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You've reached the webhome for the sexy stories of Kitten Cream (that's me!).  I love writing, reading and editing erotica. It is a special pleasure to have people read my stories, and even better when you email me with your feedback at Kitten Cream

A little "warning" about my stories: I focus on hot and heavy sex!  That's what I read, so that's what I write. ;-) 


Most likely story codes you'll find here: MF, FF, MFF, MMF, Rom, oral, first, anal, BD, Mdom, spank, toys; but I could get a wild hair and add others.

Now, on to the legal stuff:  Everything here is my original work, springing full-blown from my feverish imagination. You may post my stories on other NON-PAY sites so long as you give me credit as the writer. You may print my stories for ease of reading only. If you are under the legal age in your hometown to read explicit descriptions of sexual acts between (mostly) consenting adults, then please exit this page now by pressing "back" on your browser. 


I just hafta link to my wonderful friend, Jimmy the Hat. He gave me my first e-interview! Go check out his site for neat polls, great stories, and his cool Weekly List! (Click here to link directly the interview.)


On to the stories!

NEW Satin Sheets (MF, Rom, light bond, oral) published May 2001

I awaken from a wonderful nap to find myself lightly bound to the bedpost and at your mercy. What sweet mercy it is!


Coming Soon:

Lady in Waiting - Can a lady's maid and her mistress find true happiness together?

More Victorian Seduction - the continuing education of Alyssa, a country girl in Victorian England

For those readers who prefer 21st century adventures, more Every Day at Four is on the way!


Do you have a story request? Don't be shy, send it in - I won't bite! Well, maybe a little affectionate nibble now and then...Thanks to all my wonderful readers for your suggestions, comments and ideas!


Every Day at Four: Erotic Confessions (MF, MMF, voy, mast, anal, bond) published May 2001

Walking by the break room near his office one afternoon, a manager overhears a woman describing her erotic adventures. He finds a way to listen to her daily confessions without being discovered. 


Every Day at Four: The Meeting (MF, Rom) published May 2001

He thinks he has discovered the identity of the woman from the break room. What will happen when he gets the opportunity to spend the weekend with her?


Just Getting Started (MF, Rom) published April 2001

Celia has been celibate for a year, getting over a bad relationship.  Her friend arranges a blind date with someone who knows how to light her fires.


Victorian Seduction I (MF, anal, oral, bond) published April 2001

Alyssa Grenville comes to London for a Season and gets quite an education from the deliciously decadent ton of 19th century England. In Part I, Alyssa gets her first lessons from Lord Bryson.


Victorian Seduction II (FF, MFF, anal, oral, toys) published April 2001

Alyssa continues her education with Lord Bryson and his stepsister, Genny.



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