The Misadventures of Gwen Chapter 25





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Chapter 25


I spent a restless night with no sleep whatsoever.  I upset the Marquis yesterday which I never meant to do. I was just so sexually frustrated. He keeps me in a constant state of arousal.  I can’t think of anything else but sex, but he won’t let me cum.  I want to please him, but lately I find that I resent him more and more because of what he’s doing to me. I don’t want to feel this way, but I do. How can you devote yourself to pleasing someone when their only objective is to make you suffer?


As I completed my morning aerobics, I found that I was so tired. Lying awake all night didn’t help.


After my bath, I was dressed. Why couldn’t I dress myself? 


Michelle, my hair stylist, had to spend quite some time on my hair since it was so long. I loved my long golden tresses. How pathetic that this was the only bright spot in my sad existence; something that everyone else took for granted.


Next, Monique removed my new jewelry. This was strange. The Marquis just gave it to me yesterday.


Instead of my high tech bra, Evelyn brought over a black under wire bra with a very low scoop and a black thong. Of course, the fit was perfect. Next Monique has me step into a short red mini skirt and finally a white silk blouse that buttoned up the front revealing my ample cleavage.   I then put on black high heel shoes with the customary five inch heels.


This felt so strange. I hadn’t worn this much clothing in I don’t know how long!  Oh God, how I wish I knew what was going on!


After my makeup was applied, I looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful blonde woman staring back at me and oh so sexy.  I also noticed that glazed look in my eye – that look of lust that the Marquis has so carefully cultivated in me. I was nothing more than a horny slut. I knew what I was.


I was immediately taken to the Marquis which was unusual because of the early hour.


When I arrived, John was there. The Marquis must have changed his mind and decided to do some filming today.  He ignored me as I entered and continued to talk to John.


Finally, he walked over, but was very cold and distant.


“Well, I see you’re ready!”


“Ready for what, sir?” I asked.


“I told you yesterday, slut! Your only concern is cumming, and you’re going to cum!”


“I didn’t say…”


He slapped me across the face hard.


“Quiet! As you can gather, I’m not very happy with you right now!”


He paced back and forth in front of me.


“You’ll be leaving here with John. On an isolated country rode, John is going to drop you off.  Shortly after that, you will see a white van. There’s nothing you have to do just stay by the side of the road and everything else will happen naturally.”


“I don’t understand, sir,” I said, totally confused by what I was being told.


“Well, Gwen, I have arranged a little scenario. It wasn’t originally intended for you, but for one of the other girls who was getting out of line. Obviously, that has all changed.”


My heart raced. I began to panic.


“You see, I have friends in high places. One of those places is the state penitentiary. The warden is a personal friend and one of my best clients. I cater to his kinky fetishes and he returns the favor. One of my men is planted in the prison and has arranged the escape of five hardened criminals.  The six of them are making their escape as we speak. Of course, this trumped-up escape is made possible by the warden.”


“What does that have to do with me, sir?” I asked, failing to see the connection.


“Well, Gwen, they’re making their escape in a white van and, by no coincidence, will be traveling down that same deserted country road you’ll be on. They’re headed to an old farmhouse not located too far away. They think they’re spending the night there until tomorrow when they’ll catch a plane out of the country. Do you get the picture now?”


A tear came to my eye.


“These five escapees are hardened criminals that haven’t seen the outside world in years. Most of them are lifers. They have nothing to lose by trying to make this escape. They’re also large black men who hate whites. Is the picture any clearer now?  Like you I imagine they’re extremely horny.”


“Oh God, no, please don’t do this to me. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything!” I broke down crying.


“It’s too late, Gwen,” he said as he walked away.  Then he suddenly turned and said, “Lucky for you their whereabouts is being monitored and they can be apprehended at any time, but not before they have their way with you. Simply tell them that your car broke down.”


Oh God, what had I done? Why didn’t I keep my big mouth shut yesterday?


About an hour later, I was dropped off on this deserted road out in the middle of nowhere. John opened the door and ordered me out of the car. I got out and he drove off.


This was the first time I had been outside since being captured. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly. The warmth of the sun felt wonderful on my face. I squinted, looking up at its brightness. I could hear birds chirping and a frog croaking in the grass nearby.


Everything was so utterly peaceful, but my heart was hammering at an hysterical rate. What was going to happen to me?


I walked along the deserted road. This was not an easy task in five inch heels as I struggled to keep from falling on the asphalt. There was not a living sole in sight. Suddenly I saw a white dot in the distance kicking up dirt. It was headed towards me, and in several minutes I could see that it was a vehicle – a white van just as the Marquis said.


It pulled up and screeched to a stop! The driver looked out the window.


“What do we have here? Do you need a ride, miss?” he asked.


“Yes, I would appreciate that. My car broke down on a secondary road a couple of miles back,” I said.


“Not a problem, hop in,” said the driver, smiling at me.


I walked around to the side of the van and the side door slid open. Five large black men were seated in the van, and they were not smiling. I should run, but where could I go. The Marquis would find me anyway. I stepped up into the van, filled with dread!


The door closed and we were moving.


The large black man sitting next to me said, “You are one fine looking bitch.”


“Excuse me. I don’t appreciate your vulgar language. Maybe you should just let me out right here.”


They all laughed.


“Not a chance.  What I want to know is what a fine piece of meat like you is doing out on this back road dressed like this, ” he said as he ran his hand up my leg.


My heart was hammering hysterically in my chest, but at the same time my clit was throbbing.


“Look at the tits on her! Christ, she’s built like a brick shithouse,” one of the guys in back said as he reached around to squeeze my breast. “Fuck, they’re real!”


“Don’t touch me!” I hissed.


Oh God, I was in trouble.


“I don’t like white bitches, man!” added another one of the men in back. “Especially a white bitch with an attitude.”


“Hey, none of us do, but I haven’t had any pussy in five years, and I’m not passing this one up,” added another.


I tried to move away from the huge black next to me, but he wouldn’t let me pulling me closer.


“Hey lady, do you always go around dressed like this? I mean, you’re asking for trouble if you do. This outfit has fuck me written all over it!”


They all laughed at the joke that was made at my expense.


“We’re here,” said the driver.  “We’ll be better off around back in the barn.”


He drove around back, and I was pushed out of the van, landing hard on the ground.


I felt hands squeeze my arms as two of the men raised me to my feet and turned me around. I was standing with my back against the van surrounded by six men.


“Ok bitch, let’s see what you got under those clothes,” said one of the blacks, approaching me.


“No!” I screamed.


“Scream all you want, white trash! No one’s going to hear you out here,” he sneered as he grabbed my hair.


I started to cry.


He reared back and slapped me hard across the face.


“Shut up, mother fucker!”


