Honeymoon Gone Awry Part II Chapter 10



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One Week Later


Julie and Doug have been the reluctant guests of Edgar and Monica for six weeks now. A great deal happened to them in that short period of time. Julie fully recovered from the brutal rape at the hands of the three black convicts and paid dearly for her indiscretion. This punishment was a revelation to her. From her first day of captivity, she was never denied an orgasm. On the contrary she was encouraged to cum like a slut. Now the fire raged in her loins, and there was no way to put it out. The tables were turned. She was now the one being denied the pleasure of cumming.


Over the course of the week Edgar gradually decreased the number of doses of GHB she received and discovered, to his delight, that her sexual desire did not diminish. Of course, the fact that she wasn't allowed to cum added not only to her distress but to sustained sexual arousal.  She desperately wanted what they would not allow her to have.


Juanita took advantage of every opportunity to keep the poor girl on the edge. She had a sadistic streak in her and wanted to see the puta suffer. To add insult to injury, Doug was now orgasming daily. Julie was forced to watch as Monica and Doug performed every evening after dinner.


Doug realized that his obedience to both Edgar and Monica paid off handsomely. His cock never received so much attention, and he was determined to please them to insure that he would never have to suffer again as he did before.


Edgar and Monica met in his study to review the young couple's progress and makes plans for their further degradation and conditioning.


"I take it you're happy, Monica?" Edgar inquired.


"Yes, Edgar, I am," she said smiling.


She knew exactly what he was talking about. She was very happy now that Doug was no longer forced to abstain.  Although she continued with Doug's training during the day, making him wear the Houdini Chastity Harness, at night he was always rewarded for his obedience and good behavior. Deprivation for a period of time followed by positive reinforcement helped them condition the unsuspecting groom to their way of thinking. His only desire now was to please them regardless of the consequences. He already proved that he was willing to make his bride the sacrificial lamb.


"And you?" she inquired.


"I'm very pleased with the way things are progressing. Julie has responded rather quickly and beyond my wildest expectations," he gloated as he sat back in his chair.


"Yes, considering the short period of time she's been here, the changes in her are remarkable, but I'm concerned…"


"Nonsense, there is no reason to be concerned! Everything is going quite well. She has accepted her physical changes. This was critical because now it opens the door for further modifications," Edgar said.


"I suppose," she replied with some reservations. "What do you have in mind?"


"I'm not quite sure, Monica. I know eventually I want her to get tattooed, but I need to give that some thought.  It's not something that you can easily reverse, and I want to get it right the first time," he said.


"Tattoos? Interesting," she mused.


"Yes, but for the time being, we'll fuck with her mind some more. At this point her mental conditioning is top priority," he added.


"Yes, I agree," she replied.


"Were you aware that I've been decreasing her daily doses of GHB for the past week?"


"No, I wasn't"


"Well, I have. She's now only receiving one dose a day in her food, yet her sex drive hasn't decreased at all."


"Well, Edgar, you haven't let her have an orgasm in over a week!"


"Yes, I understand that. I'm hoping that her conditioning has progressed to the point where she doesn't need any drugs. Then she truly will be my slut," he chuckled.


"Maybe you should put her to the test," she suggested.


"What do you mean?" he asked.


"All of her decisions up to now have been made under the influence of drugs. Now that she is no longer on GHB, let's see what happens. Let's see exactly how far she's willing to go to satisfy that itch in her cunt," she explained.


"Do you have anything in mind?"


"Well, actually I do.  You do recall you had a session planned for her the day she escaped?"


"Oh yes, I almost forgot about that."


"Now, we know she would welcome the snakes if she was under the influence of drugs, but how will she react when drugs are no longer a factor?"


"Yes, I see what you mean. I think I know where you're going with this."


Monica smiled wickedly.


"If she is given a choice and accepts the snakes, do you know what that means?"


Edgar's face beamed with recognition.


"It means that we've succeeded. It means that the devote Christian bride has chosen the lust of the flesh over what she knows is good and right."


"Yes, exactly, and for the first time she will chose of her own free will,"  Monica added.


"My God, that would be monumental!  If she chooses the snakes, she no longer can deny what she is!  It would mark the total breakdown of her moral fiber! She would have failed God, utterly and completely!" he mused.


