Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.
Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Watson Clinic: Kayla
Chapter Two
Written by Janus
Copyright 2004

The previous chapter of the Watson Clinic detailed the story of Laura, an eight-year old girl who overcame her psychological problems to become comfortable around men again. Chapter 2 presents a new study.

Kayla uncomfortably shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she stood at the Olympic-size swimming pool. The odor of chlorine filtered through her nostrils as she watched a group of men emerge from the locker room door, each on wearing nothing but a white Speedo that emphasized their bulging crotches. The nine-year old girl could feel herself blushing in embarrassment as she tried to casually avert her eyes. "What on earth are those bulges?" Kayla thought to herself. "I don't have a bulge there in my swimsuit..."

When the students reconvened the next day, the class was noticeably smaller. Several students had left, too shocked by the previous day's events. Dr Watson chose not to acknowledge the missing students.

"Hello class," she said dimming the lights and starting her PowerPoint presentation. "Let's start shall we?"

The remaining students scrambled to pick up their pens and open their notebooks. In a businesslike manner, Dr Watson began her lecture.

"Yesterday we covered Laura's case study. Although affected by her father's sexual abuse, the damage was not severe," Dr Watson paused a moment, raising her eyes to see if anyone would object. There was none. She continued, "Laura merely had a mental block that was easily removed by letting her resolve her internal struggle on her own terms."

The PowerPoint presentation clicked forward, showing a still video capture of Laura as she jerked off the penis protruding from the inside of the playroom cabinet. The image of the eight-year old girl with her small hands holding an adult penis drew no reaction from the group of students. Pleased at their professionalism, Dr Watson inwardly smiled.

"Our next study is Kayla," she informed the class. A photograph of a young girl appeared on the screen. She had short, dark brown hair that fell just below her ears in a straight cut. She was smiling very shyly for the camera, which was odd because she was an exceptionally pretty young girl. Her slim oval face and big brown eyes gave a small hint at the beauty she would possess as a young woman.

"Kayla is nine years old. She was brought to the Watson Clinic by her foster family, who I will refer to as the Smiths for the sake of patient confidentiality." Dr Watson began to pace as her mind concentrated on her presentation. The students still attentively took notes.

"Kayla was adopted by the Smith family when she was eight years and nine months old. The Smiths were an unexceptional family, statistically speaking. The father and mother were in their early forties and they had two children of their own, a nine year old boy and a seven year old girl. They were moderately affluent with a combined household income of $110,000 per year."

"Statistically, they were normal," Dr Watson told the class. "In other ways, however, they were, shall we say, a bit progressive." The PowerPoint presentation advanced and an image of a family appeared, standing on a beach in the nude.

"The Smiths enjoyed living a nudist lifestyle," Dr Watson said. No one in the classroom even blinked. "Each summer, they would spend six weeks in France with other nudist families. In addition, their geographic location of Southern Arizona allowed them to lead a nudist lifestyle at home as well."

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith had enjoyed this lifestyle for years. Indeed, their children were raised as nudists as well and neither had any misgivings about nudity, although both were remarkably well-adjusted in separating their home life from their public life, in school for example."

"Before the Smiths adopted Kayla, they had feared that their lifestyle might conflict with the young girl's sensibilities. However, after speaking with several child psychologists and pediatricians, they were given the advice that most children at Kayla's age would have few difficulties adjusting to nudism if given a slow exposure period. In other words, they had to break her in slowly."

"The Smiths did just that. When Kayla first moved in, they elected to wear clothes for the first three months. Kayla had no problem adjusting to her new life with her foster family. Although initially shy, she soon became a regular member of the household. She got along well with the Smith children, particularly the daughter and the two became good friends."

"When Mr. and Mrs. Smith decided that Kayla was properly integrated and comfortable with the family, they began to introduce their nudist lifestyle. They had a large private swimming pool in their backyard and the Smith children were the first to resume their nudist lifestyle on a hot summer day. Since Kayla displayed an above average level of athleticism when it came to swimming, the Smiths' thought the pool would be an excellent arena."

"Kayla, however, seemed taken aback by such behavior. The Smiths reported that she seemed greatly embarrassed and ashamed by the children's nudity. As such, their was no attempt to get Kayla to shed her swimsuit along with the children. Despite her reluctance, after two weeks Kayla seemed to adjust to the idea of the Smith children swimming nude but she still chose to wear her own swimsuit."