I tried to compose myself. I knew I was in big trouble. At least back at the Marquis’s estate I knew no real harm would come to me. This was different.


“Did you guys see her tongue?” he asks.


“What are you talking about, Willie?” asked one of the guys.


“Her tongue is pierced, brother. The bitch has two studs!” Willie said.


“Holy shit, said one of the others. “That’s going to feel good when she licks up and down my big black snake!”


They all laughed, enjoying the joke at my expense.


“Max, Lonnie, take hold of her arms.” Willie instructed two of the black men.


The two large black men grabbed my arms. I looked at the others, seeing the hungry looks on their faces as Willie pulled a knife out of his belt.  In spite of myself, I was getting aroused. I could feel my nipples getting hard as he approached me.


He took the knife and cut off the top button of my blouse.


Lordy, look at that cleavage! We’ve got a big one!”


“Just leave me alone! You have no right!” I screamed.


Max and Lonnie each twisted one of my arms behind my back. My breasts were thrust out even further.


Willie cut off two more buttons, fully exposing my black bra. He then took the point of his knife and ran it slowly up and down my exposed cleavage.


I was so scared but at the same time so fucking hot. I knew my pussy was dripping.


“Your tits are fucking amazing!” Willie said as continued to taunt me with his knife.


I was scared that he might cut me. My breathing became labored as my tits rose and fell on my chest. At the same time, my clit was hard and throbbing.


“You like that, slut?”


“No, you bastard!”


Willie backhanded me again across the face.


“Let’s show a little respect, you white bitch,” he screamed.


He cut the remaining buttons and my blouse was now totally open. They all stared at my bra encased breasts!


“Holy fuck! Look at those fucking tits! They’re huge! I wonder if they’re real!” Lonnie said as he reached around and squeezed my left breast.


Oh, they’re real alright! Let go of her arms. I want to see her walk around,” ordered Willie.


They released my arms and formed a circle around me. I now knew I was in real trouble surrounded by six blacks who hated white women and at the same time hadn’t had any sex in years.


“Ok, bitch, walk around and show us what you’ve got,” demanded Willie.


I stood there paralyzed by his words. This couldn’t be happening. It was all a bad dream and I’d wake up to find myself back at the mansion. Please tell me it was a dream!


Yo bitch, get movin’! Understand that I won’t hesitate to cut you if you don’t do what I say,” he sneered.


I began to walk around the circle of black men conscious of the fact that my breasts were bouncing up and down further exciting these thugs. My clit was so hard. I could see the huge bulges in their pants as I passed by. They reached out and squeezed my breasts and slapped me on the ass as they make rude comments.  This further excited me. Why was I reacting like this?  I should be totally turned off by what they were doing to me, but I wasn’t. It excited me.


“We got ourselves one hot mother fuckin’ bitch!” exclaimed one of them.


 “OK, stop right there. The boys want to see more!”


Willie’s knife moved quickly as he cut my blouse away and it dropped to the ground! He then took my breasts in his large hands and squeezed them though my bra. I moaned like a wanton whore. I was so hot. I couldn’t help myself. It had been over two months now.


“Look at her! She likes it! She likes my black hands on her!”


Willie then cut my bra in the middle of the cups and my huge breasts broke free.


“Jesus Christ, look at those,” he said in amazement as he cut the straps and my bra fell to the ground.


“Let’s fuck her,” said one of the others watching, a huge black giant!


“Not so fast, Tiny! Let’s take this slow. We have a lot of time!” Willie said, obviously the leader of the group.


Willie took his knife and circled my areoles with it. He then rested the tip of the knife on my right nipple. I shuttered, feeling the cold steel against my nipple.


“Yes, I can tell you like everything I’m doing to you! You’re getting off on this!”


“I hate you, you black bastard!” I screamed.


Willie grabbed my nipples and squeezed them hard and then twisted them and pulled them. I screamed out in pain. He then let go and hauled off and slapped my tits, knocking them into each other.


“I don’t like being called names, slut!” he hissed.


“I’m sorry,” I cried.


“Any more names and I’ll cut your fucking tits off,” he said, continuing to smack them.


Oh God, someone help me.


“Now, you can be nice and maybe you won’t get hurt, or we can do it the hard way,” he said.


I whimpered, afraid to say anything else that might rile him, remembering what the Marquis said about these guys.


He took his knife and traced circles around my right breast. Then he did the same to my left.  Then he took the flat of the blade and smacked my right nipple with it. He did the same to my left nipple.


“Those fucking nipples are huge. I’ve never seen tits like hers,” said Max.


“What a find, and just our luck to run into her all alone on this deserted road,” Willie said as his knife traced a line down my belly and circled my navel. He began to push the point of his knife into my navel. My legs were weak.


“Hey, Willie, you’re having all the fun!” said Tiny.


“Well, get over here, Tiny, and get yourself some of this tit.”


Tiny walked up and took my right nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it and then grabbed it with his teeth and pulled straight out distending my breast. My pussy was on fire as he abused my tit. Then he took as much of my breast in his mouth as it would hold and began to suck harder and harder on it.


“Damn, she’s full of milk, and it’s good,” Tiny shouted to the others and opened his mouth to show them.


One of the others latched on to my left breast and sucked hard. Tiny resumed sucking my right breast.  I cursed the sensitivity of my breasts, and I felt my pussy juices flowing faster from the stimulation.


Willie reached under my short mini skirt and felt my pussy. My g string was sopping wet. What a slut I am!


“This bitch is getting off on this, she’s wet,” Willie exclaimed. “Her pussy is like a faucet.”


While the boys continued to suck the milk out of my tits, Willie cut my skirt and g string away, exposing my naked pussy.


“Hey, man, save some of that for us,” complained Max.


Tiny and the other guy reluctantly released my breasts. Lonnie and Max released my arms. I stood there only wearing my high-heeled shoes. I felt so self-conscious, something I hadn’t felt in a long time, but at the same time I was highly aroused. How could I not be surrounded by six black studs?


“Fuck look at her clit. It’s like a little cock! I’ve never seen one anywhere near that big before!” exclaimed Willie as he ran his knife up and down my large clit. I shuddered at the touch of the blade. 


“And look at all the rings in her pussy! This ho is far out!”


“Let’s fuck the white bitch,” said one of the others.


“Take it easy, Darrel. Let’s not rush into things. Like I said, let’s have some fun first! She’s not going any where,” Willie said.


“As he ran the blade around my clit, I shuddered from the sensations running through my body.  My knees went weak as I had a small climax.


“Did you see that? She had an orgasm! Let’s get her inside where we can have some real fun. I don’t want to take the risk of being seen out here. Lonnie, make sure the van is well hidden.”


“Right, boss.”


