The Teaser
by John O'Connor

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Janet Fraiser had spent the past several minutes
amusing herself between Samantha Carter's splayed
legs.  Under the guise of a medical exam, the good
doctor was toying with the succulent flesh between the
blonde's legs.  Pretending to be fascinated by some
unseen thing inside Sam, Janet would spread her nether
lips wide and push her finger inside.  After moving it
around in there, the tip would lightly caress a
certain secret spot Janet had found.  Before her
willing victim could really enjoy it, she'd pull it
out and, after checking that the coast was clear, 
lick it clean.

Janet glanced around once again and assured herself
the curtain was still drawn.  She moved in closer and
sampled directly from the source, being careful not to
let Sam, who was clearly on the edge, climax.

"Janet!" Sam hissed as that wonderful tongue slipped
inside her.  "Stop that!"



While Sam enjoyed these shenanigans - one of the
things she loved about her woman was the brunette's
playful attitude towards sex - it was time like this
she wanted to shout and scream at Janet.  As always
with these check-ups in the SGC, Janet would stop
playing just before Sam could get any relief.

'Launch pad aborts can't be anywhere near as
frustrating,' thought the former NASA wannabe. 

Janet stepped away from the exam table.  "You can get
down now, Sam."

"Easy for you to say," Sam muttered.  She didn't know
if she could even lift her feet from the stirrups
without collapsing.

Janet came over to hug Sam, saying, as if to a child,
"Aw, are we in a grumpy mood?"

"You know what I want."

Janet pulled back, "Uh-uh.  Not yet.  I was just doing
a quick 'systems check'..."

"Yeah, cute euphemism!"

"Well, to carry the metaphor further: Do not reboot
yourself today.  I'll handle the final systems
diagnostic myself tonight."

Sam shivered.  She had learned to accept these
post-mission sex teasings only because they usually
led to her having mind-blowing sex with Janet.

"All right," Sam grumbled.  "I'll be good."

"Not for long, I trust."  

Flashing a wickedly playful smile over her shoulder,
Janet left Sam to get dressed.  Maybe there was
something to this Napoleonic power-mongering after

* * * * * *

Sam pulled up in front of the small bungalow she
owned.  While she spent most of her time at the
Fraiser house, there were times it was good to come

Times like tonight when she knew Janet would have her
screaming.  As much as Cassandra loved her mothers,
and loved them being together, she had the typical
teenaged disgust when it came to adult sex.

Sam noticed her neighbor was out patrolling his yard. 
'He's odd,' she thought.  'Constantly patrolling his
yard in the day and even taking out a metal detector
to scan the soil.'

'Be fair, Samantha,' Sam's mother's voice echoed in
her head.  'He's just a bit eccentric.  And you really
can't blame him after all that happened with your
hand-made Stargate.'

"Yes Mother," Sam whispered as she waved to the odd
little man.

* * * * * *

An hour later, Janet arrived.  Sam was fresh from her
bath and wearing only a white, terrycloth robe.  Her
hair was still damp.  Janet took Sam in her arms and
kissed her, enjoying the smell of her clean lover.

"You didn't?"

"No, Ma'am.  I didn't touch myself," Sam stated.  It
was only a half-lie as she had to touch herself in
some way while washing.  But she did overcome the need
to 'relieve her stress'.

"Good," Janet said in a low, sultry voice.  She didn't
bother to tell Sam she had gone into her office after
the major left the Med Center.  She closed the door
and pulled her panties off to take care of her own
lustful needs.  Later, she'd tell Sam about
masturbating in her office, even retrieve the panties
from her purse.  That never failed to reignite Sam's
flagging libido after several orgasms.

"Lose the robe, go into the bedroom, and assume the

Sam started to tug on the robe's belt but stopped,
"When do I get to give the orders?"

"On base.  When it's not a medical situation."


The belt fell loose and the robe hug open, exposing
Sam's body to the cool room air.  Her nipples, still
covered by the robe, hardened quickly.

Janet's eyes traveled from Sam's blue eyes down to her
mouth as Sam's tongue peaked out.  That'll be put to
good use,' she promised herself.  Her gaze continued
down to see the fully exposed cleavage of the blonde's
high, firm breasts.  Down over the flat stomach,
dimpled by her navel, and to the small, neatly trimmed
triangle of dark golden curls.  

Seeing something glisten there, Janet wondered if that
was from the major's bath or the major.  She reached
out, combed her index finger through the fur, and
tasted the moisture there.  'Mmmm, definitely Sam.'

Sam stood there for a moment as if deciding something.
 Finally, in a quiet voice, she asked, "Why don't you
get naked too?"

Janet, her dark hair unpinned and brushing her
shoulders, was still in her Air Force uniform, albeit
with the tie loosened, the blouse unbuttoned at the
neck, and the jacket hanging open, stared at Sam. 
"Excuse me?  Why don't I what?"

Sam stared At Janet, momentarily taken aback by the
shorter woman's tone.  Then her eyes twinkled as she
realized it was all part of their special game.  Maybe
it was time to take it up a notch?

"Why are you still standing there?  I thought I told
you to lose that and get in the bed?"

As the robe pooled at her feet, Sam nodded and
muttered under her breath, "Hard-headed bitch."  She
waited until she passed her lover before smiling.

"Excuse me?  What did you say?"  Janet's eyes followed
Sam's lovely backside into the bedroom.  Her body was
right behind.

Inside, Sam was lying on her back when Janet told her
to turn over.  "I'll show you what a hard-headed bitch
I am!"

