Black Bred (by Kyng Kooba)

Katarina’s mother stood by the door to see us off. All the women in my wife’s family where good looking and despite her age Emma was still very attractive. The same deep, sparkling eyes trim waist and big, firm tits. I imagined she would have appeared very similar in her youth. She even had the same proud stance about her. The same lightly amused look that Katarina shared with her two sisters. Yes, they were all special. They had all been brought up to be confident of themselves and indeed, all three were now married with families of their own. Despite our occasional closeness Emma and I had never seen eye-to-eye. When we were courting she’d let it be widely known Katarina could have done better. She hadn’t foreseen us having a child together or that my current earnings of 40k a year would keep us very well. How her ideas on me had changed then and as I looked upon her I felt a deep relish that I knew what she did not. Certainly no-one back home would have guessed for a minute, especially Emma that her 29 year old, eldest daughter was tonight destined for a lengthy black breeding. She smiled warmly; happy as ever to watch Chloe for us as checking my watch, I discreetly hid the hard-on I had in my trousers. Deep down I knew we were lucky to have her and soon I would enjoy telling her the good news. If she was to be Grandma to a healthy, black baby I wanted her to know it.
‘Come on Hon’, I called. ‘Time to go’.

Upstairs I heard my wife hurrying around. She knew the importance of that evening and I wanted her to look her best. In fact, she had spent the better part of that evening going through her sizeable wardrobe, earnestly matching outfits to shoes. It showed just how much it all meant to her. Susie, our friend and group “rep” had informed us that “Chez Louis Night-club” was the absolute hotspot for interracial swinging, especially on Saturday night when the place would be full of white married couples, singles and of course “Bulls”. I don’t know what we would have done without Susie. She was a single woman with two black kids of her own and a nature that actively encouraged mixed race breeding. It was unfortunate indeed that she had lost her husband some years ago, now assisting as she did with new couples who wanted to take that last step.

As a cuckold couple of just over two years Katarina had been fucked by no less than fifteen black men. I recalled them all individually, from the first to the last. It was a fact I knew that my wife’s preference and attraction to coloured men went back right to her school days. Now, in meeting me she was expressing herself to what she had long sought for. Whenever I saw her naked and spread beneath a dominant black male I saw true. The helpless nature of shame and guilt as black cock pumped her white cunt to a wet and satisfying climax. If she were not with me she would certainly be with one of them. Regardless of what anyone including her family might feel. The opportunity to spend six months in America was itself a chance not to miss. I think in that first few months Katarina all but fell in love with the States and it seemed apt when she decided that the father of her child should be a US Bull. Fortunately, her parents had both lived in Miami for years, not far from where my local branch office was situated. Everything was perfect. Certainly it was a big move for all of us, especially Chloe but she would adjust. I felt sure of it. Like her mother she was strong willed.

Casually I threw Emma a customary smile and went to check. Katarina, my wife of six years was standing in the mirror of our bedroom. She had her hands on her hips and a look of total concentration on her face. As ever she set high standards for herself. ‘You look great?’ I sighed, leaning on the doorframe and running my gaze over her body. There was no denying she looked good. Standing a little over 5,6, her figure was beautifully trim with long legs, a tight waistline and prominent breasts that pressed noticeably through her sleek, gold dress. Her outfit did much to highlight her luscious femininity while providing the earthly suggestion of upscale nudity—with the noticeable absence of her panties and bra. It had an unusual, thin yet rough texture to it though truthfully, the shortness of the outfit was something to behold. Stretched tightly around her thighs. I felt good for whichever hard, black bull would be enjoying her that night.
‘I’ll just be a minute’ she said without looking back, carefully applying her lipstick. I walked over, took her hips in my hands and pressed my hard cock against her inviting ass. Katarina felt hot and sexy. She giggled and pushed back against me, spreading her legs slightly. How crazy I was for her! Her extended legs looked tremendous--so smooth, seductive and feminine--soon to be spread wider for intense breeding by a big black Bull.

When Katarina had stopped her birth control I had been worried but oddly excited too. At home she had been seeing a bull named Thomas and it was he who opened the door. What would it be like to be bred? That was the ultimate step. Why not take it? It was Thomas who had introduced us to Susie and she to likeminded people. It was so good to know there were others: Jane and Carl, Lauren, Denise, Brian and Emily to name but a few. All ages and types across Europe and America. I remembered when we had all met at Susie’s house. A monthly event designed to exchange stories and tips. As it was our first time we both had to introduce ourselves. A round of applause had circulated as Katarina reiterated her desire to have a black baby. We knew what we wanted. My wife wanted another child more than anything in the world. The baby catalogues that lay heaped in our living room a tell-tale sign to Emma. No. Our plan quite simply was for Katarina to mate successfully with a bull in time for Christmas. She was as accepting as I was of the consequences. Susie, in all her wisdom, had given us help on how to deal with and explain to our families. How to plan for the future and what our roles would be. We had been told all this that day at her house with other couples contributing. Quite simply, the bull’s role would begin and end with the eventual breeding of my wife. That was his right. As her husband I was ready for it now.