They pushed me forward toward the barn.


“Holy fuck, I’m going to cum just looking at her!” exclaimed Tiny.


“Easy, Tiny, it’ll be worth it,” said Willie.


One of the guys tied my hands together behind me with a length of rope.  I was led over to a spot in the barn between two posts that were around four feet apart. 


“Don’t worry. Everything is under control,” he whispered in my ear. “My name is Steve, and I’ll see that you come to no harm. Just do as you’re told.”


He then threw a long rope over a beam. He gathered my hair together in a pony tail and tied it to the rope. My legs were spread wide and secured to the posts.  He then pulled me up by the rope attached to my hair.  I was now immobile at the mercy of these animals.


“Holy fuck, look at the slut” exclaimed Max.


Willie walked up to me and grabbed my pussy. He buried a finger up my wet snatch. I groaned in lust unable to disguise my feelings.


“Hey, who wants some milk?” he asked.


Lonnie and Max, who had already removed their clothes, hurried over and latched onto my breasts. They both began to suck and squeeze my breasts unmercifully.


Meanwhile Willie continued to work on my pussy adding a second finger and then a third. I couldn’t help but move my hips encouraging him. With his other hand he teased my clit, sending chills up and down my spine. A fourth finger was added as he pumped them in and out as far as he could.


“She is one hot, slut!” Willie exclaimed.


I couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t received this much attention in quite some time. I didn’t care that they were escaped convicts that had large black cocks and I wanted them.


Tiny was in back of me, squeezing my ass. Then his hands roamed between my cheeks, seeking out my rosebud. His finger pushed at my tight anus.


I was on fire. I was filled with so many sensations. I couldn’t hold off any longer. Willie squeezed my clit again and I shuddered overcome by another climax that shook my body and made my dizzy. I had been denied for so long that just about anything would trigger an orgasm.


“The bitch came, again!” Willie exclaimed. “What a fucking slut.”


Willie tucked his thumb into the palm of his hand and pushed. My wet sloppy pussy lips clung to his hand as it entered me, finally closing around his wrist. His whole hand was buried in my pussy.


“Oh God, that feels so good!” I grunted and groaned, trying to spread my legs wider to accommodate his fist!


Lonnie and Max continued to suck and squeeze my breasts, shooting milk down their throats. Tiny had worked three fingers up my ass. I felt so full. I was feeling an emotional overload as another climax ravaged my body, sending chills up and down my spine.


Darrel approached me on the side and slid his tongue in my mouth. I greedily returned his kisses as his hands roamed all over my body. Oh my God, I was feeling so many sensations at once. I had already cum three times and no one had even fucked me yet, and I hadn’t been shocked!


As these thoughts filled my mind, Willie curled his fingers into a fist and slowly drove his fist in and out of my cunt. With every thrust in and out, he dragged his arm against my clit, driving me wild.


“Oh yeah, fuck me with your fist, you big black stud!” I moaned.


He shoved his fist deeper into me, fucking steadily in and out of me. Shockwaves of pleasure coursed through my body. I moaned in pleasure.


“The bitch is cumming for the fourth time, look at her,” Willie yelled. 


Lonnie and Max released my tits as I bucked my hips back and forth on Willie’s fist buried deep in my cunt.  My whole body shivered and as the orgasm hit full force, both my breasts sprayed milk across the floor of the barn. I felt so aroused and humiliated, but I couldn’t help myself. The orgasm kept on as I screamed and moaned in pleasure.


All the blacks stood around watching as they stroked their large cocks. Willie continued to pound me pussy with his fist, driving in and out of me with long strokes. His fist pounded against my cervix before pulling back only to pound against it once more.


“Fuck me harder, God, fuck my cunt with your fist, I’m cumming again,” I screamed as Willie took his free hand and pinched my large throbbing clit between his thumb and forefinger.


Finally, the orgasm subsided and Willie removed his fist from my pussy.


“You’re just a whore,” Willie chastised me. “Now you’re going to fuck us all.”


I moaned. If he only knew!


He moved his hand up to my mouth. I knew what he wanted as I licked his fingers, tasting my pussy juice smeared all over his hand.


“Lick it all up, cunt,” he ordered as I continued to lick, making sure I left none behind.


 “Who fucks her first, boss?” Tiny asked.


“Let’s get something to eat first. We’ve got plenty of time to plug this white trash’s holes.  She’s going to get some serious fucking.” said Willie.


“Hey boss, can I play with her for a few minutes? I haven’t had a turn yet,” Steve asked.


“Go ahead,” Willie answered.


Steve stood in front of me and squeezed my breasts. I moaned. He then grabbed my nipples and rolled them between his thumb and forefinger. I licked my lips, filled with lust. I was so fucking hot. I had cum four times already, but I was like a raging inferno, the fire refused to go out!


“Can you make it until the morning?” Steve asked.


“Oh yes,” I moaned as he continued to manipulate my tits.


Then his hand traveled down to my clit and pulled and squeezed on it. I moved my hips, wanting greater contact.


“You are one hot slut! Do you realize none of these guys have been with a woman in five years? You are going to get the shit fucked out of you, and these guys are hung like horses!”


I moaned.


“Suck my clit, Steve!” I begged.


He slapped my right breast and then my left. 


“Listen up! The guards will be here in the morning. These boys are in for a real surprise, but they’ll have their fun tonight. Just be careful. Don’t provoke them. They can be rough,” he warned.


“What about you, Steve? Don’t you want to fuck me,” I said through lust-filled eyes.


“Don’t worry! You’ll know when you’ve been fucked by me, slut!” he said as he walked away leaving me hanging there.


I didn’t have to wait long as the six black studs returned, all naked. They were each stroking their cocks as they stood around me. My jaw dropped open as I surveyed the black monsters they were sporting. There isn’t one less than ten inches long and most were larger than that. 


“Cut the bitch down,” ordered Willie.


Tiny immediately came over and released the rope over the beam. He then cut the rope holding my wrists together. I rubbed my wrists which were chaffed from the rough rope.


Willie lay down on an old mattress on the floor.


“Are you ready for a foot of Alabama black snake,” he snickered.  “Bring the ho over here!”


Darrel and Max grabbed my arms and dragged me over to Willie. I straddled his legs and lowered my pussy on to his long black cock. He had to be two inches in diameter as he stretched my pussy open. Oh God, he felt so good as I buried his cock to the hilt in my snatch. He pushed against my cervix before bottoming out. His cock rubbed against my large clit driving me crazy.


As I looked around all I could see was large black cocks ready to violate me in every hole, and I wanted every one of them. I licked my lips in anticipation as my tits bounced up and down on my chest.


