by John O'Connor

Note: This is an AU where Janet is still the CMO at the SGC. It
was inspired by a photomanip by LaGrange-5.

The blonde moved slowly on the cot, the paper beneath her
crinkling. A hand idly moved across her face as if brushing
away an insect. She moaned quietly and her eyelids fluttered.

"Where..." Her voice sounded gravelly and alien to her, her
throat was raw. Clearing her throat, she opened her eyes and
glanced around the room. She was in the Medical Center and
there were wires hanging from her arms to monitors above her.
An IV tube lead from her right arm to a nearly empty bag on a
stand near her.

"What the hell...?"

The woman struggled to sit up as her memory came back. She
was Samantha Carter. A light colonel in the Air Force and a
theoretical astrophysicist. She was in the main medical facility
of Stargate Command where she served on SG-1. And she was
there because...

Sam shook her head, she couldn't remember. But, as her friend
Janet Frasier had told her several times, trauma can cause
temporary amnesia.

Trauma… Any wounds? she wondered. As she began to check,
she realized she was naked. And not naked under a hospital
gown or under sheets but stark naked on a paper-covered
mattress with nothing between her and the room but the
conditioned air in the facility.

"At least no one is in here," she muttered, thinking specifically of
her commanding officer, Jack O'Neill. Suddenly, she recalled a
memory fragment from another mission - she and her
teammates stripping out of their contaminated gear in the
Gateroom and both Jack and Daniel Jackson trying not to stare
at her. And she remembered Teal'c...

"Wow. Almost too bad I'm not..." Sam stopped as she recalled
yet another fragment, this one much more secret and personal.

Gingerly getting off the bed, she saw it was one of the standard
beds but with an air mattress and white, exam-table paper
spread over it. And the other beds were only bare frames.

"What the hell?"

Carefully walking across the cool concrete floor, she scanned
the room for people as she headed for a locker that contained
lab coats and surgical scrubs. Opening the cabinet, the sight of
bare shelves greeted her eyes.

"This is...odd." Shaking her head, Sam moved over to an
intercom. "Command, this is Colonel Carter in the medical
center... Command?" She adjusted the unit, "Anyone? This is
Colonel Carter. Is there anyone here?"

After trying different departments and then a general
announcement with no success, she decided to head to her
quarters. Just before leaving the Med Center, Sam grabbed the
wrinkled paper off her cot and held it in front of her as she
walked down the empty corridor. She pulled the paper around
her, one hand holding it just above her breasts and the other
reaching around back to hold the paper over her bare backside.

As she walked the distance from the Med Center to her room,
she kept glancing around for anyone. Relief at not being seen
naked warred with growing dread over the strangeness of the
situation. What the hell was going on?

Reaching her quarters, Sam quickly ducked inside and opened a
cabinet. It was empty! No BDUs, no dress uniform, nothing.
Even the drawers holding underwear and other clothes was
empty. Scanning the room, she realized that her bed was
nothing more than an empty frame like the beds in the Med

"Which level are stores on?" she asked herself.

* * * * *

After finding the main store room empty of anything that could
cover her bare form, Sam was tired, frustrated and worried.
Searching the major levels of the SGC led her to exactly
nothing. No clothes, no people, nothing.

And the passage to the upper levels of NORAD was locked tight.
That really worried her. What could be going on above
ground? Was Cassie alright? Was Janet? Her brother?
Everyone else?

Turning to the comm unit, Sam saw the face plate was dangling
by two wires with a standard repair kit open on the floor. What a
time to run a maintenance check, she thought.

Disconcertingly, there was a small pile of metal near the door.
There were rank badges, service award ribbons, and brass
buttons from every branch of the United States armed forces as
well as British, Russian and other participating national military

Somewhat rattled by this discovery, she headed back down into
the complex.

She tossed the 'bedding' away after the first hour. The paper
was tearing and the creases and folds were irritating her skin.

For an hour after that, she craned her head around corners and
door frames to see if anyone was there before displaying her

Soon she didn't care if anyone saw her. Sam just wanted to see
someone. Anyone.

