The Misadventures of Gwen Chapter 5




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Chapter 5


In the morning the Marquis came to my chambers.  He was obviously upset at the previous night’s activities.  The black man had overstepped his boundaries and gone against the will of the Marquis.  He was disposed of swiftly and replaced by a new black stud that would attend to me and others like me during dinner.


"Dear, dear. Gwen. Your pussy must be given time to heal.  It has gone through a great deal during the last twenty-four hours.  Therefore, it will not be violated again except by direct orders from me.  Have no fear, my dear, you are in good hands.  However, this does mean that your other natural openings will be receiving more attention.  You can understand why, can’t you?"


Quickly I responded.  "Oh yes, sir."


The Marquis stroked my breasts.  "Soon your mammaries will be producing milk - a great deal of milk.  You will be the first - the first of many."


He slapped my breasts and called for the chambermaids.


"Prepare her for the day's activities.  I want her in the great hall by 9:00 AM sharp.”


The Marquis looked at me and said, “Last night's activities were unfortunate, but they won't earn you a reprieve."


I was bathed and then dressed.  Today I was wearing a black leather garter belt with black stockings, and black leather over the knee boots with four inch heels.  He really has a thing for these over the knee boots.  My wrist cuffs and collar were also put on. Anklets were no longer necessary since all my boots had D-rings attached to them at the heel. This was becoming my standard attire. My long blonde hair was braided and hung down to my waist.


I looked in the mirror not recognizing the reflection staring back at me.  Was that me?  Was that sexy slut in the mirror really me?  I looked so fuckable. Those four inch heels made my sexy legs look even better.  I looked like I was made for sex. I was almost standing on the balls of my feet like a ballerina thanks to the four inch heels I was forced to wear.


I was led to the great hall and arrived there at 9:00 AM sharp. We mustn’t keep the Marquis waiting.


"Well, my dear, your activities will be limited today."


I was directed to a long table that sat only about a foot off of the ground and ordered to lay down on my back.  My legs were pulled over the sides of the table and my boots were attached to two of the table legs.  My arms were raised over my head and stretched up and out to the sides.  They were also attached to the other two table legs with the rings in my leather wrist cuffs.  The table was hard and cold.  I was uncomfortable.  My breasts were again fully exposed and vulnerable.


"You're probably wondering about those shots you receive every morning and evening.  They are what will make it possible for you to produce milk.  It won't be long now."


Two dwarves entered and positioned themselves on either side of me.  At the Marquis's command they began to lick my breasts with their unusually long tongues.  This drove me crazy.  My breasts were sensitive and their tongues were very coarse.  It aroused me and I began to feel wetness in my pussy.  Chills traveled up and down my spine.  I tried to push up to give them easier access.


"We need to take care of your tits.  They will be producing a lot of milk," said the Marquis as he stared at me with a twisted smile on his face.  He got a great deal of pleasure out of taunting me.


He grabbed a handful of my hair.  I knew the niceness had to end soon.  The dwarves were driving me crazy with their unrelenting licking.  I moaned out loud.  Especially sensitive were my nipples when they dragged their tongues across them.


"My dwarves are taking good care of you, aren't they?"


"Oh yes, sir," I moaned.


"And you want to take good care of them, don't you?"


"Whatever you command, sir."


He slapped me across the face with the back of his hand.


"I denote a tone of sarcasm in your voice."


"Forgive me, sir."


"Do you want to take good care of my dwarves?"


"Oh yes, sir.  I would do anything for them," I said as the dwarves continued to lick and nibble on my breasts.  I was getting very hot in spite of myself.  My hips were gyrating.  My cunt was dripping.  They were driving me insane.




Another dwarf entered the room and stood next to my face.  His large prick which was already aroused was staring me in the face.  Now I knew why the table was only a foot high.


"Now, Gwen, make this dwarf happy!" shouted the Marquis.


I quickly took the dwarf’s prick between my lips and began to suck.  The dwarf’s cock got harder as he began to fuck my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around his shaft. 


The Marquis held my head.  "Suck harder, Gwen!"  He held my head still so that the dwarf could better ram his large prick in my mouth and down my throat. 


"He will soon cum.  He has been primed.  You see, he was fucking one of the other slave girls before he was brought out for you to finish off.  Make sure you swallow every drop."


This dwarf was now deep-throating me.  Oh my God, his long lean prick was all the way down my throat, and I loved it. I loved the feel of his cock as it rubbed the sides of my throat.  I sucked like there was no tomorrow.


The Marquis brought a mirror over.  “Look at yourself, Gwen.  Look good.  A picture is worth a thousand words.”