Lonnie walked around behind me and slapped my ass. I groaned in lust. He continued to smack my ass with his large black hands. He then spread my cheeks wide and ran his tongue up and down the crack of my ass. He spit on my anus and drove his tongue into me. Oh God, it felt so good. I pushed back against his tongue wanting more.


“Oh fuck, yes, eat out my asshole,” I groaned.


My clit ached so badly. I fucked myself up and down on Willie’s cock faster and faster trying to appease my throbbing clit, and then I exploded into another mind-blowing climax.


“Oh yes, fuck me with your big black cock!” I screamed.


Lonnie spit on his hand and lubricated his cock before he put it up to my anus. I moaned as I looked back at him with lust-filled eyes. I knew what he was about to do.


“Ready to have your ass ripped open by thirteen inches of black cock?” he asked.


“Oh yes, fuck me!” I screamed.  “Buried your black cock up my ass you nigger!”


This infuriated Lonnie as he got rougher with me, smacking my ass hard before lining up his cock with my rosebud. I wanted him to be rough. I knew that calling him a nigger would piss him off.


He pushed forward and drove the head of his cock up my rectum. I grunted as he continued to push forward, driving his cock inch by inch further into my bowels. With his thrust, he smacked my ass viciously. 


Meanwhile Darrel and Tiny worked on my tits, squeezing, kissing, sucking, and biting me. Oh God, it felt so good. Milk leaked from my nipples. I was on an emotional overload – so many cocks, so many hands, so many mouths working me over. I was being bombarded with so many sensations all at once. I could now feel the two cocks through the thin membrane separating my pussy from my rectum. Twenty-five inches of cock was buried inside of me. I was being taken higher and higher as my body was rocketed with another orgasm. Wave after wave of almost unbearable pleasure coursed through me. My pussy gushed as Willie relentlessly pounded his big black cock into me. They were like machines as they drilled me, showing no mercy, and this is what I wanted. I wanted the shit fucked out of me. I had been denied too long.


Max stood in front of me. My mind was in a haze.  My eyes were glassy and not quick to focus. He slapped me across the face.


“Suck, bitch!” he demanded.


I opened my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. I took his fat black cock to the back of my throat and then out again. Max wasn’t satisfied with my effort as he smacked me on the side of the head and told me to swallow. I took him in my mouth again. The head of his cock was at the back of my mouth. Then he grabbed my head and pushed forward. The black phallus slipped into my throat. I impaled myself on his black monster, taking it all the way down my throat.


“Not bad for a white whore – 13 inches buried in your throat,” he boasted.


He held my head and started to fuck my mouth in earnest.


“Look at me when I fuck your mouth, whore,” he commanded.


I looked him in the eyes as my throat was being rammed unmercifully by his monster cock. The studs in my tongue rubbed up and down the underside of his cock further stimulating him. So much cock was buried in my body. I was on an emotional overload. All my senses were so acute.


Oh God, I could feel Willie’s cock swelling in me. He was close. Oh God, I was going to cum again too. Chills ran up and down my spine as the orgasm hit me hard. Willie started to shoot hot cum up my pussy as I was tossed to and fro by the three cocks buried in me. Then Lonnie grunted and smacked my ass hard as his cock expanded and then started to dump hot cum up my ass. He continued to smack my ass. They both continued to ride my well-lubricated orifices for some minutes before withdrawing. I never came down. My clit ached more than ever as I was being taken still higher and higher. Someone please put out this raging fire in my loins.


Both of my holes were immediately filled by Darrel and Steve.  I rocked back and forth feeling the large cocks violating my pussy and rectum. I was insatiable. My clit was now supersensitive and it didn’t take much for me to orgasm. Steve slapped my ass as he buried his cock in my bowels. The steady beating of my ass continued as they got into a rhythm.


“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder. Ram your black meat in me, you bastards,” I screamed.


Max started to grunt. I knew he was close. He pulled his cock out of my mouth.


“Stick out your tongue, whore,” he commanded.


He smacked my tongue with his large black cock.


Look at me, slut, and don’t close your eyes,” he ordered.


He then grunted and a long string of hot cum shot out and landed on my face, followed by spurt after spurt of cum all directed at my face and chest.


When he was finished, he ordered me to lick his cock and balls clean. I immediately obeyed, savoring the taste of his cum as I greedily licked his shaft and rubbed it all over my face.


I shuddered through another orgasm as my clit would give me no respite. Darrel and Steve continued to pound away at my well used pussy and rectum. Steve’s smacks to my ass became more pronounced as he withdrew his cock from my rectum and shot his sperm all over my lower back and ass.


I could tell that Darrel was close.


“Come on, baby, cum in me!” I encouraged him. “Fill my pussy with your spunk.”


This sent him over the edge and he unloaded a massive amount of cum in my pussy.


They both withdrew and I was left there lying on the blanket empty!


“Up on your knees, trash,” Tiny ordered.


I scrambled to my knees facing him. My large tits swayed on my chest. This guy wasn’t tiny as I stared at the large black phallus before me. 


“Can you handle this, bitch?” he asked.


I gulped.


What’s the matter, slut, haven’t you ever seen fifteen inches of black cock?” he taunted.


There was no doubt that this guy was huge, and his cock was fat. I mean really fat. I don’t think I could get that thing in my mouth.


“Are you ready for warm-ups? Get your mouth open,” he ordered.


My clit was really throbbing now at the thought of getting that monster in my mouth. I mean, there was no way.


“It’s too big,” I timidly said.


Tiny reared back and landed a blow that almost dislocated my jaw. The return blow was just as forceful.


“Did I ask for your opinion, white slut? Open your mouth!” he screamed.


The others stood around me stroking their cocks, wondering what I would do. I could see that all of them were getting hard again.


Willie grabbed my head and held me by the throat, forcing my mouth open. Tiny took the large fat head of his black cock and placed it on my lower lip, stretching my lips around the head of his cock.  He then pushed and the head slipped into my mouth. My eyes were wide. He was much too big.


“Breathe through your mouth, dumb whore,” Willie ordered.


I breathed through my nose, following my instincts for survival. Tiny pushed forward as Willie continued to hold my head. His cock slipped in another inch. I breathed frantically. My nostrils flared. He pushed again burying another inch. He was at the back of my throat, but there was still a foot of cock exposed. I was getting light headed.


I hope he was not seriously considering pushing that monster in any more. I couldn’t possibly deep throat a cock that big. He would rip my throat open!


“OK boys, she needs some distracting. A couple of you boys suck on those mother fucking huge tits of hers. Max and Lonnie scrambled over and started pulling and sucking on my breasts.


“Who wants to volunteer to eat her pussy. That cock-sized clit of hers needs some nibbling.”


Darrel put his head right under me and went to work, sucking my clit into his mouth. My body was on fire.


