Stargate SG-1

 Stargate:  File Sharing

     A computer virus compromises some
personal interests at the SGC.

 Stargate:  Legacy - The Real Story

    Machello's anti-Goa'uld virus causes some
    unusual reactions in Janet Fraiser.

   Stargate: Urgo's Challenge

    Urgo's insistent demands cause Sam to act
    completely out of character.

   Stargate: Recovery

    After fighting Osiris in the Egyptian desert,  Sam
    and Janet are staying in a Cairo hotel until they can
    fly back to the US.

   Stargate: Rank Has Its Privileges

    After the Gao'uld summit, Janet congratulates Sam
    on her promotion to major.

   Stargate: Major Celebration

     In the aftermath of a celebration for  Janet's
    promotion, Sam and Janet lose some inhibitions,
    among other things.

   Stargate: Further Rules Of Engagement

    Sam goes to the Med Center for her post-mission physical.

   Stargate: Secrets Kept

    After a near-disastrous summit with the
    Tok'ra, Janet comes to comfort Sam.

   Stargate: Damn it, Sam!

    An experiment in Sam's lab has an unexpected
    result on Janet.

   Stargate: Red-Handed

    Sam and Janet face the consequences of being
    caught by General Hammond in a passionate embrace.

   Stargate: Dealing With It

    Cassie cannot deal with Janet and Sam's relationship.

   Stargate: Heart Of A Hero

    Captain Samantha Carter leads her men against German
    forces during the Battle of the Bulge.

   Stargate: The Seminar

    Janet flies to Chicago to attend a seminar  and helps
    a young graduate student gain her self-confidence.

   Stargate: We're Not In Kansas Anymore

    Sam and Janet return through the Stargate to
    the SGC but things are not what they seem.

   Stargate: Lace

    Janet manages to distract Sam during a post-mission
    briefing. In other words, yet another PWP.

   Stargate: The Mile High Club

    Janet Fraiser helps an apparently nervous
   fellow passenger.

   Stargate: Green Eggs And Sam

    Something Sam ate...

   Stargate: Black Coffee In Bed

    Janet tries to cope with her decision to break up with Sam.

   Stargate: Additional Upgrades

    Anise uses another Tok'ra device on Janet
    with unexpected results. Basically a long PWP.

   Stargate: The VegaStrip

    SG-1, with the exception of Teal'c, and Janet
    Fraiser spend some down time in Las Vegas.

   Stargate: Grief

    Janet helps Sam deal with the loss of her friends.

   Stargate: Holiday Road

    Sam, Janet, and Cassie set off on the road for a vacation.

   Stargate: Home For The Holidays

   Janet is planning a lonely Christmas at home.

   Stargate: Something In The Air

    After exposure to an alien lifeform, Sam
    stays with Janet and their relationship changes

   Stargate: Happy Anniversary

    After being lovers for a full year, Janet is
    hurt when she feels Sam has forgotten their

   Stargate: Love And Honor

    In the wake of increasing Mideast violence,
    Sam decides on her duty and Janet admits her
    concerns about Sam's decision.

   Stargate: Love And Duty

    As events escalate in the Mideast, Sam and
    Janet are having problems dealing with the conflicts
    between their love for each other and their duty.

   Stargate: A Matter Of Trust

    Janet asks Sam to trust her.

   Stargate: Trust

    Janet wants to hold on to the memories of
    her fourth anniversary with Sam.

   Stargate: Bored

    Sam's bored and cons Janet into helping her
    amuse herself.

   Stargate: Paybacks Are A ...

     Jack and Daniel get their revenge on Sam and Janet.

   Stargate: The Relationship - The Kiss

     Janet finally gives in to her buried desires.

   Stargate: The Relationship - The Conversation

    Sam overhears part of a conversation and fears the worst.

   Stargate: The Relationship - The Date

    Sam and Janet discuss what Sam overheard in
    the Med Center.

   Stargate: The Relationship - The Affair

    Sam and Janet have a torrid, secret love affair.

   Stargate: The Relationship - The Wedding

    Several years after Sam and Janet break up,
    Janet prepares for her wedding.

   Stargate: The Relationship - The Letter (Epilogue)

    A special letter is opened after the passing
    of a special person.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 1

     Hathor's return promises problems for SG-1,
     the SGC, and especially Sam Carter.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 2

  Janet deals with the possible loss of Sam
     from her and Cassie's life.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 3

  Sam has to try to figure a way out of
    Hathor's clutches before the Goa'uld's
    sadistic play kills her.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 4

  Janet worries about Sam while things
    apparently worsen for SG-1.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 5

  Sam tries to remain defiant even though the
    cost in pain and misery is almost unbearable.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 6

  Sam recuperates in the Med Center from her
    physical wounds but her emotional damage is far
    more severe.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 7

    In the aftermath of Hathor's abuse, Sam
    distances herself from those she loves.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 8

    Sam's promotion is overshadowed by larger
    events as well as the shadow Hathor still casts
    over her.

   Stargate: The Vengeance Of Hathor Part 9

  Sam and Janet finally come to terms with the
    effects of Hathor's rape and torture.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 1

    With some extended leave available, Sam and
    Janet decide to take Cassie to the seaside.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 2

    The girls in Florida arrive and begin their

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 3

    The girls spend their first full day at the

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 4

    The girls' trip continues as unspoken
    feelings build.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 5

    A cool, grey day becomes more exciting than
    Sam, Janet, or Cassie wanted.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 6

    Sam tries to cope with an unexpected surge
    of jealousy towards Janet.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 7

    Sam and Janet testify to the events in the
    arcade while still coming to terms with their
    growing,  hidden feelings.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 8

    Sam and Janet both quietly reflect on their
    hidden feelings.

