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I Love Women. Really, I do. That's been a driving factor in my life as long as I can remember. From the age of 3, I have done everything I could to find out more about these fascinating, strange, and wonderful creatures. Most males, at least in 'Western Civilizaiton,' supposedly go through some sort of period between late childhood (around 7 years old) and their 'sexual awakening' as a teen or pre-teen where they suppress the memory of childhood sex play. I didn't. I remember it all, enjoyed it all, and wanted more.

My earliest memories are of playing 'doctor' with the girl down the street. We didn't really know what we were doing, but just that it felt good to touch each other 'down there.' I guess I just never found anything I wanted to do more.

Don't get me wrong, I DON'T want to touch little girls anymore, just did when I was little. Adult women are even strangeer and more wonderful and I am quite satisfied with 'playing' with them. Actually, I've discovered that generally speaking, women in their thirties seem to be the most interesting ones. They are more self-assured and confident, have figured out what they do and don't like, and have generally gotten over some of the stupider mores of a society that still systematically tells women what they can and can't like and do.

I love women. Did I mention that?

So, my stories are written with women in mind. I try to write things that they would like. Often, I write directly to one (real or imaginary.)

I'm just getting started, but have been a fan of erotica almost as long as I've been aware of sex, so hopefully I've learned something. Let me know what you think.



PS. I'll work on the look and feel of the site after I get a bit more time to devote to this, 'til then, text gets the message out.