"Yes, and like Eve, it will separate her from God," she added. "Sin will draw her further and further away from God. It will create a wedge that eventually will be insurmountable."


"Let's do it tonight!' stated Edgar.


Edgar poured them each a glass of merlot and toasted to the success of the evening's activities.  Success for Edgar and Monica would mean the further if not the final moral decline for Julie. 




Doug arrived at dinner with Monica. This past week he was allowed more freedom and was even on occasion spending some time alone. This was the result of a conversation Edgar had with him earlier in the week. He in effect told him what he had already explained to Julie on the day of her attempted escaped.


Doug was surprised that Edgar knew so much about his family and personal life, and he never before thought about the consequences of leaving.  There was no way he wanted his family and friends knowing what kind of activities he was engaged in.  Those DVD's would ruin him and bring shame to his family. When given the choice to leave, of course, Doug refused.  The die had been cast, and he had to live with the consequences of his actions. He didn't have to return to Edgar's estate after they were released, but he did, and there was nothing he could do about it now.


Just yesterday he walked downstairs alone and found the front door unlocked. He opened the door and looked out. The thought of fleeing crossed his mind but only momentarily. The price he and his family would pay was too high. He couldn't bear to suffer the shame and humiliation of them knowing what he had become.


Edgar was next to join them at the table. He seemed to be in a very good mood. Appetizers were served as they waited for Julie.


Several minutes later Juanita arrived with Julie.  Julie was stunning. She wore a black skirt with black thigh high stockings. Juanita also made her wear a black lace thong which further stimulated her already aroused cunt. Her red blouse was set off nicely by her black skirt. Her black bra matched her thong and served to keep her sensitive nipples aroused and hard.  She swayed seductively as she walked into the room wearing her red six inch stiletto heels.


"You look ravishing tonight," Edgar complimented her.


"Thank you," Julie replied quietly.


"Sit down and tell me about your day."


"Juanita kept me quite busy," she replied but didn't elaborate.


"Sometimes it's good to be busy. It keeps our mind off of things," he said.


"Yes, I know," she replied.


"I want you to know that I'm willing to forgive and forget. You were punished for your indiscretion last week, but now we'll put that behind us," he said.


"You punished me all week," Julie stated.


"Excuse me?" Edgar asked.


"Why do we pretend? I haven't cum in a week! Doug has been having sex with Monica every day!"


"That wasn't a punishment, Julie. I did that for several reasons. Think of it as a learning experience. First of all, I wanted you to feel Doug's frustration from being denied for so long, and secondly, I wanted you to realize what a slut you truly are. You need to cum! If you don't, you're not happy," Edgar said.


"Edgar really has your best interests at heart, Julie," Monica added.


"I am feeling Doug's frustration," she stated.


"I know, I can see it in your eyes, and I imagine that your thong is soaking wet," Edgar said quietly.


Julie lowered her head. It was true. All she thought about all week was sex. She was bitter because Duke was taken away from her too. She looked forward to the dog licking her pussy and fucking her in the ass. What was wrong with that? It didn't make her a slut.


"Just because I'm horny, doesn't make me a slut," she said quietly.


"No, this is true, but what you do as a result of that horniness, does," Monica said.


"I haven't done anything," Julie said.


"No, not yet," Monica added.


Dinner was served, and conversation was at a minimum. Doug kept staring at Julie, unable to take his eyes off of the massive amount of cleavage that was exposed by her low cut blouse. He could also see her long, hard nipples poking through the red silk material. He was convinced she was a slut. She wasn't the good Christian girl he once thought she was.




After dinner they retired to the living room where Edgar and Monica had the evening's activities planned out. Julie was in for a surprise.


They wasted no time as they directed the newlyweds to the center of the room.


"Alright, Julie, why don't you get more comfortable," Edgar suggested as he unbuttoned her blouse and removed it.


This was a switch. For the past week, Julie was in the background as she watched Doug and Monica perform. Now she was again the center of attention.


"Take your bra off, Julie," Monica ordered.


Julie willingly obeyed.  She was glad to get that thing off. The bra rubbing against her nipples was driving her crazy. Her massive tits sprang free as they were released from the tight bra. She breathed a sigh of relief as Doug looked on, always fascinated by his wife's huge tits.


Monica walked behind the young slut and removed her skirt.