Sitting next to Sam's nude from, Janet rubbed her hand
in a circular motion over the rounded ass of the
blonde.  She lingered over Sam's birth mark, stroking
the darker skin with a finger tip.

"That feels good," Sam said into the pillows.

"Not for long," Janet promised.  She sat there a
moment, leaning on her hand which pressed into one
soft cheek.  "Let's see...  There are fifteen letters
in hard-headed bitch..."

"No.  Please," Sam pleaded, her tone belying her

Janet raised her blue-sleeved arm then brought it back
down, her open hand impacting on Sam's left asscheek.

The flesh quivered, enticing to Janet's eye.  She
repeated that on the right cheek. She alternated
hitting each cheek until both had received seven
swats.  She paused then.  Where to deliver the last?

Sam, meanwhile, squealed and moaned into the pillow
each time she felt Janet's hand. The squeals were in
response to the moment of pain when Janet's hand
landed.  The moans could be interpreted wrongly as
pain.  In reality, the pain was minimal.  The
excitement of giving herself so completely to her
lover was wonderful.

Janet finally opted for the birth marked cheek,
bringing her hand down once more.  Sam groaned loudly
at the last spank.

Sam's ass was bright red.  And warm to Janet's
now-soft touch.  The doctor caressed the enflamed skin
as she murmured to Sam, "How does that feel?  Are you
wet for me?  Do you want me?"

Sam nodded, her face buried in her pillow.  

"Well, I want you too," Janet whispered.  She lowered
her head and kissed the dark birth mark in the wide,
red area.  Her tongue slipped out to tickle the small
spot.  Sam squirmed.

Standing, Janet reached down and pulled Sam's ass into
the air, knees supporting the blonde while her face
still lay pressed into the pillow.

Being careful not to kneel on her skirt, Janet got
down on the floor and leaned into Sam's wet crotch. 
The blonde was clearly extremely excited.

Her tongue reached out and probed where her fingers
had been several hours before.  But this time, Janet
had no desire to make Sam 'suffer' anymore.  Anyway,
this orgasm would be so much fun to watch.

Janet's fingers toyed with the hard nub of Sam's clit
lightly as she tongued the hot, wet labia.  The
major's essence was practically flowing onto the
doctor's tongue.

As Sam's body began to shake with her imminent
release, Janet pulled back.  This was not out of any
desire to 'torture' Sam any longer.  She merely wanted
Sam to lay on her back so Janet could look up at her
and watch the blonde's face as she came.

"Roll over, Honey. Sit up a bit too."

Sam rolled onto her back and hitched herself up to
lean back against the head board.  She watched with
fascination as Janet crawled onto the bed in her dress
blues and lay between her spread legs.

Sam watched as Janet lay between her spread legs,
being careful not to wrinkle her uniform too much. 
Sam eyes gleamed lustfully, she loved a woman in
uniform and her lover, fortunately, had several...

Janet's gaze locked on Sam's blue eyes as her mouth
locked on the blonde's wet sex.  Sam had to force her
eyes to stay open as she felt the velvety softness
against her incredibly aroused flesh.  She had to
settle for a loud moan.

Janet found it equally as difficult to keep her eyes
on Sam when she was pleasuring her lover.  But it was
her own fault.  She started that aspect of this
particular game and she had to follow her own rules.

'And I love the look in her eyes when she cums,' Janet
added to herself.

Teh doctor's talented tongue explored every millimeter
of Sam's nether region, tasting and tickling the wet
heat.  Her nose brushed the tip of Sam's clit, jutting
out of it's protective hood proudly.

Janet felt Sam tighten around her tongue and knew it
was a matter of seconds.  She simultaneously pressed
the tip of her nose against Sam's clit, the tip of her
tongue to the hidden g-spot deep inside Sam, and the
tip of her index finger against Sam's tight rosebud.

Her eyes, still fixed on Janet's, were wide and
dilated, Sam cried out once and than once again. 
Those cries echoed through the bedroom as the blonde
was finally allowed to fall into the white hot abyss
of her own pleasure.

Janet felt the extra honey flowing and took as much as
she could catch with her lips and tongue.  She was
able to get quite a bit.

Sam's eyes had closed in the midst of her orgasm.  It
was practically impossible to keep them open.  Janet
knew this from personal experience and accepted it. 
The contorted look on Sam's face was just as pleasing.

Sam finally opened her eyes, still breathing heavily. 
She looked down to see Janet, her chin resting in
Sam's curly thatch.  The lower half of Janet's face
was smeared with Sam's essence.

"God, Janet!  That!"

Planting a quick kiss in Sam's blonde curls, Janet
crawled up to Sam on her hands and knees.  The open
uniform jacket brushed Sam's distended, and very
sensitive nipples, bringing a fresh gasp from the

Still fully clothed, Janet lay atop her nude lover and
kissed the woman thoroughly.  Her tongue duplicated
it's actions further down Sam's body with one
difference.  It had a most willing playmate in Sam's

Breaking the kiss, Sam licked at herself on Janet's
chin and cheeks.  Between licks, she said, "I want to
please you now."

"Oh, you have, darling.  You have."  But Janet quickly
got up, her knees on either side of the blonde's head
as she straddled Sam.  Hiking up her dark blue skirt,
the brunette lowered herself onto Sam's waiting mouth.

As Sam's tongue worked it's own brand of magic on the
sopping sex of the young doctor, Janet wondered if
there was any kind of Hall of Fame.  'Sam's tongue
should have it's own legend,' she decided before
conscious thought was impossible.

 (c) John O'Conner
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