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           Revenge Is Mine
I wrote this story in Canada when we visited there last spring. I was thinking of an author by he name of Parker when I wrote it. It's a blackmail story set in Toronto.

           Debt Without Honor
I posted this story by World Class BDSM Author, Alecia D. It is just what the BDSM crowd is looking for and her e-mail box was filled when she posted it. Since she lives at my house I figure she can share my web site. Hope you BDSM fans like this way cool story.

           A Slut's Story
The fictional character, Katie McN, is blackmailed by Miss Hecate. Poor Katie is forced to do all sorts of humiliating things including forced gang bangs and all sorts of other things that really wear the poor girl out.

           Day Job
Three of the most famous actresses in Hollywood want the part of Mother Theresa in an upcoming film. They are willing to do anything to get the part, and pretty much do just that. The story is set at some fictional company called MCA. I'm sure that nothing like this ever happened at any company called MCA/Universal.

This is a story written for the Write Club contest against Paladin. I only had three hours to write it and I wanted it to be something that would fit in with the type of story I knew he would write.

           Girls In Tight Pleated Skirts
I went to a girl's boarding school where the new girl was "initiated" into the dormitory. Imagine being forced to take off your clothes in front of all the other girls and then being made to service the group. Yep, another Katie McN classic.

           I'll Do Anything
Read this story ONLY if you like to be shocked and are immune to the majority of things that bother the common folks. I went out of my way to offend in the story and based on the fan mail, I succeeded!

           Lakeside Youth Sanitarium
Pred is a shock author and one of my on-line friends. He has a style of his own, but I decided to see if I could write something as demeaning and offensive as he wrote in his classic Ting Toy. He says I succeeded.

           Making the Grade
One of my fans asked me to write a story about panty training. I didn't even know what that was, but said yes anyhow. I did know about teachers who tried to take advantage of their cute little girl students cause that may happened to me once. I may have something about it on my bio page.

           Middle School Innocent
No innocent has ever gone unpunished in one of my stories and this is no exception. That poor girl had to do what she would not do.

           Mother Knows Best
The first story I wrote is called "Mother Knows Best". It got nominated for best Story of the Year 2000 by the people at alt.sex.stories. I just read it again and still think it's pretty good. It's the first story in the Katie R and Claudette series. This series tries to parody different categories of hard core porn. It turns out I can write those pretty well and so some people don't think they're parodies at all. Most people get a good laugh out of them, though. I get fan mail all the time from people who say, "I usually don't like Mind Control (or whatever), but this is so funny I just loved it." Yep, that's what I was hoping for.

           School for Sluts
I met a woman online who has fantasies about humiliation. I've written several stories for her in the Karen Series. This is the first one and based on an interview she gave me over several days.

           Slut Therapy
A young girl takes advantage of her therapist and the other women in this story of blackmail and humiliation. I guess no one will be surprised that the heroine is Kayla McNamara.

           Street Scenes
Lexi and I have a friend by the name of JPenguin. JP wrote one story and never plans on writing another one for ASSM. It's too bad because this is one of the best stories I've ever read. It's called "Street Scenes" and was part of the Naive Nympho game.

           Teen Models In Venice
Everyone knows that most super models are lesbians. This story provides some inside information about what goes on in their private lives. A little light bondage anyone?