"Your thong is sopping wet!" whispered Monica as she reached around and touched the small patch of material covering her labia.


Julie was so embarrassed. She didn't understand why she was like this after only a week. Before her wedding day, she never had sex. She never even masturbated. It was a sin in the eyes of God. She never was hot and horny like she was now. What happened to her?


Monica removed her thong and left her standing there in only her thigh high stockings and slut red six inch stiletto heels.


"Doug, my boy, you seem fascinated by your wife's tits tonight," Edgar stated.


"Well, they are large," he replied somewhat embarrassed. He had been caught gaping at her tits.


"That's alright. Don't be embarrassed. I made them bigger so that they would have that kind of effect on men," Edgar chuckled.


Doug relaxed.


"Julie, put your hands behind your back, and let's give Doug a better look at your huge tits," he ordered.


Julie obeyed. Maybe he would let her cum tonight. She got wetter just thinking about it.


"There, that's better. Look at how large her nipples are, Doug. They're over an inch long and so thick!" he exclaimed.


Doug stared at them as he licked his lips.


"Would you like to touch them?" Edgar asked.


Doug glanced over at Monica.


"It's alright, baby," she assured him.


Julie felt indignant. Her husband certainly didn't need permission from Monica to touch her tits.


"I'll tell you what, Doug. If you want to touch those beauties, here's what you have to do," Edgar explained. "Take your thumb and forefinger and grab her nipples like this."


"Why are you having him do that?" Julie protested.


"Because I can!" Edgar replied as he grabbed her nipples and held them between his fingers.


Julie stared at him with a glazed look in her eyes. She hated what he was doing to Doug but loved the attention her breasts were getting. They had been neglected all week.


"Do you think you can do that?" Edgar asked.


Oh, yes," Doug replied eagerly.


"It's important, Doug, that you do everything I tell you to do once you have those nipples in hand. Do you understand?" Edgar warned.


"Yes, I will," Doug replied.


"Alright, go ahead. Grab her nipples, and don't disappoint me," Edgar said.


To say that Doug was excited would be an understatement. He had smacked those massive tits, and he had shocked the hell out of them with the taser gun last week; but he had never really had any prolonged contact with those luscious tits, and now was his opportunity.


He reached for Julie's nipples and grasped them between his thumb and forefinger. They were so big. Julie licked her lips as her husband held her nipples. Her meaty tits shimmied as he grasped her long, hard nipples.


"Now apply more pressure and keep increasing the pressure until I tell you to stop," Edgar ordered.


Doug didn't hesitate. Here was another opportunity to show Edgar how obedient he could be. He wanted to stay in Edgar's good graces.


He applied increasing pressure to Julie's hard nubs, and with each passing second the pressure became greater. Julie's jaw dropped open as her poor nipples were being abused by her husband.


"Now pull on them, Doug!" Edgar ordered.


Doug pulled on her nipples as he maintained pressure on them.




Doug pulled out even more distorting the shape of her massive tits.


"That's good! Now twist her nipples back and forth!"


Doug immediately obeyed. His cock was hard and felt so confined in his slacks as he viciously twisted her nipples first to the right and then to the left. He wanted to show Edgar that he could do a good job.


"Please don't do this to me, Doug! You're hurting me," Julie wailed.


Doug wanted to stop but he had to obey Edgar. He had to think of himself.


"Good, Doug, you're doing just fine!"


Doug kept twisting as Julie howled in pain. There was nothing he could do to help her.


"Alright, now shake them up and down really fast!" Edgar ordered.


Doug immediately obeyed as Julie's jaw went slack. He violently shook her tits up and down. The large meaty orbs were in constant motion as they smacked into each other. He had no way of knowing that this was getting Julie hotter and hotter. Her clit was hard and throbbing, and her cunt was dripping like a faucet. She was responding to the abuse her husband was piling upon her.


"That's enough!"


Doug stopped and released Julie's nipples. His heart was racing at a frantic pace. He had actually touched his wife's nipples for the first time.


Julie was flushed and trying to catch her breath. If he had only continued for another minute or so, she knew she would have cum.


Monica walked over to Doug and stood behind him.


"You did well, baby," she whispered in his ear. "I'm so proud of you."


She then took him over to the couch, and they began to undress.


Edgar stood in front of Julie with a self-satisfied grin on his face. Everything was going so well. Doug had passed tonight's test with flying colors.  Is there nothing that boy wouldn't do?