After another hour, she realized some secret part of her enjoyed
being naked. With no trace of conceit, Sam knew she had a
good figure. And now she was able to flaunt it. If anyone was
watching the security monitors.

Slowly coming to terms with her solitude, Sam also realized it
had been some time since she'd bathed. A side trip to the SG
Team locker room did help, even if she had to let herself drip

While washing, she became aware of the hunger that had been
quietly gnawing at her for the past few hours. Going to the
cafeteria, she happily devoured almost all the blue Jell-O she
found in the refrigerators.

As she scraped the spoon across the bottom of her last dish, a
thought struck her.

"The Alpha Site!" she yelled before hurrying off to the Command

* * * * *

Of course no one was there. And, from the jumble on the floor
near the back of Command, the comm unit by the main
entrance wasn't the only one undergoing maintenance. The
whole system was down. "That's why I didn't hear any echoes in
the Med Center. Damn it!"

The Gate was wide open but there were no readings on the
monitors. Glancing through the observation windows, she saw
the major power leads were no longer connected. Yet another
example of maintenance cancelled while work was still on-going.

"Guess I'll have to fix that..." Sam muttered, hoping the
capacitors hadn’t bled dry since being removed from the internal
power grid.

* * * * *

Sam threw the dead power lead down in frustration. The tools
had to be in one of the other maintenance bays. “Damn! Why
aren’t there any tools in here?”

Walking back to the base of the ramp, she stood in the middle of
the Gateroom, staring up at the Command Center a floor above
her. As she slapped her hands together in frustration, a voice
said, "Peek-a-boo!"

With wide eyes, Sam clenched her hands together between her
legs, her arms pressing her breasts up as she gave out a loud,

From behind, a familiar voice said, "Eek, Sam? Is that the best
you can do?"

Spinning around, Sam saw her best friend, Janet Fraiser,
standing on the other side of the Stargate. Janet’s dark hair was
hanging loose over her shoulders and she was wearing nothing
but her stethoscope which was draped around her neck.

The woman was...gorgeous. Large, firm breasts riding high on
her slender body. Short but sleek legs leading up to a nicely

"Is it cold in here or are you just happy to see me?" Janet said
with a big grin. Sam jerked her eyes away quickly. Still she ran
to her friend.

"Janet!" Sam exclaimed as Janet came around the Gate. They
hugged each other tightly, Sam all too aware of their mutual
nakedness and the soft, firm mounds pressing beneath hers.
And the warm breath washing over her erect nipples.

With a jerk, she pulled back. Taking a deep breath, she
managed to ask, in a fairly normal voice, "What's going on?
Where is everyone? Why are we naked?"

"Whoa... Slow down Sam," Janet said. Reaching up to place a
hand on Sam's forehead, she asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Other than being stark naked at work? Fine."

Janet smiled as she fitted the stethoscope in her ears. "I want
you to take deep breaths, okay?"

Sam stood there, completely nonplussed. It wasn't like she had
never been naked during an exam before but this was the first
time her doctor was naked too. And in the Gateroom, no less.
She had to admit it was a bit of a thrill.

After flipping the scope around her slender throat again, Janet
said, "Your heart and lungs sound good. That's a definite

"If you call living a nightmare an improvement."


"Naked at work? The only thing missing is everyone staring at

"Don't worry. You and I are the only ones here. And there is no
visual surveillance active at the moment."


"Come on, let's go upstairs and have a seat. I'll explain it to

Going up two levels, Sam and Janet padded into the briefing
room. Sam noted the flags were gone and the carpeting had
been pulled up.

"SG-1 came back from PRX-33B with you in a comatose state.
After getting you settled in the Med Center, I was able to
examine you. It didn't look good and I was running several tests
to see what you might’ve picked up. I have to admit, I was very
worried about you," Janet added, shaking her head.

Sam sat in her normal chair and Janet sat directly across from
her. Sam tried hard not to look at the smaller woman's lovely
assets, capped by brown nipples as hard as her own.

And the temperature was quite comfortable.

"Okay, so I'm still in a coma and this is all a dream. Right?"