I looked in the mirror and saw the lust in my eyes.  I saw myself sucking furiously on the dwarf’s prick as he fucked my mouth like a cunt.  I saw the bulge in my throat as his cock sawed in out and out of my mouth and throat.  And it turned me on.  I came looking at myself in the mirror.  No one touched my pussy but I came.  My pussy took on a life of its own.


At that moment the large prick in my mouth began to spasm and shot load after load of cum down my throat.  I almost gagged on it, but was able to recover and continue to swallow.  When the dwarf was finished, he pulled out of my mouth.  I felt full.  Another dwarf entered the room, and I again began sucking in earnest.  He had also been primed and came in my mouth in a relatively short amount of time.  I swallowed quickly making sure not to lose a drop. 


The two other dwarves continued to lick my breasts driving me wild.  They were relentless. Their tongues seemed to be everywhere at once.  They licked the underside of my huge tits, and snaked their tongues over the sides of my tits before returning to licking and nibbling on my nipples. My nipples were so tender.  They took turns licking up and down my cleavage sending spasms of pleasure up and down my spine.  The dwarves were being fulfilled and the fire in my pussy built once again.  My clit was hard and throbbing and in need of attention.


By the time I had deep-throated three of the dwarves, I began to fantasize about one of them fucking my pussy.  I was sooooooo hot.  I couldn’t stand it.  The Marquis seemed to read my mind.


"You're a horny little bitch, aren't you?  Too bad we can't use your pussy for awhile.  Would you like one of the dwarves to fuck you in the ass?"


"Oh yes, sir.  That would be wonderful.  I am so hot," and I really mean it.  I was getting more excited thinking of the prospect of one of those long dicks pistoning my anal passage.  I wanted to be fucked up the ass.  I don't believe I said that!  I needed relief - any kind of relief.


"Is that what you really want?"


"Oh, yes!"


"Then beg for it, Gwen.  Convince me."


Once again I was being humiliated.  He was forcing me to beg to be fucked up the ass.  He wanted to strip away any last remnants of self-respect, any shred of decency.  And it was working because more than anything else, at that moment in time, I wanted to be sodomized by one of the little dwarves.


"Oh, sir, please let one of the seven dwarves fuck my ass.  I am so hot. I need it.  I'll go crazy if I don't."


"You really do want it, don't you?  You are depraved, but I'll grant you your wish."


I was released from the low table and ordered to stand with my legs spread wide. Then my hands were shackled behind my back with a small chain connecting the D-rings on my wrist cuffs.  A long chain was lowered from the ceiling and connected to the chain connecting my wrists.  The chain was then raised forcing my arms up and bending me at the waist.  This position was very uncomfortable and put a tremendous strain on my arms.


By this time my cunt although extremely sore was dripping.  My clit was hard and throbbing and driving me to distraction.


The last two dwarves entered the room.  They did not look at all happy.  These were the two that never got to use me last night.  The chambermaids brought in two small stools and placed one in front and one behind me.  The two dwarves went to wither side of me and began to chew and suck on my breasts.  They took great delight in smacking my huge tits and watching them bounce back and forth on my chest.


I was quite a sight.  Here I was suspended by my hands and bending at the waist with my huge 36 double D tits being smacked by two little men. I was wearing nothing but black leather over the knee boots, stockings, and of course my leather restraints. My cunt was dripping wet.  My anus was ready and willing to be fucked.


"I think it’s time to begin,” said the Marquis.


"Oh, yes,” I hissed.


The Marquis was amused and fed on my subservience.  I already knew he had a mean streak in him. My cunt was a raw piece of meat.  He meant to see that my ass became the same.


With that he took a whip and administered several blows to my naked and exposed ass.  This stung me and aroused me at the same time.  The blows continued to fall on my ass. My ass gyrated, waiting for the next blow - the heat building in my loins.  The two dwarves continued to suckle and feed on my breasts.


I was hot, very hot.  I needed relief.  Someone had to put out this fire raging within me, or I would go mad.


The Marquis laughed as the blows continued to reign down upon my naked ass.


"She is all yours, gentlemen," announced the Marquis.


The dwarves immediately abandoned my breasts and hopped up on the stools.


The dwarf standing in front of me was sporting a cock larger than the one that violated my throat last night.  I drooled as I gazed upon it, filled with lust.  My neglected pussy got wetter.


The dwarf behind me was having his cock lubricated with K-Y jelly by one of the chambermaids.  He was super-agitated as he pushed his large member against by anal sphincter.  I grunted as he tried to gain entrance to my ass.  He pushed again and my sphincter gave somewhat but didn’t allow him entrance to my ass.  He growled as he once again lunged forward and shoved with all his might ripping into my poor ass.  Five inches was buried up my ass entering my rectum.  There were still six inches to go.