He reached down and ran his finger over the slut bride's fat labia. She was sopping wet.


"You're very wet, Julie," Edgar said.


"What was your first clue," she hissed.


"My, but we are testy tonight. I really don't understand why. You complained that I force you to have sex so I leave you alone, and this is what I get!"


"You did this to me!" she retorted.


"No, Julie, I did nothing to you this time. You're doing this to yourself. Is this how you were in Bible college? Were you constantly getting yourself off? Couldn't you go a week without a climax?"


Julie hung her head in shame. What was wrong with her? It's true. He had left her alone all week. Why was she so aroused?


"Do you want to cum?" Edgar asked quietly.


Julie looked up at him with glazed eyes.


"Yes," she whispered.


"I might be able to help you out. I'm feeling generous tonight, and I really do want to get past last week's little indiscretion on your part. I want to show you that there are no hard feelings," Edgar said.


"I'm sorry about that," Julie said calmly.


"I know, and I believe you. That's why I'm willing to help you now."


Julie was somewhat relieved. She could see an end in sight to this frustration she was feeling. She felt sorry for Doug. She now knew what he went through for all those weeks.


"Felix is ill," Edgar said offhandedly.


"I'm sorry to hear that," Julie replied.


"Yes, but the Albino corn snakes are doing very well," he continued.


Julie was silent.


"I do have another snake, a Ball python better known as a Royal Python, which is a very special snake."


Julie still said nothing. Edgar had a hard time reading the expression on her face. Was she excited by what he was proposing, or was it turning her off now that she was no longer under the influence of GHB?  Did she understand what he was suggesting?


"Alex, that's the Royal Python's name, is 22 years old. I've had him for quite some time. I'm very attached to him."


She still said nothing.


"He's only three feet long but very stocky once you get past his head," Edgar chuckled.


"You would love his color, a camouflaged design in browns and tans. The top of his head is a dark brown, and he has yellowish stripes on each side of his head from his nostrils, through his eyes, and to the back of his head."


Julie still remained silent as Edgar spoke.


He ran his index finger around her right nipple. She shivered from the contact with her sensitive flesh. He then traced a line with his finger from her right nipple to her left one. She licked her lips seductively.


Juanita walked in carrying two cages. She set them down in the middle of the room and removed the cloths covering them.  It was easy to tell which cage housed Alex, the Royal Python.  The other cage contained two smaller snakes. Right away Julie noticed the stunning, ruby-red eyes of the Albino corn snakes.


"You know what I'm proposing, don't you, Julie?" asked Edgar.


"Yes," Julie replied.


"The choice is yours. I won't force you. If you want to achieve a climax tonight, it will be with the snakes. You'll find Alex has a little more girth than Felix, and he can be more aggressive. He loves dark places," Edgar said. "Your other option is to say no and that will end your evening. Juanita will take you back to your room. There will be no hard feelings!"


Julie was in agony all week long. All she thought about was cock. She couldn't concentrate on anything else. She was so close last week when Edgar was pounding her ass, and her husband was shocking the shit out of her. All she needed was another minute, but it never happened.


Now, he wanted her to do it with snakes again. Why did it bother her? It's not that it was something new. It wasn't, but she felt like it was different tonight. She didn't feel like that before. The other times it was as if she was driven by some outside force that made her do those nasty things. Tonight it wasn't like that at all, and she didn't know why.


Yes, she was aroused, probably more so than any other time in her life, but, at the same time, she felt that the decision was really hers. For the first time she felt in control, and somehow knew that Edgar would abide by whatever decision she made.


"Have you decided?" he asked as his finger traced a trail down her abdomen towards her throbbing clit.


"I'm not sure," she hesitated.


"It doesn't sound to me like you really want it that badly," he said as his finger abruptly stopped just above her clit.


A gasp of air escaped her mouth as she anticipated the contact with her needy clit. It never came.


"I don't…"


"Juanita, you can take the snakes away," Edgar ordered.


"Wait!" Julie said agonizingly.




"I don't want to do this standing up," she replied.


Edgar smiled. He had her. The little horny bitch was asking for the snakes. He could take them away, and she would beg him to bring them back.


"I don't really think that you want this, Julie. Juanita, take them away," ordered Edgar, enjoying the turmoil he was creating within the horny little slut.