Janet shook her head, her hair shining under the fluorescent
lights, "No. This is all very real. Right after you got back, the
field gear you and the rest of SG-1 had worn began


"More or less. Some microbes came with you that seemed to
have an affinity for fibers, natural and synthetic. And they're
hungry little buggers."

"So our clothes were eaten away?"

"And the carpeting, the bedding, bandages, napkins and
tablecloths in the commissary... Even the flags," Janet nodded
at the empty poles.

"Everyone was evacuated. They went through a total decon
procedure after leaving the SGC. I bet Jack O'Neill wish he had
stayed at the Pentagon this week..."

"General O'Neill was here?"

"Yep. Got here right after SG-1 left. And when everyone was
stripping out of their contaminated clothing, it was hard not to
laugh at O'Neill and Landry trying to maintain some dignity
while..." Janet laughed aloud. "Even Caroline was amused."

Sam chuckled too as she pictured her superiors in such a

Janet added, "Vala wasn't fazed by the lack of clothing in the
least. No surprise there though. Especially if half of what
Carolyn has told me about her exams are true."

Sam nodded, she was pretty well acquainted with the alien
woman's less-restrictive morals. Then the thought came,
Carolyn and Vala?

Janet interrupted Sam's thoughts with, "Everyone seems to be
fine, they all went through a makeshift decon chamber before
they entered NORAD. Last time I talked to the surface,
everything was okay. I stayed behind to look after you. We
couldn't take a chance that whatever was affecting you might
spread." Janet shook her head, "After your bedding began to
go, I got an air mattress and some paper on another cot. I
managed to get you settled on there after some trouble."


"You may not look like you weigh too much but muscle is denser
than fat and... Oh, and I was distracted when my own clothing
started to be consumed."

Sam's eyes again drifted down to Janet's breasts before
bouncing up to her eyes again. Her dark brown eyes.

"So, why weren't you there when I woke up?"

Janet smiled, "I got tired. I'd been watching you for nearly
twenty hours before the monitors showed improvement. After
talking to them upstairs, I grabbed a spare air mattress and
headed to my room for a short nap."

"Short?!? I was wandering for hours."

Smiling again, Janet replied, "I planned on a short nap. I
actually slept for nearly over six hours."

"So what was happening to me?" Sam paused and added, "Or
is wrong with me?"

"Believe it or not, you had a really nasty case of the flu. You
must've gotten it just before your mission. The mission was cut

"...when I started to feel hot and cold spells," Sam finished,
suddenly remembering.

"Yes, but we weren't sure if the influenza strain had been
affected by your off-planet trip. When you went comatose, I was
afraid it had. Fortunately, not badly and not for too long."

"So you have a radio?"

"Yes, but the batteries are low so - things were happening fast
and we didn't have a lot of options - I call in every six hours."
Janet shook her head, "The comm channels were taken off-line
before... And, as part of a government cost-saving measure, all
other comm gear was undergoing tests, charging...whatever. So
I got a radio with only a minimal charge."

"So call them."

"I did. Just before I laid down and again when I woke up. They
aren't expecting to hear from me for another five and a half
hours. But, once we get upstairs, I'll get them on the line."

Sam nodded then looked up at Janet sharply, "And why were
you sneaking around the Gateroom? You had to see me when
you came in."

"Oh yeah..." Janet's eyes were fixed on Sam's own breasts.


Brown eyes slowly lifted and Janet smiled. "Hon, I saw you. I
just wanted to enjoy it so I...slipped behind the Gate and
admired..." Her eyes shot down, as if looking through the table,
then up.

"My ass?" Janet nodded. "You were looking at my ass. You
were looking at my ass?!?"

Janet nodded again with a smile. "You have a very shapely
derriere, Colonel."

"Well Doctor, I try to take care of myself." Sam smiled in return.
Is it possible...?

"With a little help."

"Yes, a bit." Sam smiled then turned red. "So...you're... Umm,
you like..." She stammered, "M-me?"

"You never knew? You never thought I might be interested in
you too?"

"I hoped...fantasized. But I had no idea..." Sam hesitated
again, her eyes dropping to the table top. Slowly lifting them
and looking through her lashes, she quietly asked, "Are you?"

Janet smiled and rose. She walked slowly around the
conference table, her eyes locked on Sam's. Sam thought, I've
never seen anything lovelier.