Tonight I was sure Katarina would be a big hit with the black men I was taking her to meet. All these thoughts went through my head as I returned to Emma. My wife’s mother was in the kitchen, washing dishes but she came out on hearing my footsteps.
‘She’s been just the same since her teens’ she said with a joking air. ‘Always taking an age to get ready. Used to drive her father mad’. I nodded. Emma couldn’t know how far we had come or understand our reasons. What would she think of our decision had she known?
‘Coming’. Katarina’s call brought a smile from both of us. Like two people who loved her. Then she appeared at the top of the stairs, her lovely body wrapped in a long, ankle length coat. Obviously meant to hide her incredible dress from her mother. As she came downstairs, balanced on some tall high heels the two women exchanged a familiar warm look. Katarina looked good, stylish and very sexy. The scent of her rich perfume hung in the air and had my temples pounding. ‘Now don’t let Chloe stay up too late. She can watch TV until 9”.
‘Now don’t worry. You two just have a good time’.

There was nothing I loved more than introducing my perfect wife to a new man and knowing he had no other interest than in fucking her in front of me. The raw emotion of such events stay with you and I had witnessed many in our bedroom. After some initial hesitation on her part I was pleased by how quickly Katarina had grown into the lifestyle. She understood now as much as I did the sexual dominance and superiority of black men as well as their inevitable attraction to and deserving of, good looking white females. The chance to mix with other wives at Susie’s was at a perfect time for her. I recalled so vividly talking to other husbands while the women chatted and shared snapshots of their offspring. What could be more wonderful than a black stud planting his seed in a white womb and watching it grow?

We went together up the path to our car. Our new home was perfect. Our new life was perfect. I had a beautiful wife and daughter and a need to share the former. There was a new, confident, carefree air about Katarina. A desire that since leaving the majority of her friends behind had pushed her towards finding something new and exciting. “Chez Louis” was just that and not your average seedy place. Not if Susie’s taste was as I suspected. In fact many of the other couples we had met frequented the establishment. Outside our new home, I couldn’t keep my hands off my wife, touching her back and hips as she led the way. She felt so warm and smooth beneath her cover, her high heels sounding crisp and clear on the floor. The night was warm and clear. That afternoon we had watched the tape of Lauren’s most recent black mating, our television turned down to cover the noise of her furious and desperate groans. It was easy to see why. The bull was a slightly older man with greying hair and an enormous cock. His size was indeed so noticeable as to be unsettling. At home I too preferred to watch Katarina with older men. Perhaps it was their age of authority or settled confidence. I knew my wife appreciated maturity. Lauren, the 36-year-old had been trying with numerous bulls for months. We both knew it might take some time and effort for us too.
‘Thankyou Adam’ Katarina said. There was love in her eyes. I groaned as I stepped in close and let my cock press against her as we kissed. Her lips tasted good, sweet and delicious with the faint effect of her lipstick. Breasts firm against my chest.
‘You look so lovely’ I sighed.

Once safely out of view of the house I opened the boot and allowed her to slide off her coat. No words were necessary. She knew how good she looked and I knew how I really wasn’t deserving of her. What black studs we would meet that night would be very impressed and would spare no time in making her their own. The dress Katarina wore stretched tightly between the very tops of her smooth and very rounded thighs, leaving little to the imagination I can tell you. It hung gently on her shoulders, not as low-cut as I’d have her wear in the past but revealing all the same. Her smooth, waxed legs looked so good even in the dark. How easily I had knocked her up with Hannah just four months into our marriage. We exchanged a smile. She did look perfect and taking my hand pressed it between her thighs. Her sex felt warm and soft beneath my fingers.

As we drove all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I knew I was ready but it didn’t dampen the butterflies in my chest. This was all so real now. Katarina saw my reaction and slid a forgiving arm over my shoulder.
‘Susie called this morning’ she said. ‘She wanted to wish us luck’. I took my wife’s hand and kissed it. The wedding and engagement rings prominent on her finger. This all meant so much to her. I desperately hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed. Chez Louis was not a long drive and having looked up their brochure in advance I knew some of what to expect. Private rooms upstairs and the large, exclusive "gang-bang" suite with two large king size mattresses lined up side by side. A row of lounge chairs for husbands to watch their wives getting fucked by a group of black men. Downstairs was a larger bar and lounge, plus a ballroom dance floor for getting acquainted. For longer, all night encounters a motel suite across the road met requests and held a special relationship with the management.

