Original Stories

  The Nine O'Clock News

        Two friends who work together end up as
        lovers.  The characters are loosely modeled on real
        people (in my twisted mind) but only people who catch
        local Chicago news will know who my models are.

  Taking Care Of Business

        A business meeting leads to more a in-depth
        working relationship. busines meting leads to more a in-depth
working relationship.

        A car accident on a snowy mountain road causes
       a young woman to reassess her life and her attitudes.

  The Convention

        During a fan convention, a TV actress finds her #1 fan
        and opens her eyes to the behind-the-scenes world of
        TV stardom.

  Privileges Of Power

        Powerful woman uses young women before
        passing them on to her husband.

  Fringe Benefits

        A commuter's fascination with a fellow
        passenger blossoms.


        A shy, young librarian learns there's more
        to life than books.