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Johnny's BIG Adventures
The ongoing adventures of Johnny, the 6-year-old boy with a monster dick. Follow him as he sticks his foot-long cock in places where it does and does not belong. Based on Randy Dave's "Joey" series.
Story Codes
Johnny On the Beach
A horny little girl meets Johnny on a beach. Mg, bg, growth, incest, pedo
Johnny's New Friends
Johnny meets two classmates with a very familiar condition. b+/F, bukkake, growth, incest, pedo, rape
Johnny Goes To the Doctor
Johnny visits his doctor for a checkup. Fb, bg, fb, growth, incest, pedo
Johnny and Jim
Sadie must choose between her horse-dicked son, Johnny, and her baby-dicked husband, Jim. MF, Fb, growth, incest, oral, pedo
Johnny Does a Favor
Johnny visits his mother's old friend. Fb, bg, growth, mast, oral, pedo, reluc
Johnny Meets His Match
Johnny meets a girl with CAH-effected breasts. 04/01/11 bg, growth, mast, oral, pedo
Johnny's New Classmate
A new girl enters Johnny's class. The two first graders instantly connect in more ways than one. 02/27/15 NEW! Mg, Fb, bg, growth, mast, oral, pedo, rom

Jimmy had been going trick-or-treating with Shantay for two years, but met her when they were kids. Little does he know that the girl has had a crush on him for most of that time.
Story Codes
Do You Still Like Me?
A boy goes trick-or-treating with a mother and daughter, then stays with them after getting locked out of his house. 1st, mf, rom
Come On Over
On the day after Halloween, Shantay goes to Jimmy's house. mf, rom

Big Sis Taught Me
Just by chance, Nikki ends up in a situation that introduces her to lesbianism.
Story Codes
The Beginning
A girl walks in on her older sister in the middle of her masturbation session, who then teaches her how to do it. fg, incest, mast, squirt
Spread the Word (Among Other Things)
Nikki goes to her friend's house and shows her what she learned from her sister. gg, mast
More Lessons
Nikki and Samantha go to Nikki's house and have some fun with her sister. fgg, incest, mast, squirt

Birthday Girl
Cindy and her family have a very... unique way of celebrating her birthdays.
Story Codes
5th Birthday
A girl spends her birthday with her family. Fg, M+/g, bukkake, incest, insertion, oral, pedo
6th Birthday
Cindy spends her 6th birthday with some guests. MF, Fg, Mg, beast, incest, insertion, oral, squirt, pedo

Shawn's Daughters
Shawn is asked by his best friend to babysit 6-year-old and 10-year-old Nina and Ariel. The pair are a lot more fun than most babysitting charges.
Story Codes
A Favor For a Friend
A man babysits his friend's daughters, who prove to be a handful. Mgg, oral, pedo
Sisterly Fun
Shawn asks Kenan to babysit his daughters again. Mgg, gg, felching, incest, oral, pedo
Don't Say Anything
Kenan learns more about Nina and Ariel's sex lives. Mg, gg, felching, incest, insertion, oral, pedo
Show Time
Once again, Kenan is invited to Shawn's house... but not to babysit. Mg, gg, incest, oral, pedo

Little Lovers
Max and Kimmy live in the same apartment complex. Their friendship gradually grows into love.
Story Codes
Tag, You're It!
A boy finds a new friend in the hallway. bg, nosex
You Saved Me
After a very close call with an accident, Kimmy and Max spend the day at the park. bg, nosex
Rain, Rain, Go Away
A game at Kimmy's apartment ends in fright, prompting the girl to try to encourage Max to face his fears. bg, nosex
It Must Be Nice to Kiss
After some winter fun with their parents, Max and Kimmy share a moment alone. bg, nosex, rom
It Was Nice
A kiss prompts Max and Kimmy to reveal their feelings for one another. Kimmy soon suggests they play house. bg, dry hump, rom
Dr. Max
When Kimmy gets the chickenpox, Max plays a house doctor. bg, nosex, rom
Happy Birthday to You
Max has a birthday party with Kimmy and Karen at a surprise place. bg, nosex, rom
My Hero
Kimmy spends the day at Max's house. Later, Karen breaks some bad news to the girl. bg, nosex, rom
It's Not Fair
Kimmy tells Max what her mother told her. bg, nosex, rom
Fun Day
Max and Kimmy have a play date, where they reminisce on their relationship. bg, dry hump, rom

More Than a Friend
Gabriel has a crush on his best friend, Sera. He soon learns that she also wants to be more than friends.
Story Codes
Be My Valentine
A 4th grader goes to the Valentine's Day dance with his crush. bg, nosex, rom
Can I Kiss You Again?
Gabriel and Sera discuss the kiss from the night before. After school, Gabriel has one fascinating, and one embarrassing moment at Sera's place. bg, nosex, rom
Play Date
Alone at Sera's, Gabriel and Sera explore each other some more. bg, 1st, rom
That Weird Feeling
Gabriel sleeps over at Sera's apartment. bg, mast, pedo, rom

Trennis and the Girls
A pair of incestuous sisters let their male friend in on the fun.
Story Codes
By Random Chance
While playing on the swings, a boy meets two sisters. 05/02/11 bgg, gg, incest, oral

