The Snowbunny
 by John O'Connor

Janice Fields thought she was dead.  Hell, she knew
she was dead.  First the car spinning and now just
blank whiteness surrounding her.  She struggled at the
blankness and finally pushed the deflating air bag out
of her face.

Well she was still alive.  She looked out the front
windshield but she still saw white.  'What's going
on?' she thought.  'If I'm dead, how come I'm
surrounded by this car?  Shouldn't there be angels or
devils or something?'

Looking closely, she realized the windows were covered
by snow.  She tried to open the door.  It wouldn't

"What the hell?  Come on, open you bastard," Janice
snarled as she shoved against the stubborn door.
"Open up, Goddammit!"

She knew then she was in trouble after all.  She felt
the tilt of the car and realized she was nose down in
a ditch.  All because of her taste in men.

That Friday started out fine, cloudy with flurries.
She went with Pete Stewart for a 3-day weekend of
romance and skiing in the snowy Sierras.  She had been
dating Pete for almost three weeks and this seemed the
perfect time for them to get away together.

They made an attractive couple.  He was almost six
feet tall with short, sunbleached hair.  He had a body
that any surfer in Venice would kill for.  At 29, he
was the youngest partner in his law firm.  (He was
only a junior partner, but Janice didn't need to know
that in his opinion.)

Janice was beautiful, vivacious, smart-alecky 25-year
old computer technician.  She was five foot six inches
tall and weighed a little over 105 lbs.  She had a
perfectly proportioned body, slim hips, narrow waist,
and perfectly shaped boobs, if she did say so herself.
 (Modesty was not a problem for Janice.)  She had
shoulder length brown hair with a hint of a natural

He drove her car and they made good time even with the
falling snow.  Pete parked the car at the cabin.
Janice said she wanted to begin to unpack.  After
helping take in the luggage, he went to the lodge to
see about lift tickets.

Janice had decided 'Screw this!  I wanna ski!  I'll
unpack later.'  She walked over the snowy ground to
the lodge and looked for Pete.  What she saw floored

Pete was sitting by the big fireplace with his arm
around some blond snowbunny, and was trying to kiss
her.  The bimbo didn't seem to be resisting too much.
Hell, she wasn't resisting at all!

Janice yelled, "Fuck you, you prick!"  Spinning on her
heel, she stormed out of the lodge, grabbed her bags
from the cabin and threw them in the car.

As she tore out of the parking lot, she saw Pete run
out of the lodge towards her.  She resisted the urge
to run him over.  Her car fishtailed as she hit the
highway but the tires caught and she headed back to

Unfortunately, several miles down the road, a large
patch of ice had formed on the pavement.  As Janice
came over a rise, she saw the black area ahead of her
but it was too late to do anything except lose

So now, because, as usual, her taste in men sucked,
Janice was in the worst predicament of her young life.
 The car was burrowed in deep snow at a 45 degree
angle and the snow was still falling.  The exposed
portion of the trunk was almost covered by the white

Several hours earlier at the lodge, Stephanie Wheeler
was finding her own romantic getaway was ruined.  She
had traveled to the Sierras as well with her
girlfriend of six months, Diana Cronin.

Stephanie was five foot ten inches tall barefoot with
long, straight blond hair.  She was very well endowed
but the large breasts perfectly matched her frame.
Her very pretty features were augmented by a killer
smile.  She turned heads, male and female, wherever
she went.

Except when she returned to the room she was sharing
with Diana after an early morning ski.  She walked in
and found Diana kissing the chambermaid while feeling
up her short skirt.

Embarrased and hurt, Stephanie returned to the lodge
and met a nice guy by the fire who attempted to
console her.  Soon, he was putting the moves on her.
As Steph resisted him, telling him he was not her
type, a loud voice yelled "Fuck you, you prick!"

The insistent hands fell limp and the man sat there
speechless.  Stephanie stood up still irritated that
he had been trying to score and yelled, "You came with
another girl and were hitting on me?  You are a

With that, Stephanie slapped Pete Stewart as hard as
she could.  He was partially standing and flipped over
the couch as she left to get her things and leave the
resort.  Many heads turned at that and some of the
women applauded but she ignored them.

She returned to the now-vacant cabin and shoved her
clothes into her suitcase as she heard the other
girl's car squeal out of the lot.  'Careful,
girlfriend, or you'll be wrapped around a tree and
that won't show Mr. Macho anything.'