"Hoping to encourage the young girl, Mr. and Mrs. Smith began swimming nude in their pool as well. This did not go over well. The first time she saw her foster parents naked, Kayla bolted from the pool and went to her room, refusing to come out. The Smiths went back to swimsuits for a week and Kayla rejoined them, acting as if nothing had happened."

"One day, all four of the Smiths began swimming naked before Kayla arrived at the pool. When the young girl came and saw their nakedness, she went to her room and again chose not to come out. This behavior continued for several weeks. When the family was dressed in swimsuits, Kayla would join them and enjoy herself. If they were nude, she would stay in her room. Clearly, Kayla wanted nothing to do with their nudist lifestyle."

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith would talk to the young girl from time to time about nudity but such discussions would go nowhere as she disliked the subject. Unsure of what to do next, the family brought Kayla to the Watson Clinic."

"We began a thorough investigation into Kayla's background. She had become an orphan at age seven when her parents died in an accident. Further searching revealed that her parents had been strict Catholics and the father was a minister. Extensive play therapy sessions with Kayla revealed that her real father and mother's strictness was something approaching mania."

"They had taught Kayla that the body was a private thing and nudity was the most shameful sin possible. Consequently, the young girl had severe repression of her natural sexual curiosity. Indeed, psychological evaluations indicated that Kayla was subconsciously quite preoccupied with male sexual anatomy. However, her natural curiosity was inhibited by her parents from an early age."

Dr. Watson paused to survey the class. She was pleased to see each student was listening carefully to her every word. The wheels in their head were clearly turning and Dr. Watson was delighted to see the students engaging in her lecture.

"Thus Kayla had a serious mental block, a disconnect in her mind, that prevented her from joining her new family's nudist lifestyle. On one hand she was curious and wanted to explore with them. On the other, her upbringing did not allow her to engage in this part of herself."

Dr. Watson switched off the PowerPoint presentation and turned on the lights. "And what was our solution for Kayla?" she asked the class rhetorically. "Our method for Kayla's treatment was quite simple. First we took her enjoyment of swimming and found a way to incorporate our treatment into this pastime. Quite simply, we..."

Kayla uncomfortably shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she stood at the Olympic-size swimming pool. The odor of chlorine filtered through her nostrils as she watched a group of men emerge from the locker room door, each on wearing nothing but a white Speedo that emphasized their bulging crotches. The nine-year old girl could feel herself blushing in embarrassment as she tried to casually avert her eyes. "What on earth are those bulges?" Kayla thought to herself. "I don't have a bulge there in my swimsuit..."

Kayla stood awkwardly as she waited for the men to walk the length of the pool to reach her. It was a large pool, Olympic sized and it held a calm and shimmery expanse of water. The air was characteristically filled with the scent of chlorine, a smell Kayla normally found reassuring.

But now she felt the sudden need to run away. A lump formed in her throat as her breathing quickened, a panic attack approaching. For some reason, she felt embarrassed to see the men like this, wearing only a thin covering of spandex. Kayla had been quite happy when her foster parents told her they were enrolling her in a two week swimming program with some Olympic swimmers at a local training facility. But she hadn't realized the swimmers were going to be men and she didn't know they were going to be wearing these tight swimsuits...

"Hi Kayla!" one of them called out. He waved to her. Feebly, she tried to wave back.

"I'm Jacob," the man said, extending his hand. Shyly, Kayla took it and gave him a handshake. His hand seemed huge in hers. She practically had to crane her neck to look up at him, he was so tall. Kayla was tall for her age as well, but not as tall as this man who must have been six foot four inches tall. The young girl felt tiny next to him. Her tight-fitting swimsuit only served to reinforce the difference. Kayla's chest was perfectly flat and her skin well-tanned. Her butt was very skinny, definitely that of a child, and her slender legs merged seamlessly with her straight hips and waist.

"I'm really glad you could come out and join us," Jacob said. "Me and the guys are really excited." The other men murmured their consent. "I'm the captain of the swim team so you'll mostly be working with me. But the other guys are here too if you ever need help. This is Matthew," Jacob said, pointing to the man next to him. "And that's John... Adam... Paul... and Eli."

Kayla nodded, her face burning redder by the second. Each of the men were very athletically built and well-muscled. They were all tall too, so that when she was introduced she found herself raising her head to look at their faces. All six men were well over six foot four so that Kayla, being only four feet tall, found herself level with each of their bulging Speedos. The nine-year old girl felt herself start to shake with nervousness.

