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I believe that all good things in live are free Every thing on this site as something to do with the world of erotica!

Please respected writers whose works have been posted to the

Normal!!, what is normal in the 21st century whether Male or female we all enjoy fantasies and fantasising about sex.
As for my writing I wouldn't say i write as i do in my diary blog factual writing of my life and how i want to live. 

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  Stupid Sex

  Twisted Deception
  1. This all feels weird as if i am being pushed in front of a bus, my heart
    is pounding so fast the car is shaking, not a fear of having sex with a
    stranger because i have done so many times

Unadulterated lust

  2. A night to remember last night I had a threesome with my boss and his brother, It was my idea i was sexually hungry and seeking some sexual ecstasy other than me fingering myself, I have had being to many parties and done so many crazy things but this is somewhat beyond my human comprehension

 Message from Asshole

  1. Trembling all his sexual hunger it was building up in my body ever since i got the message on my cell phone, In an instant i planted both hands on each side of his face. and kissed him, when he felt my mouth make contact with his,I immediately felt his cock stiffen
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