Meanwhile the dwarf in front of me placed his huge dick on my tongue.  He was as thick around as the other monster dick that violated my throat last night but an inch longer.  I didn’t know if I could do this again as drool escaped from my mouth.  He stretched my mouth open and wedged his cock head into my mouth.  Once again my mouth was stretched to an obscene degree.  He pushed forward driving three inches of his fat cock toward the back of my mouth and at the same time driving me back and further impaling his buddy’s cock up my ass.


I felt so stuffed as both fat fucking cocks rammed me from each end stuffing inch after inch of meat up my ass and in my mouth.  The dwarf in my mouth was having a difficult time.  His fat cock was at the back of my throat, but push as he might, it wouldn’t enter my throat.  I began to foam at the mouth as he continued to push.  The foam was escaping from my mouth and running down my chin. I could just imagine how I must look.  He grabbed me by the ears and drove forward finally entering my throat.  This brought tears to me eyes as he then pushed forward traveling deeper into my throat.  My air supply was cut off, and I breathed forcefully through my nose, filled with a fear of suffocating. 


I was tossed to and fro with the violent thrusts of each dwarf.  Finally they both bottomed out and there is no more cock for me to ingest. They both set a rhythm and took turns ramming their monster cocks up my poor ass and down my bruised throat.   Their stamina was amazing as they pounded me for over 10 minutes.  The pain in my arms was now tremendous, and even though I was highly aroused I was unable to come to a climax because of this extreme pain.  My breasts swung violently back and forth on my chest, smacking obscenely into each other. 


The dwarf up my ass was the first to lose his load.  His giant cock throbbed and then deposited a tremendous amount of cum into my rectum.  It seemed to be endless as he spurted load after load deep into my bowels.  The dwarf down my throat grabbed me by both of my ears and rammed my mouth with short quick thrusts.  My head shook violently as my tits smacked against my chest, and then his cum filled my belly.  When both little men were fully spent, they withdrew their huge weapons from my mouth and ass and left the room.


"Well done," chuckled the Marquis.


I was unshackled and returned to my quarters.  I tried to reach down and finger fuck my pussy for I was very hot.  Evelyn stopped me and my hands were bound behind my back while I was fed, bathed, and prepared for bed.


I was forced to sleep on my back.  My legs were spread wide apart and shackled to the bedposts.  The same was done with my arms.  I was immobile.


My body needed rest and time to recover from all the abuse it had received in only a few short days.  I found that I was weary, but fortunately I was granted a reprieve. 


For the next five days my body was allowed to heal.  I was bathed, fed, receive my daily injections from the doctor, and was restrained most of the time.  Other than that I was left alone with my own thoughts. 


I at times yearn for my old life, but more often than not, my thoughts are preoccupied by the raging fire burning in my loins – a fire that cannot be put out, a fire that is fanned by the neglect that I now receive.  My clit is constantly hard and quakes with a life of its own begging to be touched. I haven’t seen the Marquis during this period of time; however, I am constantly under the watchful eyes of either Monique or Evelyn, my chambermaids.


On the fifth night of solitude (my ninth day of captivity), after I am prepared for bed, the Marquis entered my chambers.  He lightly brushed his hand against my cunt.


Ripples of pleasure ran up and down my spine.


"Are you hot, my dear?"


"Oh yes, sir, very hot.  Please fuck me."


He slapped me across the face.  "Don't be so bold and forward."


A machine was rolled up to the bed and clamps were applied to my nipples and to my clitoris.  A penis shaped phallus with a wire attached was shoved up my anus.


A switch was thrown and the machine came to life with brightly lit dials.


"Tonight might be a shocking experience, dear Gwen," says the Marquis.  He adjusted some dials and I felt electricity flowing through my breasts.  It wasn’t a single jolt but a constant trickle that was not totally unpleasant.  The Marquis adjusted the dial again and the intensity increased.  My breasts began to quiver.  I feel pain but pleasure at the same time.  I was confused.  I didn’t know what to feel.  I began to cry.


"Are you distressed, my dear? “


He again adjusted some dials and I feel a vibration in my ass.  The electricity was flowing.  Another dial was adjusted and I felt the electricity flowing to my clitoris.


"How does that feel?  Let's increase the juice to your tits a little."


He adjusted a dial and my breasts jiggled and shook even more - again a mixture of pain and pleasure.


"Tomorrow is the big day.  This is the final step - the final preparation.  Tomorrow you produce milk."


The Marquis laughed as he left the room spitting out orders to the chambermaids.  I was to be left like that all night with the low level electrical current flowing throughout my body.


I was unable to sleep.  The electricity coursing through my body kept me awake.  I was very much aware of my breasts.  The flow of electricity was concentrated in my nipples. 


In spite of all of this abuse, I was hotter than hell.  I would do anything if only I could cum.

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