Tiny pushed forward, but was met with resistance. He pushed again and I choked. He took his cock out of my mouth and allowed me to breathe, but the three mouths continued to work on my body arousing me and bringing me once again so close to a climax.


“Take deep breaths, ho. This is the last chance you’ll get for a while,” he warned.


I breathed deeply with my breasts rising and falling sensuously on my chest. Tiny then rested the head of his cock on my lower lip.


“Look at me, whore,” he spit out.


I looked him in the eye as he pushed forward, burying his cock to the back of my mouth in one stroke.


“Keep looking at Tiny, slut,” Willie ordered as he smacked me on the side of the head.


I maintained eye contact as Tiny shoved forward, breaking through and entering my throat. He sneered at me as he pushed again burying another inch into my throat. I breathed through my nose with my nostrils flaring and my mouth stretched to the max. Dizziness overtook me once again as I struggled to get air.


“Holy fuck, look at the outline of your mother fucking cock in her throat,” Willie exclaimed.


The bulge in my throat was huge as he pushed forward burying another inch. I could see now that his intent was to stuff all 15 inches of his huge cock down my throat.


“Has anyone ever deep throated that sucker?” Willie asked.


“Naw! Thelma came the closest. She took down about ten inches and then panicked, but this bitch has no choice. She’s taking it all even if I have to rip her throat open,” he hissed.


He pushed forward burying two more inches and my eyes bulged wide open. His pubic hair was getting closer to my face, but I could see a lot of black shaft outside of my mouth.


Lonnie and Max were going wild on my tits sucking hard on my nipples, drawing milk from them. Darrel was sucking and biting on my large clit which now was extremely sensitive. I rocked back and forth on his face, my pussy juice covering him. I was so hot! He then worked his tongue down between my labia and buried his tongue in my pussy.


Tiny pushed once again and two more inches disappeared as I spasmed and had another orgasm. I shook violently with his cock buried in my throat, my pussy spasming around Darrel’s mouth, gushing pussy juice all over him. Chills ran up and down my spine as I was taken higher and higher. My jaw ached as I looked up at him, his monster cock violating my throat and stretching it beyond any imaginable limits.


Tiny changed his tactic and started moving his cock back and forth three or four inches in my throat. I knew he was trying to stretch it for easier entry, and he seemed to be succeeding as with every thrust in and out he gained more ground until I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nose.


“Holy fucking shit, I’m all the way down the white whore’s throat. Fifteen inches of cock is buried in her throat!” he exclaimed.


They all took a minute to congratulate Tiny and urge him on. My jaw was aching. How I wish he would cum and get it over with. I was beginning to panic with my air supply cut off. My chest ached from the lack of air and I was getting light-headed.


“OK, Willie, I can handle her from here on in,” said Tiny.


Willie released my head, and Tiny grasped my ears, using them as handles.


“OK whore, ready for the ride of your life?” he snickered.


Holding my ears, he withdraws ten inches of black cock and then rams it back into my throat. He kept this up, withdrawing and ramming his cock back into me, violating my throat and increasing his pace with each thrust. The lack of oxygen was making me dizzy.  It was as if my mind was floating outside my body.  My throat hurt so much, and when I thought I could take no more, I felt his cock swell, followed by hot sperm boiling down my throat, filling me up. His cock continued to spew forth for many minutes and then finally began to deflate.


He took his cock out of my mouth and I coughed, trying to clear my sore throat which wouldn’t be the same for a long time. I continued to cough feeling lightheaded, hoping I didn’t pass out. I couldn’t seem to get enough air. My tits rose and fell on my chest as my lungs struggled to get enough air.


I don’t know how long they fucked me. I had absolutely no sense of time, but they were insatiable, one or two of them always ready to violate me. I continued to cum, one orgasm after another. This went on for several hours, always two or three at a time fucking the shit out of me and making me cum time and time again.     


Then Max had an idea. 


“Hey let’s double fuck her pussy!”


“We can’t do that,” Steve protested.


“Why not?  Watch this, man!” laughed Max as he approached me.


“Steve, lie on your back and put the bitch on top of you.”


Steve rolled over onto his back, and I straddled his crotch.


“No, turn the other way, trash,” ordered Max.


I turned with my back towards Steve’s head. He reached around me and squeezed my nipples. I groaned as my nipples communicated with my clit, sending wave of pleasure to my pulsating pussy.  I then reached down, grabbed his huge black cock, and lined it up.


“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I whimpered as Steve began to thrust up into my well used pussy.


“Now it’s time for me,” said Max as he moved on his knees and positioned himself between our legs facing me. He grabbed his twelve inch black snake and put the head at my slit. His cock lay on top of Steve’s. Then in one big push, timed with Steve’s thrusts, he pushed the entire length of his cock into my pussy alongside Steve’s.


I felt so fucking full with two black cocks stuffing my poor pussy. My clit was getting stimulated with every thrust from these black bastards, and I spasmed, having another orgasm as they both thrust their cocks deep into my cunt stretching me beyond my limit. Chills again ran up and down my spine as I was taken even higher, unable to satisfy the itch in my loins. I twitched and rotated and growled as the violation of my body continued.  I was my own worse enemy as I stretched my poor pussy even more. 


Max reached up and smacked my tits with his large black hands, knocking them into each other. This excited me even  more as he continued to use and abuse my body.


“That is fucking unbelievable!” yelled Willie.  “I’ve got an idea. Push her forward on her belly and let me fuck her ass while ya’ll tear her pussy open!”


As I lean forward moaning in pleasure from the last orgasm that just hit me, Willie straddled Steve’s belly and forced his 12 inch cock up my ass.


Three cocks were now pistoning in out of my poor pussy and ass.  A total of thirty-four inches of black cock was buried in me. Tiny, Darrel, and Lonnie stood over me stroking their large black cocks, looking on in disbelief.


“Look at that slut, go! You can’t feed her enough cock. She keeps coming back for more,” exclaimed Lonnie as he lifted my head and forced the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked on his cock greedily, taking it deep into my mouth and down my throat. I could swallow anything after Tiny’s goliath cock. I groaned around his cock as the unnatural violation of my openings continued.


Darrel and Tiny dropped down on either side of me and started milking my breasts. They squeezed my breasts and tugged on my long hard nipples. Milk began to flow and they clamped they mouths down greedily, sucking my nipples into their mouths.


“Fuck me, you bastards, fuck me!” I screamed, as I had another massive orgasm. I never came down. I was never satiated. I just kept rising higher and higher. I wanted to cum, and I was hit with another orgasm as my body spasmed. I bucked up and down working the large black cocks stuffing every hole.


I couldn’t imagine how I must look with six black men using me simultaneously.


