Star Trek

  Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Lonely Hearts
        (Ezri Dax/Kira Nerys)

        Ezri tries to help a distraugh Colonel Kira both as a
        counselor and a friend.

  Star Trek: Home Is Where The Heart Is
        (Janice Rand/Christine Chapel)

        Janice Rand's return to Star Fleet Command
        allows her to catch up with an old friend.

  Star Trek: Welcome To The 23rd Century
        (Areel Shaw/Gillian Taylor)

        As Gillian Taylor journeys to her first Off-World
        post, she shares a cabin and more with Areel Shaw
        of Starfleet's JAG Office.

  Star Trek: Voyager/Gilligan's Island: When Worlds Collide
        (B'Elanna Torres/Mary Ann Summers)

  B'Elanna Torres helps a young castaway cope
       with life on a tropical island.

 Star Trek: Enterprise: Control
        (T'Pol/Number One)

        Memories of a lost love that opened a Vulcan's heart.

Star Trek: Hero Worship

        A young girl finally meets her life-long
        fantasy, one of the heroes of the newly-formed

Star Trek: Undercover
        (Roberta Lincoln/Isis)

        Roberta Lincoln and Isis go undercover to break up
        a blackmailing ring.