"Wh-what are you d-doing?" Sam stammered, both excited and
fearful of the answer.

Janet knelt before Sam and said, "Something I've wanted to do
for a long time."

She gently pushed Sam's knees apart and moved her face into
the open space between the blonde's slim, muscular thighs.

Sam sat nearly frozen, her lower lip caught between her teeth,
as she watched Janet lean into her. Was it possible? Was her
greatest desire about to come true?

Or was she merely suffering some delusion brought on by a high

"No...please..." Sam whimpered.

Janet looked up at her friend in concern, "Sam? Did I... Do you
want me to stop?"

Broken free from her self-induced trance, Sam shook her head
vigorously. "No. Please don't stop. I..."

Tears filled her eyes as she found herself unable to go on.
Janet knelt upright and cupped her cheek. "Ssh, Sam. It's
okay. I won't do anything you don't want. I would never hurt
you. I only want you to feel good."

Sam nodded and Janet kissed her gently on her cheek. "Do you
want me to..."

"P-please... Yes. God yes!"

Janet smiled and wiped a tear away with her thumb. "I want
you, sweetheart. I want you to feel so good."

Janet sat back on her heels and lowered her face again. Sam
saw her take a deep breath and worried she might not
smell...appealing. When Janet smiled happily up at her, Sam
felt relief.

When Janet's tongue touched her, she squealed again, this time
in surprised glee and pleasure. When Janet stroked her sex
with her tongue, Sam felt herself melting. When Janet's tongue
slipped inside her, she nearly swooned. When Janet's tongue
lapped at her clitoris, she screamed as she came quickly...and

Pulling back and looking up at her beautiful 'victim', Janet licked
her lips. Sam opened her eyes to that and smiled at the sheen
on the little brunette's cheeks and chin.

"Sam. You little hair-trigger you..." Janet giggled. "Ready for

Sam nodded. She wondered if she'd ever not be ready.

"Do me a little favor. Sit on the table and I can use the seat.
This bare floor is murder on my knees..."

Sam leapt up and hopped onto the table, her bare ass right
where her files or notes usually lay. Janet sat on her chair,
ignoring the damp spot on the fake leather. Sam grabbed
Janet's head and pulled her close.

They stared deeply into each other's eyes as their breath
mingled and their noses gently touched. Slowly, they moved
closer until their lips meshed softly.

The soft, gently kiss went on for several long, exquisite
moments. Then Sam pulled back. "Is this real? Is this really

Janet nodded as she pulled Sam to her. The doctor's tongue
slipped into Sam's mouth as easily as it had into Sam's core.
Sam responded with sensuous vigor.

This kiss went on and on. They let up slightly to inhale but
never to relinquish the other's lips. And as soon as the need for
fresh oxygen was sated, tongues began to dance together again.

Janet broke away this time. She smiled, "I want you again. I
want to taste you..."

Sam felt shivers flowing up and down her spine as she heard
those words from her friend. And now lover, she thought

Sam leaned back on her hands, her feet propped on the arms of
the chair Janet sat in, opening herself for Janet. She watched
Janet lean into her.

Janet nuzzled Sam's dark blond curls as she looked up. "You
smell so...spicy!"

The doctor's tongue was soon busy with other things than words.
She licked Sam's flat stomach then down through the furry patch
into Sam's wet heat.

This time Sam tried to watch as Janet ravished her, occasionally
throwing her head back and moaning as the doctor tongued her
clit or slipped into her, that supple tongue connecting with her
special sweet spot.

"God Janet! Oh God..." Sam's word degenerated into
inarticulate moans. Those moans quickly rose into a scream as
Janet brought her to another, explosive climax.


Janet smiled into Sam as she heard her new lover echoing
around the briefing room. And, with a wicked giggle, she
continued to lap away at Sam's now-sopping heat.

Sam began to squirm on the table as Janet maintained her
unrelenting pace. The blonde didn't even bother to try and
watch her lover. It was impossible to bring her head forward
much less open her eyes as wave after wave of exquisite
pleasure flowed through her.