Lonnie thrusted into my mouth several more times, and then pulled out and sprayed my face with his cum.


Darrel took his place, ramming his cock down my throat, while Lonnie took over sucking on my nipple, drawing my sweet nectar into his mouth.


Unbelievable as it may seem, Max, Steve, and Lonnie all came at the same time, flooding my pussy and ass with their hot sperm.  I spasmed as my holes were filled to overflowing with black sperm. When they all withdrew, I was a sloppy mess. My head, face, tits, legs, pussy, and ass were all covered with sperm.


Darrell held my head and pistoned his cock into my throat, driving it deeper. I could tell he was close. Then suddenly he pulled out of my mouth as his cum spurt out all over my face and tits. I rubbed his cum into my breasts as I licked my lips. I wanted more cum.


“Clean your breasts off, trash,” ordered Willie as I sat back on my heels.


I looked at him puzzled.


“Don’t you know anything, whore. Lift your breast and clean it off with your mouth. You can get that udder up there!” he screamed.


I lifted my tit and licked it. I ran my tongue all around my areola and took my nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. My clit throbbed and tingled as I sucked on my nipple, savoring the taste of the black convict’s cum. I was a slut. I was turning myself on.


“Now, do the other one,” ordered Willie.


I lifted my other large breast and started licking, again taking my nipple in my mouth to lick and suck.


“Want some,” I asked, offering my breasts to any takers. I was astonished by my own boldness. I was just been raped for hours by six convicts, and now I was urging them on.


“Get on your hands and knees, bitch. I’m not done with you yet! I want a piece of that ass of yours,” said Tiny as he stroked his enormous cock.


I turned over, getting up on my hands and knees. My ass was high up in the air as my breasts hung heavily below me.  Tiny walked behind me and I groaned as he began to slap my ass. I moaned as his hand came down on first my left cheek and then my right. He continued to land blows to my ass as my hips gyrated. The heat was building in my ass and my pussy ached. My clit was so hard that it hurt.


“Hit me harder, you black bastard,” I groaned.


“You fucking slut, I’m going to give you something you won’t soon forget.”


He smacked me with a vengeance as his index finger penetrated my anus. I grunted, feeling the intruder going deeper. He soon added a second and then a third finger which he sawed in and out of my ass. It was a good thing the other guys paved the way. I reached under myself and played with my clit, Oh God, it was so sensitive.


“Enough foreplay,” Tiny announced as he withdrew his fingers from my asshole and positioned his monstrous black cock at my rear opening. He shoved forward and my sphincter muscle gave slightly but not enough to allow his huge head to penetrate.  He reared back and with a mighty thrust the head of his cock entered my rectum.


My jaw dropped open. I never felt so full in all my life. He was going to rip me a new asshole. I felt my anus stretched obscenely. If he only knew what I’d already had up there. At least I knew that I could handle him if was careful.


He rocked back and forth inching his large black cock up my rectum. I felt so full.


“Fuck my ass, stud,” I encouraged him.


I think he was surprised that I was not intimidated as he got bolder and thrusted harder and faster, burying two inches with each thrust!


“What a fucking slut you are!” he hissed as he hit my colon.


Oh God, Bernard had a huge cock but nowhere as long as Tiny’s 15 inches. Maybe I was too hasty in thinking I could handle him. Tiny drove forward burying more of his cock up my shitter. I felt so fucking full. With one more painful thrust his balls rest against my pussy lips. All 15 inches was buried up my ass. I was on fire as I thrashed my head back and forth. He had penetrated my colon.


“I can’t believe the bitch took all of Tiny’s cock up her ass,” Max said. “It’s at least fifteen inches long. No one has ever taken it up the ass without being hurt.”


Tiny started pumping in and out of my ass, widening it with each stroke.  He took long hard strokes as his hand continued to come down, slapping my ass with every thrust. I grunted and groaned as I was pounded by the monster black snake. Every muscle in my body was on fire.


“Fuck me you black bastard, fuck me harder, fuck my ass harder,” I screamed at Tiny as another orgasm hit me with such intensity that milk flowed from my tits like a running faucet.


This maddened Tiny as he increased his speed, fucking my ass brutally. He pistoned his long shaft in and out of my poor abused rectum with lightening speed.


“Harder, you wimp, fuck me harder!” I screamed.


“Grrrrrrrr” escaped from his throat as he slammed me unmercifully. 


I was numb as all fifteen inches burrowed deep into my bowels only to withdraw and violate me once again. I pushed back meeting him blow for blow as my ass was stretched and penetrated beyond belief.


“Grrrrrrrrrrr!” he screamed.


It was too much for Tiny to take as his cock swelled and dumped a massive load of sperm in my rectum.  This triggered my own orgasm as I thrashed wildly below him.


I had taken wider, but Tiny’s length had gone where no other cock had gone before. Sated, he collapsed on top of me, grunting and breathing heavily.


He withdrew and stood in front of me.


“Clean it!” he ordered.


I hesitated. His cock was just up my ass. I really didn’t want that in my mouth.


He slapped me across the face, and then reached down and lifted me by my nipples. I screamed.


“Do I have to tell you again?”


I took his cock in my hand and began to lick it. I took long strokes starting at the base of his cock, working up to the head. I could tell the studs in my tongue were getting him excited.


“Look at me when you clean my cock, trash!” Tiny ordered.


I looked him in the eye as I continued to lick his long shaft until it was clean. I then sucked his large balls in my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. He liked this as he began to grunt.


“All right, let’s give her a few minutes to clean up. She’s a mess. There’s a bathroom in back. Steve, go with her,” Willie said.


I get up and Steve led me to the bathroom.


“How are you doing?” he asked.


“I’m doing fine,” I answered.


“You’ll be leaving before the guards raid this place. It might get rough and the Marquis doesn’t want you around,” he explained.


“Okay,” I answered.


After cleaning up and relieving myself, Steve took me back to the group.


“OK, trash, we’ve been having a pretty good time here, but some of the boys think I’ve been too easy on you. They don’t like your attitude. They think I’m getting soft,” said Willie as he tapped his knife on the palm of his hand.


“I don’t understand. I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do. I’ve cooperated,” I pleaded.


“I know that, bitch, but I’ve got a rep to protect. I can’t have it said in the hood that I’m soft on white women,” he said.


Lonnie and Max came over and grabbed my arms. They pulled them behind my back, forcing my tits forward.


“You got to admit, you’re a real kinky bitch,” Willie explained as his knife circled my right nipple. He then slowly moved his knife down my abdomen and lingered at my clit, pushing my clit ring back and forth.


“I mean, you got more gold on your pussy than Fort Knox,” he snickered.


“Hey, man, let’s just fuck her,” Steve said.


