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About me:

Why I write stories:

In the resent years the Danish people have seen a dramatic reduction in our early retirement.

Every Dane over 40 year has seen the most of life they want to see and have reached all their goals in life. From the age of 40 the rest of their working life are going to prepare their retirement from the labor market. All these reductions we have seen have made our people angry and have turned them against globalization.

Whatever the reason or method we are going to work for the cause of isolation of Denmark. We do however not believe in violence but we are going to educate the rest of the world what we think of people in a non-diplomatic way. The world have already experience a little taste of what we are prepared to do regarding some drawings which have become known all over the world.

I am personally very angry with the decline of our welfare society and these stories are written to calm me down. Perhaps you will enjoy reading them while you think on all those people which have stepped on you up to now. If reading these stories succeed in calming you down to, the stories are a success.

John's saga

This saga is about the life and death of John, born in Zimbave and his later career in Denmark. The saga consist of following stories:

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Fighting AIDS Sometime in the future Rhodesia takes its old name back and starts the fight against AIDS and poverty by the use of extreme chastity. Chapter 1 - 10 Yes Yes
Chapter 11 - 12 Yes
Chapter 13 - 14 Yes
Chapter 15 - 20 Yes
Monday The European Parliament reintroduces capital punishment. This is the story of one Monday in Curt - the executioner's life. Yes Yes
End of the road A tired and ill old man seeks to find peace from his pain and finds help a the new Danish terminal-centre. No Yes

Danish behavior misunderstood

In April 2006 a Danish supermodel were arrested in Miami because she hit a flight attendant during the flight. She was wearing blindfolds and woke when the flight attendant had his face almost down between her boobs in order to reach over to a seat near the window. Later she was ordered to undergo a severe psychological treatment regardless of the fact that she was not diagnosed with a sickness and reacted as expected from Danish lady. This story takes place in another country, but sadly it could happen to anyone.

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Supermodel in distress Supermodel "Lucky" Ann August ends up charged with battery, in orderly intoxication and resisting arrest. Yes Yes

Cartoon crisis

For some time the Danish people, which is a small culture threatened by eradication, had some difficulties about explaining the world, how they see problems like upholding religion at the expense of freedom of speech. So a newspaper did as we have done when our nation was hurt. The joked about it just as we did with the Germans during WWII. The unexpected developments, that occurred as a result of the publishing made me write this story:

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Executions of two Danish cartoonists Two Danish cartoonist are abducted to Iran and have to face a trail. No Yes


Speeding is the Danish national sport number one. Due to high taxes and generally cutbacks in our society, there is not very much living for. So if you can go out with a bang during service for the company you work for, it is the greatest that could happen for you.

Our government knows that and they had introduced cruel punishments (Iraq is a holiday compared to our situation.). This is stories about a more humane approach to the problem.

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Penalty for Speeding Denmark is known for it cruel and severe actions against people which exceeds the speed limits. But can it be crueler? No Yes
The shameful speed hog Yet another story about a man, which can not stay below the speed limits. No Yes
Domestic peace restored A bitcy wife in a pony-play story Yes Yes

Real life cruelty:

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
A sad, depressed and bittersweet story I saw this documentary and did some research about a victim, which were portrait oh so sweet, naive and innocent about the darker side of life. I did some background checks. Guess what? He was the manager of a firm that did exploit young girls in a cruel manner. I wrote this story based on another theory about what did actually happen:

A young woman gets a rollercoaster ride kind of life out of her control.

Yes Yes
The Smell

Bosnia war, Teen boot camp, May Andersen incident

7000 people were killed in Srebrenica mainly because there was someone, which did not do their job. This is a story about Fritz - while he is trying to work in different jobs - happens to be around incidents that made international headlines.

Life of Fritz, a Dutch soldier, Teen escort and flight attendant.

Yes Yes
Exiled Forever A girl insults her family beyond imagination and are forced to find a new life to live Yes No

Legal issues:

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Unintentional rape Some time ago the Danish Social-Liberal Party suggested that the burden of proof should be reversed when it came to rape cases. It made me wonder, so I wrote this story:

Two youngsters engage in sex for the first time. Was it rape?

No Yes
Additional education Cutbacks in students grants and increased control of copyright violations in schools has forced a lot of students into prostitution. This story is based on that our government would try to regulate the business in order to stop that development:

Sarah - a young student convicted of prostitution.

Yes Yes

Absent parents:

Life for our kids is not as it used to be. A double income society demands a lot from them. Youngster from the age of 12 are spinning around the streets drunk and having sex without parental guidance.

This is stories about what could happen if the parents don't step up to their responsibility.

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Good Manners The Danish public last told patience with the youth drinking, having sex and destroying property. So new and tough laws are passed in the government and this is the story about a young man being put through the system. Yes Yes

Tales from the boarding school:

About a year ago a colleague saw a TV show called Brat Camp, where teenagers from UK, that have not been convicted in court were transported to a ranch in Utah and treated as less than animals.

Later he created the web-page - "Secret prisons for teens", because these teenagers (around 20-30.000 every year) are not convicted in any court before they are imprisoned without trial at the orders of their parents. The facilities are disguised as boarding schools. And it is legal!!

As upset I also became, when I learned of this loathsome business, deep inside I am a writer, so I could not resist making some stories about this subject. I am truly sorry, if I have offended some of the previous prisoners, but writing is my nature.

I even created false boarding schools, boot camps, transport service and wilderness therapy programs. It was then I discovered how desperate parents are and what they are prepared to do. I had to plaster the webpage with warnings about the true purpose of the webpage. They were prepared to place their children at these facilities just by the minimal information, they got from the webpage.

Why? Because the other schools can produce the same shortage of information about their program. The same strict limits on visitation of their own child. The same lies about their outcome.

I am not shocked. I am disappointed.

Anyway. Here are the stories, I have produced so far.

Title Synopsis HTM version TXT version
Banished Debbie was about to date a boy which caused her parents to send her to a boarding school. Unfortunately like most parents they only spend 5 minutes to decide which school she should attend. Yes Yes
Career Choice This is the story about Rick and his journey towards overcoming the deaths of his parents and finding his place in life. Yes N/A
A mother's concern A boy is acting out of control. A concerned mother takes action. Yes Yes
Night Visit Ann is abducted from her home in the middle of the night together with her father. Yes Yes
Vacation gone awry Susan on a vacation like she never had been on before. Yes No
Runaways A young couple trying to start a family of their own. Yes No

Prophecy about our society:

Where are we heading if the society keeps going on with intolerance against ordinary teenager behavior. Early intervention is a story in progress about how the world would turn out in about 30-50 years, if we keep our present course.

Title Synopsis: HTM version TXT version
Early intervention In year 2037 we follow Peter Schmidt on a typical day of work. Yes Yes
2054 A day of transition for Stephen Yes Yes


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