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I live in the US, or maybe in Australia. Does it matter? I adore fabulous women. That does matter. And I enjoy intelligent Email contact. Which may or may not matter, depending on your gender and inclinations.


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My view is that discrimination against gays and lesbians will gradually dissipate as gay and lesbian sexuality becomes more understood by the heterosexual community. The so-called "mores" currently pervading the majority heterosexual society are derived from the teachings of ancient religious politicians, people who knew no more science and the history of the human race than the average contemporary twelve year old. The result is that concerning sexuality we currently have a legal system based on bronze age beliefs. The day will arrive when discrimination against two women who enjoy sex together will be considered as stupid as discrimination against sexual relations between a man and a woman  both of whom have red hair. But the day will not arrive soon enough if we merely sit back and wait for it.  Lesbians need to put their sexuality on the table, make lesbian lust a commonplace emotion, blow away the fog of mystery, make people understand that the sexual attraction of one woman for another is as honest and grand as any interaction between heteros and not something to be reviled. We will get there; maybe not in our lifetime, but we will get there.

What is the point of it? Maybe there is no point. We come on stage, do our little dance, maybe a few people clap, and that's it. And throughout my dance, all I think about is that I love you. -- Anonymous

I am nothing but the memory of her. -- Alice B. Toklas (1877-1966)

I took care of my women. -- Mabel Hampton (1902-1989)

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