Maureen My Mother In Law

Whilst I had fantasies about fucking my real mother (when she was younger) this is a true story about my mother in law, and would love to hear from others who have had similar experiences.


I'm 53 this year and have been thinking recently about the many sexual experiences that took place over my more 'active' years. One that always continues to arouses me is the time(s) I fucked my mother in law. 

My wife and I were in our late twenties and her mother had just turned 50, a very tall and large boned woman, certainly not fat as she did a great deal of gardening and was as strong as an Ox. She, like her daughter was an artist, into nature, a borderline hippy type.

I'm not going to use actual names (just in case) but Paula my wife was away for a week or so with friends and I stayed at home due to work commitments. My in-laws, Maureen and Dave had a small 1 acre property on the east coast with a small vineyard and a couple of shacks. Property maintenance consumed an enormous amount of time and Dave was often too caught up with work to get down to do much there. In line with the mother in law's artistic nature the buildings and surrounds were a bit hodge-podge, which only added to the maintenance work load. Work on the property was never ending, and Maureen suggested that I come down over the weekend to help prune the grapevines and cut back a few over-grown trees which I agreed to.

It was winter and the Saturday was freezing and we had worked all day outdoors doing all sorts of heavy physical tasks and were pretty worn out. That evening Maureen prepared the evening meal, something she always enjoyed doing, although her food was always a bit slap dash but it was entirely edible. The shack  was large and open planned with a small pot belly stove in the centre. Basically one needed to be huddled against it to gain any warmth.  After we finished dinner and washed plates we chatted whilst sitting by the fire and we drank the best part of a bottle of whiskey.

Maureen decided to shower and came back to the warmth of the pot belly stove complaining she was aching from top to toe. I suggested I could massage her shoulders if she would like that. She thought it was a great idea and arranged three large cushions in front of the fire and lay face down, pulling her robe off her shoulders to reveal a strong back. She had mixed up brew of lightly scented almond oil, and I warmed my hands by the fire then smeared a generous amount of the oil across her shoulder blades.  Warmed by the fire and the whiskey we talked freely about anything and everything . She talked about how rarely Dave and her made physical contact and that it was years since they had sex.  I asked if she had considered a lover, and she said she was open to the idea but concerned that she would be found out and didn't want to destroy her marriage.

I continued to massage her back in long strokes my hands kneading down her sides just to the point where I could feel the beginnings of her breasts. A sexual tension had been slowly growing as we talked about her sexual realtions, and the feeling now was almost palatable between us.  I had become rock hard, aroused from sitting on her ample buttocks whilst manipulating her bare shoulders. My mother in law then asked if I would massage her spine and  lower back. She took her arms out of the robe and I pulled it down folding the excess material half way across her generous but firm ass.

The massage become much more sensual, my thumbs sliding either side of her spine the full length of her back. Talking had slowed between us and 15 minutes later my robe had opened a little and my cock was brushing her ass cheeks. I applied more oil and began deeply kneading her ass, her robe now pushed down to her thick thighs exposing her white rounded buttocks. We had stopped talking altogether and each time I squeezed her ass cheeks together, then apart I could see her wrinkled ass hole and lightly haired snatch. After a few minutes I moved back to sit on her ass, almost lying across her to reach her shoulders. By this stage my cock was leaking precum and lubed with oil it slipped up and down her ass crack as I palmed her shoulders. She was groaning a little and i could feel her ass muscles clutching  my hard boner.

Nothing was spoken as I lowered myself fully across her back and her legs spread to accommodate my hips. Bringing my hands down underneath me I felt for her cunt and it was soaked with a mixture of her lubricant and oil. I guided by hard leaking knob to her hole and she grunted with each soft stroke as I slowly entered her wet hole. My cock was now fully inside and I ground my pubic bone around and against her cunt lips.

Heightened by the taboo of fucking my mother law, I was heaven and watched my glistening cock sliding in and out of her fuck hole. She was pushing back as I twisted and pumped and it didn't take long for her climax, groaning and moaning as she came. I followed suit jerking and unloading my cum inside the mother of my wife. I collapsed and lay across her sweaty, oily back and after a few minutes rolled off to look at the cum leaking from her gash.

Nothing much was said the next morning, and we worked again all next day, but the next night was a repeat performance, except this time she asked if I would come with her to bed. This time I sucked and licked her cunt, forced my tongue up her ass until she came several times. She liked spooning so we curled up and as I entered her sloppy cunt I traced circles with my finger around her ass hole. With enough lube between us my finger slowly entered her ass,  slipping in and out in unison with my cock. We both came together with my cock and finger fully embedded in both holes.

I was good for two or three loads a night in those days, and with her hands gripping my shaft it was not long before I was hard again. We were kissing deeply, groping and fingering when I whispered, "have you ever had anal sex?"  Maureen said no, but had often thought about it. She said my finger up her ass the night before had blown her mind. Her real answer was to turn her back to me and spread her ass cheek, so I could see her inviting rosebud.

 I entered her cunt, pumping slowly to lube my pole and at the same time smeared juice around her brown hole. It was a beautiful sight to see my cock head nestle against her tight anal ring and then feel it pop just inside. With  the sight of her gaping empty cunt and her distended asshole full of my rod I knew I wasn't going to last too long.  Pulling completely out of her ass hole I re-entered just before her ring muscle fully closed. Gripped by her tight round hole, she grunted every time my pubic bone ground into her ass, and a few times I had to hold still to stem my cum.

Her fingers were mashing her clit, and her tight tube was sending me over the edge. I was past it now and rapidly plunged into her bunghole until  I felt her stiffen, and arch her back. She groaned loudly,  coming and pissing at the same time. Feeling her warm piss flooding my balls my pulsating cock squirted ropes of cum deep inside her bowels.  Her body kept giving little jerks and she said quietly a number of times,

"Ohhh it felt so good when you came in my ass, mmmm you came in my ass." 

For me... I so love the look of a women's freshly fucked ass... Sitting behind you can see the delicious engorged, swollen, slightly spread cunt lips, and the open anal flower, greasy with cum.

We fucked many times after that over a period of a few months, but it stopped when I thought Paula was becoming aware that there was something going on between her mother and I.

Years later my wife and I were idly playing with each other on the couch, and she asked me directly, 

"Have you fucked my mother?" 

Paula was sitting with knees tucked up, feet apart on the couch, cunt spread and openly stroking her clit when she asked me. I was masturbating and gazing at her juicy twat and answered, 

"Yes I have". 

My wife didn't miss a beat, her fingers continuing to slide across her dainty dripping lips, 

"Really you fucked my mother?" 

We continued to chat and she became very aroused by it all, and then we fucked... even talking about it while we were fucking.  Our sex was pretty good and she certainly got off on the idea I had fucked her mother. However, she made me promise I wouldn't fuck her again, which I didn't. 

Sadly Paula died of a brain aneurism about 13 years ago and I moved interstate for a new start, and to forget the pain of losing her. I never again fucked her mother.


I would love to hear from you if you enjoyed the this short story or have had a simliar experience.
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