Like Old Times
A woman returns to the home of a girl she used to babysit as a teenager, and the two continue a private relationship they used to have.
Story Codes
Remember When We...
On Thanksgiving, teenaged Amber is reunited with her former babysitter, Caroline. The two reminisce on their private sexcapades, while anticipating time alone. 11/23/12 Ff, fg, gg, mast, oral

In the Future
Stories that take place in a future society in which pedophilia is understood and accepted by nearly everyone.
Story Codes
Child Lovers' Parade
An elderly teacher chaperones his 10-year-old granddaughter and her adult boyfriend's date at a pride parade for child lovers. Meanwhile, he compares the sights to those in a past society where such couples were forbidden. 01/02/13 Mg, nosex, pedo, rom

Story Codes
Me and My Sister
Short story about a day with a teenaged girl and her little sister. fg, incest, nosex, rom
A man comes home from work to find his wife waiting on the stairs. MF, oral
No Girls Allowed
In order to become an official member of a club, a gullible girl must do whatever the members tell her to do. b+/g, oral, pedo, rape
Kiss the Kitty
A mother plays with her young daughter, who pretends to be a cat. Fg, fist, incest, oral, pedo, rp
Caught White-Handed
A girl catches her little brother reading a dirty magazine and teases him about it. fb, incest, mast, pedo
While in detention, a girl seduces her math teacher. Mf
A boy goes to his aunt's house and gets a special greeting from her. Fb, incest, oral, pedo
Father's Day For Doug
A man gets an unexpected Father's Day gift from his wife. Mf, incest, oral, pedo
Breaking and Entering
Two masked men enter the home of a woman and her daughter. MF, 1st, oral, rape, spank
A woman punishes her daughters for streaking in front of her guests. Fg, insertion, nosex, pedo, spank
When she's done with Jimmy, Sarah goes after the snooping Ed, Edd, and Eddy. b+/g, fanfiction, incest, oral, pedo
Super Sweet
While searching for a horror film on TV, two girls stumble upon the love-making scene of a movie. gg, insertion, mast, nosex, pedo
Apartment 4B
Dissatisfied with boys her age, a girl decides to try something new. Mg, b+/g, oral, pedo
The Feast
A small family gets together for a Thanksgiving meal. Fg, fg, gg, incest, oral, pedo
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood travels to Grandma's house, meeting a wolf on the way. Mg, beast, humor, parody, pedo
Just Married
In the midst of California's gay marriage legality, a newly married couple celebrates in a hotel room. FF, oral, rom, squirt
The Naughty List
When Santa Clause stops by to give the naughty kids their coal, they "persuade" him to put them on the good list. Mg, crossover, fantasy, oral, pedo
Easter Egghead
While the other students are egg-hunting, a mistreated boy stays after class with the teacher. Fb, oral, pedo
A Cyber Story
A woman has cyber sex in a private chat room. MF, cyber, mast, nosex
Maternal Attraction
During a day at the pool, woman lusts after her daughter. 04/16/11 F-solo, incest, mast, pedo, squirt
Let's Make a Baby
A kindergarten couple attempts to have a baby. 05/18/11 bg, pedo, rom
I Wanna Play
Nick wants to play video games. His sister, Tricia, wants to play with him. 06/02/11 mg, incest, oral, pedo
Your Day
Another Father's Day, and your daughter has something special to give you. 06/16/11 Mg, incest, oral, pedo
On the Same Paige
Two teenaged brothers meet a girl in an ice cream parlor. After a talk with this not-so-innocent little girl, the virgins take her home and learn a thing or two. 09/01/12 mmg, 1st, anal, oral, pedo
Don't Let Me Get Wet
Big sister finds little sis lounging in the pool and decides to join her. 09/16/12 fg, incest, oral, pedo
Mom and daughter add special flavors to their sex. 09/23/12 Fg, anal, enema, feet, fist, lac, incest, oral, squirt, ws
Hi Tim, Hey Tamia
A boy and girl find love, thanks in part to their respective families. 09/30/12 bg, 1st, pedo, rom
I'll Keep You Warm
Two kids have fun in a makeshift tent. 11/04/12 bg, pedo
Halloween Heroines
A pair of preteens and a woman act out a superheroines vs. villainess battle. 11/06/12 Fg, gg, cosplay, mast, oral, pedo, tickle
Christmas Cell
A girl and her father play with her Christmas present. 12/27/12 Mg, incest, oral, pedo
Welcome Back, Zoey
Zoey moves in with her father for his turn in joint custody. She and her older stepbrother are eager to show how much they missed each other. 1/11/15 mg, anal, feet, oral, pedo, rom

Another Perspective
A 5-part essay about pedophilia.
About Me
My beliefs and interests as a pedophile and the stereotypes that don't apply to me. 09/04/12
The differences between pedophiles and child molesters, and what a pedophile really is. 09/04/12
Coming Out
Discrimination towards pedophiles and the risks of coming out. 09/07/12
Brief summaries on previously discriminated groups of people, and possible results of accepting pedophiles. 09/10/12
Save the Children
Thoughts on "childhood innocence," people who try and fail to help kids, and my tips on keeping children safe from molesters. 09/11/12

What I Like About You
Ideal traits of little girls. 11/17/12
An uncommon reason to want to be young again. 11/17/12
Tasty Treat
Sonnet about tasting a little girl. 11/18/12
Xanadu Part 1
Abecedarian poem describing a place for child lovers and our young companions. 12/09/12
All That Your Daddy Won't Do
A child lover corrects a father's mistakes. 01/09/13

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