Kimís Erotic Stories

For Couples

Welcome to my site.

Iíve written this collection in the hope that they will appeal to men and women equally. Perhaps youíll enjoy reading them with your partner. They all have a real story and real people and thereís plenty of sex as the stories develop. The sex is all between adults and loving or affectionate.

Print them to share with your partner but please respect the copyright.

Let me know if you enjoy them and feel free to suggest a story line.

Erotic romance stories

A Summer in the Country

His parents had arranged for some farm help. He hadnít been expecting a young woman.

Coming Together

A chance conversation on the telephone leads further than either of them would have imagined.

The Lighthouse

She has taken a chance and travelled to Noumea for romance. He is due in half an hourÖ

Making Love In Paris

An Australian and a French woman meet at a party. Itís what happens next that counts.

The Stranger and Paradise

She wants peace. What is he doing in her forest?

Making It Special

He introduces her to a new kind of loving.

Erotic adventures

The Cruise

A young skipper and five women on the same cruise around the islands.

A Night to Remember

A man and a woman drawn together by chance and mutual attraction, share an adventure theyíll remember for the rest of their lives.

Laraís Story

A young woman on a coach tour in Europe is looking for liberation.

Holiday in Minnesota

A middle-aged couple stumble on a campground and itís like another world.

The Statue

He meets her on a class assignment. Naturally, he has hopes of more than sharing some ideas, but it doesnít happen the way he expects.

Stories about swinging

Holiday for Four

MF Group. Four friends. Two have a question and itís not an easy one to ask.

Special Friends Chapter 1 "Casual Sex Day"

An agreement that turns a single day into an experience most couples can only imagine.

Special Friends Chapter 2
"A Delicate Situation"

Theyíre invited for the weekend but what do their hosts have in mind?

Special Friends Chapter 3 "When the Music Stopped"

What did happen when the doors closed and the music stopped?

Special Friends Chapter 4 "Secret Meeting"

They meet in another city. Are they breaking the rules or not?