The men had formed a small semi-circle around her and Kayla found herself surrounded by their hidden maleness. It was hard to keep craning her neck upwards so the young girl found herself staring at their meaty swimsuits. It didn't matter where she looked since they circled her on every side. Kayla swallowed hard as she stared for a moment at one man's crotch (she had forgotten his name already. Was it Adam? Eli?) and studied how the tight spandex of his suit followed every curve of his crotch, emphasizing his brawny legs.

"So Kayla," Jacob said, snapping her reverie. Embarrassed, Kayla looked up at him. "I guess we can just start by warming up with some light swimming. How does that sound?"

Kayla nodded. The other men jumped in the pool and started lazily swimming. Jacob waited for her and helped her into the water. Once Kayla was in the water, she instantly felt a little more relaxed. The water was warm and she felt soothed by it. Kayla had always loved swimming and she was a natural at it.

"Let's go!" Jacob encouraged her. He pushed himself off and began to do a backstroke. Kayla followed suit. As she concentrated on her strokes, her mind began to relax as well. Soon the nine year old girl was having fun, racing against Jacob as the other men tried to distract him with splashing.

Finally, they stopped. Kayla was breathing hard from her exertion as the group gathered in the shallow end of the pool.

"You're a really good swimmer, Kayla," Jacob told her. The other men nodded and Kayla smiled with pride. "For a girl your age, I think you show a lot of natural talent."

"Thank you," Kayla said softly.

"I'm not sure why you even need to hang around with us," Jacob continued. "You're good enough that you don't even need training!"

Kayla laughed and blushed, with pride this time. Thankfully, the men were all still standing in waist-high water so their male parts were hidden from view.

"So now that you're with us, what would you like to practice?" Jacob asked her. "Do you want to learn how to do more swim strokes? Just build your endurance? Practice Olympic racing?"

Kayla's face lit up. "Olympic racing!" she said excitedly.

"Really?" Jacob asked. "Like actual racing techniques and timing and stuff?" Kayla nodded. "Okay then," he said thoughtfully. "Guys, what's the most important thing to practice for racing?"

"Endurance," they responded in unison.

"Right," Jacob said. "Endurance means being able to swim at the same pace for long periods of time. But it also means developing lung strength so you can hold your breath since during racing you can swim underwater. How long can you hold your breath, Kayla?"

"I'm not sure."

"Well, let's find out..." Jacob got out of the water and headed for a bench off to the side of the pool. Kayla tried not to look at his muscular butt as he climbed out of the water. When he returned, she tried even harder not to stare at the dripping bulge in his crotch. She couldn't help herself though. "It's like he's got a big potato in his swimsuit," Kayla thought to herself.

"Here we go," Jacob said, jumping back in the water. He handed Kayla a pair of goggles. "Put these on. I'll time you while you hold your breath underwater."

Kayla put on the goggles and took a deep breath before plunging underwater. She was concentrating on conserving her air when she realized she had closed her eyes. Remembering she had goggles, Kayla opened her eyes. The wavy blue of the pool came into focus. But more importantly, Kayla could see six figures underwater. Before, the water was obscuring the men below the waist but now they were clearly visible to Kayla.

"They can't see what I'm doing down here," Kayla thought herself. Unhindered by her shame, Kayla now gazed openly at the six lumpy crotches, studying every curve and bulge. Between her own legs, their was only a smooth area, but what were these protrusions on the men? Jacob was closest to her and Kayla took the opportunity to inspect his Speedo. He was so close that she could have reached out and touched the bulge if she wanted to but the moment she had the thought, Kayla was overcome with guilt. She didn't know why but she felt deeply ashamed for staring at these men.

Her lungs began to burn so Kayla pushed herself back to the surface and took a deep breath of air. The young girl huffed and puffed as she pulled the goggles off her face.

"Not bad," Jacob told her. "You were underwater for twenty-seven seconds. But with practice, we'll get you to the minute mark. I guarantee it."

Kayla finally caught her breath enough to speak. "You really think so?"

"Of course! Are you all caught up with breath? Let's try again."

Kayla pulled her goggles back on and went underwater. Despite her guilt, she didn't waste any time finding Jacob and his Speedo. The other men had drifted away to the far end of the pool to swim but she paid no heed to them. She was face to face with Jacob's Speedo and his swollen protrusion jutted out at her. The nine-year old girl was fascinated by it. She wanted to touch it but knew she shouldn't. Instead, she ignored her guilt and studied Jacob's crotch. Being a swimmer, his thighs were shaved clean and they perfectly framed his forbidden area.