The place itself looked reasonably quiet as I pulled up in a side road. Neon lights advertising “Chez Louis” glowing in the dark. It wasn’t the classiest part of town but I had expected that. Katarina had teased me the whole way. She drove me crazy suggesting whether she was going to meet her black baby’s daddy that night. There was absolutely no doubt that her unprotected cunt would be on the receiving end of black cock. Our relationship would I had no doubt change the moment we entered. I had a need for her to cuckold me and this place would suit that need. From then on the marriage band on her finger would just be a showpiece and a sign to black studs that they were free to move in. Our vows cast aside as she made free to flirt and offer herself to get what she wanted. Katarina sat cross-legged in the car adjusting her makeup as I waited patiently outside. It was a warm night. Humid as ever. My cock was rock hard from the expectation. Back home Katarina's personality as a fun loving, likeable character didn’t hide the fact many of our friends lusted after her. It had always pleased me that she had never cheated until I had asked her too. Collecting her handbag I escorted her to the front of the club. For the first time I noticed a little anxiety, her hand sliding into mine. Proudly I opened the door and led her in.

We were met by alluring rich red and gold. The thick carpet felt soft underfoot and the reception area was indeed upmarket. A well-dressed middle-aged woman wearing spectacles came from behind a desk and took my coat. Katarina looked around in a way that suggested she was impressed.
‘Good evening’ the clerk said politely, shaking us both by the hand. ‘Welcome to Chez Louis. Tonight is our weekly interracial event. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance of any kind’. I paid by credit card and was handed the voucher for the motel across the street. ‘If you have any problems at all’ the woman continued, ‘don’t hesitate to ask’. She smiled, welcomed us once more and hoped we would find what we were looking for.
‘I’m sure we will’ I replied.

The main door opened to a large, lush room. Light, romantic music was playing over the speakers and taking Katarina’s arm I walked with her towards a table at the rear, passing couples, singles, black and white. The room itself posed a very high ceiling decorated in gold and red. Paintings and glass chandeliers hung on both adjacent walls and I noticed upstairs were the private rooms were numbered along the landing. In the centre was a staircase that led down to a dance-floor. It was as Susie had suggested, very upmarket. The black men in the place were obvious right away, seated at tables or along the bar. I felt their eyes on us purposefully as we passed by and I let my arm slide tightly, protectively around my wife’s waist. It didn’t make me feel any more secure because I knew full well I’d have to give her up eventually. That is why I was there. I felt quite light headed, looking around the thirty or more people who were already in the club. The sound of faint chatter all around.

I followed Katarina to the side table, passing a menacing but incredibly inciting black suitor who followed our every move. He was late forties, composed and formal with a dark suit and open collar. His experienced eyes followed my wife legs as she walked past with close interest. Obviously a bull of integrity his dusky look had my pulse racing and I nodded to him. Then as Katarina took a chair and crossed her long legs he grinned and spread his knees in a manner that suggested he was making room for his cock to harden up. I had to admit they would look good together. We had been there minutes and already they were moving in. Katarina’s hand pressed into mine. I could see she felt a little on show then she had worn a very inviting dress. How could she not expect those black men to enjoy her body? My head throbbed. I needed a drink and went to the bar.

After smoking a cigarette to settle my nerves I took a Jack Daniel’s for me and Martini for my wife back to the table. Katarina slipped her arm around mine. I was lucky to have her and wished so much that Emma could see her now. I thought of al the times I’d seen her spread for black men in the past. On her knees giving head to a dark length or on all fours being rooted vigorously from behind. My attention turned briefly towards a couple we had seen on our way in. A middle aged couple. The husband wore a brown suit; his hair receding yet his wife was quite pretty, obviously dressed up for her first big night. She was very slim and quite flat chested with short blonde hair and wearing a sweet, blue knee length dress. Her legs where nice and full but she appeared a little uncomfortable. Perhaps eager to make an impression and not do the wrong thing as the black stud beside was giving her a good going over. I could see plainly, even from across the room the horny eagerness in his eyes and manner. A look reflected by the wife’s nervous yet eager signs. I wandered if she was new to this. There was little doubt in the bulls intention of fucking her senseless.

