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Welcome to the Jenny Pages!

Here you will find stories and artwork about Jenny; a fictional character with many creators in true democratic internet style. Jenny follows the grand tradition of British Mayfair's "Carrie", and the character "Jane" who has appeared in newspapers, film and a TV series. - Not to mention the women of "The Benny Hill Show"! :)

In short whatever Jenny does, she doesn't manage to do it for long without losing her clothing! Whether by accidents of Fate, or at the subtle hands of those she has no reason to suspect (including her husband..), Jenny is no stranger to being publicly humilated. But for the natural blonde with the 38CC breasts, each time is like the first time, due to her excessive modesty.

So have a look around using the menu of the left, read a few stories and peruse Biker's fantastic artwork of Jenny; and see how the enduring archetype of the "woman who can't stay dressed" has found her latest incarnation on the internet - where everyone has a say in how fortune continues to favour her most public humilation!

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Note from Jenny's Courator

This page was originally created by someone giving his name as 'Hugo Rune'.

The site resided at two addresses:

The archive pages have mainly been retrieved from the Internet Archive. Sadly, Bikers drawings could in most cases not be salvaged.