Angel & Buffy The Vampire Slayer


  Angel:  Legal Maneuverings

     An amnesiac Cordy falls under Lilah's spell.

  Angel/BTVS: The Key To Happiness

     Cordelia saves a potential victim from some vamped-up vamps only
     to find an old friend..

  Angel: The Doctor And The Seer
   (Janet Fraiser/Cordelia Chase, Janet/Sam
    Carter & Cordelia/Fred Burkle.)

    Two lovely ladies share their dreams.

  Angel: Laying Down The Law

     Kate interrogates Cordelia.

  BTVS: Dear Buffy

     After learning of Joyce's passing, Cordy  writes to Buffy.
  Angel/BTVS: Ciao Doesn't Necessarily Mean Goodbye

     Cordy gets to say goodbye to her friends.

  Angel/BTVS: My Pretty Princess

     Dawn likes playing dress-up.

  BTVS: Buffy, I Need Your Help

     The best-laid plans of Willow get Willow laid.