‘What do you think?’ Katarina asked, resting her hand on mine. I glanced down at her beautiful wedding ring, the diamond flickering in the light.
‘I like it’ I replied truthfully. She nodded, her eyes bright and a mischievous smile on her lips. Several other couples appeared and some singles. Others went straight from the reception and some up to one of the private rooms. I was aware that our table was being watched very closely. Katarina looked gorgeous and there were any number of men waiting to take her off my hands. From a side room a second middle aged white woman in a neat business suit came out carrying a tray. Atop it where slender glasses of champagne and she went to each couple in turn offering a drink. When she approached us she welcomed us again to Chez Louis. Katarina took a glass.
‘Would you like any assistance pairing up tonight?’ she asked politely. I shook my head thanked her anyway. It was too soon yet.

Around us the place began to fill up very nicely. Singles and couples, all dressed up in their finest took up seats and began to mingle. As I observed them it was apparent some of the more composed had been to “Chez Louis” before. Perhaps many times. All the husbands knew why they were here. Why else would they attend an interracial swingers night. I like me, they wanted to watch, to introduce our white wives to more deserving black men and hopefully enjoy our women received the fucking they needed. At the bottom of the stairs the dance-floor lights sparkled into life and several parties moved towards the music. The bulls themselves where indeed all ages and as with the guests some held more maturity than others. It all depended what you as a couple wanted. All the time I was sitting with Katarina I was aware of the older, composed male sitting with his back to the wall. There was a confident, expert air about him, stylishly dressed, his skin showing the effects of time spent in the Florida sun. A crisp whiteness to his teeth and curt smile. Maybe he had given up labour for a more appealing lifestyle?

Katarina certainly enjoyed the attention. She had several black bulls looking at her at a time, enticed by her willingness to dress so provocatively for them. There could have been few women as fine in the club. The older man hadn’t taken his eyes off Katarina for a long time and she too had been looking regularly in his direction. Shifting deliciously and unnervedly beside me as she had him risen to stiff attention. With a sigh I slid my hand down my wife’s smooth thigh. She felt good, warm and firm; perfume hanging in the delicate air around her. I felt she would soon be grateful for his black dick. Then, through the doors, a couple in their 40’s entered the club and took a seat at a table opposite to us. With a style similar to Katarina, the wife wore a short-red skirt and a revealing, loose blouse. Her hair was blonde and she had firm, nice tits, a lovely tan to her skin and incredible legs. I was looking at them with interest when I felt a playful nudge in my ribs.
‘Have I not got enough for you Hon?’ Katarina whispered playfully in my ear. I smiled and rolled the palm of my hand again down her smooth thigh so that my fingers rolled over the short hem of her dress. That was when I noticed a couple of new, young studs talking and looking regularly in our direction. I felt my cock began to harden up once more. This was perfect and I kissed my wife lightly on the hand. As Katarina sipped her drink and looked around I wandered what was going through her mind. Perhaps she could sense my apprehension. Not just for myself, but her too.
‘What's the matter’ she teased, her eyes sparkling, ‘Wouldn’t you like one of those young bulls to put a baby in me?’
‘Oh yes!’ I sighed squeezing her thigh. From across the room another male grinned at us with horny intent.

I met the tanned blonde’s husband shortly after at the bar and after short introductions he introduced himself as Bob. By then I was still breathing heavily and coming to terms with what lay ahead. Maybe it was the drink but Katarina seemed more relaxed and enjoying having the multiple black studs in the club eyeing her. She sat cross-legged, perfectly still bar a raise of her lip or gentle tapping of her foot. Our apparent success hadn’t been lost on Bob.
‘English huh? That your wife? She’s quite a beauty’. I nodded and thanked him. ‘That’s Vikki’ he said nodding towards the blonde. Vikki raised her glass. ‘You been into the lifestyle long?’
‘A year. But it’s our first night here’. The man nodded and took a cigar pack out of his pocket. He offered me one.
‘Hoping for some action huh?’ he smiled a glint in his eye. Then, looking back at Katarina, ‘you shouldn’t have any trouble. Not with a woman like that’. For some reason I liked the husband. He was clearly a veteran. For some reason I wanted to tell him about our intentions and when I mentioned Susie he raised an eyebrow. ‘Susie eh?’ came his response. ‘Not seen her for ages. You know Vikki had a black kid five or 6 years back. Best years of our lives’.

Balancing a fresh Martini I returned to our table and whispered news of Vikki and Bob to my wife. I was pleased there were others who had ventured down our road. Our little talk had spurred me on and now I was more eager than ever to have my wife bred. We had been there over an hour and I knew it was time to make a move. This was out night. There were, I noticed, now ten or more white women in the club. Four of them as yet as yet unaccompanied and all dressed up for an evening to remember. The rest were with husbands. I thought of my wife, her fertile body at the mercy of the entire hard black dick around the room. Katarina re-crossed her legs, took a mirror out of her handbag and checked herself. She was content. The bull in the suit whom had watched us closely on arrival was talking to a black friend. When he saw us looking in his direction he sat up. I nodded and over he came.