After bringing Sam to two orgasms already, Janet knew it would
take some doing but she was determined to take advantage of
the situation.

When the first finger entered her, Sam's eyes snapped open.
She was looking at the reinforced concrete ceiling but not seeing
anything. "Janet!!!" she gasped loudly.

Janet sat back, a smile on her wet face and two of her fingers
inside her friend, as she replied, "Yes?"

"Janet..." A weaker gasp.

With a Cheshire Cat smile, Janet lowered her head again and
resumed her enjoyment.

A third finger slipped into her as Sam marveled at her friend's
unsuspected ability. That magical tongue was everywhere - on
her labia, her clit, her perineum, and inside her along with those
slender, insistent fingers. And that was all it took.


Sam fell back onto the table as Janet sat back, admiring the
sweaty, overheated form lying before her.

With shuddering breaths, Sam tried to talk, "J-j-janet...th-that
wassss...incred-ible... I n-never im...agined yoooo..."

Pulling the taller woman into her lap to cuddle, Janet chuckled.
"Why do you think I'm divorced? Or why Daniel never even got
to first base?"

"Have you always...?"

"Wanted you? Yes. I think, once we became friends, I wanted
more. Caroline told me I should go for it but...Air Force regs
and all."

Sam leaned back to look at Janet, "You and Lam?"

"A couple of times but...nothing serious. She knew, from her
first day, how into you I was. Anyway, she's got a thing for
black-haired rebel-types. Something to do with irritating her

"Why did you wait so long?" Sam asked, her eyes locked on the
other's dark brown ones.

"I needed to be sure you were ready."

"And...I was?"

"Nope! But, given the circumstance, I had to chance it."

Sam smiled, "I'm glad you did but why chance it now?"

"Cause I always wanted to take you on this damned table!"
Janet laughed.

Sam smiled at the smaller woman. "Well, I guess we better
move to the Med Center."


"I've wanted you too. And I always wanted to see you in those

Janet hopped up, her breasts jiggling happily in Sam's eyes, and
took the colonel's hand. She led her lover out of the conference
room and down one of the deserted corridors.

The two held hands the entire way to the Med Center. While
they were in the elevator, Janet pulled Sam to her and they
shared a long, deep kiss as their bare bodies pressed against
each other.

In the Med Center, Sam led Janet to the examination table and
had the smaller woman lay down. Guiding the doctor's petite
feet into the stirrups, Sam pulled a small stool over and sat
between Janet's splayed thighs.

"Oh, you are so...wet," Sam stated, gazing at the woman's sex
open before her.

Sam lowered her mouth and began to feast on her lovely
partner. She smiled as she heard Janet's moan at the moment
her lips just kissed the open lips before her. When she
deepened the kiss and probed inside Janet, the doctor moaned
even louder.

Wanting to show she was also skilled in practices other than
astro-physics and defending the Earth, Sam proved she was a
skilled lover as well. And she enjoyed what she did.

Janet's moans filled the room as Sam's tongue traced every
contour before dipping within. The moans only ceased when
Janet was forced to take a shuddering breath.

Those moans scaled up into a loud screech as Sam traced a
pattern around Janet's clit.

"AAAIIIIiiiiiiieeeeEEEE!!!" Janet screamed when Sam started to
suck on her nubbin. Sam's fingers moved into the wet heat and
the combined sensations sent Janet over the edge.

After Janet recovered, she sat up and asked, "God, Sam… I
had no idea you were so…good."

With a wicked smile, Sam asked, "How long 'til you have to
check in again?"

Glancing at the clock on the far wall, Janet replied, "About four
hours." She smiled evilly and added, "What did you have in

"I was just wondering how blue Jell-o would taste in you..."

"Sam, you kinky little explorer you." Janet hopped off the table,
"Let's go get something to eat. And to eat you with..."

Laughing, Sam walked with Janet out of the room, "So what do
you want to try?"

"I was thinking of a hot fudge Sam. With whipped cream and

"And a cherry?"

"But of course."

Sam dashed off, yelling over her shoulder, "Last one to the
cafeteria is the main course."

Liking the sound of that, Janet didn't even try to keep up with her

The End

  (c) John O'Conner

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