Kayla went back up for air when her lungs began to burn but the exercise repeated again and again throughout the rest of the afternoon. When it was time to head to the locker rooms and clean up, Kayla was disappointed. Jacob noticed her face right away.

"Don't worry, Kayla," he told her, "we'll all be practicing again tomorrow too." With that, he rounded up his team and they headed for the men's locker room, leaving Kayla alone to head for the women's locker room.

She was hardly able to wait for the next day's pool session. The swimming camp program included other activities as well, such as guest speakers and classroom swimming instruction. But the best part of the day was the pool time.

On the second day, Kayla's heart skipped a beat as she watched the Jacob and the rest of the swim team enter the pool area dressed in the same white Speedos as yesterday. They began the underwater breath holding exercise right away and Kayla immediately took the opportunity to study Jacob's bulge.

After two days, Kayla was able to improve her underwater time to thirty-nine seconds. By the end of the first week, she was able to hold her breath for forty-five seconds underwater. It didn't hurt that she had a great incentive to stay underwater for as long possible to study the lumpy knob in Jacob's Speedo as he timed her. Kayla greatly enjoyed her furtive spying and liked how it made her feel a little excited inside. The nine-year old girl couldn't name the feeling but she enjoyed this slight stirring deep in her tummy when she stared at the men's bulging crotches.

Kayla noticed something else different too. After practice when she took off her swimsuit, she detected an odd, pungent odor that emanated from her swimsuit. At first she thought it was her imagination, but Kayla soon discerned a sharp scent that stood out from the usual chlorine smell. Upon further inspection, the young girl found the sharp scent was coming from the crotch area of her swimsuit. Not sure of what it was, the young girl dismissed it.

After one week of swim practice, Kayla was able to hold her breath underwater for fifty-two seconds. "Good job," Jacob told her approvingly. "You're closing in on the two-minute mark." Kayla was thrilled by the praise and strapped on her goggles for another underwater spying session.

Kayla had just completed three breath-holding exercises when one of the other swimmers, Matthew, approached Kayla and asked her for a favor. "We're trying a new muscle building technique,' he explained to her. "Basically, instead of developing fast-twitch muscles we're trying to work on slow-twitch muscles. This just means exercising really slowly, using the same motions over and over but not too fast."

"Okay," Kayla nodded. "What do you need me to do?"

"Well," Matthew said, "I'm going to tread water in the middle of pool to develop my slow twitch muscles but I need some extra weight to increase the burn. Can I hold you with my arms while I tread?"

"Sure," Kayla answered agreeably. They swam out to the middle of the pool together. Once it was deep enough, they stopped and began treading water. For a moment, they bobbed calmly up and down in the warm chlorinated water. Kayla was good at treading water.

"All right," Matthew said, "I'm just going to tread water with my feet. Can you come closer?"

"Okay," Kayla said. She felt Matthew's strong arms grab a hold of her arms. He rotated her so they both faced the same direction. He was holding her by the shoulders now and her back was resting against his chest and abdomen. She could feel his muscles as they flexed against her.

"Kayla," Matthew said, "can you spread your legs out in a v shape? They're getting in the way of my treading." Obediently, Kayla did as he asked. "That's better," he told her. "And now your arms too? That'll help balance your weight out.

Kayla just relaxed as Matthew held on to her and treaded water. The water rose playfully to her chin as Matthew exerted himself to keep them both afloat. He adjusted his grip on her again and suddenly she felt something hard pressing against her back. Kayla froze. It was the bulge in his crotch. She had thought many times about touching one of the men's bulges and now it was pressed hard against her back.

Kayla didn't know what to do. She felt embarrassed again, even though she had been secretly staring at Jacob's bulge underwater for days now. She felt the familiar flush of embarrassment rise to her face as Matthew's bulge now pressed insistently against her behind. Distracted, she tried to move away from him.

"Kayla, keep your legs spread please," Matthew reminded her. He slipped an arm around her and laid his hand flat against her chest. His other arm wrapped around her as well until it rested against her lower abdomen. Kayla found it hard now to keep her arms and legs spread out in a X shape. "Is this okay?" he asked her.

Kayla could only nod. Matthew's bulge was rhythmically pushing against her skinny butt with every tread. The nine-year old didn't notice his hand snake down past her abdomen and cup her crotch until Matthew gave it a little squeeze. Kayla instantly stiffened in his grasp, not knowing what to do. The chlorinated water rose up to her nose for a second and she almost inhaled it. Kayla gave a little cough. Did he know what he was doing? Or was this touching accidental? Kayla didn't know and she didn't dare mention it to him.