‘Good evening’ he said. His voice was like melted chocolate. ‘My names Raul…can I join you?’
‘Certainly’ I said. Raul took a seat opposite to us both and I felt Katarina sit up straight beside me, pressing her fabulous firm cleavage out. From so near I wondered if he could make out the round shape of her nipples beneath. Knowingly he accepted the offer. It was obvious despite his jacket that the stud was well built beneath. Though he was not the tallest he was broad and square jawed. We began small talk with me taking the lead. Maybe because I was nervous too. Katarina spoke little if at all. The look that they already shared throughout showed Raul cared not for what I had to say. His eyes where all over her, working their way up and down her crossed legs and over her face and tits. I felt my wife’s hand slide into mine and the pressure of her grip suggested she was very turned on.
‘You want to sit with her?’ I gasped breathlessly. The bull grinned and we exchanged seats, the shape of his big cock showing through his cheap trousers as he stood. Katarina sipped her drink with satisfaction as he slid an arm around her waist.

I watched as Raul whispered in Katarina’s ear, making her smile. As she flirted I went again to the bar to get them both a fresh drink. Somehow I enjoyed seeing her with him. So bold and confident I wandered if he could already sense that he would be fucking her lovely tight, white cunt balls deep later on. I ordered the drinks and had a cigarette while I waited. It seemed appropriate to give them some moments to get to know each other. After all, Katarina would want to know something about her black baby’s daddy. I went to the restroom and splashed cold water on my face. All kind of thoughts: Katarina, Emma, and Chloe. After a short time I rearranged my tie and strode out to be greeted by quite a surprise. I had only left her a minute but that was all that was needed. For now a second male was standing at our table eyeing up my wife with a big grin on his face. I felt my throat go dry as I watched them across the room. The new stud was much younger and very different. He had broad shoulders, light brown skin and wore a gold stud in his ear. In contrast to the formal nature of Raul he wore a basketball top and a gold chain, his toned, bare muscular arms hanging prominently by his sides. Something about him suggested he was cocky and headstrong. Definitely in the way he clashed with the style of the place. Maybe the way he rolled his head and stood slouched to one side. For years I had known full well Katarina's often surpressed attraction to black men so I knew this new male was every bit what she liked. Even from the bar I could see her eyes roaming over his muscular figure and her tongue darting around her lips. As I stood watching I also felt very good on the prospect of him spreading her legs too and kept back. Amazingly, after some light chatter he took a seat on the other side to her. To be honest I could see the excitement in her face and the apprehension too. Two males?

‘This your husband?’ The new man was looking up at me from his seat, his manner leisurely and his big hand planted firmly on my wife’s inside thigh. Katarina had been fucked by younger men before but this was different. Confidently, almost mockingly he ran his eyes over her figure and down her dress. A gesture no doubt intended to get at me. Yes, he was determined to make her his. My cock was throbbing as I took a chair and watched his gaze lingering on her cleavage. Raul began chatting to her, asking where we were from and if we had visited Chez Louis before. Katarina seemed eager, if apprehensive to tell him as much as she dared. She was quietly spoken and polite. Even producing a photo of Chloe from her handbag when Raul prompted her. I knew both these men could see what she was. Well brought up, well mannered, well spoken and soon to be well bred. Katarina re-crossed her long legs and asked the men what they did for a living. They laughed. Their actions so tremendous and dismissive. They just took it for granted they where going to end up fucking her and Katarina knew it. She accepted it. I noticed Bob nodding to me from across the room. He and Vikki where leaving, two studs in tow. When I turned back to see Raul’s hand also resting on my wife’s leg. The look in his friend’s eyes was hostile, dominant and just as I liked.

Katarina flirted with the men. She knew how to tease and I listened, as the conversation became more intimate. They compared how well hung they were with how much white pussy both were used too. When ‘Darrell’ leaned over to me I could see the taunting look in his eye.
‘I like your wife’s tits man’ he said. ‘I mean I like all of her…but her tits are something else’. I noticed her eyes drop as the bull addressed me. Her submission to these men. Each could have her as long as they liked. The cocky sports top wearer knocked back his fourth beer then with a glare he put a finger beneath my wife’s chin, tilted her head and kissed her. It was a sudden movement and Katarina responded in like. She was willing and after some initial surprise came back more intimate. Their lips met for some time before Raul took his kiss.
‘Show them your ankle honey’ I gasped. My head was really spinning from what was going on. Chez Louis really was the place to be. Katarina smiled and raised her foot. The slender bracelet around her ankle caught the light just as her wedding ring had previously. There was a smile on her face I’d not seen before. She knew what she wanted. ‘I...LOVE..BLACK…COCK’ Darrell read out the inscription, his smile revealing several gold teeth as he finished. ‘Damn…I knew you was special’. With a grin, Raul turned to me and said
‘You want to get us a room?’

