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Here is the place that I share the filthy contents of my mind. By writing and sharing with you all I can find some relief from my baser and more perverted urges. I love any and all feedback. Send it to me at Kiwi Cat


A little "warning" my stories focus on hardcore action with a leaning towards underage and incest. Any gender mixing goes down fine with me.

Most likely story codes you'll find here: Mf, Mg, Mb, Ff, Fg, Fb, inc, ped, noncon.




New Smut!!!




I Hate You!!! (MFg, ped, inc, spank, noncon)

A rebellious daughter causes no end of grief for two estranged parents who are brought back together by their new way of dealing with her outrages.


It's a disease! (F/b ped incest)

A nympo mother finds a new outlet for her passions.




Older Filth!!

Dark Ritual (Beast / f rape snuff short )

A girl is sacrificed to dark powers.


Daily Abuse (Mf, Inc, rape)

A girls tale of the daily abuse she suffers and her confusion about it.

Island Paradise Part One  (Setup, no sex. Shades of Mg inc.)
A plane crash leaves a father his daughter and a number of mixed children as the only survivors on an idylic tropical island.

Island Paradise Part Two  (Mg, inc, oral, voy)

Natural resistance to sin starts to break down. Father daughter love ensues.


Island Paradise Part Three  (bbg oral inc)

Now the oldest boy starts activng out taking advantage of those younger.


Island Paradise Part Four (bf, reluctant)

Brad takes things a little too far with the youngest girl. Will there be consequences?


Island Paradise Part Five (Mg, inc)

Van makes sweet love to his daughter sharing his love for her.


Island Paradise Part Six (Mf )

Trish seduces Van and realises what his secret is.


Taking it Home  (Mb, inc, oral, anal)

A father gives into his desire for his young son.


Beach Boy Fun (Mb, anal, oral, prost)

The true reason people go to holiday in Goa, India.


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