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What is this stuff?

Last Updated on: August 25, 2009

A good deal of my fiction lies between MC and ASFR, or is a mixture of the two - the heroine may become a marionette (with or without strings) or doll, but generally I'm interested in control and resistance rather than physical transformation. It's not unusual to have symbols of some sort (pink circles on her cheeks, painted-on doll joints, costumes, etc.) to indicate Our Heroine's new role. My typical methods are telepathy and magic, as I never really got into hypnosis.

One other idea I love to use is having someone controlled by their desires. The victims are often overwhelmed by the emotions and sensations the MCer (Mind Controller) creates within them - a physical control that slides into mental. They can try to resist, but will probably succumb in the end. Many of the MCers (male and female) are motivated by the same sort of thing (even if they pretend otherwise); they are so taken by this woman that they must have her.

Or maybe they're just sex fiends with a thing for toys and an unreasonable amount of power ....

I also create 3D comics and pictures using DAZ | Studio. Since ASSTR is a text repository, you'll have to go to my Yahoo Group if you're interested. Below is one of my newer pictures.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with your computer if the images on this site don't load - the server's just acting up again.

~ Jay