My wife nodded and without hesitation I went to the reception and paid for a motel room across the road. The woman smiled at me, nodding to the two studs we had in tow and wished us a good time before handing me the key. Outside we crossed the road. It was a warm night and I gasped for fresh air. A light breeze, chasing through the night. Between the two studs, Katarina walked, swaying and tottering from the Martini’s. Both Darrell and Raul took full advantage. Their hands were all over her before we got outside the door. Squeezing her ass and tits. Glad that she was not wearing a bra. Laughing and groaning as they kissed her in turn.
‘Damn baby…yeah gonna fuck you good girl’.
‘Look at those tits…yeah!’. They where supporting her, grinning and casting looks at one another. Both wanted her out of that dress and on her back. I went out in front, stumbling on the road and up the motel boardwalk. A sudden shriek laugh causing me to look back. Katarina had caught her shoe in the wooden stairs and Darrell had caught her. The two where kissing quite heatedly, my wife’s arms draped up around his neck as he rocked her to one side. His hand was pushed down the front of her dress ad he was feeling her tits in the street. She seemed almost limp and quickly I unlocked the door to “36” and switched on the light.

It was small but cosy inside. There was a well-used double bed with white sheets, a dresser, wardrobe and a portable TV. Some cheap pictures hung on the Lime-green, chipped motel walls. It wasn’t nearly as upmarket as the club then it was perfect for my wife interracial breeding session. Stepping back I made way as Katarina, Raul and Darrell came through the door. With a pounding heart I fumbled back into a chair and looked on as the men kissed her and stroked their hands all over her body. I was hard as a rock and watching Raul's hands all over her ass did nothing to dampen my spirits. He had old, weathered fingers and for the first time I noticed a gold wedding band on his finger. Somehow he seemed the type to have kids of his own. Maybe a wife someplace. In contrast Katarina was fertile, fresh and ready to be bred. I thought of the mass of sticky, wet sperm waiting to be dumped into her womb. As if reading my thoughts Darrell and Raul began unfastening their pants.
Darrell was big. The shaft of his light brown cock stood out in an arching erection. I’d guess he had 8 inches, circumcised with the head of his meat round and prominent. He bobbed from his underwear, a big black cock. Katarina gave a nervous laugh as she held it by the base and tried to visibly contain her drunken excitement.
‘You like big dick baby?’ he said with a laugh directed towards me.
‘Big ‘Black’ dick’ Katarina replied her smile as bright and forward as ever. There was a look of perverse resignation in her eyes too. Like a total slut she sat on the bed, gripped her new boyfriend and slid her mouth over his dick. He stiffened and groaned as her fingers and lips slid up and down his meat. The cocky studs balls hung there, big and heavy while she touched and felt them with her other hand.

‘Yeah..Yeah’, he sighed, head back eyes closed and enjoying of the blowjob. Raul was unfastened too. His cock was darker and straighter. He looked a little bigger than Darrell and there was a thickness to his dick as well. Katarina blinked and gasped as she switched and took his older dick in her mouth. It choked her a little and Raul was rougher than I’d anticipated. He grinned, teeth shiny and white as she used her mouth. Up and down she sucked willingly as ever.
‘Yeah suck my dick too baby’. In the club Katarina had been a classy woman but now she was a mere cum-dump for these horny bulls. Breaking into a gasp for air my wife continued. It sounded wet and quite beautiful as she blew Raul’s dark meat. Her lipstick remained pristine, unsmudged. Throat spreading to take them. Up and down her lips rolled, the sight of her wedding ring grasped around a black girth almost too much to bear. Certainly Raul’s face contorted more than once. Hands on hips he watched with authority as Katarina sucked, drooled and choked on his dick. Continually encouraged by the pair. With a casual hand Raul manoeuvred the straps of her dress to one side. I felt a surge as the dress slipped to her waist.
‘Oh yeah’ Darrell grinned. He sat next to her, his cock erect in his lap and felt her while she blew his friend. Raul admired her cleavage too and when she gave up his cock reached for a feel himself.
‘Yo, your wife had great tits’ Darrell grinned lowering his head and planting his lips over Katarina’s right nipple.
‘Yeah baby’ Raul responded groping my wife cleavage with his hand. The arrogant youth knelt and sucked her breasts hard. His big lips planted over each while his fingers worked the other. Katarina looked at me and there was a knowing look in her eye. She had never been with two men at a time before and swallowed while eyeing the big, well-sucked dick of Raul. Gently she took him and began stroking her hand up and down. I wished her family back home could see this.