Kayla began to feel a little funny. Matthew's bulge felt rock hard as it pressed against her. She had started to feel like she did when she stared at Jacob's crotch underwater, the faint stirring that tickled deep in her stomach. But the sensation was only growing. And now Matthew's finger was pressed hard against the juncture of her legs, producing strange reactions within her. Kayla suddenly realized that the focus of the tingling was not deep in her tummy but it was between her legs.

The nine year old girl floated in the water with her limbs outstretched as the muscular man openly fondled her. Self-conscious, Kayla glanced over at the rest of the swim team but they paid no attention to what she and Matthew were doing. It felt dirty to be doing this, spreading her legs and arms as if she was welcoming the petting of this man. But even so, Kayla felt an inexplicably delicious sensation from indulging in this naughtiness.

Kayla clenched her fists, not knowing what to do as these increasingly pleasurable sensations washed over her young body. Matthew continued to tread water and she didn't know if he was aware of her predicament. Was she getting sick? But she didn't feel uncomfortable or ill. Just as the pleasure began to reach a new level, Matthew stopped treading water and let moved his hands away from her crotch. Kayla felt a wave of disappointment wash over her.

"You okay?" Matthew asked as he turned the young girl to face him. "Your face is kind of red," he told her worriedly.

"N-no," Kayla answered shakily, "I'm fine." She fought off the temptation to reach between her legs. "Do you want to keep treading water?" she asked hopefully.

"Nah, better not," Matthew said, swimming away. "Practice is almost over."

Annoyed that he was right, Kayla swam to the pool's edge and hauled herself out. She saw the rest of the men were already headed for the locker room. She grabbed her towel and entered the women's locker room. Kayla took a moment to collect herself before peeling off her swimsuit.

The sharp and pungent scent was even more powerful this time. It had been there every day after practice but today the smell hit Kayla like a brick wall. Cautiously, she sniffed the crotch of her swimsuit and found that the sharp scent overpowered even the chlorine smell.

Looking around to make sure she was alone, Kayla stood bow-legged as she reached a finger between her legs. She felt a little ashamed doing this. It was the first time she had touched herself down there when she wasn't in the shower. Her finger experimentally swiped between her hairless slit. Kayla was surprised at how wet it felt. Slippery too, like she had just soaped herself up. Sniffing her finger, they young girl was not surprised to find it too was bathed in the sharp and pungent smell.


It was mid-way through the second week of the swimming camp and Kayla was exhausted. It had been a long practice today. Jacob had insisted she do several repetitions of her underwater breath holding exercise. In addition, several of the other men on the team had taken to using Kayla as a treading water tool. Matthew had apparently reported great success and today Kayla helped Eli and John in their treading water exercises as well. Kayla had felt the hard bulges of both men against her as they treaded water and both had massaged her own crotch in the process with their hands. The young girl still didn't know if this was accidental touching or not, but she didn't care.

When she went to the women's locker room today, however, the door was locked. That was odd because she had undressed in there earlier and changed into her swimsuit. Kayla returned to the pool area but it was empty because the men had already gone into their own locker room to clean up and change clothes.

Kayla didn't know what to do so she approached the door to the men's locker room and knocked. There was no answer so she knocked again. Still nothing. Tentatively, she pushed the door open a bit and called out, "Hello?"

No one answered so Kayla took a caution step inside the locker room, opening the door further. "Hello?" she said again. No one answered but now she could hear the sound of running water.

"Hello?" Kayla waited anxiously for an answer. She sighed thankfully when she heard footsteps coming down the corridor. It was Jacob. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and he looked at her, concerned.

"What's wrong, Kayla?" he asked. "What are you doing in here?"

"The door to the women's locker room is locked," she replied timidly. "I don't know what to do."

"Hmmm," Jacob said thoughtfully. "I don't have a key either. Do you want to wait here while we finish cleaning up and then we can go find a key?"

"Okay," Kayla agreed, brightening. She followed Jacob down the darkened hallway of the locker room. It felt funny to be in the men's locker room but she had no choice. "Jacob, do you think it's okay for me to be in here?"

"Of course. You can just wait on a bench near the lockers," Jacob told her over his shoulder. "I hope you don't mind but you'll have to walk through the showers. I'm pretty sure the guys are mostly done though..."

