This website is closed and all outside links have been removed. I'm on an extended, long-term hiatus from erotic writing due to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. My stories will be available for a while longer but will eventually be removed. You may reach me with questions, concerns, well-wishes, etc at my posted email address or by using the form provided. It's been a true pleasure to share my work with you, my fans and friends. Each one of you was critical to the success that I knew and your feedback helped to pave the way for the true writing career that I originally sought, which has taken off and is soaring at present. Thank you, one and all.

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I write a variety of erotic stories, most of them with an emphasis on young girls or very small women. Most of the work you'll find on these pages will be rich in sensuality and focused on emotion contained within sexual encounters. At least that is my hope. Suggestions and comments are always, always welcome.

I've started a journal and linked it to this site for those of you who claim to want to know me better. Be advised that you may learn a few things you never really wanted to know, provided I can remember to update it. And please, support ASSTR with your donations.

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