Journal of Desire

Volume 3, number 2 -- Fall 2006

An occasional journal of erotic writing, criticism, and commentary

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Antheros and History  
The Fine Print
Masthead, Colophon, and so on 
A Favor for the Professor (MF rom BBW)
Rajah Dodger writes about unexpected desire   
Subway (memories)
Crimson Dragon, memories, Mozart   
Morning rituals (MF)
Antheros' entry to the Third Foursome Moresome Challenge   
Variations on a Theme (MF)
Esu Migabe's entry to the Third Foursome Moresome Challenge   
Variations on a Theme (FF rom)
Evil Nigel's entry to the Third Foursome Moresome Challenge   
The Last Slaver (nosex, memories, toomuchtalking)
Zen Master's entry to the Third Foursome Moresome Challenge   
3rd Foursome Moresome Challenge (review)
Yotna El'Toub reviews the Third Foursome Moresome Challenge entries   
Positive (MF, cheating wife, oral)
H. Jekyll and infidelity   
An Evening of Passion (msolo mast toy enema)
Stasya T. Canine goes deep in this story   
College Girls (poem)
Kenny Gamera sits in a bar again   
Photo essay
John Nemeth shows us his point of view   
What hits the mark (essay)
Bradley Stoke considers what makes a story popular   
Sex stories on the Internet: The First Twenty or so Years (essay)
H. Jekyll becomes a Historian   
Back in Time: Ann Douglas and Elf Sternberg (essay)
Franz Kafka's column about the good old times  
Ann Douglas (interview)
Ann Douglas answers Antheros' questions   
Elf Sternberg (interview)
Elf Sternberg talks to Antheros   
Desdmona (interview)
Desdmona is interviewed by H. Jekyll   
oosh (interview)
oosh interviewed by PleaseCain about Pavlova's Bitches   
The Cheating Festival
This issue's festival entries  
Further destinations  

O love, could thou and I with fate conspire
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Might we not smash it to bits
And mould it closer to our hearts' desire?
— Omar Khayyam, tr. FitzGerald

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