"No, I do want it! I liked the other snake," she pleaded.


"Are you sure?"


He wanted her to beg.  He wanted this to be black and white. There was to be no doubt whatsoever that it was her choice to be violated by the serpents.


"Oh God yes, give me the snakes, please, Edgar," she groveled as she dropped to her knees.


"Well, all right, if you insist. I just want you to be sure," he replied.


"I'm sure!" she insisted.


Edgar chuckled to himself. This will make a wonderful addition to his DVD collection. Imagine the look on her parents' faces if they could see their daughter begging to be fucked by a snake.


Edgar took Julie's hand and helped her up. He led her over to a leather bench. The back of the bench reclined at a forty-five degree angle.


"Alright, Julie, just lay back and relax. The snakes will do all the work. All you have to do is cum like the slut that you are," Edgar said.


Edgar brought over the Albino corn snakes.


Julie's feelings were hurt, but she lay down on the leather bench anyways and waited to see what Edgar would do next. She wanted to cum, and that's all that really mattered right now.


"Don't you love the eyes?" Edgar asked as he held one of the Albinos close to her.


She had to admit that the eyes were stunning.


"These Albinos are about two feet long. They're constrictors, but I'm sure you won't mind them wrapping themselves around your fat, meaty tits. You're in for a real treat."


Julie held her breathe as Edgar placed the snakes on her abdomen. They were cold. She forgot for a moment that snakes were cold blooded creatures. They immediately slithered up her belly and between her cleavage. Then they slowly began wrapping themselves around her enormous tits.  They squeezed her tits as they coiled and constricted around her.


Julie breathed heavily as she watched, mesmerized by the Albinos. They felt so good, and now her pussy was dripping. Her clit throbbed, and there was an itch deep inside of her that needed to be satisfied.


Edgar leaned in close to Julie and whispered in her ear.


"They suck, Julie, like a person sucks a straw. Your long, hard nipples will be their straws. They have powerful muscles located along the sides of their head and neck, and any moment now they will be taking your large, sensitive nipples into their mouths to suck."


Julie watched as each of the Albino snakes wrapped all two feet of their bodies around her huge tits. They established a rhythm as they coiled and constricted around her. Then she saw them open their mouths wide and move slowly towards her long, hard nipples. She panicked as she was filled with dread. What if they bit her nipples off? She was tense as they took all of her nipple inside of their mouths. She could see the muscles on the side of their heads working as they sucked powerfully on her sensitive nubs. It felt so good.


She threw her head back and groaned in lust as the heat built in her loins. She was already close to her first orgasm.


"Oh God, that feels so good! What are they doing to me," she moaned as her hips moved involuntarily, looking for something to fill the void between her legs.


"Are you ready for Alex, the Royal Python?" Edgar asked.


"Oh God, yes, I want Alex!" she begged as she moaned in lust from the wonderful sensations coursing through her body. "I want Alex to fill me up."


Edgar brought the python over to Julie.  It was only three feet long but very stocky. It would definitely fill the void that she was feeling.


It flicked its tongue in and out of its mouth rapidly. Edgar had an idea and moved the head of the serpent towards Julie's clit. The tongue flicked out its tongue, touching her throbbing clit. It tasted her nectar and flicked faster to savor more of her nectar.


Julie went wild.


"Oh God, yes, my clit, suck on my clit," she begged as her hips lunged upward seeking better contact with the serpent.


"No, Julie, Royal Pythons, don't suck like the Albinos, but they do quite a job with their tongues.


The Python was attacking her clit passionately, and Julie couldn't stand it.


"AaaaaaggggggghhhhhhH!" she screamed as the orgasm which built deep in her loins erupted and sent her into spasms.


"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she wailed as she thrashed her head back and forth. She so desperately needed this. It had been a whole week.


Edgar then moved back. The Royal Python was out of range, and Julie was left there to spasm and bask in her first orgasm of the night.


Edgar set the snake down between her open legs in order to let it find its own way. This would be much better than simple placing it at the entrance of her cunt.


Doug and Monica grew curious from all the noise Julie was making and walked over to see what was happening. Doug couldn't believe his eyes. Her tits were covered with snakes, and they were nursing on her. They were like machines as they milked her luscious meaty globes unrelentingly.