As she drove off, Stephanie saw Pete trudging back to
the lodge, looking extremely depressed.  "Poor baby,"
she said, with more than a trace of sarcasm in her

Several miles down the road, she saw skid marks on the
pavement partially covered with drifting snow.  Just
past those marks, she faintly saw twin spots of red in
a snow bank.  As she slowed down, Stephanie realized
she was seeing taillights shining through the snow
covering a car.

She quickly got a shovel out of her trunk and began to
shovel to the left of the lights towards the driver's
door.  The pit in the snow she dug continually fell
back in as the powdery walls collapsed.  Before she
was even past the rear fender, she could feel herself

Resting for a moment, she tried to yell to anyone
trapped in the vehicle.  "Hey!  Hey!  If you can hear
me, honk the horn!  Honk the Horn!"

Attacking the snow again, Stephanie inadvertently hit
the side of the car loudly with the shovel.  The thump
was heard in the car and a drowsy Janice immediately
woke up.

'Smart, girl, real smart.  Fall asleep in the cold and
you'll never wake up,' Janice scolded herself.

Another thump and she sat up straight and tried
yelling, "Help!  Help me!  I'm stuck in this damned
car!"  Her yelling became screaming as she felt
hysteria slowly descend on her.  Her screams died as
she strained her vocal cords.

As she began to sob uncontrollably, Janice slammed her
hand against the steering wheel.

The loud honking of the horn startled her out of her
hysteria and she forced herself to remain calm.  She
did however begin to honk the horn with a regular
rhythm as she heard a scraping sound from outside the

Stephanie heard the muffled car horn and knew there
was someone alive in the car.  She redoubled her
efforts and after another hour's work, cleared most of
the snow away from the driver's door.  The honking had
died several minutes earlier.

The door wouldn't open when she yanked on it.  Looking
in, she could see a shape behind the frosty window but
no details.  'Please be okay!' Stephanie silently

Stephanie thought about the situation and using the
shovel as a pry bar, she managed to open the car door.
 She then reached in and pulled out the semi-conscious
girl behind the wheel.

Moving quickly, and glad she kept up her gym dues,
Stephanie carried the semi-conscious girl to her car,
fumbled open the door, and set her in the passenger
seat.  She got a blanket out of the trunk and wrapped
her up.  She reached over the girl and cranked up the
heater.  She then closed the passenger door and
returned to the other car.

Steph crawled to the driver's door gingerly as the
slope had gotten slick from her earlier actions.  She
reached into the car and switched off the ignition
(the engine had already died) and the lights.
Pocketing the keys, she locked and closed the door
before struggling back up to the road.

Climbing gratefully into the car and it's warmth, she
checked on her unexpected passenger.  Stephanie sat
for a few minutes before putting the car into gear and
heading down the road.

Driving slowly, Stephanie kept hers eyes open for a
turnoff.  The increasing snow was making it difficult
to see very far.  The road was also getting slippery,
forcing her to drive slower.

As she was about to give up, thinking she'd passed the
turn, a mailbox poked up above the plowed snow.  When
Stephanie saw the name Miller, she knew she had made

Turning carefully onto a long, winding driveway, she
slowly made her way up to a large cabin in a small

Pulling up to the front door, she saw the cabin was
dark.  "No one home," Stephanie said.  Then she smiled
as she remembered a spare key.

Walking to the front door, she reached up and pulled a
sliver of wood out of the lintel.  A key was attached
by a leather strip to the inside of the sliver.
Stephanie unlocked the door, replaced the key, and
entered the house.

Trying the switch, she discovered that the power was
off.  The interior, while warmer than outside, was
still frigid; far too cold for someone suffering from
even a slight amount of exposure.  She walked back
towards the kitchen and found a thermostat.

Stripping off her gloves, she quickly set the
temperature for 70.  She was gratified to hear a
muffled thump as the furnace kicked in.  Hopefully the
cabin wouldn't take too long to warm up.

Stephanie returned to the car and pulled Janice out,
carrying her into the house, kicking the front door
closed, and laying her on the couch in front of the

Steph took some chopped wood piled nearby and built a
nice fire that caught quickly.  Eyeing the remainder,
she hoped there was a nice supply in back of the
cabin.  After confirming this, she went back to her
car, turned it off, grabbed the keys and her purse and
hurried back into the house.

