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The 2006 10th Anniversary, deirdre-fest

As almost anyone reading this knows, "deirdre" was the enigmatic queen of Usenet sex stories in the mid-1990s. She posted 156 stories in just over two years, using an anonymous remailer and apparently *never* corresponding with anyone. She was last heard from in late April 1996. We will repost all 156 stories, with comments by her, in alphabetical order, between now and the 10th anniversary of her "retirement."

deirdre wasn’t like most sex-story writers, and this ‛difference’ set her apart. Read her stories to see what we mean (at the newsgroup, but also in pre-existing archives set up by PleaseCain and Bitbard.

Many readers wondered openly what became of her, if she was still “lurking” as she said she often did, if she had a new Net identity, or if she had abandoned sex story-land completely. We cannot answer such questions. What we can do is organize a festival in her honor. We can repost her stories, request new stories by interested writers, and solicit essays and interviews.

We include three essays by writers who have their own ideas about deirdre, and if you travel to the most recent Journal of Desire, Antheros has a fourth essay.

In the Journal of Desire we offer interviews with two prominent sex-stories editors. These interviews are not about deirdre, but about the larger enterprise that she and all of us are undertaking.

We also are happy to offer 36 stories (well — one of them is a poem) by 23 authors, written new or reposted specifically for the festival. We asked authors to write stories in deirdre’s style, or deirdre-type stories in their own style, spoofs, or anything their muses sent them. Some labeled their stories by those categories. For the others — you get to guess the category.

Here are the stories and essays, in alphabetical order by author. Read them in good health.

~ H. Jekyll

The deirdre fest

Reviews to come soon. - Antheros.

Antheros, Cupid (deirdre style)

Couture, Taken for a Ride

Desdmona, Lemon Drop (muse)

E. Z. Riter

(1) Tuckers' Slut (deirdre style)

(2) Seduction (deirdre style)

(3) Neighbors (deirdre style)

Eros Phite

(1) Dream (deirdre style)

(2) Elevator (muse)

Gretchen, New Beginnings (my style)

H. Jekyll

(1) A Portrait of deirdre (essay)

(2) Homecoming (deirdre style)

Ho Masubi, Reverend Derriere


(1) As Planned

(2) Culture Clash

(3) Cookies

JR Parz, Experiment

Juanwildone, Surprising

Kenny N Gamera, Swang (deirdre style)

Laura Bacchi, Shaven (deirdre style)

Marshall Hungness, The Beast (muse category)

Mat Twassel

(1) String (muse)

(2) Wildcat


(1) Peek

(2) Deirdre's short attention span (essay/repost)

(3) Type (part 1)

(4) Type (part 2)

Poison Ivan, Realtor

Purple cat

(1) Fantasy (deirdre style)

(2) Do me (deirdre style)

(3) Show Off (deirdre style)

Rajah Dodger

(1) may i steal said she (poem)

(2) Prom (deirdre style)

(3) Study Break (my style)

(4) Surprise (spoof)

(5) Trust (deirdre style)

Rex Antioch, Signs (muse)

Susan XX, Two entries in one: (1) A newbie's view of deirdre (essay) and (2) Bonus (deirdre-style)

Vaughan Clooney, Boots, A Green Suit, And Some Butter (muse)

Vickie Tern, Sucker (Muse)

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Chapter 4

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