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Past Encounters;
Today's Dreams

Hi. I'm Jonathon, mid-forties, enjoying single life.
I often reminisce about my early
experiences so when a woman I became online
friends with asked for details about my
first encounter I was glad to oblige, offering
as many 'sordid details' as I could remember. :)

When I began writing the reply I
realized it was impossible to briefly
describe the details of what happened when
my best friend's sexually twisted older
sister caught us 'experimenting' and
coerced us into becoming her
photo models.

So after two months of writing, fondly
reliving every scene in my mind as, enduring wet spots on
the front of my cotton briefs as I typed away,
I sent her "Paula."

I am certainly not a stylish writer,
more meat and potatoes oriented.
The woman I wrote "Paula" for loved my
account and shared with me her first
experience during a very arousing live
conversation, so unfortunately there
is no text record of her first

When I finished writing about Paula I felt
compelled to write about my next door
neighbor, "Gail," and the events leading
to me perving her.

Both of these young ladies contributed
to shaping my sexual interests,
kinks and fetishes. I love them for being
naughty girls and taking advantage of
an opportunity to indulge their
needs and desires.

One other story rings true. I was
a very naughty young man at the
time, I was also a douche bag for
betraying Melissa's folks and ruining
our relationship.

The rest of my stories are just
a few of the fantasies that swirl
through my perverted mind.
A mind initially perverted by a pair of
perverted teen girls, yet more thoroughly
tainted by the topics I've allowed it to view
and learn about from other
pervs on the Internet.

I have an interest in sharing a
live conversation
with a mature woman who knows
what she likes and enjoys speaking
with a respectful, extremely open minded
man who will respect her boundaries...
...if you have any. grin

This is a link to my voice greeting.

Even though we will never meet in person,
can we still be friends?

Jonathon :)



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"I know your wife and daughter
are out of town, that is why
I stopped by. Now that I am
here, you have something you want
to show me, don't you Mr. Quinn?
What are you waiting for, I
don't have all day!"


"So this is what your daughter has
been bragging about to all
her girlfriends? Not very impressive,
My daddy is at least two
inches longer and much thicker.

But you can still amuse
me. Stroke it for me, Mr Quinn.
You have been wanting to stroke
it in front of me for a long
time, haven't you?"

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