Monica brought over a chair so that Doug could sit down and watch. They she sat between his legs and continued to deep throat his cock. She was insatiable and couldn't get enough of his cock now that she had sucked it nightly for over a week.


Julie was settling down when she felt the Royal Python on her leg. It was crawling up her left leg slowly. It moved past her hip and was working its way over to her abdomen. From there it started slithering up her abdomen towards her tits.


"Oh God, what is it doing?" Julie moaned.


"Well, you have to remember that Alex's eyesight isn't very good. They're nocturnal creatures, and right now he's exploring. Eventually he'll find what he's looking for."


"Oh God, it's all over me, and he's so heavy," Julie moaned.


"Yes, I told you that his girth was quite large. Larger than Felix, anyway," Edgar chuckled.


Julie's hips were undulating as she still sought to fill that void between her legs. She wanted something in there soon. The Royal Python, upon reaching her heaving tits, turned around and headed south again. This time it traveled straight down her abdomen and between her legs. Its body was at this moment slithering over her erect clit.


"Oh yes! Oh yes!" That feels so damn good!" she groaned as all three feet of the snake made its way back over her clit, driving her out of her mind.


She bucked violently as another orgasm hit her. Her legs turned to jelly as they were splayed wide open on the bench. It was as if a tidal wave had washed over her. It moved from her gushing cunt all the way up to the tip of her head. She was on sensual overload as every nerve in her body was alive.


Then Alex, the Royal Python, finally found what it was looking for, and Doug looked on watching expectantly as the serpent flicked out its tongue at her oozing labia. It moved its head forward and found the entrance that it had been seeking. It found the dank, dark tunnel where it would find refuge. It slowly moved forward burying its head in her sopping wet pussy, making its way into the dark tunnel.


Julie thrashed her head to the left and right.


"God, it feels so fucking good. I feel so full," she thought.


She was right. The serpent was stretching her beyond belief as it burrowed deeper and deeper into its new home, but finally it discovered that it could go no further. It pushed forward and met with resistance. It pushed again, and it flicked out its tongue at the barrier that was preventing it from advancing.


"Oh! Oh! What is it doing to me," she wailed as her hips bucked up and down involuntarily.


"I suspect that it has reached the end of the line, Julie. It's found your cervix and can go no further," Edgar leaned over and whispered in her ear. "But don't worry; I know how to help the creature go even deeper."


Julie didn't care. Nothing mattered now. She felt so good. The Albinos were working her tits like they've never been worked before. They were like machines as they coiled and contracted around her massive orbs. Their jaws worked overtime as they sucked her nipples until they were raw.


Edgar moved between Julie's legs and gripped Alex's tail. He pulled, forcing several inches of the snake out of Julie's cunt. The snake protested as it slithered back in and smashed into her cervix. Julie grunted with the force of the blow. This snake was much stronger than Felix.


Edgar kept it up and established a rhythm, pulling the serpent out a few inches only for it to protest and slither back into her, battering her cervix. Julie remembered well when this last happened.


"Aaaaagggghhhhhh!" she screamed as another climax ripped through her body. This one was more intense than the others, and she never really came down before she started to build towards another mind-blowing climax. She was on a rollercoaster that she couldn't get off of as she peaked often. One climax blended into the next as she rose and fell into the peaks and valleys of her lust –filled body.


Edgar worked the Royal Python and could see that the old boy was making some progress. He knew that Julie's cervix had to be dilating with the pounding it was taking. The snake knew it too as it was able to gain some ground no matter how small, and as a result redoubled its efforts, knowing that more of the dark inviting tunnel lay ahead.


Julie was trapped on this emotional roller coaster from which there was no escape. She was at Edgar's mercy, and it would end only when he decided. Another ten minutes slowly passed, and Julie lost count of the number of orgasms that washed over her body. Alex made more progress, for the narrow tunnel was slowly opening. She knew he was reaching new depths as her cervix continued to be pounded.


Edgar could put an end to this, but he wouldn't. He wanted the slut to have a night that she would never forget. He wanted this night indelibly imprinted on her brain as a reminder to her of what she was.


The serpent forged forward slowly as the narrow passageway opened up to him. In reality, her cervix was dilating, and, if the snake succeeded in fully dilating her cervix, it would have a narrow entrance to her uterus.


