Joshua Woode's Stories

These are works of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or businesses is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now.

Family Changing Room (MF Mgg Fg)

     A new venue causes a family to evolve. Very slow build, soft core.

     Family Changing Room - 1
     Family Changing Room - 2
     Family Changing Room - 3

Pediatrics At Your Service (Mg)

     A man invents a novel way to pursue his goals. Relatively soft core, so far.

     Pediatrics - Prologue
     Pediatrics - First

Tommy's Coach (MMb bb cuck reluc)

     A baseball coach educates a boy's father about parenting.

     Tommy's Coach
     Tommy's Coach - 2
     Tommy's Coach - 3
     Tommy's Coach - 4
     Tommy's Coach - 5
     Tommy's Coach - 6
     Tommy's Coach - 7
     Tommy's Coach - 8
     Tommy's Coach - 9
     Tommy's Coach - 10
     Tommy's Coach - 11

He Asks (Mb ped coercion)

     A father teaches his son to ask for what he wants. A dark tale of betrayal and revenge.

     He Asks

Pretty Naked (Mg Fg fg coercion)

     A girl learns what it means to be pretty.

     Pretty Naked
     Pretty Naked - Wednesday

How to get a boy to take off his pants

A set of possible scenarios pertinent to the title. Thanks to the lovely and thoughtful readers who contributed their stories. I've tagged the stories in this series with #htgab, to connect them to the original work that triggered the discussion.

     How to get a boy to take off his pants (Mb coercion nosex)
     The Language of Coercion (Mb coercion)
     Mother's Naked Boy (Fb bb coercion)
     When In Rome (Mbb bb coercion)
     Just Tell Him (Mb bb coercion)
     The Next Patient (Mb bb coercion)

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All of my stories seem to become series, though I hope that each part ends at a reasonable point. Apologies if you feel left hanging. I do expect to complete them all eventually.