The mood in the room suddenly changed and I made my way back into a chair. The dull throb of the air conditioning met by the squeaking of the bed as Katarina lay back and spread her legs around Darrell. The look in her eyes suggested she knew full well they where ready for her prized white pussy. Both men had been teased and sucked enough. It was the warm, wet hug of her married, white pussy they wanted now. Darrell kicked off his pants completely, his basketball top the only garment left. His long brown cock bobbing from beneath it as he pushed my wife’s knees apart and examining the crack of her cunt. She ran her tongue around her lips, her breathing obviously erratic. Those dark eyes peered down at his babymaker. If only his fat, heavy balls knew how welcoming and fertile she was. I sat back, the chair creaking beneath me as my pulse raced. Raul threw me a grin, his own big dick in his hand smiling as Katarina groaned under Darrell’s penetrating finger. The dress was just a band around her waist now her high heels still in place and the descriptive charm around her ankle a grim reminder for me. I knew how much my wife meant those words.
‘Gonna fuck you good’ Darrell gasped, his erection straining and hard. In one quick motion he drew up her legs and roughly pinned her open behind the knees. Her lovely white legs parted so her feet hung in the air on either side of him. His big, long dick twitched as it stood over her, resting at that unsuspecting cunt hole. Katarina rolled her tongue around her lips, fingers twisting the pillow.

‘Breed that bitch’ I heard myself say. The stud returned an agreeing murmur and firmly pressed his cock against the middle of her crack. The bulbous brown head met the white crease and parted it. He squeezed and I saw his foreskin stretch back. Push and relaxed…again…and again. Katarina’s legs stiffened and she groaned again. ‘Damn she tight’ Darrell moaned. Grinning the stud released her legs, dropped to his knees and put his tongue over my wife’s clit. She responded as he noisily licked her, eyes closed but groaning in satisfaction as he did it; stimulating that white hole. Encouraged he repositioned his arms behind her legs again, the bed suffering as he opened her a little wider. Katarina looked at me. Her eyes faint and willing. Desperately willing. Helpless and ready to be violated. As such, the bull thrust his stiff cock and pressed once again against her. Harder and harder, back and forth. He was determined to dominate. Silently I unzipped and slid my dick into my hand. He was so much bigger and it seconds he was penetrating deeper. My wife’s lips stretched around him.

‘Damn yeah’ he grinned in triumph.
‘Oh …oh God’ Katarina gasped as she felt his stiffness penetrate. This was it. He had her. Katarina groaned helplessly as Darrell began humping and grinding every last inch of his black cock down into her defeated cunt. Her legs stiffened, hanging helplessly as he stretched the whole way. She looked wet, soaked and delicious. Accommodating every inch. She had only met Darrell a few hours previously but already his fat balls were squashed right up against her. The tip of his cock sitting snugly at the entrance to her precious womb. My own cock was hard as hell. Enriched by what I was seeing. The sights and smells of this motel room where getting to me. This dirty breeding session with my wife. As if reading my thoughts Darrell turned to me. His eyes where bright and full of satisfaction. Sweat on his forehead.
‘Yeah’ he said, ‘you like watching this don’t cha?’ I nodded sliding my hand up and down. ‘I like your wife man’ he added with a smile.

In and out he pumped, gathering pace. Katarina and Darrell groaning and gasping encouragement to each other as he asserted himself.
‘Fuck yeah baby..FUCK yeah’. The headboard of the cheap motel bed began thumping against the wall. I wandered just who was next door? They would undoubtedly hear everything and combined with my wife’s groans and cried that meant a lot. The studs cock was soaking wet, his balls slapping soundly between her legs. She held his neck tightly as he fucked her. Then:
‘Damn yeah…shit I’m gonna cum baby’.
‘Oh yes…yes…’ Katarina whimpered. She’d been dominated all right. Darrell’s hips romped up and down and I saw my wife legs draw up around his waist. I watched as his balls tightened and the hot, fresh sperm surged up his black dick. With a mightily groan this black bull came. A series of short grunts followed as he blew his salty, sticky load into Katarina’s belly. There was no doubt as he thrust home the last strokes of his come splattering against the silky walls of my wife’s cunt.