Kayla didn't register this last bit until she entered the shower room. Like the women's locker room, to get from the lockers to the pool meant going through the shower room first. Kayla turned the corner and found herself in the men's shower room. Through the misty steam, she realized with a shock that the rest of the team was showering. Naked.

Kayla was stunned. She had never seen a naked man before. Through the steam, she could see several naked butts. One of the men, Paul, was facing her as he showered. Kayla was shocked by the sight of the thing dangling between his legs. After all this time staring at the men's bulges, hidden by white spandex, here was the enigma before her. Spellbound, Kayla stared at this fleshy tube that hung from Paul's crotch.

She saw some movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw Eli, also showering. The nine-year old girl's eyes zoomed in immediately on her point of interest. Eli's thing also hung loosely as he showered. Kayla noticed that it seemed a little bit bigger than Paul's. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Kayla blushed furiously and dropped her chin until her eyes were glued to the ground.

"Kayla?" Jacob said in front of her. She hurried to catch up not lifting her eyes from the floor. They entered the locker area. "Sorry you had to see that," Jacob apologized. "We'll be done in a second, okay? You can just sit here and wait."

Kayla took a seat on a bench as Jacob disappeared behind a row of lockers. Then he walked by again, on his way to the showers. Kayla's heart leapt as she saw that he had taken off his towel and was now walking naked. The young girl got only a glimpse of the flesh that she been eying underwater for so many days.

The sound of running water and showering continued from the locker room. Kayla resisted the urge to get up and peer into the showers. From her seat, she couldn't see anything but a row of unused showers. Kayla tried to sort out the thoughts tumbling inside her head. She felt terribly curious about what she had seen but at the same time she was a little frightened. "Why do I want to see those things the men have so bad?" she thought to herself. "I shouldn't want to see them down there. It's sick and it's wrong..."

Suddenly she heard a voice from the other end of the locker room, near the entrance. "Hello in there? This is the janitor!"

Kayla was seized by a panic. The janitor! She was a girl and she wasn't supposed to be in the men's locker room. Alarmed, she hurried to the showers. Trying not to stare at the naked males in the room, she found Jacob and tapped his arm.

"Jacob!" she tried to whisper quietly. "There's a janitor in here! He can't see me in the men's locker room!"

Jacob appeared alarmed himself. "Quick!" he said. "Let's hide!"

Jacob hurried her along the door to the pool. The other guys on the swim team noticed the commotion. "What's going on?" Matthew asked.

"Janitor," Jacob told him. "We've got to hide Kayla because he can't find her in here."

"Here," Paul said, opening a door. "It's the swim equipment room. She can hide in there."

Kayla took a look in the small dark room and blanched. "I can't hide in there! It's too scary looking."

"No time," Jacob said with authority. "We'll hide in there too, so you won't be alone."

Before Kayla could protest, she was herded into the small equipment closet with the six men. The closet was fairly large, about four feet by four feet, but it was also crammed with swim equipment. Kayla found herself squished into the tiny space and surrounded by six men. Bare thighs were pressed against her back and someone's knee was sticking into her skinny butt.

John was the last one inside and he couldn't close the door. "It won't shut," he said, panicked.

"Squeeze together everyone," Jacob ordered. The knee pressing against her butt pushed harder and suddenly Kayla found her shoulder pressing against someone's crotch and her face pressed into someone's bare stomach. The door clicked shut. It was so completely dark inside that Kayla couldn't see but she could feel the wet bodies around her, pressing against her slender frame.

"I can't breathe," Kayla whispered frantically. The stomach in her face eased back a little bit. Kayla sighed in relief. "That's better."

But now there was something brushing against her nose. Kayla couldn't even move her arms in this tiny enclosed space so she couldn't investigate. It was too dark as well. Kayla craned her neck forward a bit and the thing slapped at her face. With a start, she realized it was one of the men's things! The fleshy tube she had seen before was now right in front of her face, brushing against her cheek.

Kayla felt a panic attack rising. She desperately wanted to get out of this closet. "Jacob..." she began.

"Shhh! Not now!"

Kayla swallowed her panic but she soon found her entire body shaking with anxiety. She tried to move her head away from the man's thing dangling in her face but there was no room to maneuver in the closet. It brushed against her cheek again. Kayla closed her eyes and tried to relax. She willed her heart and breathing to calm.