"Oh God, where is it going? It's so deep!" she moaned as she felt the snake entering her cervix. She thrashed her head back and forth as the pressure and intensity increased. Pain intermingled with the pleasure she was feeling.


Edgar saw the progress the Royal Python had made and wisely decided not to provoke it any further. If it continued to batter her now that her cervix was fully dilated, it could do some real damage. Her cervix simply couldn't accommodate the girth of the python.


Edgar was far from done and had another idea. The trainers had been working with Alex on something that had never been done before. Tonight just might be the night that it would work. He located a tube of K-Y jelly and applied a liberal amount to the snake's tail. He then attached a nozzle to the tube of K-Y jelly and pushed it into Julie's rectum. After inserting the nozzle, he squeezed a liberal amount of the lubricant up her ass.


Next he took the Royal Python's tail and pushed it gently against the slut's anus. Her sphincter resisted but only momentarily, and the small tail of the snake entered her warm, inviting rectum. To the snake this was another refuge and it pushed its tail forward driving more of its body into that other warm tunnel. The small tail soon gave way to the increasing girth of the snake's body. As the snake worked its tail further into her rear tunnel, she was being stretched wider than she had ever been stretched previously. The Royal Python was extremely busy as it pushed in both directions, finding the refuge it sought.


Julie was babbling.


"What's it doing to me? God, it's so big. I feel so damn full," she mumbled as she thrashed her head back and forth and was then overcome by another orgasm that ripped through her body with renewed force.


Edgar quickly undressed and stood next to Julie with his now erect cock staring her in the face.


"You have only one thing left to do, and then we can call it an evening," he said smiling at her.


Julie opened her mouth.


"No, not like that," Edgar said. "I want you on your knees!"


"What! I can't! The snakes!" Julie protested.


"Don't worry about the snakes, slut. Do you think they're going to give up their territory that easily?" Edgar laughed.


Monica came over and helped Julie off of the bench and onto her knees. The Albinos continued to suck greedily on her nipples as they constricted her huge tits. Alex, fearing that someone might try to force him out of his warm, safe, dark tunnel, slithered even deeper into both openings. Julie grunted as she was penetrated from both ends.  Part of the Royal Python lay on the carpet between her widespread legs since she was unable to accommodate all three feet of the serpent. Hidden cameras caught the bizarre sight of the slut bride on her knees being ravaged by the snakes.


Edgar stood in front of Julie and grabbed her hair.


"Give me your teeth, slut!" he ordered.


Julie moaned as she removed her false teeth and handed them to Edgar.


"Now, suck," he ordered as he pulled her forward while shoving his cock into her mouth.


Julie moaned as his cock passed through her mouth and into her throat. She took all eleven inches as her nose was tickled by his pubic hair. She remembered back to the first time she was forced to suck his cock. It was on her wedding night, and Doug was forced to watch as her throat was violated for the first time. It seemed so long ago, and she was so innocent at the time. Now look at what she had become as she easily worked Edgar's monstrous cock in and out of her throat expertly. 


"Use your gums!" Edgar ordered. "I want to feel your gums caressing my cock!"


Julie applied more pressure, bearing down with her gums as another orgasm exploded deep within her womb. She was overcome with spasms as Edgar's cock exploded in her mouth, filling her with his hot cum. She swallowed frantically, trying to take his entire load, but it was too much as it backed up, spewing out of her mouth and nose. She began to choke when Edgar finally relented and removed his cock.


Julie was a mess as she coughed, attempting to clear her throat. Cum was running out of her nose and dribbling off her chin and onto her heaving tits. She couldn't get enough air in her lungs.


The persistent Royal Python had its head squeezed into her cervix and was threatening to break through into her womb. The tail of the snake was at the entrance to her colon. Both holes were stretched obscenely from the girth of the serpent. Julie had never felt so full in all of her life. It was hard to believe that just six weeks ago she was a virgin.


Doug was in a daze as he saw what his wife was doing. Monica was just cleaning up his cock. He had cum for the second time that evening and had no complaints. He was willing to sacrifice Julie to receive the sexual gratification he now craved.


Edgar moved quickly to remove the Royal Python before he could do any damage. He still had big plans for Julie, and he wanted her alive and well. Monica had to help him since the snake was so persistent and refused to be dislodged from its dark, dank tunnel.  Monica pulled on his tail while Edgar tried to pull Alex's head out of Julie's cervix.