Returning to her charge, Stephanie checked her
temperature and felt a strong pulse.  Realizing the
girl's clothes had probably bled out a lot of her body
heat, Stephanie began to remove the outer layers.  As
she got to the thermals, she felt the material still
had a trace of warmth.  She piled a couple of blankets
she had retrieved from the linen closet over Janice.
She also grabbed two terry cloth robes.  Then she went
back to the woodpile and got a sufficient supply of
wood for days in several trips

She began to remove her own chilled clothes including
the thermal undergarments.  Standing in a pair of lace
panties, she enjoyed the warmth of the fire on her
bare skin.  Stephanie's hands cupped her breasts and,
as she pinched her erect nipples, she closed her eyes.

She slid one hand down to graze the front of her
panties.  The fire's heat was creating conflicting
reactions in Steph's body.  She was becoming aroused
but she also was feeling a growing sense of fatigue.

The fatigue won and she grabbed a robe and a blanket,
and adding wood to the fire, sat against the sofa and
let sleep come.

Janice woke up just before dawn and felt panic rising
when she realized she had no idea where she was.  The
last thing she remembered clearly was a thumping noise
outside of the stranded car and her hitting the horn.
The rest was fuzzy.

Looking at the figure curled on the rug below her, she
decided, 'This must be the Good Samaritan who saved my
bacon.  Who is it?  And, especially, where the hell
are we?'

Janice stepped over the sleeping figure towards the
fire.  Seeing the fire burn low, she added some logs
to build it up again before she started to look for
the bathroom.

Finding one just off the living room, she sat in the
dark humming "Taking Care Of Business" while she did
just that.

Shaking her head when she realized what she was doing,
she thought, 'I'm still a smart-ass bitch.  The cold
didn't freeze that out of me.  That's good, I think.'

She flushed, drank some water, and returned to the
warmer room.  She noted with satisfaction that the new
wood had caught and the fire was burning well.

As she returned to the couch, the figure on the floor
moved and Janice saw her face.  It was the snowbunny
from the lodge!  "I was saved by some blond bimbo who
stole my man from me!" she said, then she laughed when
she thought how much she sounded like some
country-western song.

'Well, this'll take some thinking,' she thought as she
lay back on the couch again.  'She's a tramp and a
whore, but she did save my life.  Do I thank her and
then claw her eyes out, or..?'

As this train of thought progressed, Janice soon fell
asleep to dreams of her and the blond Amazon fighting
in the snow.  Pete was there cheering them on.  Soon,
the snow turned into white sheets and she was in bed
with Pete.  As he got on top of her and began to
thrust, she realized he had no dick!  Looking up at
her dream lover, she saw the snowbunny smile at her as
their pussies slammed together.

"Wha..."  Janice sat up.  "What the fuck was that?"

"Oh, good morning.   How do you feel?" a voice called
from the direction of the bathroom.

"You!  You're the bitch who was fucking Pete!" Janice
yelled as she got up tangle of blankets.  "You fucking
whore!  You goddammed blond cunt!"

"Whoa!  Hold on there.  I didn't do anything with,
Pete you said?  I thought he was alone and I needed a
shoulder to cry on.  Then he started to put the moves
on me," Stephanie said as she stood in the bathroom
doorway, giving her time in case the little brunette
came at her.

"Yeah, you were doing a lot of fucking crying, bitch!"
Janice snarled.

"No, it's not like that.  Let me explain, please.  You
owe me that much," Stephanie pleaded.

At Janice' curt nod, she told the enraged woman about
Diana and the chambermaid, how she ran into Pete in
the lounge, and how, when she found out he wasn't
flying solo, she left the lodge and hit the road.
Lastly she told of seeing the taillights of the buried
car and pulling Janice out.

Janice stood by the sofa, still angry but she was
losing her grip on it.  She began to feel sympathetic
to the tall woman in front of her.  When she realized
that this girl had, in fact, saved her, she fell back
on the couch, covered her face and began to sob.

Stephanie waited a moment before sitting next to her
and pulling the quaking girl into her arms, trying to
comfort her.  "Shh. Shh, it'll be okay.  You're safe
now and nothing else matters."  Stephanie rocked
Janice and stroked her soft brown hair until the
sobbing stopped.

