The Seductive World of Kalisha Connors

Welcome to my world.

My stories cover a variety of themes, but you're not likely to find anything non-consensual here. As of the end of May 2003, I've got a 4th Kalisha Connors story written, and some non series stories waiting in the wings, so I should be able to keep posting a story a week for a while. Formatting them for HTML takes time, formatting them for ASSM takes time, and there has to be some time left for writing new stories!

Update, June 27, 2003: The 5th Kalisha story is now up, and I've written a sixth and have a seventh plotted out.

The Kalisha Connors Series

If Ellery Queen could use his (actually their) pseudonym as the name of their main character, why can't I? Kalisha Connors is a young woman who has to make a decision between a calm life and a much more sexual one.

Kalisha Meets the Goddess is the story of how Kalisha first meets the ancient goddess of lust. (FF, exhib, nosex)
Kalisha does a 360 tells the story of what happens when Kalisha makes an unplanned stop on the way home from work. (MF, FF, F+F, exhib) Now Illustrated!
Kalisha Turns the Tables tells the story of what happens when a co-worker tries to blackmail Kalisha. (MF, FF, FFF, ds, cons)
Kalisha and the Tricks features Kalisha's trip to a lingerie store and a goth club (FF, MF, ds, cons, anal, exhib, fetish)
Kalisha Breaks and Enters has Kalisha dressed in a catsuit trying to recover a lost artifact (FF, MMFF, ds, cons, exhib, fetish)

Other Stories

At the Violet Hour relates the stories of a set of goths at a party-- and the story of Karyn, who doesn't quite fit in. (FF,MMF,MF,goth,rom)
Elaine and the Dragon tells the story of Elaine, who is concerned about her reputation, and Kelrin, her knightly lover (MF, oral,anal,1st,rom,humor)
A Visitor at St. Peter's reveals that one can meet the most unusual people at church (MF, oral, exhib)
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