Alex was persistent and would have no part of it. He refused to give up any ground and even managed to burrow further up her rectum and into her colon.


"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo!" Julie wailed as she felt the tail of the snake enter her colon. "Get it out! It's killing me!"


Edgar grew desperate. He allowed the situation to get out of control. He had never handled Alex alone. There was always a trainer present.


"Get the Albinos off of her breasts!" he ordered Monica.


Monica carefully removed the Albinos who reluctantly ceased sucking on Julie's extremely sore and sensitive nipples. It almost looked as if they were wet as if the snakes were drawing milk, but Monica knew that wasn't possible. Julie wasn't pregnant although she did see one clear drop of liquid oozing from her right nipple.


She couldn't dwell on it now. She had to get both Albinos in their cage. Doug came over and helped Monica with the Albinos. It was the least he could do.


Meanwhile Edgar returned with a taser gun.


"Stand back!" he ordered Monica and Doug as he held the taser close to the Royal Python.


Julie whimpered, fearing what the snake might do to her.


Edgar pressed the trigger and held it for five seconds.


"Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!" Julie screamed.


All hell broke loose as the snake slithered and squirmed from the electrical charges coursing through its body. She could feel the shocks in her cervix and colon as 50,000 volts was transferred from the startled snake to the very depths of the poor agonizing slut bride's innermost being.  Finally in self-defense, the serpent withdrew from Julie's orifices. Edgar, with Doug's help and the use of tongs, managed to ensnare the serpent and return it to its cage.


Julie fell over on her side, exhausted and sore. She whimpered quietly as she thought of what that snake could have done to her.


Doug was shocked by the bizarre sight that unfolded before his eyes that night. In all his twenty-three years he never in his wildest dreams imagined anything like this was even possible. He never conceived that a person could experience that many climaxes from a serpent, let alone his very own wife. What made matters worse was the fact that there was no remorse on her part. She lay there on the floor still spasming with a slight smile on her face. He detested the slut more than ever now.


"Monica, get Juanita. Have her take Julie up to her suite. Let her soak in the spa for awhile and make sure to tell Juanita in no uncertain terms that there is to be no monkey business tonight," Edgar said. "Doug will remain with you in your suite. We need to discuss future sleeping arrangements for him later."




Monica had a difficult time falling to sleep that night. All she could think about was that one clear drop of liquid she saw on Julie's nipple. It definitely wasn't from the snake. Was it possible that she was lactating?  No, it couldn't be. She had heard of induced lactation, but that wasn't possible in such a short period of time.


She tossed and turned for another hour. Doug was sound asleep next to her. She eyed his Houdini Chastity Harness and thought of waking him up for some fun and games, but then she thought better of it. Let the poor boy sleep.  After what he witnessed tonight, he needed the rest.


She finally could stand it no longer and got up. She went downstairs and booted up the computer. She needed to know if this was possible. She opened up the browser and did a Google search on ‘induced lactation.' She was pleasantly surprised at what she discovered.


Monica found out that it was more common then she at first thought. One site said: ‘It has been going on for many centuries. In bible days it was called wet nursing. In 3rd world countries women will induce lactate to care for orphans. Here we do it for adopted children.' This was a real eye opener for her, but she still didn't understand how this was possible. Did you need to take drugs? She continued searching. She needed answers to her questions.


Another site she located explained one method of inducing lactation: ‘How does induced lactation work? Basically, it is important to remember that prolactin and oxytocin, the hormones which govern lactation, are pituitary, not ovarian hormones. Both prolactin, the milk-making hormone, and oxytocin, the milk-releasing hormone, are produced in response to nipple stimulation. While there are now several regimens which use hormone therapy to assist in bringing in milk, many women have induced lactation with only mechanical stimulation. This consists of breast massage, nipple manipulation, and sucking -- either by a baby or a hospital grade electric breast pump'


Monica sat back and smiled. The wheels were turning, and she had an idea that was so diabolical that she just knew Edgar would love it. He always did go in for the bizarre, and he wanted to push Julie beyond her limits. Well, she had a plan that would do just that. She wanted to tell him now; but it was late, and she needed to get some rest herself. It would have to wait until morning. She turned off the computer and went quietly up to bed.


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