Looking up through red-rimmed eyes, Janice said, "I'm
such a b-huh, a bitch!  I'm sorry I called you all
those things."

"That's okay, sweetie.  You're upset, who wouldn't be?
 Don't worry," Stephanie said to the tear-streaked
face below her.

Janice sniffed, "I usually talk without thinking, I'm
sorry.  Also, just to warn you, I'm also a big

"Thanks for the warning.  Come on," Stephanie said,
taking Janice' hand, "Let's see if John left any food
in his pantry."

In the pantry, they found an unopened box of Ritz
crackers and some peanut butter.  There was also
several packets of Kool-Aid.

Grabbing a pitcher, Stephanie asked, "Any preference?
About the Kool-Aid."  The last added to stifle the
creative comeback Janice was ready to utter.

"Let's try something different and mix some of them.
How about cherry and strawberry?" Janice suggested.

"Okay, Miss Adventure," Stephanie laughed.  "Grab a
couple of glasses outta that cabinet and the pitcher.
After I get the water, we're back in the living room.
It's freezing in here!"

"Yeah, I can tell.  Even in the robe, it's obvious the
turkeys are done!" Janice smirked at the girl she was
rapidly beginning to like.

Stephanie, feeling her nipples poking the material,
looked at her new friend, cocking an eyebrow.  Janice
turned red, looked away and said, "I, uh I didn't mean
it like that.  I would never, uh, that is, I
never...Well, you know."  Janice was amazed at
herself, she, the eternal smartass, was never at a
loss for words.

Neither spoke until they were on the couch and sharing
the crackers and peanut butter.

"So uh, where are we?   This obviously isn't the
lodge, but you know someone who lives here," Janice

"Yes, it's my cousin John's cabin.  He offered it to
me for my romantic winter getaway with Diana since
he's on his second honeymoon in the Florida Keys.  We
decided we wanted to be around people, so we stayed at
the lodge instead," Stephanie said.

Janice noted the trace of sadness in Stephanie's eyes
when she mentioned Diana.  'This chick must've meant a
lot to her,' Janice thought.

As if she had read Janice' mind, Stephanie said, "I
guess I was pretty stupid.  Things with Diana have
been rough for several months now.  I've known her for
a long time, longer than we've been lovers, and she
was never a one-woman girl.  I suppose I hoped it'd be
different with me."  Stephanie ended this with a sigh.

Janice sat up a little straighter and looked at
Stephanie.  She was quite beautiful with her long
blond hair and perfect features.  Janice supposed the
body matched the perfect face.

"She must be very stupid.  I mean," Janice continued
when Stephanie looked at her, "you're beautiful and
intelligent.  You obviously care; look at me for an
example.  Yeah, she was stupid."

Stephanie smiled at that, and Janice thought she
looked radiant.  "Yeah, well Phil..."

"Pete," Janice corrected her.

"Yeah, Pete was no prize either.  You are a very
pretty girl and you seem very intelligent.  And you
have a sense of humor.  I love that in people,"
Stephanie said.

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm not coming on to you.  I just
meant..." Stephanie faltered.

Janice smiled, "That's okay.  I understand."

Looking back towards the bathroom, Janice asked, "Does
this joint have any hot water?  I'd love to get
cleaned up."

"Yeah, my cousin has gas everything, except
electricity of course. C'mon, I'll get some towels and
 candles so you won't be in the dark.  Here, put this
robe on and you can throw your 'delicates' in that
pile there," Stephanie said as she stood and reached
for the other terry cloth robe.

Stephanie took two large candles into the bathroom and
lit them, then turned on the shower.  The hot water
started flowing quickly. 'Wish it was like this at my
place,' she lamented.

Stepping back into the living room, she saw Janice in
the blue terry cloth kicking a pair of long johns
towards the dirty laundry pile, as Stephanie had taken
to calling it.

"Okay, the shower's ready and there are towels on the
counter."  Stephanie stepped aside as Janice went into
the mist-filled room, eyeing the tight belt and the
terrycloth as it flared over Janice' hips.

"Save me some hot water, too," the tall blonde

Janice stopped as she was closing the door,and
wondering what had come over her, looked Stephanie in
the eye, and unbelted the robe.  As it slid from her
nude form, she smiled and said, "Save water, bathe
with a friend."