“Look, I’m just having some fun and I’m getting tired of your interference,” he said as his hand formed a fist and landed a blow to my solar plexus.


“Aaaaggghhhh!” I grunted as I doubled over in pain, unable to catch my breath.  I thought things were going so well.


“Stand her up, boys. You know, Steve, I was horny just like you, but let’s not forget she’s white,” Willie hissed.


He then squeezed my tits hard, kneading them between his fingers. He released them and smacked the outside of both breasts at the same time, knocking them into each other. This seemed to amuse him so he continued to smack them together.


I should be panicking, but instead I was getting wet from the abuse my tits were taking. My clit was hard and throbbing. Even my nipples gave me away, standing rock hard on my chest.


“Look, the bitch is turned on. She like this,” Willie said as he smacked my tits some more.


“Willie, if you do anything stupid, you’re going to fuck everything up,” Steve warned.


“He’s right, boss,” added Tiny.


“All right! All right! I’m just fucking with her mind,” Willie explained as he backed off.


Willie sat in a chair. His cock was rock hard. Actually, they were all sporting huge boners once again.


“Come here, slut! I want a lap dance, and you better make it good,” he said.


I breathed a sigh of relief, glad to get past that whole scenario.


I put my arms around his neck and buried my tongue in his mouth as I gyrated my hips, capturing his huge cock between my pussy lips. I then raised myself up and guided the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips. God, that felt so good. It sent shivers up and down my spine. I next rubbed his black meat all over my hard, throbbing clit. I was getting so fucking hot. As I buried his cock in my pussy, I offered him my tits which he greedily sucked on, drawing my milk into his mouth. I rode him slowly up and down, milking his long black cock, knowing I would be rewarded with his hot cum shooting into my pussy.


My clit tingled and I knew I was so close to another orgasm. I picked up the pace and slammed my pussy down on his twelve inch cock, impaling myself on him. I couldn’t take any more as I had another massive climax.  I buried my tongue in his mouth as I rode him harder and harder. He let’s out a grunt and his pulsating snake bathed my hot pussy with his cum.


“That wasn’t too bad for a white slut. You can get up now,” he ordered.


I got off of Willie and Lonnie motioned me over to where he was sitting.


“I want a lap dance too, but I want some anal action, whore,” he said.


I straddled his legs with my back to him as I leaned back and put his hands on my breasts.


“Squeeze my nipples, baby,” I whispered to him as I moved my hips, teasing the head of his cock.


He groaned as he squeezed and tugged on my large hard nipples. Each pull sent a shock to my clit as my pussy continued to drip. I lined up his thirteen inch cock with my anus and pushed. The head of his cock pressed against my splinter muscle which finally gave, offering him entrance to my back door. I groaned in lust as I moved sensually up and down, driving his cock deeper and deeper up my ass.


He kissed my neck and my shoulders, driving me absolutely wild. I bore down pushing another two inches of black cock up my ass. I knew that by the time all thirteen inches was buried in my ass, he’d be violating my colon. I encouraged him to pull and tug on my nipples which he did, driving me closer to another climax. Finally all thirteen inches of cock disappeared.


I then rode his cock, raising myself up ten to twelve inches to only impale myself on his black pole. I continued to do this, driving him and myself closer to a climax. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled hard, forcing my head back as his snake pounded the shit out of my ass.  I squeezed and tugged on my clit, sending myself over the edge as chills raced up and down my spine in a mind-blowing climax.


“Aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhh,” I screamed as my asshole spasmed around his stiff black cock.


Lonnie groaned as his black monster expanded in my rectum and spewed forth a massive load of cum, filling me up.


This continued as each of the black convicts demanded a personal lap dance from me. My pussy and ass were used constantly, and with every ride I had at least one orgasm. I had cum so much tonight that I’d lost count.  My breasts were sucked and pulled and tugged and pinched and milked until they constantly ached and were sore.


I was totally exhausted and needed some rest. It was now late into the night in the wee hours of the morning. I’d been fucked and manhandled since we got there, and I’d had to service them all by myself.


Willie wasn’t done with me yet. As the others drifted off to sleep, Willie wanted to tit fuck me. I couldn’t believe he was hard again. I thought I drained every last drop of cum out of him.


As I stood he spit in my cleavage and rubbed his spit around. He then spit again, trying to lubricate me.


Willie then sat and ordered me on my knees. Totally exhausted, I complied.


“Suck it, white bitch, and get it nice and hard.”


I took the head of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. He groaned as I then took it deep into my mouth and down my throat. I worked his cock in and out of my throat for a few minutes. Then I spit on his cock to get it wetter. I lowered it into my cleavage and pushed my boobs together. His cock, now nestled between my breasts, slid up and down. As I pushed my breasts together, milk leaked out of my nipples. I spread my milk all over his cock and in between my breasts, making it much more slippery. Then I really started to work his cock up and down.  Every time his cock peeked out of the top of my cleavage, I licked and nipped at the head of his long black snake.  I pressed my breasts harder together, stimulating him ever more. My clit tingled and I knew even though I was totally exhausted I would cum again. Suddenly jets of cum spurt out of his cock hitting me in the face. I stuck out my tongue trying to capture the white spunk. At the same time I exploded once again with my pussy lips fluttering and chills running up and down my spine.


I licked his cock clean and gathered up as much of his cum off my breasts as I could and licked it off my fingers.


Willie got this gleam in his eye as he ordered me to stand up. I was by now totally exhausted and needed desperately to rest.  He circled around me as he tapped his knife in the palm of his hand. He finally stopped in front of me.


“Do you know what I was sent up for?” he asked, placing his knife under my left breast.


“No,” I responded hesitantly.


“Well, it was a knife like this that got me in trouble,” he said as he lifted my breast with the blade.


My heart was beating at an hysterical pace.  I didn’t like the gleam in his eye as he circled my breast with the knife.


“Please don’t do this,” I begged.


He laughed as he pushed the point of the blade into the side of my breast. 


“You know, ho, I could easily fillet your breasts. It wasn’t my fault she bled to death,” he snickered.


“What are you talking about?” I asked, panicking.


“The bitch I cut up. She bled to death.  That’s why they sent me up the river. What are you fuckin’ stupid, you white bimbo!” he screamed.


I cried hysterically. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to be cut up too. This wasn’t supposed to happen.


“Maybe I’ll start with your nipples. They’re huge,” he taunted me as he traced circles around my nipples with his knife.


I began to cry uncontrollably. I knew this was the end for me. Oh God, why.


“Or better still, I can rid you of that large nasty clit,” he hissed as he lowered his blade and pressed the point into my hard clit. 


My clit throbbed and my pussy started once again to leak juices.  Why was this turning me on? What the fuck was the matter with me? Why was I so perverted?


