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Welcome to my story site.

I hope you find some of these stories of interest. I've had a lot of these tales in the back of my mind for many years and have finally gotten around to writing them down. If you are offended by adult materials please leave. Some of these stories may be graphic or deal with subjects some find offensive including rape, bestiality, torture, etc. All stories are fictional and any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental.

New Tool

Please check out my new seach and rating system. It allows you to search my stories, other ASSTR stories that people have registered and other web pages on the internet that people have registered. You can rate each story, see how others have rated the story and search for stories by rating. Of course I just added this feature so there isn't a lot there yet, but think of how powerful your vote will be! If you have a favorite story, feel free to add it to the index.

For Authors

You can now use the voting tool on your pages too. Let readers vote on your story, see how your stories are rated and get a count of people who read your stories

My Stories

My stories can be found on the Search page. Alternately, the old story index is also available. I'd recommend the search page as it is interactive and includes some of my favorite links to other stories and sites which don't appear on the old story index.

Some pre-selected searches:

Other Erotica

Here are some links to some sites with interesting sexual reading. These are not stories as much as informational.


Mostly just personal opinion, rants and raves


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