Stephanie stood staring at the lovely girl in front of
her.  Janice was smaller than Stephanie but everything
went together perfectly.  She had lovely breasts
capped by pretty pink nipples, a narrow waist with
slightly flaring hips, lean, shapely legs, and a trim
brown bush.

"Are you sure?" Stephanie asked, hoping the brunette
would say "Yes."

"No, I'm not but it seems right.  I, well," Janice
dropped her eyes, embarrassed, "Unless you don't find
me attractive?"

Stephanie didn't know what to say, so she simply
unbelted her robe and let it slide off her shoulders.
She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed them
down, stepping out of them.

Smiling, she walked toward the younger girl and lifted
Janice' chin in her hand.  Stephanie leaned forward
and lightly touched her lips to Janice'.  Gratified
that Janice didn't pull away, she pressed her lips
more firmly against the other girl's.

Janice opened her mouth to Stephanie's questing tongue
as she slid her arms around the taller girl.
Stephanie placed her hands on either side of Janice'
face and held her gently while exploring her mouth.

Holding Janice tightly, Stephanie moved into the
bathroom and led her into the steamy shower.  When the
spray hit them, they both gasped, sharing breath.

Stephanie reached for the herbal shampoo and began to
massage the lather into Janice' scalp.  Janice smiled
and made a little "ooo" noise.  Gently guiding the
soapy head under the spray, Steph rinsed the shampoo

Janice took the bottle off the shelf and, pulling the
taller girl down, applied the shampoo to Stephanie's
long blond locks.  As she finished rinsing the long
strands clean of soap, Stephanie swept the wet hair
back and kissed Janice deeply.

Stephanie broke their liplock and reached for the
soap.  She began to lather up the small figure in
front of her and kissing bare skin as it got rinsed
clean.  She especially loved the pert little boobs.

As Stephanie worked her oral magic on Janice' breasts,
she slipped her soapy fingers into the tight warm slit
between her legs.  Janice moaned deep in her throat,
feeling warm waves flowing out from her sexual

Janice grabbed Stephanie's head and pulled her into
her chest and screamed as her first orgasm washed over
her.  She staggered and leaned against the shower wall
as she tried to get her breathing under control.

Stephanie stood there and smiled as she enjoyed
watching the young girl climax.  'This girl has a hair
trigger,' she thought.

Janice opened her eyes and looked at Stephanie, "Now,
it's your turn!"  She tried to sound threatening, but
Steph wasn't fooled.

Janice hesitated and looked into Stephanie's eyes,
saying, "I've never done this before.  What if I don't
please you?"

Stephanie's breath caught.  When she saw the
vulnerable look in the girl's eyes, she was
capitivated.  "Don't worry.  You will be wonderful!
Just start by washing me, and then do whatever feels
right."  And, added to herself, 'I'll bet Pete never
saw that exposed side of her.  I just want to hold her
and protect her from creeps like him.'

Stephanie took Janice' soapy hand and placed it on her
large breast, "Just do what you like having done to

Janice smiled and gently squeezed the large, soft
globe, loving the feel of it in her hand and the way
the nipple poked into her palm.  She raised her other
hand and took Steph's other breast in it, gently
squeezing again.

Janice stood there holding Stephanie's breasts as the
warm water cascaded over the pair.  Then she took a
breath, thought 'Now or never!' and lowered her mouth
to suck on the right breast.

Now it was Stephanie's turn to moan as the
inexperienced girl began to tongue her nipple.  'She's
a natural,' Steph thought as Janice switched to her
left breast, never releasing either from her grasp.

Finally, her curiousity got the better of her, and
Janice moved a hand down the flat, tight stomach to
the lightly furred pubic mound.  Thinking of how she
liked to touch herself, she began to stroke and pinch
the tender, moist flesh under her fingers before
plunging two digits into the hot slit.

Stephanie was more than ready to have to guide the
young lady in her sapphic exploration, but Janice hit
just the right spots and Steph sagged against the
shower door as she gasped out her orgasm.

As her breathing returned to normal, she kissed
Janice, thrusting her tongue into the shorter woman's
mouth.  Janice accepted the vibrant invader and paried
it with her own tongue.