It worked until Kayla sensed something brushing against her upper arm. A pit of dread leapt in her stomach as she realized it was someone else's thing. And then she become aware of another one, resting against the nape of her neck. And another one, soft against her shoulder blade.

Her heart beat faster and faster. Kayla's mind filled with the images she had seen earlier in the shower, all those weird and fleshy tubes that hung from between each man's legs. They were now brushing against her face. Her arms. Her neck... She could even smell them, she imagined, that musky scent that filled her nostrils.

Kayla began to hyperventilate, totally stricken from being surrounded by penises. She was sure she was going to pass out but suddenly her breathing leveled and she felt like she was floating. A strange calm overtook the young girl. Keeping her eyes closed, she concentrated on relaxing her body. The penis against her cheek brushed against her gently, and she found it calming.

Kayla relaxed some more and decided she didn't mind the other things pressing against her either. She even started counting them. There's one pressing against my cheek, another on my arm, the back of my neck, my shoulder, another one pressing against my armpit... "That's only five," Kayla realized. "Shouldn't there be six?"

She was answered by a soft object brushing against her other cheek. "There it is..." she thought. Outside the closet, they could still hear the janitor walking about. Nine year old Kayla suddenly realized she didn't mind having all these naked men around her.

But then something strange began to happen. The thing that was pressed against her neck throbbed once. Then twice. And suddenly it began to push against her. Unexpectedly, Kayla had something hard pressing against her back. "It's someone's thing," she thought to herself. "But what happened to it? Why isn't it soft anymore?"

The fleshy things brushing against her cheeks began to swell as well. This time, Kayla could feel how they were transforming from soft, dangly things into hard tubes of some soft. They grew so much that instead of brushing her cheek, one was now pressing hard against her cheek before poking her windpipe. The other had grown enough so that the end of it was nestled in her ear.

Confused and frightened again, Kayla felt the men's things expand and harden around her. Now it felt like there were hard pipes pressing against her body, not the soft comforting things like before. Kayla tried to take a deep breath but she only inhaled deeply of the musky male scent that surrounded her. One of the men's things was now painfully poking her flat chest while two others prodded her neck from different angles.

But despite her discomfort, Kayla felt an odd sensation between her legs. It was the same feeling she got from looking at the bulging swimsuits and from treading water with the men. Though it had been a long time since she had gotten out of the pool, Kayla felt a peculiar wetness spreading from the crotch of her swimsuit.

After several long minutes, she heard Jacob speak. "Okay. I think it's safe now." The door opened and the hard bodies pressing against the little nine year old girl relented. Kayla took her first real deep breath as she stumbled out of the closet. The men headed for the showers as if nothing had happened. Kayla was too dazed to notice their nakedness this time.

"Kayla?" It was Jacob. "Why don't you sit back down on the bench and wait for us, okay?" She nodded and was just about to sit down on the bench when she heard one of the men call her name. "Kayla?" a voice called. "Can you bring me my shampoo? I think I left it near the sinks." Startled from her reverie, she turned and found the bottle. Taking it and swallowing hard, Kayla stepped into the shower room.

What she saw shocked her even more and she gasped. Her heart began pounding in her chest again. The men's things still stuck straight out from their bodies but the men were now massaging their things. Kayla felt bewildered yet curious. "What are they doing?" she thought, the bottle of shampoo forgotten in her hand. The man nearest to her, Adam, was stroking the length of his thing which resembled a thick sausage.

"Kayla?" It was Jacob. He reached for his shampoo. "Thanks," he told her. She handed him the shampoo but didn't move a step. "Is something wrong, Kayla?" he asked her.

But Kayla didn't respond, she could only stare as she noticed that the other five men were also stroking their things, all of which were no longer dangling but were sticking out straight and were even bigger. Even though Kayla had felt these hard things pressing against her, the visual confirmation of the fleshy things only raised her puzzlement and curiousity. The men paid no attention to her as they made fists around their things and stroked. "What... what are they doing?" Kayla asked at last.

"Oh," Jacob waved his hand dismissively. "The guys are just doing what they do after every practice. It helps prevent cramping."

"But... what are those... things?" Kayla asked, unable to contain her curiousity any further. Her cheeks flamed with embarrassment but she didn't care. A light sweat broke out on her forehead, partly from the steam of the showers, partly from her heightened sense of excitement.

"You mean their penises?" Jacob asked.

Kayla didn't answer, she could stare as the men continued touching themselves.

