl, who apparently had followed me out into the woods. I was mortified and she could see how embarrassed I was. But to my great surprise instead of ridiculing me she walked up to me and knelt down in front of me and took my prick in her hands and began to bob her mouth over my still stiff wet prick.

I was in heaven, finally another human being was doing for me what I'd only done for myself up until then. But if the truth be known I could give myself better head than she could, but that night when we fucked in our zipped together sleeping bags, well, that was better than sucking myself, a lot better.

My girlfriend ended up becoming my wife and she loves watching me suck myself. She says it makes her horny watching a man sucking his own prick. She's taken hundreds of pictures of me doing it, and I posted one that I like best with this story.

I think I'm probably the best cocksucker in the world, or one of the best anyway. Think about it. Even gay guys who suck cock, don't suck their own, so they only know what it feels like to get sucked and be sucked at the same time. That gives me a special insight.

My wife wants me to suck another guy and to see his response to my talents, but I'm not too sure about that. After all, I don't mind sucking my own prick, but I'm not really queer and I don't think I'd have the guts to do it to another guy.


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