They kissed passionately until the hot water turned
cold.  Then, shivering, they quickly left the stall
and dried each other off.  This helped warm both women
and got them ready for more.

Now it was Janice' turn to lead.  She took Stephanie
by the hand and led her back in front of the fire.
After making the blonde lay on the soft rug, she
squatted down and added logs to the fire.

Stephanie half-mockingly whistled at the lovely ass in
front of her.  She could just glimpse the pouty little
lips in the shadowy area between the thighs of the
smaller woman.  She was sure they were wet, and not
from the shower they had just shared!

Crawling back to the other woman, Janice bemoaned her
hair.  "No hair dryer!  My hair will be a mess!" she
cried as she held the damp mass hanging by her face.

"I'll be happy to brush it for you," Stephanie
offered.  She got up and retrieved a brush from her

Sitting back against the couch and said, "Sit here and
I'll brush your hair."

Janice sat down between Steph's legs a little rigidly
and leaned her head back slightly.  Stephanie took the
brush and began to gently run it through the thick
brown hair.  Cold droplets of water sprinkled her
thighs, making her give out a little squeek.

"What?  Is something wrong?" Janice asked.

"No, honey.  Just some cold water on bare skin.  Sit
still for a second, would you?"  The last was not
really a question.

As she brushed, she felt Janice lose some of the
tenseness and begin to lean back against her.  She
knew the brunette could feel her nipples prodding her

As she stroked the brown locks, Janice told her about
the dream she had that morning.  Stephanie felt a warm
rush when she found out that Janice had dreamed about

Finishing a few minutes later, she handed the brush
around the nude girl and said, "Now do me!"  Stephanie
took time to gently squeeze one of her breasts.

"Hey!  What gives?  Copping a cheap feel?" Janice
asked lightly as she got to her knees facing the
taller woman.

"Yeah.  Waddya gonna do about it?"

"This," Janice kissed Stephanie before sitting on the
couch with her legs flanking Steph's body.  She leaned
over and began to brush the long, wet strands as they
gleamed golden in the firelight.

"Ooh, now I know what you mean about cold water on
bare skin," Janice shivered.  Looking at the large,
firm breasts below her, Janice cupped one and asked,
"How do you keep in such great shape?  Do you go to a

"Yeah, I go several times a week depending on my
schedule.  I could take you there sometime, but I
gotta warn you, it's a girl's-only place."

"Sounds interesting," Janice replied.

Finishing, she set the brush on the cushion and leaned
over the blond head and kissed Stephanie upside down.

"That was different," Stephanie said.  "Very nice, but
different.  C'mon over here."  Taking the brunette's
hand, she pulled her over to the rug and made Janice
lay on her back.

Stephanie knelt over her with her legs on either side
and slowly sat down on Janice' hips.  She continued to
lean forward until she was laying completely on top of
the young woman.

Stephanie started by kissing Janice' mouth.  After
taking a few moments to rekindle their inner fire, she
scooted down and resumed sucking on Janice' breasts.

Steph's hand slid down to again invade Janice' moist
center, followed shortly by her lips and tongue.  As
she parted Janice' lower lips, she heard a slight
intake of breath from the girl.  Smiling, she began to
lick around the intruding fingers up to the girl's
clitoris.  Stephanie began to suck on the little,
highly excited nub and Janice began to moan.

Janice had been amazed at how good Stephanie made her
feel in the shower.  It was one of the most amazing
orgasms she had ever had.  But it didn't even compare
to the feelings the talented blonde was creating with
her fingers and tongue now.  Janice held Steph's head
in her hands as her second climax burst over her.

she yelled out.

Janice fell limp on the rug as Stephanie crawled up
next to her.  She cradled the seemingly boneless girl
against her as Janice' ragged breathing returned to

Janice opened her eyes and smiled up at Stephanie.
She didn't say anything at first, just enjoyed the
cuddling and the soft cushiony feel of the breast her
head was resting on.

Finally, she said, "That was fantastic!  I've never
screamed when I came before.  I thought I was dying,
but it was a much nicer death than..."  She shivered
involuntarily at the recent memory.

Stephanie hugged her tighter, saying, "You'll always
be safe when I'm around."  Then she added, "You are
the most responsive girl I've ever made love to.  You
really never did anything like this before?"

