Volume 3, number 1 -- Winter/Spring 2006

An occasional journal of erotic writing, criticism, and commentary

You are here  
Antheros tells how the Desire is back  
The Fine Print
Masthead, Colophon, and so on 
Emily's Awakening (MF, rom)
Esu Migabe bring us romance  
Careless Promise (FF, inc)
Suzie XX keeps it in the family  
Looncalls on a Cliff at Midnight (FF, rom, outdoors)
Few touch the anguishness of life like Crimson Dragon   
Gypsy Rover (MF, rom)
Denny Wheeler debuts his fiction   
It is
A poem by Yotna El'Toub  
Why Write Sex Fiction
Bradley Stoke delves into why we write   
Back in Time: S. B. Douglass
Franz Kafka's column about the good old times  
Eli the Bearded tells the history of a.s.s.m. to H. Jekyll   
Lazeez Jiddan talks to H. Jekyll about storiesonline.net and more  
The deirdre Festival
Entries and reviews, and an essay by H. Jekyll  
Further destinations  

O love, could thou and I with fate conspire
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Might we not smash it to bits
And mould it closer to our hearts' desire?
— Omar Khayyam, tr. FitzGerald

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