   Stargate: The Vacation Part 9

    Sam and Janet give in completely to their

   Stargate: After The Vacation

    The girls and their friends react to the
    changes they underwent on their vacation.

   Stargate: Don't Touch My Daughter!

    Janet takes matters into her own hands when she
    finds Cassie has been hurt by someone she knows.

   Stargate: Happy Birthday To Me

   Sam reports to Janet for a end-of-day
    physical on the eve of Janet's birthday.

   Stargate: After The Party

    Sam waits until after Janet's birthday party
    to give her the special present.

   Stargate: Giving Thanks

    SG-1 celebrate Thanksgiving at Janet's house.

   Stargate: A Shoulder To Lean On

    An accident involving Cassie's class diverts
    Janet's attention during an emergency in
    the SGC.

   Stargate: 'Tis The Season
  (Or Keeping The X In Xmas)

    Sam and Janet are busy getting ready for
    their first Christmas together.

   Stargate: Auld Lang Syne

    Sam and Janet break away from the party to
    celebrate the New Year in a more personal way.

   Stargate: Going To The Show

    Sam and Janet go see a movie but they get
    easily distracted.r

  Stargate: Waiting

    Waiting is the hardest part.

  Stargate: Sharing Secrets
   (Sam/Sha're, Sam/La Moor, Sam/Garshaw, Janet/Kerry,
    Janet/Drey'auc, Janet/Ke'ra, Sam/Janet)

    Wine coolers and beer lead the girls to
    share some of their more intimate secrets.

  Stargate: Passages

    Some 'unaired' scenes from "Rite Of Passage."

  Stargate: Follow Your Heart

    An outside influence finally forces Janet to
    deal with her feelings.

  Stargate: Tiny Dancer

    The ladies return from a special night.

  Stargate: The Challenge

    Something is wrong between Sam and Janet and their
    friends decide to correct it.

  Stargate: X-treme Convention Part 1

    Sam, Janet and Cassie arrive in Vancouver for
    a scifi convention.

  Stargate: X-treme Convention Part 2

    The convention has some unexpected surprises and highlights.

  Stargate: X-treme Convention Part 3

    Sam is startled to learn something more about her best friend.

  Stargate: X-treme Convention Part 4

   Sam and Janet deal with the events of the  weekend
    and their effect on their friendship.

  Stargate: Oh My God!

    Worried about Janet, Sam finds the good
    doctor in a very compromising position.

  Stargate: Andromeda Ascending Part 1

    A strangely familiar woman meets SG-1 on a deserted world

  Stargate: Andromeda Ascending Part 2

  Janet gets closer to Rommie and Sam gets closer to the mystery woman's

  Stargate: Andromeda Ascending Part 3

    Two many Janets?

  Stargate: Andromeda Ascending Part 4
  (Sam/Rommie, Sam/'Janet')

    Sam has her eyes opened as she investigates the mystery of the android

  Stargate: Andromeda Ascending Part 5
    (Sam/Janet, 'Janet'/Rommie)

    The truth behind the androids comes to light as do certain secrets.

  Stargate: Andromeda Ascending Part 6

    The androids return to their origin world, accompanied by Sam and

  Stargate: Pairings

    When "Oops!" becomes "Aah!"

  Stargate: The Teaser

    In response to the Shatterstorm Challenge to  use the following 6 words
    in a story: Launch pad, hug, reboot, eccentric, hard-headed, legend

  Stargate: Communications Breakdown

    The results of miscommunication.

  Stargate: The Art Of Art

    Adulterous hijinks at the Art Gallery.

  Stargate: The Doctor And The Seer
   (Janet Fraiser/Cordelia Chase, Janet/Sam
    Carter & Cordelia/Fred Burkle.)

    Two lovely ladies share their dreams.

  Stargate: Meet The Parents

    Janet and Sam are anxiously waiting for Cassie
    to return home from college with a friend.

  Stargate: Cassandra's Gift

    Cassandra learns her best friend is very sick and wants to do something for her.

  Stargate: The Secret Ingredient

    Sam wants to know the secret of Janet's secret recipe

  Stargate: Meet The Uncles

    Cassie and Ronnie meet Cass' surrogate uncles.

  Stargate: The French Maid

    Who says you can't get good help anymore?

  Stargate: The Emergency Stand-by Date

   When a date is broken, who does Sam turn to?

  Stargate: Numba One In Tha Hood
   (Sam/F, Sam/Janet)

    This is pretty much a PWP.  Nothing more and
    nothing less.  What little plot is here deals with
    Sam's multiple off-world affairs and Janet being there
    for her friend.

  Stargate: The Photo Booth

   Photo booth hi-jinks.  Another PWP.

  Stargate: Three's Company
   (Sam and Janet and Jack.)

    In this case, three's not a crowd.

  Stargate: Three's A Charm
   (Sam and Janet and Jack.)

    The gals spend the day teasing Jack.

  Stargate: Back To School
       (Janet Fraiser/Lois Lane)

    Janet decides to drop in on Cassie at college
   and instead meets her roommate.

  Stargate: Welcome Home Doctor Weir
       (Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan)

    Teyla welcomes Elizabeth back to Atlantis.

 Stargate: Exposure
       (Sam and Janet)

    Sam wakes up naked in an empty SGC.

  Stargate: Ascending Angel
       (Janet and Morgan le Fey)

    Janet is offered Ascension.

   Stargate: It's About Time ...
       (Sam and Janet)

      Reflections on the real-life progress made by the American military establishment.