"No, I don't think I ever really even thought about
it, except that dream.  I always told boyfriends when
they asked that I thought it was disgusting.  God, was
I wrong!  It's wonderful!" Janice answered.

"It can be very beautiful with the right person,"
Stephanie looked directly into the other girl's brown
eyes as she said this.

Janice didn't break eye contact until their lips met
and she closed her eyes as the kiss deepened.  She had
never enjoyed kissing anyone this much before.  She
loved the feel of Stephanie's lips, and her tongue.
She loved the wasy she tasted.  Janice felt that she
couldn't get enough of this.

What Janice didn't realize was that Stephanie felt the
same way.

Janice pulled away and said, "Now, I want to try you.
Just help me to please you."

Janice again marvelled at the feel of the large
breasts and how mush she enjoyed sucking on them.  No
wonder men wanted to do this so much.

She finally moved on and lowered her face to
Stephanie's pussy.  She stared at it and ran her
fingers throught the silky, blond hair above the
protruding lips.  Janice had never seen a woman's sex
before as an object of desire.  Now she wanted to
memorize every detail.

The aroma of arousal finally got her attention and she
leaned further and began to lick the dew from the
excited labia.  Janice was surprised by the taste but
not revolted, as she was afraid she'd be.  After a
moment, she realized she liked it and began to
furiously tongue the pussy before her.

Stephanie reached down and pulled Janice' head up to
look at her and said, "Take your time.  Enjoy what
you're doing and I'll enjoy it, too."  Janice nodded
and returned to the wet pussy before her.

She slid her fingers back into the wet cavern and
marvelled at the heat she felt there.  Remembering
what Stephanie had done, she moved her lips up to the
clitoris rising from it's little fleshy sheath.

Once she began to tongue Stephanie's clit, it wasn't
long before the blonde was overcome by her orgasm.
Janice felt the juices gush around her fingers and
valiantly tried to lap up as much as she could.

While waiting for Stephanie to recover, she licked the
womanly honey from her fingers and looked at the prone
figure before her.  She knew that she wouldn't regret
anything she and Stephanie had done together, it was
too wonderful.

Stephanie opened her eyes and said, "You are a
natural!  That was one of the best orgasms I've ever

Rising to what she interpreted as a challenge, Janice
said, "Only one of the best?  Well, that's going to
change real fast!  Come here, snowbunny!"

It took the plows until the end of the day to clear
the highway past the base of the long drive so people
could get out of the snow covered mountains.  But the
two women holed up in the cabin at the head of that
drive could've cared less.  They both managed to find
the romantic getaway weekend they were looking for.

* * * * * *

Almost a full year later...

"Hey!  I'm home!" Janice yelled as she entered the
apartment she shared with the woman she loved.

"I'm back here on the deck!" Stephanie answered.  "And
I have great news!"

The last was almost yelled into Janice' face as she
stepped out and looked at the wet city before them.

"I saw Diana at lunch.  She was with yet another girl.
 She's insatiable!  What's that, number nine this
year?" Janice said about their friend.  Diana and
Stephanie had been friends too long, and felt they had
to salvage that friendship and now Janice was a
welcome addition to that close-knit group.

"You know, the only thing I like about the rainy
season in LA is the smog is gone for a few days," the
brunette said as she slid her arm around Steph's

"Yeah, well you won't even have to worry about the
rain in a couple of days.  Remember I told you I'd
arrange an anniversary trip?  Done."  Stephanie
smiled.  "We can go skiing and lots of other things."

"No! No fucking way am I going into those death-trap
mountains again!" Janice declared stepping away from
the tall blonde.  "I had enough snow to last me the
rest of my life!"

Steph's smile grew, she loved antagonizing the fiery
little brunette, almost as much as she loved the fiery
little brunette.

Taking Janice by the hand, she smiled, "No you silly
bitch.  Water skiing.  John is lending us his
time-share on Key West.  It's right on the Gulf and we
can swim all day and night."

Looking somewhat contrite, Janice hugged Stephanie and
said, "Well, alright then."  Then she tilted her face
up to kiss the beautiful woman standing in her arms.
"Hey, does this mean you're a beachbunny, now?"

Stephanie ignored the last comment, saying "Anyway, if
it wasn't for the snow, we might never have met."

The two kissed as the winter rain fell on Los Angeles.

 (c) John O'Conner

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