With several gasps he withdrew, his cock slippery and wet and knelt gasping between her legs. My wife’s cunt closed after him, keeping that seed inside. She sighed and pushed back her hair, her chest rising and falling with each deep breath. I wondered if she could feel Darrell’s load inside her and whether that would be the seed to impregnate her.
‘My turn to fuck’ Raul said. Darrell made way and the second bull shifted himself on top, positioned over my wife he sank almost effortlessly down into her cunt. He groaned as he filled her, her lips a steadfast ring around his girth.
‘Yeah that’s it’ Darrell tossing his meat and waiting for seconds. A big grin on his face from what he had done. My wife put her arms around Raul's back as he began humping, drawing appreciative grunts from her mouth.
‘Fuck men..’ she sighed, his big arms held firm as he looked down of her. Balls bounced and meeting her with each stroke. A fat round sack pressed firmly against her body. With shaky legs I stood up and went by the bed. It had one of those metal rails and it was there that I rested my hand. The vibrations met me immediately. Combined with each strong thrust I realised just how hard the brunt of eager black fucking was. Katarina’s eyes where wet and closed but her lips where open. Her cunt sounded slippery and sounded a little on Darrell’s spunk. Looking up the cocky cull knelt on the bed and pressed his dick into her mouth. Seemingly content she turned her head allowing him to fuck with slow strokes.

Raul paused, gasping, and shifted his arms behind my wife’s knees, pinning her open so that her legs were pinned apart. Satisfied that he could mate much more effectively he grinned. My white-whore wife now helpless beneath him. He put his weight into each stroke, making her breasts roll and bounce as his big dick slugged home. The colour was slightly darker than Darrell. I liked that. Every stroke brought a groan of pleasure from her lips as her cunt walls where effectively spread and stretched.
‘Yeah…yeah..’ grunted Raul as his cock slid in and out of her willing pussy. He seemed struggling to last, wavering on each stroke. Forcing himself to hold back. As Darrell fondled her tits, hard and waiting for his next turn I saw Katarina’s legs stiffen and with a flush she came. As the glazed look on her face subsided it became too much for Raul. His sack tightened visibly and he staggered forward as his load surged up his dick and out deep inside her.

Both Katarina and Raul took a breath. I went to the tiny bathroom for a glass of water. When I returned Katarina was sat astride Darrell. He had his arms around her and was encouraging her to ride him. Spasmodically he pushed his face into her tits and let loose savage grunts of encouragement.
‘Fuckin ride me bitch…Yea..fuck..ride dat black dick!’. Katarina bounced and rolled as she was instructed. Both of them naked and sweating as the effects of their fuck descended. Suddenly Darrell rose, lifting my wife and resting her on her back. He began screwing her with harsh strokes, so hard that her body jerked on each.
‘Oh..don’t stop’ Katarina responded. She gripped the bedsheet and her face contorted as she came again. With one last thrust he came, pumping his seed deep. As his cock wilted free a bubble of thick semen followed and spurted onto the bed. I watched my wife’s chest rise and fall. She was sweating, tired and full of black come. This interracial mating had done her the power of good. Now all she had to do was make a black baby.

As my wife sat up she had Darrell’s dick shoved into her mouth. The bull waved a hand to me.
‘Put your finger in there’ he said pointing to my wife’s hole. Almost apologetically I leaned across and pressed easily and knuckle deep into her hole. To be frank I was surprised at how effortlessly I penetrated. She lay back contentedly, letting me touch her. The wetness and warmness did little to waver my hard on. Not to mention the sheer stretchedness those black cocks had taken. Moving away Katarina pushed herself onto her knees, offering her cunt to Raul and the opportunity to take her from behind. The older bull took her hips and pushed home, reaching beneath to fondle her breasts. It felt good to watch my wife used in this way. Both men using her to satisfy themselves. They’d use this white hole until they where done. Katarina’s face turned to one side, grimacing as Raul fucked his dick up her. Koping a feel of her ass and tits as he went. The heavy, fat sack of his balls slapping soundly away on her. Each stroke seemed to ring in my ears. Her body a dumping ground for black seed. Semen was already formed on her cunt lips, oozing out.

After a long final term Raul blew the last of his come and sat on the bed with a grin. One matched by his friend. Both black snakes had done their job now and as Katarina got dressed I wandered outside onto the walkway. It was indeed a nice night. I watched with interest as the new couple I’d seen at ‘Chez Louis’ came walking out of the reception. The pretty blonde wife was being led eagerly by the black stud I’d seen them with. Close behind the husband followed. They opened the door and went in. I watched the lights go on and the blinds close. Hopefully they would have as good a night. I couldn’t wait for Katarina to see Emma. To know her favourites daughter was soon to be pregnant with her second child. The father? Raul? Darrell? Or some other? That is another story.