“Where should I begin?” he asked as he took his knife and smacked my nipples with the flat side of the blade. 


“Please! Please! I’ve been good. Let me suck your cock,” I begged.


“I’ll tell you what? I won’t cut you,” Willie said with a smirk on his face.


I breathed a sigh of relief.


“You can cut yourself,” he continued.


“Oh God, no,” I cried hysterically. He was crazy. I wasn’t going to cut myself.


Yo, the choice is yours. If I cut you, you probably won’t survive. I cut deep, real deep. If you cut yourself, you probably have a better chance of surviving.  It’s up to you,” he smirked.


“I can’t do that!” I cried. I was so exhausted. I couldn’t think straight.


“Hey, have it your way, bitch!  I’ll start by slicing your nipples off and work down from there!”


He raised the knife and slowly brought it towards my right nipple. I could tell he was completely serious and wouldn’t hesitate to cut me. My mind was racing frantically. What should I do? I couldn’t just stand by and let him mutilate me.


The knife inched closer and closer to my heaving breast.  I didn’t want to be cut!


“Please, don’t do this. I’ve never done anything to you,” I begged.


He laughed at my distress.


“Tough shit, bitch,” he taunted.


With the knife barely an inch from my nipple, I couldn’t bear it any more.


“No, wait, let me think about this!” I screamed.


He stopped.


“You’ll cut yourself, ho?” he asks.


“Yes! Yes!  I’ll cut myself!” I broke down crying.


“What a fucked up bitch you are.  You’ll cut yourself? You’ll inflict pain upon your own body?”


He laughed and mocked me as he withdrew the knife. He fed on my misery.  I could also see that he was getting hard again.  His large black cock was growing right before my eyes. He was getting off on my misery.


“What a fuckin’ pervert you are. Okay, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.  You can cut yourself.”


Oh God, what have I done? I couldn’t do this.  I couldn’t cut myself. Why was he doing this to me?


“But let’s do this right, slut. You got me fuckin’ hard again,” he said as he picked up the gun lying on the table.


He lay down on the floor and ordered me to mount him. I straddled Willie and lowered my sopping wet pussy on to his large black cock.  He poked the gun into my ribs.


“I’m going to give you the knife now. Don’t make any sudden movements or try anything funny.  I think my trigger finger is a little bit faster than anything you might try to do to me with that knife. Don’t be stupid, slut.”


My heart was pounding hysterically. I found it hard to breath. Was this really happening to me? I felt so alone and despair began to take over.


He handed me the knife, and I held it limply in my right hand. At the same time he was moving his cock up and down inside of me.  My clit was hard and throbbing. In spite of myself I was responding to the large black cock buried deep in my pussy.


“Okay, white trash, take that blade and hold the tip on the side of your right tit, and don’t waste any time,” he said as he poked me in the ribs with his gun.


With trembling hands I placed the knife on the side of my breast. I could feel the sharp point threatening to puncture my flesh.  As he continued to drive his black snake into me, my breasts bounced on my chest causing the blade to scratch me.


“Ready to cut yourself, bitch?” he taunted me. “Now push on the blade and bury it in that fat ugly tit,”


“Please don’t do this, Willie. I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t hurt me,” I cried.


He jabbed the gun in my ribs. “Do it now!”


I applied some pressure but couldn’t bring myself to stabbing my own breast.


He slapped me across the face hard, knocking my head to the side.


“Do it!” he screamed.


Crying, I pushed on the blade breaking the skin on the right side of my breast. The tip of the blade disappeared into my breast. I saw a drop of blood oozing out of the wound. I couldn’t believe I just did that to myself. 


Willie laughed hysterically as he squeezed my clit, sending me over the edge and causing me to orgasm.  How could I cum while I was pushing a knife into my breast? What was wrong with me?


“You are one fucked up bitch. I suppose when you push another inch of blade into that fucking tit, you’ll cum again,” he chided me.


“Please, stop, I did what you wanted. Just stop,” I begged.


“Stop? Are you fucking nuts? We’re just getting started, ho,” he exclaimed.  “Now push on that knife and bury some blade in that tit.”


From out of nowhere Steve appeared and grabbed the gun from Willie’s hand.  He also took the knife away from me.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, man?” Steve screamed.


“Hey bro, I’m just having a little fun with her, that’s all. Chill,” said Willie.


“Fun! You call this fun. You’re going to blow this whole operation.”


“Alright, take it easy, man.”


“We don’t need any fucking dead bodies to complicate this escape. If you want to fuck around like this, do it on your own. I don’t want any part of it,” Steve said.


“Hey, easy man. I’m just going to get my rocks off and then I’ll leave the slut alone,” Willie said.  “Get behind her and hold her by the hair. I don’t want her falling forward. I’m going to give her the ride of her life.”


I could see the reluctance in Steve’s face as he walked behind me and grabbed my hair. I don’t think he wanted to push Willie too far. I was just relieved that the knife and gun were in Steve’s possession and not Willie’s.


Willie started to increase his pace as he battered my pussy with a vengeance. He then started to slap my breasts, reining stinging blows down on them.


“You’re one lucky ho! Too bad Steve had to ruin all our fun,” Willie said as he brought his fist back and hauled off and punched me in the stomach. I instinctively tried to bend over but was unable to with Steve’s firm grip on my hair. I was forced to sit up straight on Willie’s cock and absorb the pain to my abdomen. Willie continued to drive his long black cock into my well-used pussy.  He increased his pace as I bounced up and down on his cock like a rag doll, my breasts slapping against my chest.


Once again he reared back and punched me in the stomach.  I screamed out in pain and retched as he relentlessly continued to ram his black snake into me unmercifully.  This was too much for him as his cock swelled and dumped a final load of cum into my battered pussy.


“Get her away from me,” he spit out as he pushed me off. He staggered over to the mattress and collapsed. I lay my head down on the floor clutching my stomach. I lay awake for a long time in pain before drifting off to sleep out of sheer exhaustion.




I was awakened by someone whispering in my ear.


“Wake up, Gwen, It’s time. Don’t make a sound. We don’t want to wake the others,” whispered Steve.


I got up quietly. I looked around and saw that the others were all sleeping. Steve led me over to the door which he quietly opened. A car was waiting down the lane.


“What about you?” I asked.


“I have to stay here. If I was to leave, that would blow my cover. Besides Willie made it easy. He fell off to sleep before making sure you were tied up. Everyone will just assume you ran off during the night. Now get going!”


I gave him one last kiss. This would probably be the last time I would act on my own.


“Thank you for what you did for me.”

I was headed back to a life where other people controlled everything I did, said, and thought. In a way I was sad, but at the same time I was relieved.


I made my way to the waiting car and was driven back to the Marquis’s estate.


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