"Ah, I think I understand," Jacob said softly. "Kayla, come here..." He pulled the young girl closer to him. Kayla awoke from her reverie and turned to Jacob standing next to her. It wasn't until now that she noticed he was naked. His thing, unlike the other men's, was still dangling. Jacob took the fleshy tube in his hands.

"This, Kayla, is a penis," he told her gently.

"Oh. Okay." Jacob was standing less than a foot from her now. Kayla could see every detail of his penis now. She saw how the skin was soft and wrinkled and how the end was purple-tipped. Beneath the tube of flesh was a sac-like object that was also wrinkly-looking. The nine year old girl was mesmerized by the sight of the penis. Jacob didn't speak, he just let the young girl satiate her curiousity.

Finally, she spoke. "How come the other guys' things are different looking than yours?"

"What do you mean?"

"They're different," she said pointing at them. "Yours is dangling but theirs stick straight out."

"Oh that," Jacob said. "They're masturbating, to prevent cramping like I told you. When a man masturbates, his penis gets hard like that. Watch," he directed the little girl.

Kayla turned her attention back to Jacob's crotch area. She watched closely as he took his fleshy tube in his hands. He began to stroke and massage it. Kayla observed, stunned, as the dangly piece of flesh began to magically grow. It seemed to be swelling, like a balloon. Astonished, Kayla gaped as Jacob's penis began to grow straighter until it was pointed right at her. Soon it resembled the other men's things. Jacob made a fist around his penis and began to stroke it.

Kayla turned her attention to the rest of the shower room. Each of the men were still intently stroking their things. Suddenly, she heard someone gasp. She located the sound. It was Eli. Amazed, Kayla watched as he threw his head back and moaned while a spurt of something shot from the tip of his thing.

"What was that?" she asked Jacob, not taking her eyes from the scene. "What was that stuff that came out?"

"That was his semen," Jacob told her. "It means he's done and he won't get cramps."

"Oh," Kayla said, thinking. "I don't get it. Where does it come out?"

"Hey guys," Jacob called. "Who's ready? Kayla wants to see it up close."

Matthew approached Kayla. She watched and almost giggled, watching his hard penis bounce up and down as he walked. He walked up to her until he was so close that his penis almost touched the tip of her nose. Kayla stared back at the deep purple tip with a tiny slit in it.

"Is that where it comes out?" she asked timidly.

"Hold out your hands," Matthew directed her. "Cup them together. I'll show you..."

Obediently, Kayla cupped her hands together. Matthew made a fist around his thing again and began stroking. It didn't take long. After only a minute, he inhaled sharply. "Here it comes! Get ready..." Kayla was captivated as he pointed his penis down into her open palm. She saw a flash of white from the tiny slit in the purple tip and then she realized the stuff was in her hands. Spurt after spurt of thick, ropy fluid sprayed and landed hot in her palm.

Through all this, nine year old Kayla was utterly fascinated as the semen pooled in her hands. Finally, Matthew was finished and he stepped away. Kayla held her hands up close to her face to examine the stuff. It was a gooey white liquid that was rapidly cooling. She looked up again when she heard more groans come from the room. In rapid succession, she watched as the remaining men, including Jacob, issued mighty spurts of white juice from their things.

Jacob appeared at her side again. "What did you think of that, Kayla?"

The young girl was at a loss for words. "It was... neat," she responded. The other men began to file past her as they exited the showers. She looked down at the white cream in her hand. "Um, what should I do with this?" she asked Jacob.

He laughed. "You can just go ahead and wash your hands," he told her. You did a great job, Kayla."

Kayla smiled. "Can I come in and watch after practice tomorrow too?"

"As you can see," Dr Watson said to the class, "our treatment for Kayla was really quite simple. Desensitization to the anxiety-causing stimuli."

One student raised her hand. "So every step of the treatment was planned out? There was no chance involved?"

"No," Dr Watson said. "We calculated each step and tried to predict how Kayla would react. In each case, we predicted correctly. We guessed, for example, that she would take the opportunity to study male anatomy given the chance and this chance was given with the underwater breath-holding exercise."

"And the janitor in the locker room as well?"

"Yes," Dr Watson replied. "That was planned."

No one spoke for a moment. Then one student raised his hand. "And how is Kayla doing today?"

Dr. Watson smiled. She pressed a button on the computer and the PowerPoint presentation resumed on the screen. It was a photo of a naked family on the beach. The mother and father stood behind three beaming children and in the center stood Kayla. grinning proudly and naked as a jaybird along with the rest of her foster family.

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